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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 4)

pallavisarkar Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 12:18am | IP Logged
hey thnx for pm me
it was nice
n thnx again

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sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:31am | IP Logged
wow really good yaar
do continue soon

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sups2222 Goldie

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
hey srry for commenting late, due to xams i dnt get time to check ffs n mails, BT wat an awesum ff.....loved it totally, so abhay n pia are in next phase of life, truth n hatred betralyal love danger frndship tec u r very good at emotions loved this ff tooooooooooo.........lookign eagerly for it bt dnt be mad if dnt comment soon haan....

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Super Kool IF-Sizzlerz
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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Awesome....Really loved it....thank you for the pm....way to go...Thumbs UpClap
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Precap -Shattered glass

Abhay watches over Piya lying in her bed holding her warm hands as she sleeps. For that moment time stood still for Abhay. It was all about Piya. To him Piya was like glass. She was fragile despite her many efforts to prove to him she was anything but delicate. He was afraid of Piya. Trouble followed her no matter where she went. He was scared Piya would shatter into a million pieces making it impossible to to repair her back to who she truly was. A spirited fighter. If she evr discovered what he truely was she'd never accept him. He knew this for a fact because despite hundred of years living as a vampire Abhay still hated what he really was and never accepted his fate as a blessing but a curse. His one vice in the world was Piya. She was his only weakness and Piya knew it. How he tried to to keep his distance but it was all futile Piya had done the damage already by making a place in his heart. He knew he had to answer back to Chand and Haseena who'd be livid. Vampires and Mortals were never supposed to co-exist with the other. The humans were the cattle. The Prey. The lambs for the slaughter but he'd broken the biggest vampire laws by befriending and falling in love with one. At least thats what he thought he was feeling for Piya. Could it be LOVE? Or was she just a fixation due to her resemblence with Maithali?
Piya had her eyes closed but sleep evaded her mind. How could she sleep with Abhay so close to her holding her hands. No she couldn't sleep. He reassured her he wouldn't leave but a part of Piya was afraid of the unknown future. Sh knew Chand and Haseena hated her guts and weren't Abhay's real parents. She was stressed out by what they had up their sleeves. They'd admitted they were going to backstab Abhay in the back. Piya couldn't stand back and let them hurt Abhay by any cost she had to free Abhay from their clutches. What power did they have over Abhay was what Piya was searching for and Abhay would never tell her any of this. Why were Haseena and Chand so vindictive? They sounded almost inhumane. No Piya had to get to the bottom of this and she'd do this in sound mind.

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awesome  precap.............update asap............

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged

Shattered glass

Pia was susceptible to many setbacks thanks to Abhay's interference from stooping Pia from finding out the truth on his history. The new day was sure to bring Pia closer to the trith. Her jasoosi wasn't finished here. She had to go on and dig deeper. What were Chand and Haseena's plans regarding Abhay? That was her goal! Did Abhay know about their indiscretions. Thinking about where Chand and Haseena were when they were plotting this new plan of theirs. She knew they disliked Pia but she deserved to know why and being a doppelganger of Abhay's previous dead girlfriend from another life wasn't going to cut it. This was something stronger. Pia rubbed her eyes and saw Abhay asleep on the chair still holding on to her hands. He'd promised he'd stick by her and he did. He kept his promise. It didn't surprise Pia one bit. He was a man of his words. It was one of his appeals along with his drop dead sexy looks that had her instantly drawn in. Pia quicly got out of bed and just stared at Abhay like he was the most special person in the world. How could anyone by this sinfully handsome even in their sleep. Pia didn't want to leave Abhay's side but knew she had to act fast. Pia got changed quickly and saw Abhay was fast on his feet. He didn't even appear to seem tired or rough like she always did in the morning. She'd wondered how she might appear to Abhay. She wasn't exactly the most gorgeous girl out there. Abhay had a flack of them waiting in a line ouside these doors.

Abhay took Pia towards him checking her forehead for any sign of bruising-Good you're recovering very fast. I'll see U later. I've got a lot to answer for. Take care of yourself Pia. I'll be around to keep an eye on U and i'm sure Misha's not letting U out of her sight either.

Pia held on to Abhay's hand. It felt soft like marble-Thanks Abhay for saving my life yet again.

Abhay shrugged it off. He didn't want Pia's thanks he wanted the head of whoever was responsible for this dreadful act on Pia-I have to go bye.

Pia didn't want Abhay to leave but she had her own answers to find. She wasn't going to ask any questions. Just get the answers herself from wherever she could find them from namely Chand. She was wondering maybe she could spy on that couples whereabouts specially at nights seeming as she could have sworn she'd seen them stalking in the jungle. The man was cunning but Pia would find a chink in his armour. He had to have one. Abhay's was his allergy to silver then surely Chand had one too. Haseena was a little more well hidden. Pia never saw her socialize with anyone. Pia got out in search for her new action plan. She wasn't bothered about finding the man who ran her over. For some reason this was so insignificant compared to Abhay's own little problem he had.

Abhay retraced Pia's step figuring out the events of the previous night. He'd seen Pia was in search of him but he wasn't even in town that night. She had a letter. If only he could get his hands on it then he'd have easily sniffed the culprit out. Why couldn't he see the man behind the wheel? Well he knew why. Pia never saw him so he wasn't going to get the mans image but he took note of the car number plate. He'd go to every garage he could find and search this b*****d out. Pia was safe for now which was a relief. He'd traced his lips with his fingers reminiscing the stolen kisses. He was relieved Pia didn't witness his actions. She'd have turned beet red.  He zoomed through all the garages he could find in town and some car lots. No sign of this number plate anywhere. Where had this man disappeared to? He was getting restless trying to find this one wretched person and drag him to his lair and make mincemeat out of him. his hands were itching for blood. Abhay eventually let go of this dead end. He knew this evil son of a b***h would try again! They always did. Abhay would be here waiting for the b*****d to strike.

Misha drops by to take Pia with her to the Dobrial's. She wasn't taking no for an answer. She needed Pia for some tete a tete. Misha missed a friend to talk to. Pia had scared the life out of her it was the least she could do was be there for her. Misha needed advice and lots of it. She couldn't hack keeping her innermost feelings to herself any longer. It was a way to keep Pia busy with Misha's own woes. She didn't dare tell Panchi any of this. She'd be a laughing stock especially with all the p**s take Misha did on Panchi and other girls being sucker punched into falling for cheap men. Misha knew she deserved it.

Dobrial house

Pia is greeted by the Dobrial's all giving her a big welcome. Pia saw there were streamers around with decorations. This was a shocker if there was one. Misha had thrown a party in honour of Pia. Nobody had ever done this for her.

Pia's wide eyes made Misha giggle-What is all this Misha?

Misha directly answered back-I know this is a bit much but i got carried away. Can U blame me after the night U had. I wanted to celebrate U being alive Pia with us. I don't know what i'd have done if anything ever happened to U. Dad has been a man crazed. He thinks of U as a daughter Pia and Mom hasn't stopped pacing with worry. Don't forget these panda eyes U gave me Pia. We have a right to celebrate. It's not everyday someone makes a miraculous recovery. You're a medical marvel Pia! A legend. Only the doctors aren't admitting to anthing. They are all scratching their heads over what happened. Kabir's bringing in the crowd so U better get ready.

Pia glance Madhoo's way and gave a lopsided smile-Aunty! I need to talk to U in private. Its about what U said in the hospital.

Madhoo shooed the girls away-U girls set the house properly and Misha i think you've gone overboard with the balloons. Pia is not a child.

Misha grinned-I know Mom but its for after. Pia i've invited someone special for U. I've heard he's back sp now U can quit moping about.

Pia followed Madoo upstairs giving her a hug-I don't want Uncle to ever know who i am. Its vital i retain my identity from him. Its important i keep my privacy. I can't afford to lose who i am. I've never leaned on anyone before and i'm not going to start now. I've come a long way. I'm sure part of U still wants this buried. This secret of the treachery that has rocked both our worlds.

Madhoo had enough of hiding behind a mask-Piya i get what U are saying my child but Misha and Panchi adore U as their own sister. What does it matter if the whole world knows who U are. I'm not afraid to reveal the truth anymore.

Pia refused to budge-It matters to me. I'm a dirty little secret he's been hiding all these years. I'm not letting him get to me. I love U all a lot. I really do Aunty but i have no room for a father figure nor a mother figure. I'm used to being alone and that's my lot. Panchi and Misha are my soul sisters and always will be but we don't need to broadcast this to the whole world.

Madhoo nods-Fine. Just as U wish but Pia secrets always have a way of getting out. Trust me on this I know very well. Its just a matter of time before the girls realize what U are to us.

Pia runs down the stairs to help the others set the room up but the others had this under control so Pia heads back outside feeling a little upbeat. The truth had a way of getting out thats exactly what Madhoo had said she'd cross that bridge when she needed to but on her ongoing subject-Unlocking the secrets to Abhay! This secret had to come out and fast. Pia had to do some investigating of her own. Chand and Haseena were back but were they in the Raichand Villa? She had to get all the evidence she needed from their home. There must be shreds of evidence there and nightfall was the best time. Pia's mind drifted off towards Abhay. She wondered what he was doing this very minute. Pia recalled her vivid dream she'd had where there was only Abhay and her locked away forever in a room. It was the most magical experience ever. Was this what heaven would look like. Pia had hoped so. All she ever wanted was Abhay but he continued to keep her at bay. His frustrations and his lack of interest in her was mind boggling. He was always running hot and cold all the time. Pia stumbled her way towards the local park to gather her bearings. Her head was still fuzzy with the dreamworld she'd created but Abhay had this effect on her. There were many voices running in her brain. Misha and her dramatic promises. Kabirs jokes. Abhay's warm voice caressing Pia's voice begging her to return back to him. pia had reads somewhere in a psychology report she'd done at College that the mind absorbs information even when someone is asleep or comatose. Is this what she was recalling back?

Abhay came strolling by. Pia was certain she was seeing things. Her mind had a knack for playing tricks. He sat beside her on the bench-Penny for your thoughts!

Pia touched Abhay with her fingers gently-I thought i was just imagining U here to be honest i'm just having a moment with myself. So many conversations running in my head. Most of these feel so current! U know from the hospital.

Abhay understood what she was saying-yeah that happens sometimes but U were lost in your own little bubble. It was hard for anyone of us to get U back.

Pia smiled back-But U gut me back Abhay! Only U could ever do this. I know it was U who saved me Abhay. There's so much i want to say but don't have the words to convey them. I didn't realize me not being here would cause anyone any pain U know. The attachments to another person i always thought took longer so oh i don't know!

Abhay assured Pia-U being alive means alot Pia to people around U! The impact you've left on us is greater than U can ever imagine.

Pia asks Abhay in a low voice-What kind of impact have i left on U Abhay?

Abhay wasn't getting into this-You'll be late for your party. We'd better head back!

Pia nod budging-Stop avoiding the obvious Abhay. Just tell me. Would it have mattered to U if i lived or died? What mark have i left on U?

Abhay knew when he was fighting a losing battle-U know the answer to this Pia. Do U really want me to relay it back to U?

Pia nodded-Yes as a matter of fact I do Abhay. I'm not asking U to reveal any deep dark secrets here. Just what do i mean to U? U know how i feel. For some reason U always have before i even say anything but i don't understand why i matter to U other than being a replica of your obsession.

Abhay gave in-I care for U alot Pia so do your family.

Pia knew Abhay was just being Abhay-Care is not something i want from U Abhay. I get that from people around me. Are U coming to this blasted do?

Abhay nodded-Yeah but only for a while.

Pia was relieved-That's all i can ask for thanks again for caring Abhay. Oh and your parents i saw them yesterday at the hospital. They weren't pleased by your presence there. I think they wanted U with them.

Abhay rolled his eyes knowing when Pia was fishing for something-I'll deal with them later. See U there at the party.

Pia fished again-Are they back at the manor yet?

Abhay let Pia know-Not yet! They are still waiting for my arrival. I'm trying to avoid seeing them but maybe tomorrow. They are back to the old town we were at closing details on business i think.

Pia moved on. Yeah tonight will shatter someones life Abhay. Mine is already broken but yours Abhay has cracks. Pia was going to get what she needed and fast. The Raichands were weird people. Never associated themselves with others. Sure they threw parties but even then they were still distant. Pia had a grand opportunity to find dirt. She was certain they'd brought some of their old tnformation in their mansion. Perfect cover was the party.

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