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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 52)

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:::Precap 15-Hot Shot:::

Panchi was bemused by T's sudden interest in coming into work early. They girl was never this punctual. She must be trying hard to impress Sidharth no doubt. Her boss was taking his sweet time getting over here. He was always booked up with appointments be it with one of his illicit affairs or with a client he never stopped moving. Panchi was pretty sure he never slept. The man sure was a ball of energy. Always so hyper and definitely the most perfect man she'd ever seen. He never had eyes bags while she suffered from this if she never got her 7 hours of sleep. Sid left the office late and always came in super early. Panchi had checked his diary to check when he'd arrive at the office. 4 sharp. Pia was supposed to come in at this time after College but she'd made some excuse about handing in an assignment. Panchi knew the truth though. Misha had gotten Pia a date with Abhay. Panchi put away Sid's files back in his cabin. Panchi noted Sid never had pictures of anyone on his desk or on the walls in his office. Strange a man like him would never opt to show his family to the world. Her father had placed a family picture of them all in his office on the walls. Sid never mentioned his family to anyone either.
T popped over with her selected bright coloured files-Are U snooping to see if Sid has anyone he cares for on his desk? I'll save U the bother. He and his family don't get on with each other. They cut him out of their lives and so he's done the same. Good on him i say.
Panchi couldn't believe T had the 411 on Sid-How do U know all this anyway?
T smirked holding Panchi's eyes-I asked him and he told me. Daaa. U really think i'd be able to get info on him through someone else. The guy is a newbie in twon. Nobody knows anything about him. I simply bugged him till he gave in. He probably thought i was special.
Panchi rolled her eyes at T and sarcastically moaned-Please. He probably told U knowing what a big blabber mouth U have. You're always tweeting away. He probably thought if he told U then the rest of the curious cats would get the message loud and clear. I mean U have already spilled Sid's family woes to me.
T shot bank slyly-We'll your just jealous he told me and not U.
Panchi felt like slapping the girls-Oh please. Why would i be jealous of U. The one with no brains.
T threw angry daggers at Panchi-Says the one who's never heard of dieting. It takes so much effort to look as gorgeous as me while U are only piling on the weight. I know its hard comfort eating can be a drag but you'll never nail a man with your attittude. I know U have your sights on Sid and so does he. Its so obvious how desperate U are but the bottom line is your his employee just like the rest of us. Only he has better taste than stare at the likes of U.
Panchi wanted to rip T's tongue out-Why U stupid girl. No wonder girls like U end up so depressed in life if this is how U treat others. I think you better get back to work.
T flicked her ponytail rushing out the door and had the last word-Panchi sometimes i say hurtful things for your benefit. Its girls like me who teach girls like U how to present yourself.
Panchi had never felt so insecure in her life before but this was a bitter pill to swallow. She knew T was spiteful. What she said was correct though a guy like Sid would never notice a girl like her. Panchi had to tell her heart to stop playing with her and her brain to quit teasing her with thoughts of ever landing a hot shot like Sid

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 15-Hot Shot:::

Shanaya found her moment to be alone with Abhay in the locker room. She found out Pia and he were going to go on a date later. She had to make sure these two stayed a part. It was strictly Sidharths orders to seperate them both. She couldn't understand why Sid was going through with this stupid mind games of his. He confised her like never before. She wanted Sid but to get to him she had to do what Sid ordered her to do unfortunately she was now beginning to really feel for Abhay. She knew they were brothers and she knew Sid didn't want to kill his brother just hurt him emotioanlly. Shanaya had sent Pia a message to head straight over to the locker room as soon as she could thanks to Angad. The dimwit had some use she thought. Shanaya had promised to raise his grades by 5 percent if he did as she asked. Angad was hesitant at first but once Shanaya had explained it was about a few personal issues regarding Pia's health this is when he'd caved in.Shanaya found it extremely odd how the College could allow just about anyone admission at this place. It was like a school for losers.
Shanaya smiled at Abhay making him want to bolt out of here-I have a few problems with U Abhay. Its all about your team work skills. I've noticed U hate following orders (Seductively) and most importantly U avoid anything on a physical level.
Abhay watched Shanaya from the corner of his eyes-And your point is?
Shanaya smirked with poise-My point is U can't hide away forever. Eventually your secret will be out Abhay. Do U seriously think U can keep your gifts a secret.
Abhay detached himself away from her-I want U to stop hounding me lady. I know U and my brother have this sick thing going on. Do what U want with him i don't give a s**t but U stay the hell away from me. I'm not playing with U.
Shanaya moaned-But i love playing games Abhay. They give U such a thrill. It's why i chose my vocation in sports. This is my passion. The highs of winning a game and the lows only make U more determinned.
Abhay stone faced monotonlyreplies-What do U really want?
Shanya moves towards Abhay watching out for Piya to make her entry right about now watching the time on the wall-I want U Abhay.
Abhay brushe her away from him-U are one sick lady. U want my brother and now U want me. U can't have both. I'm not into U.
Shanaya smiled back flirtatiously throwing herself at him-Well i want U Abhay Raichand and i get what i want.
Abhay was uninterested moves his eyes away from her-How do U plan on getting me if i'm not playing with U.
Shanaya saw Pia at the front door of the locker room. She trapped Abhay with her arms around him. She tempts Abhay with a brush of her lips against his. Shanaya watches Pia run off. Abhay slams Shanaya off of him against the locker-I told U i'd get your blood pumping.
Abhay walks away threatening Shanaya-Don't U ever touch me or i swear i'll kill U.
Shanaya grins in victory rushing back towards him fluttering her eyes lashes at him-That's what i'm counting on Abhay. I love it when I get U so riled up. It brings the animal in U out.
Abhay didn't know why he bothered with her. The woman was impossible. Sid had done a number on her alright. He pushed her against the lockers-This is real life. It's not a figment of your imagination. Whatever Sid's promised U it won't come to fruitition. He's promising U nothing Shanaya. Its all a ruse to get U doing his dirty work. I'm just the brother he wants to see in eternal gloom. He cares for nobody. If he can do this to hisown flesh and blood then he can do it to a stranger.
Shanaya sniggered-I know but when your in love you're in love.
Abhay mocked-Why am i even helping U? If you're in love then why are U messing with me? Sid knows i'd never fall for another woman.
Shanaya answered-U can't reject me Abhay.
Abhay had enough-I am. Now deal with it.
Shanaya hysterically laughed back-Right atcha. U reject me then U have to pay Abhay. Pia will be Sid's.
Abhay hissed-If U want Sid then why are U willing tolet him have her?
Shanaya grinned-Because i love him. He can have what he wants so long as he loves me back. Its what i ask of U i'm willing to share U Abhay.
Abhay left Shanaya-U really need a shrink. I can't save U and I'm sorry.
Abhay left Shanaya feeling pity for the woman. Its another life Sid has ruined. How many more will have to endure this? How many?
Pia visibly upset from watching Shanaya all over Abhay runs off wiping a stray tear away. She wanted to b***h fight with Shanaya but the thought of facing Abhay was too great for her. she needed to get her head together. Her mood was off now. She wasn't going on this stupid date with Abhay or spending any time with him. He was playing with her emotions. Just like always he wanted her to suffer. Why did she let him do this to her? Why? He didn't want her to be around Sid well too bad she'd do the opposite to what Abhay wanted. Pia refused to let Abhay put a downer on her plans. She'd stand him up. It was what he deserved.
 The Office
It was 3.30 Pia rushed straight from College to work. It gave her plenty of time to organize her files and get Sid to sign some legal documentation. Sid had noted Pia was on a low. Her forehead creased and her lips were all pouty. Shanaya must have acted out her part perfectly. Pia was here when she'd already called in taking the day off.
Sid gave Pia a dazzling smile-U were suppose to be somewhere else right?
Pia sadly replied-It didn't work out.
Sid smiled-Pia i don't want to see my employees all depressed it ruins the whole atmosphere. I believe in ying and yang. I want to see U smile like i am.
Pia plastered a fake smile placing her files in front of Sid-There i've smiled now i need these all signed. I finished them last night thinking i'd get a head start but i'm already way ahead of schedule.
Sid opened the files one by one skimming through them all with his vampire powers and signing on the dotted line.
Pia mumbled-U didn't even read them properly. I worked so hard on them.
Sid stood up from his seat taking Pia's hand in his-I trust in your capabilities Pia. I'm a fast reader. U don't get to where i am without being quick on everything U do. Actions speak louder than words in this business. Now seeing as we are on schedule i was thinking i treat U to dinner. Before all this i say we go for another spin in my car or is Abhay going to have a say in it?
Pia was feeling glum might as well take Sid up onhis offer-U know what to hell with Abhay. I'm my own person. I don't know why but i always give in to him. I don't know what he does to me. My brain goes to mush.
Sid wanted Pia to elaborate further on this-Is Abhay a potential boyfriend?
Pia laughed at this question lying to Sid blatantly covering up her emotions-Oh please. We are just friends. I just happen to trust in him. He does a lot for me without being asked to. I'm a little dependant on him. You're not going to ask me out or something daft like this right?
Sid was thinking about it but knew this was all premature-No. I want my employees to be happy. Pia U are close to Panchi and so therefore close to me. If someone hurt U i'd be first in line to give them a good hiding.
Pia was buzzed by Sid's mention of Panchi-U do like Panchi in more than a freind kind of way?
Sid kept his options open-I don't know Pia. I view her like any other girl. I'd say i had more of a soft spot for U.
Pia frowned again with her big brown eyes looking at him innocently-Me? But why?
Sid adds playfully-Because your so cute. U remind me of someone i once knew. But she's lost in time somewhere.
Pia wanted Sid to reveal more to her-She's what? Was she close to U?
Sid looked away-We'd better take off. I'm so proud of how your shaping up to be Pia.
They headed out of the cabin waving Panchi off. T fumed angrily at Pia-Why is he so good to her? Can't he see what a loser she is. I worked my butt off to impress Sid with this get up and he hasn't once looked my way or complimented me. Some people are so irritating.
Panchi mused-Yeah some people have all the luck in the world. It just goes to prove doesn't it Looks don't always get U noticed. Sidharth is a little quirky but he knows a good thing when he sees one.
T moaned shrieking-Oh please. Don't give me this spiel. I know exactly what Sid is like. So do U but you're too dumb to say anything.
Panchi imitated T's pathetic sorrows with her own little song and dance-Don't U ever get irritated by the sound of your own voice?
T ranted childishly-Whatever at least i don't need to add brainless when i think of U because U are brainless when it comes to Sid.
Panchi took T's insults with a pich of salt. She had to see what Pia and find out whats playing on in her mind. Pia was visibly upset but didn't want to discuss her problems at work.
Abhay waited for Pia outside her hostel but she wasn't there. He shook his watch to see if it was working. It was past 6pm. He paced around. He'd had enough of this nonstop waiting so he decided to knock on Pia's dorm room. There was no movement. Abhay sneaked in. Everything was just as it was in tip top condition. Abhay gave Pia the umpteenth misscall. Her phone kept on going to answerphone. Did Pia forget about their date? She couldn't have. It was all she wanted was to be alone with him. Did something happen to her he wondered? No he'd have felt her in trouble if she was in any immidiate danger. Abhay closed his eyes to follow Pia's tracks. No bloddy way! She was with Sidharth having dinner at a swanky resturant. She stood him up of all people. Abhay rang the office knowing full well Sid wasn't there.
Panchi answered cheerfully chirping away-Oh Abhay you've missed Piya she's gone with Sid. Did something happen between U two? Pia's had a face like thunder for the time she was here. I think she's upset with U. When i mentioned your name she kept going silent. What did U do to her?
Abhay asked for the place Sid had taken Pia to-So she'll be there.
Panchi beamed-The reservations at 7. They have a client they are meeting and then dinner.
Abhay thanked Panchi-I'm grateful U gave this info out. Pia's been a little off lately. Misha must have raised her hopes too much. I got pushed into this.
Panchi helped-Abhay I know U both like each other a lot but U got to stop fighting. Everyone can see U both are made for each other. Misha mentioned U got a little jealous of Pia hanging out with Sid. Don't be. Pia doesn't even look at him this way.
Abhay's mood darkened-What about Sid?Have U noticed him giving Pia preferencial treatment? He wants something from her.
Panchi knew Abhay was right about being suspicious on Sid's motive-Sid makes a beeline for all the girls but if Pia shows no interest then Sid will give up showering her with so much attention. Just quit playing games with Pia's heart Abhay. She's not as strong as she makes out.
Sid offer's his clients a proposition of deals he has lined up with promotional discounts. He's showed them details on the market research they'd done and evaluated a good margin on profits. Pia found all this business talk rather boring and remained a silent mute. She occasionally batted her eyes at the clients and smiled pleasantly at them. Sid caught Pia's attention drift off. He decided it was a good idea to allow her to make a mark on his clientele.
Sid encouraged Pia to speak-What do U think about this Pia?
Pia felt like she'd been put on the spot blushing away-Me. I think your plans are superb. There's nothing more i can add to it.
Sid vouched-Pia's got a strong head for business. She's just a little shy.
The client watched Pia with intent-I think U should give us your real opinion. Pia it is what any good worker would do right?
Pia cleared her thorat. Her mind working in overdrive-The proposal is fine but the strategies we are using have been done to death. We need to think outside the box. U know surprise our consumers with our bold innovative idea.s Techinically speaking this is sound but practically its a little bland.
The client was impressed-Go on we are interested in your take.
Pia found she was in her element-I think we need some young blood to show us a way into doing this more openly. Commercially we need shock value right but it's the youngsters we need to target. As a young person myself i'd like to say the brand of mobiles U are marketing need to relate to medern technology. Fuse them together. Then use a mix of differnt people from teens to adults. We ttend to generalise things into categories but to make this a success we need to unite the two. Merge them and you'll see the PR for this will shoot through the roof.
The client smiled-Sid i like this girl. She's on to something here.
Sid beamed-I know. I have a gem in my midst.
The client-It's a deal. Next time i want U to bring her with U. Pia's your name right?
Pia grinned-Yeah. Nice meeting U child. I'm Roberto. Good doing business with U.
Roberto took off with the files and his friends-U enjoy the rest of the night.
Sid nodded-Thanks. See U next time.
Pia took a sip of water-I can't believe u DID THIS TO ME.
Sid grinned-Don't raise your voice Pia. It's a learning curve. I didn't know U were so creative. U think on your feet. Its good for business and besides they loved U.
Pia graoned-Yeah yeah.
Sid enthused-Young blood huh? It's why i have them working for me as an apprentice. U can eat anything from the menu Pia.
After dinner Sid took Pia for a stroll outside to get some fresh air only to be greeted by a livid Abhay. Sid took his arm away from Pia's side.
Sid-Looks like trouble. I'll laeve U with him. You'll be ok right?
Pia nodded-See U at work.

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rift between Abhiya b'coz of this sanaya................

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Idiot Shanaya...oh god that woman is so hopelessly lost.....well she'll soon be sid's dinner........again a rift b/w Abhiya.....well we know they will end up together but it still irritates me to see them fight....Piya's business proposition was superbly writtenClap......all in all a gud chapter Aysh....lovd it

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hei aysha,
wat is this?u made it like the show..making abhay insecure that piya wont be safe while with sid n piya getting away fro from be frank i hated that track..i thought abhay-pia will get a date once..but u made it go all wrong with that idiotic b***h shanaya..u better do something abt this..i hate u for doing this to abhiya..Cry
however continue soon..

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Originally posted by Nidhsara

Idiot Shanaya...oh god that woman is so hopelessly lost.....well she'll soon be sid's dinner........again a rift b/w Abhiya.....well we know they will end up together but it still irritates me to see them fight....Piya's business proposition was superbly writtenClap......all in all a gud chapter Aysh....lovd it
:::Next Update will have Abhay and Piya united. The setting will be all Misha's idea with Panchi. Shanaya will meet her demise:::

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