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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 39)

PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 4:45am | IP Logged
aysha.. u updated my fav FF after so many days. love you for this.. excellent update.. oo la la.. AbhIya moments were outstanding. Sid confused me. Suddenly he became so possesive. only he can hurt Abhay.. what a joke. Anyway.. update soon ok.

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
nice update
continue soon

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
lovely update.................
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 5:08am | IP Logged

:::Precap 12-New lesson:::

It was gym class with the new supply tutor Shanaya. She had planned on mixing it up with the students. Make them all suffer by placing the girls to do a few activities the boys were into while the boys tried out some stuff the girls did. This was to see how they took their orders. Plus she wanted to see Abhay humiliated in front of his peers. It would be fun to see the boys try some nifty footwork on the floor dancing like girls. While the girls would have to do some ring work for upper body strengths.

Kabir moaned-We are not prancing around like some pansies!
Shanaya eyes Kabir head on-Oh really Kabir? Then i'll have to take U off the major competetive teams. No football or boxing class's for U.
Kabir muttered-But this is so unfair.
Shanaya smirked-Life's not fair so deal with it.
Angad smiled happily-I'm willing to give it a whirl but my dancing is a little on the left footed side.
Abhay just glared at Shanaya-Whatever. I don't care.
Shanaya walked around Abhay-Oh really then U won't mind demonstrating your talents in front of the whole class.
Abhay glared back-Do as U want. I could care less.
Shanaya mused-Well i supposed being kicked off your sports teams will change your mind.
Abhay scowled-Do your worst.
Shanaya threatened-Well then your class mates will suffer the consequences for your refusal. They will all stay behind and run laps.
Pia pleaded with her eyes to Abhay. Abhay gave in-Fine. Whatever i'll do it.
Shanaya-Good. Then it's settled. We will all take turns to show what we can do.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged

:::Update 12-New lesson:::

The boys prepare their little moves for gym class acting out a piece the girls had been working on with a few classical chasses, twirls and extending their arms. Angad had been enjoying his moment in the spotlight while all the girls stood back watching the boys in action. Misha and Pia were in hysterics unable to control their laughter. Abhay grimaces keeping his movements as slow with his posture still masculine. He completed a few arabesque moves completely blowing some of the girls away. They'd never seen this side to Abhay. While Abhay had hated every minute of his performance showing off a side he intended to keep in the closet. Abhay did a few Faille and a grand jaite in the air. Abhay then incorporated a few street moves into his performance adding in some popping and locking which even the female counterpart could d. Abhay added some waving giving the illusion of a wave moving through his body adding in the tutting at a degree. Kabir let himself go mixing in some moves of his own putting his own stamp on it.  The boys finished their piece and the gymnasium was filled with applause and with laughter. He too added a contemporary take to dancing making the feminine movement's seem natural.

Misha burst out-This was an eye opener. Angad U should stick to keeping your movements' as enclosed as possible. Kabir U were funny as hell. U are very in tune with your feminine side. And Abhay, where have U been hiding?

Abhay's face smouldered into a distance-Can we get this day over with?

Kabir finished off-I know us boys are as good as U girls if not better.

Misha joked-Don't blow your own trumpet Kabir. It wasn't as good as U think it was. I think it had something missing. The full girlified costume.

Kabir smiled-I'm sure us boys would pass off as good looking girls after all we are already good looking as boys. It's something U girls can't pull off.

Pia had held Abhay's gave for a fraction-Come on girls it's our turn now.

T moaned-Do we have to do the rings? It's for men after all. My nails won't withstand the rings. Oh how unhygienic!

Shanaya cornered T-It's my session U do as I say. Now move it before I make U do press ups in front of the whole class.

Tracker enthused-I'm looking forward to it. At least we'll get to work on our upperbody strength. This will help us manhandle these naughty boys.

Shanaya walked round Abhay-See it didn't hurt you macho ego did it? I commend your little twist on making even the feminine movements initially so graceful and then switching mode impressive.

Kabir teased Abhay-Teacher's pet! 

Abhay ignored Shanaya and Kabir-Whatever!


The girls one by one headed to the ring trying to get a handle on the rings but they all fell flat on their face on the mat. Tracker shrieked falling from a height. T started raving and ranting about breaking her precious nails. Pia struggled with her body swaying letting go of her hand to the other ring. Misha managed a few rings but her arms felt like they were ripping out of their socket.


Misha handed it to the boys for their strength-This is so hard. I can't believe U do this. Its so barbaric. I can feel my muscles stretch.

Pia was in agreement-This is torture.

Shanaya finished this segment with a simple-Now U know how its like for the other. This was my main lesson to teach U in sports men and women are not always equal. Same with Dance. We are each suited to a particular style. What may look graceful to a woman may not be so for a man and vice versa unless U are Abhay. He exudes in all styles. Must run in his genes. I know of another person who is the same as Abhay.

Abhay glared at Shanaya-U made your point now can we move on.

Shanaya wanted to finish this session with the students going head to head mixed up in a relay outside the tracks. Abhay had shown himself up already with his perfect moves making her want him that much more. She was crazy about him but he had qualities similar to Sidharth. Thet were almost the same person but only Abhay was secretive while Sidharth was a born flirt. She was worried her attention from her main goal was in ruins thanks to her unprofessionalism. Shanaya promised Sid she'd make good on her side. He had to marry her in return. There was no harm in playing both brothers. Abhay hated Sid and vice versa. Made this game a lot more fun and dangerous.

Shanaya moved in front to be with Abhay-How do U like my methods?

Abhay said nothing.

Shanaya  drew her eyes right through Abhay's-You've shown yourself up already. Did U really think U could hide who U are Abhay? You're the best in sports. The best academically. Need I say more. They are beginning to suspect Abhay. What will U do now? I've seen Kabir and I can see him question U already. Your strengths are becoming your weakness. Pretty soon they'll all know.

Abhay whispered-Shanaya quit this before it bites U in the a**. Sid is playing U woman.

Shanaya whispered back-I like to be played Abhay. I like being pursued. It gives me power, a woman wants to feel wanted and maybe I'm letting Sid get what he wants so I can get something out of him. I'm sure it does the same for U. I mean with Pia. I can see it in your eyes.

Abhay gnarled at Shanaya's blatant stupidity-Woman its your funeral. He will trick U. I pity U for your naivety. U think your in control but trust me it is Sid who is in the driving seat.

All the students compete in their race to see who wins the realy as a team. Kabir's team triumphs over Abhay's. Shanaya had a point about Abhay unwittingly unveiling all his strengths. It was bad enough Pia knew about some of Abhay's skills. If the others found out then his secret would be at risk of coming out. He had to hold back and not get over competitive.  Abhay left the track early avoiding Shanaya altogether. Pia had her eyes firmly glued on Abhay and Shanaya. She was finding it uncomfortable watching them in close proximity especially since Shanaya and Abhay seemed like they were in a deep conversation with the other. Pia felt envious of Shanaya. Abhay was giving her attention and Pia wanted Abhay all to herself. Last night Pia was on cloud 9 but today was a different story. It was almost like Abhay was keeping his distance on purpose now that she'd given him her word to stay away from being alone with Sid. Pia didn't know why it was such a big deal for Abhay for her to do this but she wanted to find out for herself. Abhay was keeping his mouth zipped on this issue.

As soon as College ended Pia put on the radio in her hostel. There was a news broadcast about some men found dead on a road just where Pia and Abhay were on last night. They's been brutally drained of blood. The report said it was an animal attack. One of the men was dismembered. Abhay had nothing to do with their deaths she was sure of it. He was with her the whole night. Pia refused to dwell on the ill news. The bikers were animals but didn't deserve to die. Pia grabbed a quick bite to eat still with Abhay's thoughts haunting her. Today was hectic if only she had a chance to be with Abhay.

Pia headed towards the office for her second day on the job. Sid was sat on his chair with the tv screen in front of him. He smiled at Pia giving her her mobile phone she'd left the other day.  

Pia smiled at Sid-Thank U sir.

Sid smiled back-Your welcome. I've brought in your clothes in a separate bag next to my desk.

Pia felt T's eyes on her-I'm sorry about yesterday.

Sid waved his hand  dropping them on the desk-Its understandable. Abhay was bang out of order.

Pia remained silent.

Panchi and a few other staff members were present. Pia wondered what this was about. Panchi-I hope U are feeling better now. I heard about Abhay. He had no right to treat U the way he did.

Pia averted her eyes away-I'd rather not talk about it. Why is everyone gathered in here?

Panchi beamed happily-We are watching your moment of glory. The adverts complete and its already airing around India.

Pia was pretty sure Sid said it wasn't for India-But Sir U said it wasn't to be aired in India then what's this?

T spread her venom against Pia-Oh please Pia. Seriously just lap the attention up. I know U really crave everyone's approval. Little miss sunshine. If it was me I'd have been over the moon and excited.

Panchi scolded T-Just shut up T. Pia's nothing like U.

T smirked in approval-Exactly. She is a down market girl. I don't understand why you'd choose her over me.

Sid tutted at T-T this is uncalled for. She is an employee and I will not have U belittle her. If U want to keep this apprenticeship then I advice U keep your nasty comments to yourself.

T slumped back in her chair-Fine. I was only stating the obvious. I won't say a word.

Sid pressed on the remote control showing Pia and their co-workers their master piece. Pia cringed at watching herself on Polaroid. It was done tastefully but Pia was in no hurry to do modelling of any sorts in a rush. Abhay was right about one thing. It wasn't her. She craved no attention. Pia only wanted to reach great heights with her intelligence. Towards the end the was a rapturous applause for Pia.

Panchi stood up in ovation-U were simply superb Pia. Are U sure this isn't the first time you've been in front of the camera. Sir U made Pia wear such a cheap outfit no wonder she was on the cell complaining about it.

Sid gave a sheepish grin-It was all we had in stock. Ok people get back to work now. We have a deadline to meet. Our PR firm is going through te roof with this new advert.

The workers rushed out of Sid's office heading to their designated work stations. Only Pia and Panchi remained in Sid's office.

Pia folded her arms angry at Sid's blatant lie being exposed-U knew how uncomfortable I was. Yet U had me wear this for kicks.

Panchi supported Pia-I can't believe you'd do this to her. It makes me look bad. I vouched for U. I told Pia she was exaggerating but clearly I can see what she was on about. She is a decent girl sir not one of your bimbos U like to prance in and out of your life.

Sid held his hands in the air-I admit I went OTT but U need to understand I was placed between a rock and a hard place. I took an executive decision. The results speak for themselves. Pia is a hit with the firm. She's already on billboards around India and a few foreign counterparts. Now she's a celebrity in her own right.

Panchi fumed-No wonder Abhay kicked off. Pia and he may not be together but he watches out for her. He's very overprotective about her.

Sid watched Pia's body language. Abhay had an important place in Pia's heart. He knew the signs very well-I see.

Pia was about to storm out of the office. Sid hurried by her side-I'm sorry Pia. U know I didn't do this on purpose but we'd have lost an important clientele. Let me make it up to U. I will give U extra money like a pay rise.

Panchi shot back-A bribe?

Sid halted and came up with another solution-Ok. U can't drive. I'll teach U this way I'm putting my life on the line for U.

Panchi thought this was a brilliant idea-Pia I suggest U take him up on his offer. I'd like to see how this pans out.

Pia remembered she wasn't supposed to be with Sid alone but they'd be in a car together in day light-I will think about it.

Sid pleaded again-Panchi U tell her I am being genuine. I'll do anything it takes.

Panchi could see Sid was sorry for cornering Pia in a tight situation-I think Pia this is great. U have a pro by your side. He's a good driver. It will be fun. To wipe his overconfident smile off his face would be worth it.

Pia refused-No I'd rather not.

Sid challenged Pia back-Why? Are U sacred of being in the drivers seat? Or of me pouncing on U?

Pia glaced at Panchi for help then back at Sid-It's not that I'm scared. I can't afford lessons yet and what's the point if I can't even buy a car. I prefer being on foot. I get my exercise this way.

Sid encouraged Pia-I wouldn't offer my services if I didn't mean it Pia. U should jump at the opportunity. You'll never find an instructer like me any where.

Pia faced Sid-You're so busy Sir I wouldn't want to impose.

Sid countered-I wouldn't have asked U otherwise. It's a win, win situation for all of us.

Panchi egged Pia on-U can handle Sid. You're a fast learner. So it won't take long.

Pia nodded-It's a date then. (She went to get her clothes from under Sid's desk) Thanks again for bringing my mobile and these. Your clothes are in the wash.

Sid-U can keep them as a parting gift.

Pia didn't want anything to do with them. She thought it was polite to keep them-Fine.

Sid asked Panchi to finish off making a PR strategy for their German associates. Panchi headed out of Sid's office getting straight back to work. She'd set T on a scavenger hunt getting stationary and a few office supplies that didn't exist. It was mean but fun to see T frustrated by not knowing what the items were.

Sid handed over Pia some of his data to put into a spreadsheet-Pia just out of curiosity how did U get home last night? U stormed so fast I couldn't get to U. Did U run into some trouble?

Pia shut the door with her eyes giving away her emotional state-Nothing happened. Abhay gave me a lift back home. That's it.

Sid knew Pia was covering up a major fact-So Abhay gave U a lift with what?

Pia evaded the question-I have work to do.

Sid-U go ahead Pia. It's what I love about U. You're always on the go.


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--AROMAL-- IF-Dazzler

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oh its a nice update !! 
update soon i am damn excited to read more ...Embarrassed
--sumana13-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged
good one, enjoyed it yaar Clap
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 6:02am | IP Logged
brilliant part. loved it.

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