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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 7)

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
yay miya!! can't wait to see how piya help's misha!! continue soon hun!! waiting!!

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The grand party Misha threw for Pia had been exactly as she'd intended. It was mainly for their friends really just to lighten the atmosphere a little. Misha had invited Shaurya just so nobody suspected anything on he behalf. Besides it gave her the opportunity to get to know him on an even playing level. For the first time Misha had opted to wear a girly asian attire without being bullied into it like last time at Panchi's do. It was a Choridar that too in hot pink. It was a bit much but Pia wanted Misha to blow Shaurya away. Come to think of it Misha was certain this was going to blow up in her face it seemed a little odd but it was better than her wearing a mini dress which made her feel uncomfortable. She still remembered how Tracker and T had poked fun at her trying to fit in with the rest of the civilization. Now to face the music downstairs where Misha was peeping from the top of the stairs. Too many people were present. This felt odd thought Misha and Shaurya was already here. Pia saw how long Misha was taking to come down the stairway so she grabbed hold of Misha taking her downstairs. All eyes were on Misha out of shock seeing her in a different avatar. Shaurya was taken back by Misha but found himself smiling. She definitely suited pink but he preferred her in her old get up. Shaurya saw Misha in a different light now. The girl had guts which was very impressive. It's not something many girls had which was the confidence to show others they can fit in even if they are not used to change. Pink brought out Misha's sharp features and her goofy smile he always was drawn towards. He was pleased Misha had taken into consideration of Pia wanting a quiet affair.

Misha gave Pia a little warning-Look at them man. They are all staring at me!

Pia whispered in Misha's ears-They are admiring this new change Misha. Stop being so paranoid. Have you not noticed Shaurya's eyes haven't once left yours. He is as good as putty in your hands.

Misha tried to look at it from Pia's point of view but it was hard especially when all you kept thinking about others staring at you-I guess!

Pia reassured Misa-Hey it's better than going over to Shaurya's house like you did the other day and getting caught by Tracker. That would have been obvious.

Misha could see Shaurya clearer now-Oh he is looking so handsome.

Pia grinned-Misha this is way too weird for me hearing you talk about boys this way.

Misha nodded-I know what you mean.

Pia shushes Misha-Smile we are walking towards Tracker now. You don't want to give her the impression she'd getting to you do you?

Misha mumbled quietly-No!

Tracker joined by T walk towards Misha and Pia. They were scheming something alright thought Misha. They had this smug face plastered all over giving Misha something to moan about. These chicks were brewing something up. How did Tracker and T end up together in the first place? They had nothing in common and were sworn enemies. She couldn't believe Tracker would allow a bully like T in her life. T smirked her fake smile at Misha thinking of a way to get one over Misha. It was the least she could do after all the pranks Misha pulled on her. The girl deserved everything she had coming to her. Tracker had told T unwillingly about the spat she had with Misha over Shaurya. This was the golden moment T had been waiting for. A chance to show Misha up for what she truly was. A low level wannabe clone of all the girls in College. T always knew Misha was protesting too much when it came to men and now she was showing herself as a two faced b***h. misha had always tried to undermine T every step of the way, calling her despos and god knew what other names she had for her but now she'd get her payback. T was willing to help Tracker snare Shaurya though even T had second thoughts about bambi. Tracker had a few screws loose and her style was so yesterday playing her cards for all to see.

Tracker was a little hurt by Misha's admission on her having feelings for Shaurya. Every boy in college had rejected Tracker. She wasn't interested in Angad any more due to his lack of oomph. Shaurya had what she was looking for. A nice body. A great face. She was a sucker for a man in uniform and he was a successful busnessman in his own right. For the first time the only competition she had was Misha which was an unexpected surprise. So if a tomboy like Misha had a thing for Shaurya then he must be special to make her want to dress all feminine. Tracker was taken in by her own surprise when T had assured her of her assistance to lure Shaurya towards Tracker. It was all she needed to convince her T was the right person for the job.

Tracker to Pia-You are looking a lot better Pia. I was afraid you wouldn't make it. We were all worried for you.

Pia smiled at Tracker-I must have a guardian angel watching out for me.

T sarcastically hits back to Pia-Oh please Pia what planet are you living in? this is all make believe so people like you will pray for a miracle to happen when really you just got lucky.

Misha was ready to wring T's neck-Who invited you here T? As far as I know your invite got lost in the post.

T gleamed her bright white teeth-Your Mom did of course. Seriously do you think a party as boring as this would ever take off without the queen T?

Pia held Misha back-I'm glad you came T. only so you can see how happening this event is without all the glitz and glam.

T moaned-Oh please save it for a newbie. You people wouldn't know how to throw a successful bash if it hit you in the a**.

Misha was getting her fists ready to blacken T's beautiful smug face-Well if you don't like it then you can go.

T flicked her hair over her shoulders-Please I'm only here for gossip. U are a train wreck Misha one I might be tweeting about and get you in the front page of the College fashion disaster list.

Misha was held back by Pia-Why you?

Pia cut Misha off-T don't turn this into some fiasco ok. I want this a low key event. Tracker play nice with Misha. I can see you've chosen which side your on but friendship should come first Tracker over anything. Even boys because they come and go but friends are the ones who'll be there till the end.

T gave Pia jer whatever look-If that's what you think Pia good for you. We don't need friends like you do we Tracker?

Tracker just followed T's every word-Sorry but this is war!

T challenged-Let the games begin!

Pia folded her arms-Girls this is childish.

T hit back-Whatever loser.? Pia you don't even know how to hold on to a guy so it's irrelevant what you think. Lets got Tracker and get some still water.

Misha threw one back for the team-Oh yeah don't want to add any calories to your skeletal figure. Tracker you better watch your back girl because I'm not holding any prisoners. Bring it on!

Tracker and T moved away from an angry Misha. They hit a raw nerve. Misha couldn't believe Tracker could do this to her and join an alliance with T. this way was getting worse and worse. She saw Shaurya from the corner of her eye. He was looking so cute in his white shirt. Words could not describe how she felt for him. Pia smiled at Misha's long gaze at Ashaurya. The girl had fallen off the wagon. Pia would try to get the two together and soon before T and Tracker got their mits on him. Pia saw Abhay entering in the Dobrial mansion late. He was dressed in his usual black but had jeans on. His shirt was partially unbuttoned teasing Pia's mind with racy thoughts. She was never like this before but Abhay had something over her. He brought out the devilish side to her sweet persona. Pia's face began to flush with the thought of Abhay in this light. Pia and Abhay had an eye lock moment as he started to drift towards her. Time stood still as if all the people in the room began to disappear from the scene. Only Abhay remained reaching forewords


Abhay to Pia-Good to see you are on the mend.

Pia forgot to speak. It wasn't till Misha gave Pia a gentle squeeze waking Pia from her lost thoughts-Oh I'm. I er. Sorry I'm a little delayed with words.

Misha saved Pia-She means the whole head rush comes and goes you know. I told her to relax but she'd not listening to anyone. She's had enough bed rest is her reasoning. I don't blame her. She's like me in that respect.

Abhay to Misha with his features still remaining expressionless-Misha you are looking so beautiful in this new look. Pink suits you.

Misha blushed. She hadn't expected Abhay of all people to come out with a compliment-Thanks Abhay! Not that I needed anyone's approval or compliment but from you it means a lot.

Pia smiled at Abhay. She was relieved someone noticed the effort Misha went through-It was my idea. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

Abhay darted his eyes at Pia-Pia you are a good friend. Misha is lucky to have you.

Shaurya pops round for a chat. He was itching to get to Misha and Pia away from T's clutches. The girl was rough in her attack and Tracker was clinging on to her every word. It would be safe to go there now with another guy present.

Shaurya to Abhay-How are you folks this evening?
Abhay shook hands with Shaurya-Fine thanks.
Shaurya to Misha-Its a good party Misha.
Misha smiled nodding along like a dummy.
Shaurya to Misha quizzing on the dress code-I think us boys are a little under dressed for the party.
Misha defended her dress sense-I though i'd try something different.
Pia cut in smoothly-It was my doing. I told her if she wanted a party then she'd have to wear something flash as a way of getting back at her. Being a good sport she agreed. You like my choice?
Shaurya was impressed with Misha's bold move-I'm blown away with your guts Misha. You look very pretty.
Misha blushed-Thanks but being called pretty is what you'd call T not me.
Pia added-Misha wants to be one of a kind na!
Abhay saved Misha's blushes-Yeah she's in a different league all together. Pink suits you though.
Pia to Misha-See i told you pinks a good choice.
Shaurya saw the two witches Tracker and T-I'm glad those girls aren't anywhere near me right now. They've been circling me like a hawk.
Misha was glad he didn't like this attention from T and Tracker.

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abhay complimenting a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome update
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aww this was so cute !!! lovely update yaar srsly !! 
RB81 IF-Rockerz

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abhay complimenting misha was nice.
so shaurya is running away 4m T n tracker.tats a good sign for misha.let him not try 2 make her jealous.
on d whole wonderful update.
continue soon.
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nice, lovely part. loved it.
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nice part ayesha
continue soon

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