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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 30)

Super Kool IF-Sizzlerz
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These are deserve many more.....

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plz update ur 1st story soulmate
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good story.
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Plz update soon. It is a very interesting story and do add me to your pm list.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap-Ad Shoot:::

Panchi wished Sid had taken her with him to the Ad campaign. She wanted to see Pia's shooting and cheer her on. Pia's face was a picture when Sid had thrown her in the deep end. Now she was stuck with T the bimbo. Panchi thought she should thank her lucky stars Sid had taken Piya and not T. Now this scenario would have been a nightmare. T would have pounced at Sid; knowing Sid as well as she did; Panchi knew for a fact he would have taken T's flirtatious act to the bedroom in a flat. Sid loved women full stop. So T with her perfect figure and her penchent for making any man hers gave Panchi food for thought. In fact she'd stopped eating her usual comfort foods for Sid to get back into shape. Thank the heavens for small mercies Pia wasn't the type of girl Sid usually went for. And Pia was head over heels in love with Abhay so it made her the perfect choice. T gave Panch her a dirty look.
Panchi thought T looked like she was sucking on some lemons. She silently laughed at this funny though-T if you don't mind please can you get on with some work. If you want to get into Sid's good books you really need to put the work in.
T wanted to throw a strop but composed herself-I don't know the first tink about filing apart from doing my nails and these spreadsheets are so complicated. what the hell is up with all these numbers?
Panchi sighed-T if you are really serious about being here then you need to get your act together. Take this apprenticeship seriously. Start from the beginning.
T pressed on a few buttons. Everything went blank. T started screaming in frustration-Oh shoot it's all gone.
Panchi got off from her seat to T's work station looking at her laptop-You must have deleted it or shut the laptop off.
T began to get into hysterics-I can't belief i did this stupid me. Now what dowe do?
Panchi enjoyed watching T squirm in her seat-Wait for Sid to come in. He'll sort it out.
T covered her face with her hands-Sid is going to kill me.
Panchi smiled knowing full well Sid would do no such thing. He was such a sweet man. So generous and so gentle. He'd probably want to spend one to one time with T to show her the ropes. Rather than Sid show T what to do Panchi thought it was up to her to take matters into her own hands. Shewas ahead of schedule any way.
Panchi-As much as it pains me to help you T i'll show you the basics Ok?
T beamed out of her seat-Thank you so much.

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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get well soon sweety.....i love ur ffs....but i wud certainly lyk Panchi to hav a bttr judgement of characters......i knw Sids charm is irresistableBlushing.......but for heavens sake she went thru a recent heartbreak na.....well its u ayshu.....i knw u will cum up wid sumthng gr8Smile
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Ad Shoot:::

At the set the crew were gearing up eagerly awaiting the arrival of their boss with a girl in tow. Everything was ready all they needed was the model. Finally the sound of a car screeching at the entrance gave them their signal to start their work. As soon as Pia got out all she saw were people moving around. A Hot Magenta coloured car and camera's. This was a little overwhelming for Pia. She wasn't used to any of this. She doubted she'd be able to justify Sid's ad campaign. Sid came out of his car shutting it behind him straight to Pia's side. He saw the look of bewilder in her eyes and her discomfort. It made him feel proud of making her feel so uncomfortable with this modelling stint which is why she was perfect for it so he could worm his way into her affections and make Abhay into the bad guy. Sometimes you had to be cruel to be kind. He needed to get to Pia fast and this was his method. Throw her in the deep end. Now for the camera's to start rolling.

Sid held Pia around her waist assuring her in his seductive voice-Pia you will be fine trust me. I'm here with you all the way.

Pia gave Sid a nervous half smile-Sure.

Sid took Pia with him-Come. We'd better get started and get it out the way.

Sid took Pia directly to the dressing up room in a small room with some of her assistants-Girl's i want you to take care of Pia and make sure she feels comfortable. I don't want any complaints.

The girls smile-Yess boss.

Pia gives Sid a wide eyes look before going away with the girls. In her head Pia was scolding herself for getting herself in this predicament in the first place. The girls were friendly. The gave her the outfit she was to wear for the campaign which did not go well with Pia. She couldn't wear such a revealing two bit material. This was more up T's market than hers. What the hell was Sid thinking when he pushed Pia forward for this ridiculous shoot. Its too late now thought Pia. She had to call Panchi and check this out. Pia got her mobile out and dialled Panchis number waiting for her to pick up.

Pia-Heloo Panchi. It's me. I'm in a dilemma. Sid's team have given me a short skirt to wear. I'm not comfortable with this. Its a little too revealing. I wanted to ask if this is what his usual models wear?

Panchi laugh through the phone-Pia i think you are overreacting sweetie. Most of the clothes are on the short side but its nothing you can't handle. If i had your figure i'd wear it in a flat.

Pia was flabbergasted by Panchi's statement-You would?

Panchi-Of course Pia. I'd kill to wear half the clothes both you and Misha get to wear but my figure is on the fuller size.  Don't dwell on it too much. This is a brilliant opportunity Pia take it with both hands. Its what any girl in your position would do.

Pia wasn't so sure-Panchi you aren't looking at the dress the way i am.

Panchi reassures Pia-This is all in your heal Pia. You are so used to covering up that you'd think any dress below the knee is too short. Have fun Pia.

Pia-But the skirt doesn't even come to my knees Panchi.

Panchi-Pia just be professional Ok. I've been to many shoots with Sid trust me the outfit will be fine. I'm hanging up now. Enjoy yourself and don't take it seriously. It's just fun.

Pia put the mobile down getting out of the dressing room to show Sid the dress-Sir this is beyond my comfort level. I don't wear this kind of outfits. You should have brought T. She'd be perfect. I can't do it Sir. It's not me. I feel like i'm falling off my pedestal. I've always had pride of being different. Only following my own tune but i feel like a sell out.

Sid told the girls to back away-Pia this is the name of the game. Sometimes we have to do work outside our comfort zone. I didn't know you weren't comfortable with this but it's too late. There are no other costumes available but this. I respect you came to me with your issues but it's a one off Pia. People in India won't see you in it. It's purely for promotional purposes and for the outside market. Do it to prove a point to yourself and wipe T's smug face off. Do it to save your boss. I'm pleading with you.

Pia rebuffed back-I spoke to Panchi and she thinks i'm overreacting. You really put me in a tight spot Sir. I'll try but it's not going to look pretty.

Sid gave Pia a hug-You are a star but please stop calling me Sir. I have a name you know.? Call me Sid.

Pia felt herself sink low.-I'd better get changed huh?

Sid asked for the girls to take Pia away and get her changed. He knew Pia would have trouble adjusting. It was always fun to get the good girls turn bad. Pia would be a tough cookie but he sure wanted to taste what Abhay was missing out on. He already fulfilled a part of his dare with Abhay to get Pia stripped dowm. He was going to be in for a rude awakening. Abhay's precious Pia was about to become a fallen angel.

Pia finished getting dressed. The girls started working on her hair curling certain strands while keeping a section straight. Another set of girls came in to apply her make up for her. one of the girls was called Aarti started manicuring her nails then applying nail polishe. She started on her feet while the other girl Monica began to apply concealer to hide some of her imperfections. Then some foundation until her transformation was complete. Pia could not believe the girl in front of the mirror was even her. it was like seeing another person. Pia stood up and wore her heels. Finally Pia plucked the courage to get out of her dressing room to greet Sid. Pia warned him earlier not to get his hopes up. She sure hoped she didn't disappoint.

Sid waited for Pia brought more than he ever imagines. She was a complete different girl. He smiled watching her trying to pull her skirt a little lower to cover her legs. No matter how much you pull Pia the skirts not going to stretch he thought to himself. Pia was one sexy girl he was lusting after he admitted to himself. She sure was in a league of her own. None of the girls even compared to her natural beauty but the make up only made her features stand out more. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her. he'd get his chance soon enough. Once Abhay was out of the picture Pia would be all his.

Sid whistled-You are on fire Pia. God your cheeks look like they'll cause a volcanic eruption.

Pia blushed harder-I told you this isn't me. I feel so cheap.

Sid took Pia's hand-Never feel like this Pia because you are amazing. Plus the outfit is all Armani so it's not cheap (Sid gave Pia his dazzling smile). You have a good heart and i don't want to give any more compliments for fear of sounding like a boss who is trying too hard. I'm already labelled as a Casanova.

Pia smiled-Thanks sir. You really are sweet. Come on we'd better start rolling.

Sid-Pia you'd better stop tugging at your skirt just in case you do some damage to it.

Pia-Oh. Ok.Oh no i don't know how to drive!

Sid smiled-I already have this sorted. The car is driven by remote control. See over there (Pointing at a big man sat on a char with the control. Pia looked at him for a few seconds) His job is to get the vehicle moving while you look pretty.

Pia was relieved-Thank heavens for small mercies. I was on panic mode then.

The creative director came and placed Pia where he wanted her. the camera's were already rolling. Pia walked around the car strutting herself around. Sid came to show Pia on how to act like a model giving her a demonstration. Then Pia followed his footsteps. Then the final shot was with Pia running into Sid's arms. This felt awkward for Pia. Sid was her boss, she felt bad for doing this but it was all part of their campaign. Finally the director for the ad shouted cut. Pia was still in Sid's arms. He was busy looking into her chocolate brown eyes as if he were seeing someone else in them.

Abhay had a niggling feeling something was kicking off with Sid. It was T who'd texted him about Pia's extra activities with her so called boss. He decided to check up on them at their shooting ground. He ran straight to the base. The crew were packing up while he searched for Pia. He spotted her scent straight away but the girl in front of him looked anything like his Pia. She was almost a complete stranger in the arms of Sid. Abhay sneered under his breath. Sid glanced at Abhay's direction sniggering at him in victory. Sid bared his white sharp teeth in front of Abhay and had grazed Pia's neck a tiny bit. Pia pulled away from Sid's hold.

Pia felt her neck-Sie what were you doing? The shoot was over a few minutes ago.

Sid smiled mischievously-No just testing the waters out.

Abhay rushed straight for Pia pulling her away from Sid's hold slamming her against the ford Fiesta car-What the hell is this Pia? Why are you dressed like T?

Sid opened his mouth-You are hurting her Abhay. Pia's....

Abhay cut Sid off-You keep your trap shut. This is between me and Pia. Answer me Pia. Why the hell are you with him this late in the evening? Is there something you want to tell me? Are you having an affair with the boss?

Pia glared angrily at Abhay p****d off at him-Abhay i have nothing to tell you. I can't reason with you when you go all alpha on me.

Abhay examined Pia's little graze on her neck. There was no blood. Sid was warning Abhay on what he was capable of doing with Pia if she let him get close-Damn you Pia. How many times d i have to keep reminding you huh? You are such a difficult person to give orders to.

Pia spat back angrily-I was trying to help Sid with his work. It's all innocent i swear. I don't even know why i'm explaining myself to you Abhay. You are not my owner Abhay. Stop interfering in my life. Isn't this what you always say to me. Well now i'm telling you to butt out of my affairs.

Abhay could see the rage in Pia's eyes. Good he needed her to show Sid how p****ed she really was. Maybe Sid would stop swooping in for the kill on Pia. He was tempted by the forbidden fruit. Pia not being Abhay's should make him back off in retrospect Sid was unstable-Sid's aired this s**t on Indian tv chaneels as we speak you daft mere. Pia! You are a disgrace. I can't stand who you are turning into. This is not you. You've become a wannabe. An attention seeker and i despise them the most. All you do is cry for help. Well i'm sick to death of your whining and your pathetic little mind games. You pretend your innocent when really you're like the rest of them at college.

Pia burst into tears running the other way. Abhay had touched a raw nerve. All she ever wanted was to help. She wanted to be with Abhay not be on his badside.

Sid mocks Abhay-You made the poor girl cry (Sid Tuts)What a love story U and Pia have going so boring. Good job I'm here to spice things up for U.

Abhay looks fiercely into Sid's eyes-Seriously this is not funny. Pia and I have no love story. You are messing with an innocent girls head. She is not like your bimbos.

Sid showed his teeth-I know Abhay. She is sweeter than them. A real delight. I can tell you are lying Abhay. You can't keep an emotion as big as love a secret from big brother. I know everything about you.

Abhay eyed up Sid-Back off Sid. This is about to get dangerous for all of us.

Sid couldn't contain his excitement-Tell me about it. I love it when you get mad Abhay. Your body bursting at the seams like the hulk. It's a hot look for you Abhay. Not sure if Pia will love it though. U scared the girl away. No worries i'll pick up the pieces.

Abhay saw Sid retract his teeth back in-Do you have to do this in public?

Sid-What? Nobody is looking? What's your problem? Afraid of the competition already.

Abhay-No. Sid there is no competition. Pia's not the real reason you are here. spit it out.

Sid's smile disappeared-I came to return some soul ripping treatment on you Abhay. The usual. Why else would i be here?

Abhay knew Sid was hiding something sinister-Sid this isn't just about me. Theres more to it than you're letting on. Pia and I are just your favourite past time.

Sid-Abhay you'll find out in time. I have a big surprise for all of you.

Abhay dread to think what this could be-Sid this game you have with these girls just leave them alone. they don't deserve to be treated like cattle.

Sid mocked back-Abhay you forget we need them to sustain our powers. Our life force. They are cattle for me and they should be for you. Living with the parents has softened you up. You're not fit to fight me Abhat. Such a shame. You leave the girls to me. Just concentrate on your own problems. That's my good act of the day.

Abhay unimpressed by Sid-Spare me the good guy routine. I know what an a** U really are and in time so will the world.

Sid grinned happily-If the uncover what i am it's their demise. I'll finish them all off Abhay. Nice seeing you again. Oh my last words of advice you have 4 days remaining what then? Bye little bro.

Abhay ran straight for Pia. He knew he'd hurt her emotionally. He went too far trying to keep Sid at bay but his brother was a stubborn devil. He never gave up. A bet was a bet. A dare was a dare. Eh'd see it all the way through. Abhay was left in a big dilemma. What was he going to do now? How was he going to keep Pia safe from Sid. He was stronger and faster than him. sid had all the best attributes which drew all the women in while Abhay just had his simple pplain good looks which always did the trick.

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