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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 67)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 5:26am | IP Logged

:::Update 18:::The Attack:::


Panchi had loved all the treatments at the spa from the massages to the face treatments. She really needed this to get away from the stress's of the past few weeks. What made it more special was having Pia there. She was an angel as usual. At the sweat lounge they had used this moment to bond over men in general. It was good to have someone she could talk to about her woes. Pia already knew how much she'd invested her feelings on Sidharth despite her best efforts to maintain a healthy distance. If anyone would understand Panchi it had to be Pia who'd fought tooth and nail to stay away from Abhay though Panchi knew it was mainly Abhay who'd been responsible at keeping Pia at arms length.

Panchi had a towel wrapped round her body and so did Pia. Panchi let out a sheepish grin-U don't think Sid was planning this as a romantic getaway do U?

Pia shrugged her shoulders pouting mischievously-Who know's with Sid? He isn't exactly predictable now is he? I think this was booked today so I think there's a chance it could have been to get down and dirty with him.

Panchi blushed scolding Pia-You're as bad as Misha. I'm not this type of girl.

Piya teased back-Then what kind of girl is Panci. By the way U aren't classified as a girl but a woman.

Panchi agreed-So true Pia. So how is it with Abhay? Has he come around yet? The boy is a tortured soul. It's so obvious how much he wants U yet he continues to fight a losing battle. I just want to knock some sense into his thick head. For an intelligent man he sure is dumb when it comes to his heart.

Pia couldn't agree more. Part of Pia felt off tonight as if her soul had been ripped right out of her. She felt a sharp pain in her heart but couldn't understand why she was feeling so restless-Abhay will have to bow down to me Panchi. One of us has to win this fight and I'm counting on the strength of my love to make Abhay mine. I'm not giving in till Abhay's mine. He's so stubborn but he doesn't know me well enough if he thinks I'll let him walk away from me.

Panchi wished she could have the same outlook to making Sid hers but his antics with other women was putting a strain on their non existent relationship-If only Sid noticed me this way Pia.

Pia encouraged Panchi-I think this is what tonight was all about. Think about it the rooms for starters were booked as P Mehra and the other was S Mehra. Its obvious he had this all strategically planned out Panchi. It was a ruse to get U here. I don't think he was planning to ravage U but maybe get U comfortable about the two rooms and about getting to know each other.

Panchi mused-P Mehra could be anyone Pia. It could be U?

Pia looked pensive biting her lower lips before carefully spilling out-Sid is like an friend to me. I feel like I'm related to him. I could never see him romantically Panchi. Especially seeming as you've got a thing for him. It's not how we do things where I come from we respect each other's personal feelings and don't make a move till its ok with the other person. I'm invested my all in Abhay. He is the only boy I can ever see myself with.

Panchi noticed Pia's tone of voice sounded hurt while her face appeared saddened-I'm so sorry Pia for speculating it could be U. If I knew I was making U upset then I would have kept my big fat mouth shut.

Pia softly cleared the air her lips quivering-Its not U Panchi. Its me. I don't know why I'm feeling so blue. Its this sudden rush of emotion I'm getting a bad feeling like something's happened. Something bad to someone Panchi. I don't understand it but I can't shake this weird feeling off. It's bizarre but I feel like someones cut my heart. I feel a little depressed.

Panchi could relate but knew this night was about getting away from their problems-I'm sure this is just a momentary little weakness. It usually means U have things U need to work through emotionally. It can't be easy having Abhay mess U around  and then you're juggling College with work. I think its taking a toll. I've had enough of this lets head out.


Finally the girls headed back to their room they'd managed to shift base together and cancel Panchi's room. Pia's room was bigger so it made sense to go into her room. Panchi took a quick shower getting her pyjamas on and making her way to bed. Panchi tried on Pia's perfume. It was a floral brand so sweet like Pia. She had to get herself one of these she thought to herself. Panchi lay her head on the pillow and drifted off to sleep. Sid made his way to the centre just for Pia. He had plans for her. He crept into her room like the thief in the  night and took in her sweet scent. Usually he was into the upmarket branded scent on a woman but on Pia it had driven his senses into overdrive. Sid had found the fragrance on Pia hadn't locked him into a mad frenzy. It was probably due to all the spa treatments. He was careful not to startle Pia from her slumber though he'd have enjoyed watching her eyes sparkle with fear or even surprise but he didn't want to wake anyone up. Panchi was probably going to go mental just like her usual self. Sid got his fangs out readying for the taste of sweet desert. He moved ever so slowly at the side of Pia's bed. All he could see was Pia's back facing him. Her hair was tied up in a bun. He gently sank his teeth into her flesh holding on to Pia carefully. There was no fight in there. It was pretty boring for him but the end result would be gratifying with the satisfaction of getting one over Abhay thus completing his dare to make Pia all his. Sid found the blood very bland indeed. He was cautious not to drain Pia fully. All he wanted was to turn her into the living dead. Curiosity got the better of Sid as he turns Pia's face towards him to reveal Panchi's. Sid scolded himself for making such a rookie mistake. He had been too bust celebrating his victory prematurely to notice the size of the body but her scent was Pia's. He didn't have time to kill Panchi. He would have to take her out later on. He skulked off in search for Pia


While Pia headed outside for a little stroll to take her restless mind off this eerie feeling she had. The full moon had given her some comfort but it didn't make her strange feeling go away. Pia had her mobile with and started dialling Abhay's number but no luck. He wasn't picking up. She felt her heart sink. Had something happened to him? Did he need her? How can she get in touch with him? She was getting desperate at not knowing what was going on. Pia fiddled with the mobile nervously.


Abhay was recovering from Shanaya's attack but his wounds weren't healed. He was weak but alive. He had to get to Pia and fast. She was in trouble tonight. He left Haseena behind sneaking out of his window and raced to Pia. He was good at finding where Pia was. Their connection was always the strongest. Abhay didn't know what he'd do if Pia got hurt because of an ongoing feud between Sid and he had torn his family and destroyed many lives in the process. He wasn't going to let Pia be victimised in any way. She deserved better. Abhay also knew Sid had only spared his life so he could finish him off at his hands. It was the way Sid worked. His brother was a sadist. Goodness knew what he was planning for Pia. Abhay was running out of steam but he carried on relentlessly searching for Pia until he saw a long haired beauty from afar looking anxious. Her beauty was beyond any mortal woman's he'd ever seen. His heart knew it was Pia.

Pia turned around like the cool air was calling her. She'd felt an immediate pull in the other direction and faced around to find Abhay already there. Pia couldn't help but run towards Abhay into his arms. He weakly let out a groan feeling the sharp pain to his chest with the sudden impact. Pia let go of her hold to see Abhay's smouldering face was replaced by pain. Pia's eyes drew to his bleeding heart not quite healed touching his chest with her hand gently. Pia had felt the blood on her hands. Now she knew her gut feeling about Abhay had been right. He was hurt and bleeding. Who did this to him?

Pia's shocked eyes held a thousand questions but she bit her tongue only focusing on Abhay-What are U doing here Abhay? U should be at home getting treatment. U need to get patched up. We need to get the wound looked at Abhay. It could get infected. I'll need to get some sterile bandages.

Abhay wasn't hearing Pia play nurse. He wanted to get her the hell out of here-I came to take U back Pia. I need U with me.

Pia couldn't help but find Abhay's tone a tad sexy. The way he said he wanted her with him made her feel special like she was his-Let me get my things Abhay. Shoot I can't leave Panchi. She's at my room probably sleeping by now.

Abhay didn't care about Panchi the way he did about Pia-Leave her. I'll send her a message but U have to be with me Pia tonight. I can't be without U. I need U Pia.

Pia found Abhay's voice a little too filled with despair than passionate. Pia decided Abhay's need was greater than Panchi's in a teasing mode-Fine I'm coming with U but you'd better make it worth my while.

Abhay didn't find this very amusing-I think I need to carry U back.

Pia refused filled with concern-Not in your state Abhay. We'll hitch a ride.


Sidharth finally caught up with Abhay and Pia. He was here already. He had underestimated his brother's penchant for rescuing Pia. Shame Sid had struck the wrong girl but Abhay was going to cause a problem like the thorn he was. Plus side was he was weak. Abhay noticed the blood on Si'd teeth. He had made his attack and if he came to see Pia in this manner then It meant she was his next victim. Abhay hadn't noticed the full moon till now. No he wouldn't stoop so low would he? Abhay's features turned dark at the very thought.

Pia hid Abhay's wound from Sid-What are U doing here Sid? Checking in on Panchi huh? I think she's in my room. We both decided we'd rather share one room than sleep separately.

Sid showing his blood stained teeth to Pia hovering towards her while Abhay kept a protective hand around Pia-I know Pia. I've had the misfortune of biting her. Sorry but I thought she was U.

Pia thought Sid was joking-Quit playing games Sid.

Sid was deadly serious-I have desert set on U Pia. Abhay is here to protect U from me but he's about to see how weak he really is against me.

Abhay bit Pia to avert Sid's hold on her then tore his mouth away from her leaving her unconsious-Now she's mine. U can keep Panchi as a souvenir but Pia will never be yours.

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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wow!!!!!!!!!!! abhay saved piya from sid...feeling sorry for panchi

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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interesting part 
continue soon 

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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m part!

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katiehiwatari Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged cool.. i love it.. con soon.. its very interrestin now.!! loved the update dude..!! 

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.Mehak. Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

Ooo great update ... Abhay saves piyaa Embarrassed Smile. That's sooo sweet yaar <333
Thnx for the PM Wink

Edited by .Mehak. - 28 April 2011 at 9:58am

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

wow!!!!!!!!!!! abhay saved piya from sid...feeling sorry for panchi
:::Abhay is bio Hero. Dude is perfectoEmbarrassed:::

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by katiehiwatari cool.. i love it.. con soon.. its very interrestin now.!! loved the update dude..!! 
:::I'm pleased U like how its going plotwiseBig smile:::

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