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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 42)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mangona

gud very gud but its more like new pkyek plz do sumthing 2 change it and make it more romantic
I'm on it already. THANKS 4 READING

PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Wowieee Aysha.. FANTASTIC UPDATE. This is my Fav FF followed by Soulmates & Twisted love
-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !!
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap 13-Life on The fast Lane:::

Misha was bored with Shankar's meddlesome attitude at College he was in her face al the time. She was starting to think he was stalking her. What was up with him? Why was he determined to ruin her life following her everywhere she went. Did he have a crush on her because this would be eugh? Misha inly wanted Shaw and Piya was supposed to help her but now she had bigger fish to fry. Misha confronted Shankar in a seperate corner of the College building.
Misha prodded her finger at Shanker's chest-So U on a death wish? What's your problem dude? Everytime i turn around U are there up in my business. I want U to quit stalking me.
Shankar loved watching Misha riled up. She gave him shivers down the back of his spine. He cleared his throat-I'm supposed to be giving U 1 to 1 tuition. You're grades are slipping and the tutors think U need a boost. An incentive to make U raise them up or you'll be kicked out of here.
Misha bought Shankar's excuse. These days her mind was focussed elsewhere-Then why haven't U come foreward before with this news?
Shankar gave a sheepish grin-Because U are one scary girl to talk to when you're in a bad mood. I had to work a little courage and see for myself why a bright girl like U would need extra support.
Misha was flattered by the compliment-U think i'm clever?
Shankar thickly grinned flicking his hair back-There's no doubt about. U just need to pull all your energies to your studies. I have full confidence in U to surpass everyone's expectations.
Misha was used to blagging her way through school. She wasn't used to people having this much faith in her. Her parents had laughed about her academic records being so below expectation but they'd seemed like they'd given up while Panchi was engrossed in her own problems to notice Misha's issues. Pia was the only person who had blind faith in her but from a professor giving her this much faith was out of the ordinary-Ok. I'll play along but not because U buttered me up with praise. This is solely beacuse i want to improve myself.
Shankar gave Misha a timetable-I made this exclusively for U. I want U to attend the sessions and we'll make a target from there.
Misha was happy with this-Aren't U Shaurya's roomie?
Shankar nodded-We have a place together. Purely for saving money on a lease. It helps with our finances. Why?
Misha had an idea-"I can meet U at yours its easier than staying behind."
Shankar wasn't bothered but rather thrilled with Misha's eagerness-Cool

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 13-Life on The fast Lane:::

It was already the third day in the office. The week was flying by. Pia decided to make herself a cup of Coffee to help her brain come back to life. The proposal she'd been working on had come to a halt. She ran out of innovative ideas. Pia didn't realise how much of her spare time this apprenticeship was going to swallow up. Luckily she was on top of her academic side handing in her assignments early. She feared she might be lagging behind by next week. Pia made Panchi a cup as well. She too was under stress. Pia wasn't sure what was causing her toworry so much. She often caught Panchi peering over to catch a glimpse of Sid and then her eyes would stalk T making a blatant beeline for Sid. Her sister was crushing on the boss. Sid gave no indication on how he felt. He was strictly focussed on business and was very generous with his employees. Pia took the tray with her to Panchi's work station.

Panchi gave Pia a light hearted grin-Thanks Pia. I needed this. My head is gone to mush.

Pia handed over her mug with some chocolate cookies on a plate-We need a break. My eyes have gone funny from staring at the monitor for a long period of time.

Panchi couldn't agree more-Me too.

Pia sat beside Panchi at her work station skimming over her file-You've been really busy. I don't know how U do it Panchi.

Panchi replies sweetly-Sometimes even I don't know how I do it. Meeting deadlines on time is getting harder each day. There's always a never ending paperwork which keeps piling up. Sid is a task master.

Pia put the file down. From the plate she picked up a cookie nibbling at it-Mmnnn tastes so good. It really makes U hungry.

Panchi stopped herself from taking a cookie-I'm always munching away. I really need to start watching my weight. Sitting down all day is making me fat.

Pia gave Panchi a stern look-Oh come off it Panchi. U are perfect. Curves are in U know? I'd kill for a figure like yours.

Panchi patted Pia's arm-You're so sweet Pia. This is a personal battle. I feel since Dan I put on too much from comfort eating and now I've found motivation to lose what I gained.

Pia saw Panchi's eyes flicker towards Sid's cabin-I know who is behind this new change Panchi. If I we're U I'd be careful. Sid is your boss. U can't forget this and well he has girls fluttering around him all the time. I've noticed his eyes wonder around. He might break your heart.

Panchi flinched at the thought of Sid hurting her-Pia I'm not into him. He is out of my league. In case U haven't wondered Sid flirts with anything with a pulse.

Pia sarcastically quipped-I can see this by the way he is behaving around T. He is obviously not too fussy about who he assiciates with.

Panchi moaned-U think she's bad. U haven't seen some of the girls who enter this office screaming abuse at Sid for two timing them. Or why he dumped them after making promises of being theirs forever. U should see what those girls wear and how they act.

Pia's eyes widened at this news-Really! I didn't know this. They haven't come in since I've started my experience.

Panchi had found this odd-I know. It's strange how this has come to a stop suddenly. We are having such a bitching time.

Pia took a sip of her coffee-I know but its been good to get it off your chest. I can see Sid's affected U a lot. I'm sure he isn't as bad as we make him out to be. There might be another side to him.

Panch agreed-It's this other side of him that makes me melt Pia.

Pia giggled-U have really got it bad.

Panchi admitted finally letting out a sigh hugging her mug towards her chest-I know. I never learn. This time at least I know what I'm letting myself in for. Even if I'd never make a move on him. It's not very professional and secondly it should be Sid he takes the first step. He has a knack of picking up any girl he wants.

Pia sympathized with Panchi. Pia felt protective about her older sister. Abhay had this same impact on Pia. He managed to profound her no matter what he did or said. She blindly followed him anywhere. Pia finished her drink with Panchi she cleared away the desk when Sid veered out-Where's mine?

Panchi thought she'd heard something insane from Sid-U don't drink coffee. U are strictly on a diet of booze.

Sid gave a cheeky wink at Panchi smiling with his pearly white teeth on for show-I just love how U know all about my little habits. Isn't she just the best?

Panchi felt all giddy inside brimming with sheer joy that Sid had noticed how much Panchi knew about him-U aren't exactly a hard nut to crack.

Sid faced Pia-Could U step in my office Pia?

Pia turned to give Panchi a worried look then back at Sid-U could have called me from your office than personally seeking my presence.

Sid assured Pia-It's nothing for U to be concerned about. I needed to stretch my legs.


Pia calmed down walking up to Sid's office. Pia saw Sid got a slip of paper out of his draw. He handed it to her. Pia's face fell to the floor with all the zeros on the cheque. Why was Sid giving her this?

Sid saw Pia's features go through a motion of at least 2 different emotions. From puzzled to shock. Pia was a proud girl. So different from his usual brand of women he'd dated. Pia had intrigued him and challenged him with her resistance to his charms. She wasn't affected by him at all. The cosmic we're having a laugh at him. Abhay had reached Maithali first and now Pia. How was he going to make her his?

Pia's eyes questioned Sid-I don't understand.

Sid revealed-It's your hard earned cheque Pia. It's what we we're going to pay the model for her work but this belongs to U.

Pia was speechless-I…I … don't know?? This is a lot of money.

Sid grinned-I know but U deserve it Pia. I have never owed anyone anything before so I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your dues. It's the least U can do for me Pia. Cash it in for a set of wheels or whatever takes your fancy.

Pia was dumbfounded-I can't Sir this is too much.

Sid insisted-I know it is but this is how the industry works Pia. The entertainment industry is all about big names and brands. You've become a success in the modelling world with one ad. This is a big achievement. It's not like I'm doing U favour Pia. Think about it? U did the work as and now you're getting paid. We can call it quits. So take the money before I get Panchi on your case.

Pia accepted-Ok. Don't get Panchi in here.

Sid teased-She's a scary lady once she's got something in her head. U haven't forgotten our lesson right?

Pia gave a pensive look putting the cheque in her bag-I'm a little nervous.

Sid grabbed Pia by the shoulder-Don't be. You're in safe hands. I'm a pro at this.

Pia moaned-But I'm not.

Sid chuckled-Lets gets this out of the way.

Pia and Sid head out the office. He  places his hands on Panchi's desk leaving Pia's side. He holds Panchi's eyes commanding her attention-Panchi I'm taking Pia on her first lesson. Can U hold the fort?

Panchi simply nodded unable to speak. T rolls her at Pia feeling so envious at the attention little Miss Sunshine was getting from the boss. Mentally T was cursing Pia to crash into a tree. Why did she always get the hot guys vying for her attention. In the office T was flirting her heart out for Sid to take her out and it worked but now he was taking this charity case.

Sid steered over to T reading her mind-T U be a good girl for Panchi. She'll report back on your progress.

T huskily replied-Yeah sure.

Sid faces Panchi again-You're a star.


Sid had Pia watching him drive away from the main road to a secluded area. He stopped the car and got out. He opened the car door for Pia as they changed places. Pia was shaking with nerves in the front seat. Sid put on his seatbelt and stared at Pia's immaculate features. Damn her she looked exactly like Maithali. But she would never be the woman he loved even to this day. For starters Pia wasn't a daredevil like Maithali was. He snapped himself from Maithali's thoughts and forced himself to think about Pia. He had 3 days to make her his. He had to act fast.

Sid grabbed Pia's hands-Now stop shaking Pia. I'm not making U do anything too difficult. First I'll have U tell me what U know about what is in front of U.

Pia took her hand away from Sid- We have the steering wheel, the gears and indicators.

Sid smiled-Good. What about the pedals at the bottom?

Pia answered biting her lips nervously-The clutch, The middle one is the breaks and the one on my right is the gas pedal.

Sid found it cute the way Pia was answering her question with her eys looking for approval-Correct. Now I want U to start the ignition with the keys. Just turn the key around.

Pia did as Sid asked-There.

Sid instructed in his coolest voice-Now I want U to press the clutch all the wat down and put your gear on 1 sliding it across to your left and pushing it up but don't let go of the clutch.

Pia followed Sid's instructions-Now what?

Sid gave more instructions-Lift your foot on the clutch till U feel the bite. U know like a vibration on your feet and then let go of the handbrake and start driving.

Pia found this simple so she did as he asked and moved the car jerking forward-Is this supposed to do this?

Sid reassured Pia-Relax U are doing great. Initially these things happen but after a few sessions you'll be a pro. Now speed up with your right feet on the gas pedal slowly and then change the gear to 2.

Pia did as he asked but the car kept making this noise-I don't know why?

Sid patiently explained why-You're driving too slowly for gear 2. U need to pick up speed to over 10 and then go to gear 2.

Pia restarted the engine and did the same thing but this time applying more gas-Finally we are off.

Sid beamed watching Pia drive-You'll be a brilliant driver in no time Pia. You've picked up momentum already and know the a's and b's of driving. I can't wait to tell Panchi. She'll be happy.

Pia took this chance-So U like Panchi huh?

Sid cheerfully answered-Yeah I like her.

Pia pushed for more-As a friend or something more?

Sid didn't like where this was going-I don't know. She's sweet and has come out of a bad relationship. I don't want to complicate things with her. I have a label already as being a heartbreaker but I don't like being alone. Its so lonely. I've lived all my life alone. No family. I'm the black sheep. Got kicked out because my father and I didn't see eye to eye. I crave a little attention.

Pia found Sid's story heartbreaking. It resembled her life in a way only both of them were abandoned-I know how this feels Sir. We've done well without anyone so that's a mean feat. We could have so easily been led astray.

Sid agreed-I know. I'd rather talk about us Pia.

Pia drove along further-It's getting late. We got to go.

Sid quizzed-Why?

Pia answered-I promised someone I'd be back early.

Sid blurted out-Abhay!

Pia froze still speeding. Sid took hold of the steering wheel. Pia answered-It's not how it looks. I'm sorry I nearly. Sorry.


Abhay had already sensed Pia was in danger for this brief few seconds. He followed her scent all the way to Pia and Sid. Both were in his car. Sid was comforting Pia. Abhay saw red. He couldn't leave Pia alone with Sid. There was no trusting him. Sid never followed his own rules. Sid was soon becoming the bane of his life. Damn him. Damn her.

Abhay opened the car door to Pia's side. He bellowed angrily-Out now Pia. Get out. You're coming with me.

Pia threw daggers at Abhay and defiantly shouted-No way.

Abhay tried again forcing Pia to head out with a simple look-Out.

Pia angrily stomped out the car-U happy now. U can't talk to me this way Abhay.

Abhay hurled back-I can speak to U how I want. Deal with it.

Pia could feel the sting-I'm out now what?

Abhay glanced at Sid-U keep your distance from Pia. Or else?

Sid threatened back-Or what? You'll talk me to death. Throw empty threats. U know as well as I do U can't do nothing to me.

Abhay grabbed Pia by the hand and took her with him.

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awesome update.loved it.

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ozzyie IF-Rockerz

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Hey Ayesha !!!!
Superb ......
Too interestin !!!!!
finished within 2 mins......
Sid -Abhay -Pia confrontation mindblowing yaar !!!!!!!

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