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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 46)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged

:::Update 14-Line of Blur:::

Abhay wanted to rip Sid to shreds. How dare he endanger Pia in such a way? She could have hurt herself. He was more livid with Pia for disobeying his orders to stay away from Sid especially when they have nobody surrounding them. What was he going to do with Pia was the big question. He was still reeling from the other night. It kept replaying over and over like a bad record. Sid was milimetres away from biting Pia. He couldn't let anyone harm her. Sid was testing Abhay's limits. Unfortunately for Abhay he didn't have much patience when it came to his psychotic brother. Abhay was still pulling Pia by her hand dragging her away from Sid. He was expecting her to rant and tave at him for disrespecting her in front of her boss. Abhay had heard her heart race as if it was in a marathon. Pia's strained voice had softened Abhay's approach to her but he continued to take her away to safety. Abhay could feel his hands tighten around Pia with fresh memory of Sid and his gloating eyes. Damn Sid! He wanted to scratch those eyes out for his wicked looks.
Pia resisted complaining-Abhay U are hurting me.
Abhay let go of Pia's hand where he'd spotted her wrists redden to a scarlet colour-I'm sorry Pia but U left me with no choice.
Pia was still mad at Abhay and at herself to always giving into his demands. All he had to say was jump and she'd always ask how high. Pia irritably shot back in a raised tone-U had no choice. Yeah right Abhay. Why does the green eyed monster always appear when i'm with another man?
Abhay maintaining a cool head and calmly-Pia i'm not jealous. Why would i be jealous of Sid? He's arrogant and a flirt. Complete opposite to me right. I have a problem with any guy who aims to hurt U Pia. I hate users and Said is using U in an immoral way. I won't stand for it.
Pia thought Abhay was being too protective and was going as little OTT-Sid poses no threat to me. In fact he has been very generous with his time. All he's been is kind and yeah a little devious with his methods to getting his employee's to do as he pleases but he's a business man.  
Abhay rolled his eyes at Pia's defensive approach to Sid. It was laughable that the victim was actually defending her unknown attacker-Pia right now it may seem odd that i keep ordering U about but its for your good. U never listen to me. I don't want U around Sid do U hear me?
Pia knew she was being stubborn but she didn't care-Abhay listening to U is all i ever do. How was i supposed to know Sid was going to bring me there for our first lesson? I told U i won't be anywhere alone with him. What about U Abhay? U promised you'll never leave me and here U are backtracking on your promise.
Abhay had a guilty look displayed on his face-I don't want U taking driving lessons from Sid if it means U being alone with him. I can't do anything about U working for him but i have a say to your extra curricular activities. U want lessons i'll give them to U.
Pia's eyes grew wary. She thought she'd tease Abhay to see if she gets the desired reaction-Why?  I want Sid. He's good at what he does. Completely fearless.
Abhay shook Pia out of her playful mood-Too bad Pia because i'm not taking a no for an answer.
Pia's eyes shone with delight-Well i don't care what U think Abhay. I've had it with your mood swings. They are giving me whiplash.
Abhay stared through Pia's eyes-I am deadly serious Pia. Nobody is going to get between U and me. Am i clear?
Pia couldn't decline Abhay when he was all possessive. It made he feel wanted again-Crytal clear Abhay. I hear U loud and clear. On one condition and U know what this is. Its the same thing i asked U last time. Failure to comply means i go running back to Sid.
Abhay accepted Pia's offer-We'd better head home.
Pia probed Abhay-Why are U so against Sid? What has he ever done to U? Do U both have a grudge against the other? I want to know Abhay. I want to understand what this is?
Abhay fell silent-Pia, Some things are best left alone. Trust me.
Pia asked again-I know U are very fast on your feet and your brain works at an even faster rate. I'm sure U can come up with a plausable explannation Abhay. Only i fear by the time i find out the truth you'll probably lose me. I'm not threatening U Abhay. It how i feel. Lately i'm having this weird gut feeling about my life and where it's headed.
Abhay couldn't risk Pia in danger-I should carry U home Pia. You're probably tired right.
Pia resigned to another one of Abhay's tactful diversions-U just want me in your arms right?
Abhay partially wanted to feel Pia's warm embrace and partially knew when Pia was in his arms she usually kept her mouth shut-You've got me all figured out.
Pia beamed-I know Abhay Raichand. Nothing U do surprises me. So these lessons you've promised to give me when do we start.
Abhay chuckled-Someone's very eager.
Pia smiled-U got it right Buster. I got taught by the best i'm just curious if U can outdo Sid.
Abhay picked Pia in his arms-This you'll have to wait and see for yourself.
Pia wrapped her arms around Abhay's neck-Abhay i already know the answer.
Abhay took Pia to her hostel and remained outside guarding her till she fell asleep.
Next Day at Mount College
Pia was overexcited about her day with Abhay. She was dreading letting Sid down gently. After all he had been the one who'd offered to help her in the first place. She'd felt awefully guilty about rebuking Sid's offer. Would he take it personally? She hoped not. She still wanted to keep her apprenticeship. It was keeping her afloat. She was in no hurry to accept her uncles offer of maintenance. She was not a charity case and could look after herself.
Misha spotted Pia looking very lost. Her friend had the tendency to drift off to her daydreams-Pia wake up dude! Its early morning and U haven't even started the day yet and already you're on cloud 9. Is there something i should know about?
Pia couldn't help but hug Misha-I've missed U Misha. It's almost like we don't get to hang out any more. I have no social life with my job and College.
Misha was already cooking up something in her head-So now you're complaining we don't spend any time together. Seriously Pia this relationship can't last with both of us being inactive now can it?
Pia crased her forehead puzzled by Misha's ramblings-I don't get it Misha.
Misha on an animated high express's-Simply that U and I, Pia are like a couple. We have fun then when we get a little freedom we start missing each other like crazy.
Pia blankly watched Misha's bizzare attitude-U are beginning to freak me out Misha. What are U on?
Misha exclaimed seriously-I'm on anti depressants because I  miss U too duffer(Then laughs out hysterically). I'm just kidding about being on pills. Dude do i look like i need them? We haven't had a chance to catch up gossip. How's my sister treating U? And the boss what's he like? Finally Abhay? Is there anything cooking up with him?
Piya clutched her books tightly-It depends on how U look at it. Abhay is very elusive. Never where i want him to be. He keeps slipping from my grasp and when i'm with another guy he goes all Jekyll on me.
Misha knew Pia's dilemma very well. Abhay played the same game with Pia from day one. It didn't surprise her one bit-Ok the Abhay issue is pretty old. U need to ditch the guy and let him see what he's missing out on. Trust me if i know Abhay at all he'll come running. Drive towards what he tells U not to do even if it makes him angry. Guy's love to play action Hero and Abhay has the Hero complex written all over his face.
Pia thought Misha had a point. She'd noticed how antzy Abhay got around Sid. No matter how much she enquired about Sid Abhay never gave her an inch of information-I think i need to dwell on this solution Misha. I don't want to rile him up.
Misha interjected jovially-Rile him up Pia. I'm not an expert on relationships but with Abhay U need to prvoke a reaction out of him. He's too laid back to do anything. You've seen him around girls right? Around people in general. He doesn't give a s**t. It's his attitude Pia U need to break down his walls till he doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Pia praised Misha's Agony Aunt advice-What's made U so proactive Misha? U seem so dare i say a matchmaker? Scheming away happily on the spot for a guy. This is Shaurya's influence right?
Misha blushed at the mention of his name-Yeah. I've been trying to get into his good books. Shankar's giving me 1 to 1 tuition to improve my grades and i've got first row ticket to his house. How cool is this hey? I can't wait.
Pia was buzzing with joy for Misha's positive outlook unfortunately there was a rumour going around about Shaurya-Not to burst your bubble sweetie but U have heard about Shuarya's little indiscretion. He is apparently keen on Shankar.
Misha was in denial-No way dude! I'd know. This is because they are roomies.
Pia shrugged her shoulders-I'm just passing the message on. U can't be too sure nowadays anything is possible.
Misha changed the subject-So hows the boss?
Pia grinned at Misha's very evident change in tack. Pia had already caught a glimpse of Abhay in the background skulking around as per usual-He is very charming Misha. So handsome. All the girls at the office have a major crush on him, even Panchi and best of all he's taken a shine on me. I'm liking the new boss but i know Panchi likes him so i'd wait and see how she fares with him first.
Misha was very suspicious of Pia's little outburst. It wasn't until Pia had used her eyes to gesture the hint of Abhay with her eyes. Misha took a quick scan with her eyes and noticed Abhay. Misha looked away and winked at Pia-Pia i think U should give Sid a few subtle hints. Don't worry about Birdie. If Sid likes her then she'll end up with him if its meant to be. Besides Panchi needs to mend her broken heart not jump on the first guy she's taken a liking to. I'm rooting for U Pia. Go get him.
Pia could feel herself blush-But Abhay.....
Misha continued to wind Abhay up-Forget the sour boy and head your sights higher girl. U want a man not a boy. Abhay doesn't even care. He has no feelings. He's made of stone Pia. Dude is as cold as ice. Now Sidhart may be your boss but the guy is hot ice. Sorry i mean the dude has the whole package. He doesn't brood much and is fun. U need someone fun. Take my advice and try Sid at least once. U might find he'll change U for life.
Pia wanted to laugh but Abhay's clenched fists had her worried-I. I think we should drop this Misha for now.
Misha egged on-Why should i drop it? Its a free country Pia. I'm not scared of anyone.
Pia watched Abhay's reaction. He was p****d off alright. His eyes could kill someone-Abhay's angry. I think we should leave it now.
Misha blasted further on turning to face Abhay-Right dude. I know i'm playing devils advocate here by fixing my girl up with a powerful business man. U don't mind if Pia dates the wealthy and very happening bachelor right? You've rejected Pia enough times. Now i think its only fair she moves on.
Abhay glared at Misha-Pia's free to be with who she wants.
Misha's temper flared-This is bu*ls**t and U know it. The dude she wants doesn't want her. The one who is expressing an interest in her she doesn't want yet but don't U think she should give it one shot?
Abhay seethed gritting his teeth-No Pia isn't free to be with Sid. She can date any boy from here. This college but not Sid.
Misha could visibly see Abhay's temper in his eyes-Wrong answer Abhay. Pia is not a yoyo. She has the right to do as she pleases and don't U dare roll your eyes at me Mr. I'e dealt with boys like U and chewed them out.
Pia felt her heart sink. She didn't want to see Abhay like this-Misha leave it yaar. Its enough.
Misha pressed her finger on Abhay's chest-Dude let Pia be happy for once. Give her what she wants. Don't U want her to be happy?
Abhay said nothing.
Misha took in Abhay's silence-I suggest if U want Pia to be free from Sid then U do something about it. If U had the guts you'd take her out and show her a good time. Let her see the other side of Abhay Raichand. Otherwise she's free to see Sidharth Mehra. As for the boys at this College they aren't worth dating. Kabir's the only decent guy in this damn place eligible to call as a hot but he's too into Pia. This leaves Pia dateless. Comprede?
Abhay broodily nodded-Comprede!
Misha beamed-There's my good deed for the day. Pia don't forget to pay me back with help on my front.
Pia nodded watching Misha take off. Abhay's eyes were too intese for Pia to keep gazing into-Misha's just a little stressed out. Boy trouble?
Abhay nodded-I gathered this. So about this date?
Pia was about to let Abhay off the hook-Don't worry Abhay i won't hold U to it.
Abhay carried on-Misha's right. I've been leading U on. I'll meet U after collge at 4 sharp. Bye got class to get to.

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!1misha managed to get piya a date with abhay...........................waiting for the date

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Awsome Aysh.......Poor T.......she is such a despo.........but my fav in the update is Mish-Abhay convo....awsome jija saliWink.........Misha just knows the right buttons to push......Lovd Abhiya as usual......they are gud in the show too now...loving you ff's...update soon

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--AROMAL-- IF-Dazzler

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what a update dear !! in the end piya and abhay date superb misha rocks !! its a very nice update ..
update soon ..
thanx 4 the PM ....

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Superb update Aysha.. Abhay-Piya's part was Gr8.. Totally Amazing. Mish-Abhay's part was Awesome.. Loved it.. So now more Abhiya Scenes r cuming.. Right..?? Waiting for it.. Carry on.. Thanx for d pm Dear..

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taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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great update

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!1misha managed to get piya a date with abhay...........................waiting for the date
:::Misha is a girl on a missionLOLLOL:::
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Nidhsara

Awsome Aysh.......Poor T.......she is such a despo.........but my fav in the update is Mish-Abhay convo....awsome jija saliWink.........Misha just knows the right buttons to push......Lovd Abhiya as usual......they are gud in the show too now...loving you ff's...update soon
:::Misha is one fiesty Chica. I loved Misha's intial spunk in the show. I want it in my FF. Lets see how this shapes upBig smile:::

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