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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 35)

--AROMAL-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
oh dear !! loved ur update ... its simple superb !!
do update soon ..Wink

taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
-SnowKid- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
awesome update
do continue soon
mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
ayesha send me its lnk from the beginning
ssshh Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
nice updateSmile
update soon
SimplyAparajita IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Great part dear
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap 11-Remorse:::

Misha got a text from Shaurya asking for help regarding a mystery someone he had his eye on. Misha had her hopes up on snaring Shaurya for good. These long distant eye locks weren't doing much for her fever. He'd already made he weak at the knees. Now she was stooping to just about anything just to be with him. Tracker's one track brain was the route Misha was heading towards. No way was she going to down the route to nowhere. She needed to capture Shaurya's attention. Misha was certain he had a thing for her too but asn't 100 percent sure. Pia was supposed to help her out with her love life. She should have taken advice from Panchi. She had some expertise on men in general.
At the office Panchi had packed away her files and all the essential documentations. Her whole day was lost on T and her idiocracy. The girl had no interest in business management or even in PR. Was it any wonder she wasn't taking in her computer lessons. Panchi had always prided herself for teaching others so well. T had proven her wrong. It was only day 1 maybe T would pick it up the next day. Let the information absorb in the few brain cells she has got. Panchi scolded herself for being too harsh on T but the girl was a royal pain in the backside. She'd only decided to teach T so Sid wouldn't spend any time with her. It was a sly thing to do but for love she'd do anything. Panchi had let T head off early just in case Sid came back and wanted to wine and dine T. It was bad enough watching him openly take any random girl with him to all his events. Panchi wondered how Pia was getting on at the shoot. She was very nervous. Maybe she should have called her to make sure she was OK? Panchi decided to call Pia now just to make sure the shoot ran smoothly and check in on Sid while she was at it. Panchi waited for Pia to answer but all she could here was the phone buzzing. Panchi decided to call again. Finally an answer.
It was Sid's voice on the phone-No it's me Sid. Pia must have left her mobile in a hurry. Abhay popped round sending the poor girl in tears.
Panchi was annoyed with Abhay-Gosh this Abhay is too much. He is always on Pia's case.
Sid's interest peaked-Why are they a couple?
Panchi scoffed-Please. The are like two old couple always bickering over nothing. Abhay knows how to press Pia's buttons which is why she is always so on edge around him. He makes her irrational at best of times while Abhay is Abhay. A recluse. His best time pass is to annoy Pia and order her about like she were his property. That answer it for U. They like to rub each other the wrong way.
Sid had got the big picture-Abhay sure said a lot of harsh words to Pia. It was almost like they were together.
Panchi reiterated her answer-Sid! Nobody knows what goes on in their head. But there is no love lost between them.
Sid knew his brother best. If Abhay was pushing Pia hard it was all for a reason-I'll let Pia know U called.
Panchi was getting worried-I hope Pia is alright? She has a habit of getting into trouble. I could kill Abhay.
Sid couldn't agree more-Me too. His behaviour was very appaling. Anyway i have to dash. Bye. See U in the morning Panchi.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged

:::Update 11-Remorse:::

The night began to make Pia feel out of place. She was already lost in this new area she was in. Pia had fled away from Abhay's harsh attack. It had made her see red; heading straight into more trouble. Pia was kicking herself now running in heels wasn't exactly comfortable. Her feet began to ache. So now she began to walk instead of running. It wasn't like she'd get very far on foot. Pia had her arm rubbing against her other arm to create some body heat. Pia's back hurt as well. Abhay sure slammed her into the car pretty hard. Damn theses clothes were getting on her nerves. Pia kept on recalling Abhay taunting her. Abhay had accused her of selling herself out by wearing this outfit. His words had stung her. He'd said she was turning into T, the most shallow girl she'd ever met. That she was an attention seeker. The worst of all was her having a secret affair with Sid. What gave him the right to judge her? He was the one who'd insisted on just being friends and now he had the audacity to order her about. Pia could feel her eyes welling up again. Why did Abhay always make her do something so rash? He always had this power over her. Making her jump through hoops for him. Abhay made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world at times then he'd make her feel like the ugliest person in the world. Pia needed to get out of here fast before she caught her death. Pia kept finding herself drifting into her heaven. The unexplainable attachment Pia had with Abhay had kept her going and now she was deprived of his love. She'd never foreseen this bond they had going so wrong. She held on to her love for Abhay despite him pushing her away from him. Pia wouldn't allow Abhay to make her love or him turn sour. She'd kept it alive for too long to let it burn out.  

There were a few bikers' on the way down giving Pia a holler from afar. This was not happening to her. But i was.  They'd brought their bikes circling around Pia as she turned around. She lifted her hand to shield her away from their lights. Pia only managed to see their eyes. They had their helmets on. Pia began to panic inside but on the outside she'd attempted to show a calm front. They were going round faster while their leader remained still. Pia could feel his eyes on her but not sure what they were looking at exactly. He took off his helmet showing off his rugged looks. His eyes were scary. Pia inched away but found no place to go. The bikers were making her feel dizzy going round and round. Pia found herself going round and round eventually stopping still. The sound of the bikes made it hard for her to hear what the man in front wanted from her.

Pia opened her mouth to speak-Please let me pass. I have somewhere i need to be.

The man laughed-I'm afraid letting a pretty girl like U slide through the net would be stupid on my part. So what's a girl like U doing stranded in the middle of nowhere? Do U want us to give U a lift?

Pia shook her head-No i don't need a ride back. I am perfectly fine. In fact my friend is about to come and pick me up.

The man  was amused by the obvious lie-I'm sure he's on his way but a girl like U shouldn't be alone at night. It's not safe. U never know who might pass U by?

Pia wished she wasn't alone with these men. From the sound of their voice she wasn't sure if they had good intentions-I'll bear this in mind next time.

The man ordered his men to stop hovering around Pia-I'm sure U will. Why don't U let me help U. I mean let us take U to where you're headed.

Pia refused to go with them-I don't think so. I better wait for my friend.

The man headed towards Pia off his bike-How stupid do U think we are? There's nobody coming for U sweet cheeks. U are all alone. i say U got lost and don't know where you're going. Many girls have found themselves alone in the middle of nowhere. Normally you'd find their body the next day. Do U want to be another statistic?

Pia tried to find a way out but she was trapped-Don't come near me.

The man held Pia's hand while she struggled to get free. Pia's brain was scattered trying to shift the man away from her-This is going to be fun boys. We have a plaything to bide our time. We neeed a rest.

Pia pushed the man away from her losing her balanced falling to the ground grazing her knee. S**t thought Pia. She was sick of being a feeble damsel in distress-Stay the hell away from me (Pia screamed)

The man laughed at Pia-Or you'll do what? Call your friend to come and save U. It's an empty threat sweet cheeks and we all know it.

Abhay had already come running to Pia. His war of words with Sid had kept him back. He hoped Pia was safe. After all he'd accused her of he wouldn't be surprised if she'd slapped him across the face. Seeing Sid bare his teeth in front of him had shaken him to the core. Nothing scared Abhay but losing Pia would shatter him. Abhay would rather have an incomplete life without Pia than have no Pia in this world. She was his purpose for having a reason to live this doomed life now. If Sid took Pia away from him then he didn't bear thinking what he'd do. Now that he'd tasted what it meant to live again he'd rather die if he'd lost Pia. Abhay heard Pia's cry for help from a few miles back. He'd foreseen a danger headed her way. Finally he could see from a distance.

Abhay zoomed in front of the bulky man shoving him away from Pia. Abhay sneered at the man. He vented his anger on him by giving out a few light punches restraining himself with brute force. If he'd used forced the man would be dead in a flat. He picked him up above his head in a wrestler mode and threw him towards his men. Abhay moved towards their bikes destroying them all by hurtling them in the air till they were all destroyed. Abhay felt better inside for raving around like a lunatic taking his frustrations out on machines. He turned around to see Pia lying on the floor and willed himself to be calm again. He must have looked like an uncivilised monster or worse? He saw no fear in Pia's eyes for him making him feel at ease. Abhay picked Pia up scanning her for bruising. He saw the graze on her knee. Pia was shaking in his arms. He wasn't sure if it was due to what she'd gone through or if it was the chill in the air. One of the men got up with a knife trying to stab Abhay from behind. He turned quickly around startling the weak man into dropping the knife watching Abhay's dark eyes. Abhay simply pushed him to the pile of human bodies all knocked out from Abhay's encounter. Abhay picked Pia in his arms and started running.

Sid ventured in his car witnessing Abhay's handiwork. Abhay was definitely protesting too much about not caring for Pia. He'd come to her aid in a matter of minutes. His brother more than cared for Pia alright. He'd seen his brothers eyes filled with need. He craved Pia like a drug. It was a downside to being a vampire in love or was it lust? Sid could care less about the actual definition. Abhay would risk everything for Pia. This was one thing he was certain of. He got out of his car walking slowly towards the human pile. As always Abhay had not drained a morsel of blood. He hated this trait in Abhay. Waste not want not thought Sid. Abhay had left a feast for him behind. This was going to be a treat. It was nothing comparatively to draining the blood of girls which gave him more satisfaction than these monsters. He bit tem one by one draining them of their blood to the very last drop saving the one who dared to attack his brother last. Sid was going to have fun with this creep. Nobody attacked his brother and got away with it. Sid brutally ripped his arms from his socket loving the sound of excruciating pain in the idiots screams.

Sid menacingly hisses-Nobody touches my brother apart from me. (Finishing the man off. Sid heads back to his car driving off with a grin on his face with his moth smothered in blood.)

Abhay at the hostel drops Pia off in her room. He hated watching her this way. Pia said nothing to him. Then again they were moving at full speed. He needed her get away from the cold. Abhay felt Pia's forehead, then he checked her eyes. Pia was staring at him in awe-Pia what's bothering U?

Pia broke her silence-U came back for me Abhay. U don't hate me.

Abhay was taken back by Pia's bluntness-Pia i can never hate U. I'm sorry for being so abrasive before. Watching Sid all over U was too much and in your new avatar i just snapped. U shouldn't have run away like that Pia.

Pia exhaled loudly-What did U expect Abhay? Should i stay and listen to U verbally abuse me in front of my boss? Swallow all your bitter words as if it doesn't sting.

Abhay apologized again-Pia what i said was out of order but i burn inside when another man touches U.

Pia took hold of Abhay's hands in hers-Abhay U hurt me so much. I hate it when we argue. Why do U do this to me? Why? U keep hurting me and i let U do it all the time.

Abhay looked away feeling remorse for what Sid would put her through. He felt bad for the way Pia was being used by both of them-Pia i want U to stay away from Sid!

Pia touched Abhay's face to face hers-Why should i listen to U Abhay? I am not yours to command as U say so. I am not your private property Abhay.

Abhay coarsely states-Sid is not a nice man. He's a womaniser. He'll hurt U.

Pia scoffed-Like you're perfect. All U do is hurt me Abhay. At least with Sid i know what i'm getting. For your information Sid isn't interested in me but in Panchi.

Abhay knew this was all a ruse-Pia i wish i could tell U the full truth but my hands are tied.

Pia glared at Abhay sitting herself down on her bed-Same excuses all the time Abhay. Change the record already. I'm sick of listening to your tune.

Abhay bent down taking Pia's shoes off for her. He kissed Pia's knee better. Pia closed her eyes at the tender kiss making her forget her little squabble. She opened her eyes again to see her wound had miraculously disappeared-Abhay i don't understand U. The five months we've known each other U are still an enigma to me.

Abhay shifted Pia on her bed. Pia was sending his vampires senses crazy with her beauty and she was ravishing in her cute skirt. He big brown eyes called him in inviting him towards her lips but stopping himself in his tracks. He had to control his urge to kiss her lips-I know Pia. It's the best way for us. Keep a safe distance. Pia keep away from Sid.

Pia-I can't Abhay. He's my boss. I promise U there is nothing going on with us. It is all platonic between us. We are on friendly terms. I need this job Abhay to tide me over.

Pia saw Abhay coming closer. He turned her on her back watching the bruise on her back he'd caused with slamming her into the car-I'm sorry Pia for what i did. (He kissed her bare back) About Sid Pia, if U can't stay away from him then at least do me a favour. Don't go anywhere alone with him.

Pia tingled at his touch already feeling better. She turned to face him-Deal. But on one condition Abhay.  U have to promise not to stay away from me. Just stay with me Abhay. Make me forget this whole day. Keep me in your arms a little longer.

Abhay obliged holding on to Pia. He couldn't stay away from her tonight. He couldn't refuse her-I'll stay till U fall asleep Pia but we can't be a coupe U know we aren't ready for this step.

Pia nodded holding on Abhay tightly drifting off to sleep with her dreams filled by Abhay.

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