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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 27)

Rozy77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Hey sweetyBig smile
fab updateThumbs Up
im loving sid's wicked sense of humour and abhay's possessiveness.
Thanks for the pmHug

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x-Sundas-x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged
Nice part
Keep it up :)
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rozy77

Hey sweetyBig smile
fab updateThumbs Up
im loving sid's wicked sense of humour and abhay's possessiveness.
Thanks for the pmHug
:::I'm going to make this a little more fun by killing off a pest. It will develop in the next updateEmbarrassed:::

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged

 :::Precap 9:::Take U Down:::

Abhay was in the woods by Maithali's grave site. He is busy reminiscing the old times. It was so much simpler then but it all went terribly wrong. It hurts to struugle with the animal inside him wanting to rip out of him and finish his brother off. He came back with a hunger for more blood and to inflict more pain in his sorry existance. Abhay envied his brother for shutting off all his emotions. It was easier to black out the memories than relive them a million times over. Now Sid was after Pia and against his better judgement Pia took Sid's apprenticeship anyway. Everyone at College was harping on about the lucky two people who'd got such an opportunity. How was he going to keep Pia from Sid's clutche? Chand follow's his son to Maithali's grave site with his usual unexpressive face. Chand knew how predictable Abhay was. When ever things got tough Abhay always camehere to Maithali for Solace.

Chand in his husky voice-Abhay, Son, This has got to stop! Sid will not back away from us till he wipes us all out. U think he will stop at us? He's after Pia now. How will U stop him from attaining her under his spell? The girl's a liability. Let him have her. Maybe then his thisrt for vengence will be quenched.
Abhay gnarled angrily like an injured lion-I don't f*****g care what i have to do. Pia will be left untouched. Sid can try all he wants he won't get to her.
Chand tilts his head to the side-Oh yeah. She's already working for him now at his office.
Abhay-I will show him not to mess with me. Pia has to know the truth about Sid's dual characteristics. Shell understand.
Chand moves in front of Abhay-Don't be stupid. Sid will rip her head off If U do such a thing. He already plays with his food U think Pia won't be dinner for him if he's lost the upper hand.
Abhay-This started iW*H us Dad. It has to end with us.
Abhay runs away from Maithali's grave site. He was going to have to act fast. Pia's survival was in his hands. Sid had to be stopped. He knew Shanaya awas working for him. The woman was so obvious with the way she'd openly flirted with him in front of Pia. She was working for Sid. He had the habit of getting humans to do his dirty work for him. It was one of his ways to exert his influence over these humans to Abhay showing him how powerful he truly was. Shanaya was in a meeting with Sidharth. Abhay overheard their conversation. He knew Sidharth would cotton on to his presence.
Sid laughing at some good news-So Abhay's pushing Pia away. The boy is so predictable. He's never changed always plays the same cards. I'm very pleased by this news.
Shanaya smirks-I know. I have him where i want him.
Sid's smile fades-Oh please no Shanaya. U have a thing for my enemy. I told U to keep business away from pleasure. He is playing U woman.
Shanaya averted her eyes away from Sid-I don't have feelings for Abhay. He's not my type.
Sid mocks-Abhay is a little like me on the woman front. They are all attractyed to us only difference is i make full use of them while Abhay discards their advances without a notice. He hasn't spared his beloved Pia. What makes U think U are any different.
Shanaya hated Sidharths mocking voice-I get the picture. Abhay is just being Abhay. He is coming around though. Maybe not under my charms but i have witnesses.
Sidharth-Yes very good. We can use this against him. Pia will be left out to dry. All mine for the taking. (Sid heard his brother's presense) Abhay come out come out wherever U are. I know U are watching us.
Shanaya was baffled-He is here. It means he knows.
Abhay came out pushing his brother, both flying in the opposite direction. Shanya could only just stare. Abhay-U played me enough Sid now i'm on to U.
Sidharth mocked-Oh I'm scared. Anyone here to save me. Shanaya U take off. Abhay and I have some business to attend to.
Shanaya left the scene all the way back to College. Her brain was fried enough thanks to Sidharths usual tasks. He'd paid good money for her to pin Abhay. At times she wondered what Sid would do to her if he was finished with her work. She knew he was one dangerous man. Now this Abhay had to get his comeuppence. Fast.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 9:::Take U Down:::

Sidharth gives Abhay his infamous grin with a bat dance to go with it as he waves his arms in the air. Abhay grits his teeth angrily at Sidharth for poking fun at their nature. He did not find it the slightest bit funny. Abhay rolled his eyes at Sidharth raising his fists at him for having the nerve to make a serious situation into ridicule. Sidharth saw the aggression in Abhay's features starting to surface. He loved it when his little brother got mad. It made him look so adorable. Shame they were fighting against each other he thought.

Sid laughed manically-Baby brother i didn't think U had it in you. I love it when you get angry. Now you actually look like a real vampire.

Abhay hated it when Sid called him baby brother. Made him feel like gagging-Spare me Sid please. We've haven't been brothers for a long time. Save your sweet liitle words for someone who cares.

Sidharth felt the sting inside but hid it well from Abhay-Now, now Abhay you can never change the truth no matter hard we try. In the end blood is thicker than water. You and I will always be brothers for life.

Abhay yelled out-Brother's don't try to kill each other nor do they try to harm those they care most in life.

Sidharth placed his hand over his heart, pulling a sad face-Now that hurt Abhay (Takes his hand away from his heart. Sidharth starts running around Abhay really fast) Aah I'm over it. So little brother what brings you to me? It can't be for my charming company or my brilliant advice on girls. Pia! The only girl you'll ever love. The one who has the face of Maithali. I can't believe you hid this from me Abhay. What happened to us sharing everything in life? Have you tasted her yet?

Abhay screeched loudly at Sid pointing his finger at Sid in anger-Sidharth. Never utter your disgusting vile words against Piya.

Sidharth pushed Abhay-Temper, temper little brother. I take it the apple is still untouched. Making Pia my forbidden fruit. Now you know how much i love purity only to crush it. I can't wait to get my teeth into her. before i do i'll make her crazy for me Abhay. You know how it is. Once a woman gets a taste of Sid they always come back running for more.

Abhay screamed at Sidharth-Why you sadistic little b*****d. I'll rip you into shreds. (Abhay charges at Sidharth at full speed against a tree breaking it off from the roots. Both land on the ground. Sidharth turns the table on Abhay flipping him over.)

Sidharth grins-Nice to know you haven't lost your edge little brother. Only i'm faster and stronger than you will ever be thanks to your stupid diet. This Pia has really got under your skin. I wonder how she'll be when she'd under my skin?

Abhay uses his might to turn Sid around flying into the sky against another tree. Sidharth get's away exerting light force on Abhay. He didn't want to hurt Abhay physically. No he knew the best impact on Abhay was mentaaly and emotionally spurring him on. Both brothers in a tug of war trying to outsmart the other. It was Sid who always got the better of Abhay beaming with delight watching Abhay burn this way was so entertaining. He missed this a little too much. If it was up to Sidharth, he'd let Abhay fight this way for eons just so he could feel the closeness of his brother. Deep inside his yearning came to the front of his mind. What the hell was he thinking? Peace with Abhay would only happen if hell froze over. Abhay had to be taught a lesson for breaking the brotherhood. They were still standing where they had left. In the past it had been Maithali who'd broken the brothers. Their bond had been unbreakable but this one wretched woman got in the way of their happiness. The witch had enchanted his brother to the extent he wasn't even reasoning with anyone. The b***h had enchanted the hell out of him too. He had gone to the point where his jealousy could no longer be contained. A woman broke two brothers. This time it was Pia who was standing in their way. She was the exact spitting image of the b***h. Poor Pia would pay the price for her mistake for even being born. Sidharth came back to his senses for this moment as Abhay had observed Sid's change in posture. He managed to get free trying to attack Sid again.

Sidharth couldn't help but find joy at how deranged his brother looked. He reminded him of how they were like when they'd first turned-Abhay when will you ever learn? I am too quick for you baby brother.

Abhay growled angrily-Will you quit saying such phony words. It doesn't suit you to say such sentimental words. You don't know the first thing about family. You're heartless.

Sid refrained himself back with his dark eyes flashing at Abhay-Oh this coming from a boy who's never left the nest. Wake up you fool. Smell the roses. It's not I who left the family. You guys pushed me out remember? We aren't supposed to have a heat. Good job big brothers back in town. I'll have to teach you again

Abhay ignored Sidarths-Leave her out of your sick games Sidharth. She may look like her but she is nothing like her. let her go.

Sidharth saw the change in Abhay's voice, the sound of desperation showed in it. His brother was already lost in the girls innocence. He didn't blame Abhay. She'd already made him ache for a tatse of her blood-No can do brother. Once i make my mind up; its up then even i don't listen to myselof. If she hurts you then its a bonus. After all my happiness is above everyone else's. I will let you have an opportunity to try and stop me if you ca. As family the least i can do is offer you a chance to save her. try your best brother Pia's as good as mine.

Abhay sneered at Sidharth for his cheek-You will never gain Pia's heart. She's too good for you.

Sidharth loved the sound of where this was going. A challenge-Is this a bet? You know how i can't resist a challenge especially from you. In 5 days Pia will be mine and you will have no choice but to forfeit. I promise i won't fang out on her. we are human's versus humans in this game. Scouts honour.

Abhay was confident in Pia's love for him. He trusted her with his life-Do your best Sid. Goodness will prevail in the end. If U so much as play dirty then she'll know what you truly are.

Sidharth threatened Abhay back-Then i'll rip her pretty little head there and then brother and all those she loves dearly starting from Panchi. I've seen how close the girls are.

Abhay resented Sidharth but right now Sid had all the playing cards in his hands. Pia was already working for him-Deal.

Sidharth had a plan for Abhay too. He'd be in the frame for a little surprise in the form of a special teacher.-Bye little brother. See you around. It's been fun but i suggest you bulk up, change your diet and train harder. Maybe then you'll be able to beat me. Oh and do tell Daddy dearest Hello from me. He must be quaking in his boots with my arrival(Sidharth gave Abhay a mischievous wink)

In the office

Pia handled all the files Sid had set out for her. he seemed like an eccentric sort of guy. He was exactly as Panchi described he'd be. Playful, flirty and hard working. Pia knew Abhay would be cross with her but she'd had enough of him ordering her about as if she were a child. He kept secrets from her. She hated all this mystery around his behaviour. Even at work Pia's mind kept drifting off to Abhay. Pia gave Panchi the paperworks to have a once over to spot any mistakes.

Panchi-This is excellent Pia. Superb. At this rate you'll be vying for my job in no time.

T smirked with envy written all over her face-Oh please. This is so a set up. I can see how much input you are giving Pia. It's called favouritism.

Panchi shot back at T-Madam i don't see you lifting a finger apart from filing your nails.

T shrugged off Panchi's snidy comment-Oh please. Work is for losers like you. I'm unique here. Sid gave me the job based on my looks. Not on my qualifications.

Pia went back to her desk with more paperwork. Sid enetered the office looking a little dishevelled. Pia knew what this usually meant. It was none of her business after all what Sid did in his own time was his own business. Pia followed Panchi's eyes checking Sidharth out. The girl had lost it. Her sister was gaga over the boss. A player at this too which was everything Panchi detested. Her last boyfriend did the dirty on her so Pia wasn't expecting Panchi to fall off the wagon. Pia's eyes grew weary. All she'd been doing was going through file after file.

Sidarth picked up his cell phone to take a call-What's up now?

Pia and Panchi watched Sid's face change looking cross. They listened intently to his conversation.

Sidharth-What the f**k? The model quit. How dare she do this to me? I will kill her. why the little b (Sidharth gazed at Pia then shut his abusive tone down) Sorry i meant. Sugar how could she do this? She has a contract with us for the promostion of the bloody car. Do we not have a standby model in the wings?......Damn. what we need is a fresh new face. One with sheer beauty and full of innocence. (Sidharth eyed Pia's features. Perfect. Sidharth was a good actor he thought. All he needed was Pia to agree. He'll give Abhay a taster of what he can make his beloved Pia do at his request) I think i have the perfect candidate for this one off job. I'm looking right at her. I'll get there in 30 minutes top. I'm sure you can handle the crew. Good.

T thought this was her big break. Her time to shine in the limelight-Before you ask Sid, the answer is yes!

Sid knew how easy T was. no for this he only wanted Pia. He wanted to strip her of her clothes and let baby brother see her in this new light. He'd probably feel all his celebrations came at once. Abhay was old fashioned. To him girls showing flesh was a turn off. Let's see how this affects Abhay.

Sid ignored T and headed directly for Pia extending his hand to her-Pia i would never ask you for such a big favour but i'm desperate. I need you to do a stint of modelling for me. I swear it's just a one off. It's for the new Ford Fiesta Magenta car. We need someone with an innocent face and you fit the bill.

Pia found herself retreating back shell shocked at Sid's request. It wasn't a career she'd ever take but his eyes were pleading with her. No she couldn't do tis for anyone. Boss or no boss this was beyond te call of duty-Sir i respect the faith you have in me but i have some moral standards. I can fray away from it.

Sid knew Pia would say something so prude. This is where his insurance policy in Panchi came in handy-Panchi , you know how this business works. Try to convince Pia for me please. I have a lot at stake here. The makers are already here. It would mean great things for our company. Pia's perfect with her facial symmetry and her girl next door look is what we need for this shoot.

Panchi had already melted under Sid's spell. His voice was so dreamy. Hypnotic almost-Pia i think Sid is right. It won't be anything too strenuous or grotesque. It will be shot with care. It won't be vulgar. I've observed all our shoots and trust me it's not like we see it on tv. You trust me right.

Pia nodded blindly with Panchi. She was a trustworthy person. What harm could it do?-I'm not sure but i'll do it for Panchi.

Sid couldn't hide his glee. He had the perfect outfit lined up for Pia. This advert would be shown all over India. Poor Abhay's Pia would be on show for all the world to see-Thank you so much Pia. You really are a lifesaver. My very own angel. (Sidharth almost choked on the last word angel. Pia was the cause for his hell. She was a wicked girl who needed to pay for Maithali's crimes. Abhay was going to love the eyeful he was going to get here.)

T sulked in the corner-So not fair. I have the perfect face and Pia gets the goods.

Sid chuckled-You will only get what you reap T. I have seen no work from you. Pia's done a lot for me in one day.

T scurried back to her desk moaning-Fine. If i do a page do i get a treat?

Sid watched Panchi's face which made him want to laugh-We will see. Get moving. Come on Pia we have to fly. Panchi please hold the fort and keep an eye on this one over there.

Panchi started sulking-Fine.

Sid complimented Panchi-Thank You Panchi. I don't know what i'd do without you.

Panchi just managed a weak smile.

Sidharth held Pia's belongings taking it into the lift. He saw Pia's glum face-Don't worry Pia i'll look after you. I promise.

Pia was tensed up-No i'm a little nervous. I've never done this kind of shoot before. I don't know what to expect.

Sidharth gave Pia a reassuring smile giving a light squeeze-With me by your side i will make all the nerves fly away.

Pia smiled at Sid. He sure owed her a lot-Thanks. I'm sure they are just jitters. They'll pass soon enough. I needed to get away a little bit from the office. I have blurred vision from staring down at the files for too long. (Pia smiled at Sid. It was so endearing. He loved playing with cute toys. It made it more worthwhile.)

Sid-Good job i dropped by then. I appreciate all the effort you've put in Pia. But sometimes you need to ease up. Let your hair down. I know you're hairs already down. You get my drift.

Pia's eyes twinkled at Sid. He sure needed to stop staring at her eyes he thought they were too cute. He just wanted to drink her dry here and now. Forget about his pack he'd made with Abhay. Pia smelt devine. Sid's whole senses were overtaken by Pia's sweet scent. He wanted so bad to rip into her throat. Damn this was making him crazy.

Abhay with Shanaya
Abhay managed to get to Shanaya in time. He'd calmed himself down. Unfortunately she was in his way. Shanaya and Sid were cooking up a treat and he was in the mix. Shanaya showed no fear. Just lust. This woman was sick. After a student was just appalling. Abhay had already got a few bits and pieces together.
Shanaya gave Abhay a little kiss on his cheek-I always get what i want Abhay. U want news on Sid?, Then U have to give me what i want. I want you Abhay. (Shanaya saw Abhay's features harden up) You leave me no choice Abhay but to do this.
Before he could say anything the woman started screaming outside the locker room. What was her bloody problem? He heard Kabir enter with a towel round his waist.
Kabir saw Shanaya's arms held by Abhay-What the hell dud? You can't go around shaking your tutors. It's morally wrong to hold a woman against her will. You let her go Abhay before i report this.
Abhay let Shanaya go glaring at her as she ran away. Abhay pitied the woman being used as a pawm. Once Sid got what he wanted from her she was as good as dead.

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part...................

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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SimplyAparajita IF-Dazzler

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Omg nice so scared for abhiya..they ll be torn apart when abhay sees pia in that bimbo dress in fashion show and may be he comes in time for her rescue..and omg sid is much more powerful than this scares hell out of me..

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