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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 55)

Shoonu Senior Member

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 5:26am | IP Logged
i want this sanaya dead....missed abhiya romance....hope they sort out soon....

pyar-ishk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Awesome post.
It so wonderful to that shanaya will meet her demise, gosh I just hate her. I can't wait to see how Misha unite Abhiya I bet is going to be fun.
mangona Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2011
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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged
that shanaya i hate hate her and that stupid sid poor abiya 
ur update was fairly gud and fab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
:::Precap 16:::Misunderstandings:::
Sid left Abhay and Pia alone knowing full well he'd caused damage to their perfect bond. Young love these days were so easy to corrupt. His job to snagging Pia was well on it's way to completion. He just knew it. After all Pia had already begun to place her trust in him. By now she'd know he meant her no harm and Abhay's warnings were ll bogus. His next move would have to be perfectly planned out. He'd given Abhay 5 days. Today was nearly over meaning he only had 1 more day left and this one he'd make it count. Abhay could show his temper all he liked at him it didn't change what he would do to Pia. The girl had to be his. Her smell was unlike any he'd ever smelt before. She made him want her like he wanted no other girl before. It was all about the anticipation of the kill. Her big brown eyes made him want to scare the life out of her. It would be magic to hear her scream.Sid wanted Abhay to feel Pia's screams more than anything. It would be a delight to watch him burn just like Sid had done crying out for his own loss. Only this time it would be worth it.
Sid on his cell to Shanaya-So i take it you've played your part really well. I will reward U with the best prize i could ever give a woman.
Shanaya was already on cloud nine-U mean you'll turn me?
Sid chuckled at her words-U want immortality. Its yours so long as U don't tell a soul. We can be together always.
Shanaya found herself beaming with joy-Oh Sid U don't know how long i've waited for U to say this to me.
Sid mimicked Shanaya in the comfort of his own car-So long as you've kept this little secret between us? I detest backstabbers.
Shanaya had kept her end of the bargain-I haven't told a soul about us and what U are. U said you're brother was one too he doesn't act like one.
Sid knew she hadn't because he'd charmed her not to-Good. Abhay is a little weird. Mom dropped him as a kid when we were born. U know i love U right?
Shanaya couldn't believe she was going to get her wish-When are we doing this?
Sid hated the sound of her grating voice-Tomorrow. Make sure you're dressed in red. I like my women in red.
Shanaya giggled-Will do. See U at yours.
Sid finished-Oh and make sure U arrive her from the back entrance. I don't want anyone to see what a hottie U are. U know how possessive i get?
Shanaya couldn't contain her joy-Bye. Love U loads.
Sid put his cell down and started the engine. He spoke to himself-Come on Sid time to tie up the loose ends.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

:::Update 16:::Misunderstandings:::

Abhay was fuming with Pia for standing him up to be with Sid. Pia was throwing her own anger right back at Abhay. He could feel her temper rise. He couldn't understand why she was showing him attitude it wasn't like he stood her up. She might be mad at him but boy did she take his breath away. The night only enhanced her beauty even more with the moon's light setting the mood for Abhay. Pia started to slowly walk away leaving Abhay behind. She found it extremely hard to maintain her anger at him. He was too much for her to handle right now. Abhay rushed right next to her within a second. She could feel her barriers she had up begin to fade as his eyes drew her in. Abhay pulled Pia towards him holding her in his arms challenging her to lock them with hers. Abhay could feel her breath on his skin. He took in her scent breathing in the sweetness. He tried to search for some hints on what went on with Pia closing his eyes. He could see Sid's eyes through Pia's. His wretched brother was being overly friendly with Pia only she had no idea what game Sid was playing with her pushing her to pitch, teaching her the ropes of the trade. Typical Sid trying to win girls with his wealth, his power and his empty promises no doubt. Abhay could feel Pia felt a comfort level with him but she found Sid strange from her reactions. So Pia didn't fully trust Sid. Abhay saw she was doing this to spite him.

Pia pulled away from Abhay-What are U doing Abhay?

Abhay scolded Pia shaking her-Why are U spending so much time with him after i specifically told U not to.

Pia shouted at Abhay-What the hell do U care Abhay. All U do is give me orders. Sid cares about me unlike U. I hate U.

Abhay watched Pia's eyes. Those doe eyes made him want to ease up on her but he had to be strict-No U don't Pia.

Pia raised her voice-Yes i do. I hate U for making me feel so bad about myself. U bring out the worst traits in me. U make me want to scream and shout. U are so cruel Abhay. U are so heartless. U keep tearing me heart. I hate U for killing me over and over again.

Abhay heard the hurt in Pia's voice and it killed him to think he was the cause of it-May i ask what i've done this time? U have a habit of accusing me for countless crimes.

Pia could feel her tears flow-Don't act like U don't know. I saw U with the b***h. I saw her with U in the locker room. She was all over U.

Abhay groaned-Shanaya. She came on to me Pia. Did U once see me make a move on her?

Pia stubbornly turned her back to Abhay-I saw her kiss U. U both deserve each other.

Abhay turned Pia to face him-Is this why U stood me up? Shanaya. She's been on my case for ages Pia. I don't see her anything more than a gym tutor who has weird taste in men. She's too old for me Pia. You're the one i want to spend time with.

Pia was ticked off angrily screaming at Abhay holding him by his black shirt-Yeah right? This is why U keep running a mile from me Abhay Raichand. How many times must U lie to me? I saw how close U two were. It makes my skin crawl to see her all over U. Her lips locking with yours. I can't get it out of my head. (Pia smacks Abhay's chest with her hands repetitively) I hate U so much it hurts.

Abhay shakes Pia to think rationally-I love U Pia. I don't care about Shanaya. It's her chasing after me. I swear to U she means nothing to me. Its always been U for me Pia.

Pia batted her innocent eyes at Abhay-U love me?

Abhay swore under his breath-Do U even have to ask? Can U not feel how strong our bond is? I don't want to get into how much i want U Pia. It scares me to want someone as much as i want U. Its not easy for me to express myself.

Pia fell for every word Abhay spoke. Hook line and sinker-Then why do U keep running away from me if this is how U really feel?

Abhay wanted to shout some sense into Pia but she was already too upset-I do it because I can't control the animal within me Pia. U have to stop hanging out with Sid. I don't want to see my girlfriend with another guy now do i? It brings out the beast within me. If he touches U again i swear i'll rip his head off.

Pia carefully watched Abhay's face for something-I want to believe U Abhay. Are U sure you're not just saying it so i don't hang out with him. I know what you're like. U always say things U don't mean whenever i have a boy after me. Then theres Shanaya.

Abhay softly holds Pia's face with his hands. He knew it was now or never-I have never met a girl who fights me tooth and nail questioning everything i do or say. What will it take for me to prove i'm serious about this?

Pia wearily asked-I don't know do i? I want to trust U. Fine i'll give U one more chance Abhay. I'll take your word for it. But if U so much as go back on your word then heaven help U.

Abhay takes Pia in his arms-I swear i won'y let U down.

Pia-U better not because if U did Abhay i don't think i can take it. I'm used to people letting me down but U. I couldn't cope with it. Why are U always carrying me around anyway? Trying to do some weightlifting?

Abhay grinned-No. I just like carrying U about. Now keep quiet.

Pia mused-U run very fast Abhay. I've always wondered how U could do such a thing.

Abhay knew Pia was thinking out loud-Why haven't U ever asked me this before?

Pia mused softly-I don't know. So what are we going to do Abhay? We can't keep doing this.

Abhay vowed-From now on Pia i'll do as U say. We will start afresh.

Pia beamed-We will?

Abhay dropped Pia at the hostel-Sweet Dreams Pia.

Pia gave Abhay a light kiss on his cheek-I will now Abhay.

Abhay placed Pia in her bed-I have to go Pia.

Pia kept Abhay behind clutching on to him-Wait for me to nod off Abhay. I don't want U to leave me yet.

Abhay stroked Piya's hair and nodded-Fine but i am not waiting forever. Lat time it took U hours to fall asleep. U aren't going to stay awake on purpose now are U?

Pia gave Abhay a lazy smile-Depends on how long i can keep U here for.

Abhay found Pia's honesty a little off putting-Pia!

Pia giggled softly-Fine i won't keep U all night. I wish U could be here with me always Abhay.

Abhay scolded Pia-Now will U quit talking Pia. U are trying to keep me in a conversation with U stalling me here so I can be with U longer. We have College tomorrow U don't want to be late for it do U?

Pia's eyes glistened playfully-I don't mind Abhay. If it means keeping U with me longer.

Abhay stood up abruptly about to leave-I'm taking off.

Pia held Abhay's hand with hers-Ok i'm not mucking about Abhay. U did mean what U said back there right? About loving me Abhay. About wanting to be with me?

Abhay finished Pia's question with a kiss on her forehead-I have to go Pia.

Pia moaned-U kiss Shanaya on the lips and me on my face. I want a real kiss Abhay.

Abhay wasn't sure if this was a good idea-I don't think we should....

Pia pulled Abhay towards her and gave his a passionate kiss on his lips. She'd felt fireworks go off in her head. With a big explosion in the end. Abhay was taken back by the sheer magnetism of their lips meeting. He could feel the current through his lips shooting straight to his head. He brushed his lips against Pia's savouring her taste in his mouth filled with a sensation he was trying to avoid. The more he fought to hold back the more he leaned in for more. Pia had Abhay right where she wanted him. Her own body screamed for him to ravage her. Pia couldn't get enough of Abhay. She found the insatiable need to play with his mouth a little more but felt Abhay pulling back with brute force.

Abhay let go of Pia. He avoided looking at Pia's swollen lips-I have to go Pia. I can't stay.

Pia plastered a proud smile on her lips-Bye Abhay. Sweet dreams.

Abhay groaned-I doubt i'll be dreaming Pia. See U tomorrow.

With this Abhay left to his abode kicking himself for doing what he'd tried so hard to avoid. Pia only made him want her more and she was making him go insane with her constant need to be with him. he couldn't fight her any longer. He didn't have the strength. It was time for phase  two. Get with the programme and follow Pia. It was his quest to keep Pia safe from Sid and the only way to do this is be her bodyguard. She needed him to save her. but who was going to save him from her? he was already lost. Pia had made this impossible for him to keep a sane head. He could still feel her warm kisses on his cool lips. He wasn't going to get any rest tonight. This was a given.

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Aww How Sweet. Pia Cant sleep when Abhay is Around.

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mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
it was very niceClap
abhay and piya's conversation was so cuteEmbarrassed
and the last part ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing
thanks for the pmWink
update soonSmile
Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
awesome part.
loved it.

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