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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 24)

Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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awesome update.........thnx for d pm.....
waitin for nxt update

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::I'd like to thank all my reader. Doing this in one go is much easier. I'm being lazy today. So i'm not mentioning any names to many on my list i'll be here forever. I got Soulamtes to fi nish writing. Once again i am humbled by the response i've been getting.:::

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap Finally I see U:::
Pia found a text message off of Panchi asking her to drop by her office. Sid wanted to meed his potential apprentice as soon as possible. Pia decided she'd better get ready fast, She had College to get to. Pia searched for her resume in her drawer underneath all her College files. They weren't all up to date yet but there were enough extra curricular activities she'd done in the past. She called Panchi to thank her for putting a good word in for her. She was a Godsend. Misha was probably going to the same offices as her. It was a good idea if they all went together. A moral boost was what she needed. Pia thought about Abhay and his challenge. Why did she let him get to her. He always managed to wind her up and she always fell for it. Abhay was going to get creamed big time.
Panchi picked her cell at work-Oh Pia! What's the matter? U are still coming right?
Pia assured Panchi she was on her way-I'm coming i just wanted to thank U for setting this up for me. I know there are other candidates better suited than I am but thanks. I wanted to know what i should wear. I've never done this before. Casual clothing, what is required for this interview exactly?
Panchi -Pia come on anything out of your cupboard will suffice. No need to be nervous. I've had the opposite reaction from my boistrous sister at home. She's all gung ho about it. Be yourself and the rest will follow.
Pia-Thanks again Panchi. I was getting frustrated. All my clothes are dresses you know. Nothing suited to office jobs. I'm not even sure what girls tend to wear at these places other than skirts and trousers. I don't own any.
Panchi-Relax Pia. You'll be fine. Make sure U get here i have a seat reserved just for U. And Pia the boss is very keen on U. I gave him a dazzling report on all your academic records. He's very impressed by your achievements so you're all set on that front.
Pia-Thanks again Panchi. Ok i'll hang up now.
Panchi just giggled at Pia's nervousness over the phone. She'd never heard Pia this way apart from the stage performance they'd done on Taming of the shrew. Panchi saw her boss twirl his chair around. He looked rather dapper today. Very handsome with his rugged good looks and charms which would make any woman fall weak at the knees. Panchi averted her eyes away from Sid refocusing on the task ahead. Sid had already caught Panchi's eyes on him. Yes the woman wanted him so bad. Well he'd play his usual hard to get routine. It worked for women as prude as Panchi. While the other women in his life got the normal sweet talking treatment making them putty in his hands. He'd heard Pia's voice over the cell. She had a sweet voice. Very innocent like. He loved them the most. The one's with an angelic touch. They seemed almost forbidden. He loved what he shouldn't have. Baby brother threatening him away from Pia had only made him want this Pia even more. He noticed a hint of sibling affection in Panchi's voice for the girl. So today was the day he'd meet Pia. He simply couldn't wait.
Sid was already lusting after a girl he'd never met. Weird he thought-So she's on her way i take it. Why did U push for Pia out of all the other girls?
Panchi-Simply beacuse she is the best out of all the girls you've ever met. She's hard working and the smartest out of all the girls you were keen on. She's only interesting in working and achieving the best results. Above all she won't take any b**l s**t from U. So flirting with Pia is out of the question.

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Res!! yay gonna be the first to comment!!
Super Kool IF-Sizzlerz
Super Kool
Super Kool

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Loved the last update and precap-forever....too good dear...Clapgreat job....thank you for the pm...Hug
Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
awesome part. loved it.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
:::Finally I See U:::

At the hostel Abhay raced straight into Pia's room demanding her undivided attention. He'd freeze in hell before he'd allow Sidharth to take Pia away from him. He didn't trust his evil brother one iota. Sidharth had a habit of fulfilling his threats. This time his eye was set on Pia. Abhay would never let anything happen to her. Losing her would be like losing himself all over again. No this time he'd lose the plot if Pia...Abhay brace yourself he'd scolded himself mentally. She is still here;all is not lost yet. Think positively for a change. It was easier said than done. As a vampire all he'd ever got from life was misery. He'd embraced it but not this time.

Pia was startled by Abhay's sudden entry getting frantic with worry-What's going on Abhay? Is everything alright?

Abhay thought if only U knew the half of it Pia the madness about to kick off. His face gave nothing away-I'm in trouble Pia. (He half omitted) I can't say by whom but there's somethings in my life going to pot. I'm afraid i have nowhere to turn to.

Pia's eyes filled with distress for Abhay but pleased he'd come to her for help-Abhay how serious is it?

Abhay just moved closer to Pia wanting to hold her but refrained from doing so-Very serious Pia. My parents are torn by what we must do. Leave or stay.

Alarm bells rang in Pia's ears. Abhay and leave-U can't do this Abhay! U can't do this to me. U promised you'd never leave me.

Abhay knew what he'd promised. He wasn't really leaving. He just wanted to leave with Pia for the duration-I know but what else do i do? I'm not a weak man Pia. I'll never bow down to anyone. It's not how i roll. I needed to get my head straight so for some reason the first place i thought of was here, with U.

Pia was flattered Abhay had thought of her in his troubled hour-Let's leave Abhay. I'm willing to leave with U. I'll grab a few things and we can take off.

Abhay felt guilty for making Pia go through this but anything was better than having his pysychotic brother let loose on Pia. He'd already killed a girl in the woods. Pia could be next. Actually scrap the thought she would be high on Sidharths chain of thoughts. The ultimate prey. Valuable just because she is the exact replica of Maithali. The one woman both brothers loved at one point in their miserable life. Pia got hold of a few clothes and left a note explaining her disappearance to her room mate.

Abhay knew Pia's education was at stake her. she'd never take a hand out from anyone-Pia we're not leaving forever. Just for a day to calm down.

Pia blushes pink-Oh Ok then i'll re-edit what i wrote.


Pia headed towards Abhay's Mercedes. He helps Pia with the door letting her in. Then heads to the drivers seat. He races past all the greenery into the woods. He stops the car. Both he and Pia get out grabbing a blanket. Abhay places the blanket on the floor so Pia could sit down with him.

Abhay-I really needed to get away Pia. I'm at a point i don't know what i'm doing any more. They don't understand me Pia. Nobody does.

Pia just listened to Abhay's voice. He sounded very disturbed. Normally Abhay had a neutral tone giving away nothing but right now he seemed torn. His features appeared the same as always but his eyes gave away how dark his mood was. never had she seen Abhay this upset before other than the times she'd put herself in danger. Abhay had his hands clasped together. In a protective mode from giving away too much. What was going on inside Abhay's mind. It was a million dollar question. Abhay never ave a straight answer to anything U ever asked him. she doubted Abhay was about to start now. All she could do was be there for him. let him open up to her.

Pia gave Abhay a simple smile but her eyes showed Abhay her concern-Do U want to talk about it?

Abhay thought No but he had to give Pia something in return. Did he dare say the truth.-Pia i've been so caught up in what's right for U i've forgotten about who i am.

Pia was confused-I don't understand.

Abhay-I'm worthless Pia. My whole life has been a sick joke. Everything i touch turns to flames Pia. Now somethings come up. We are stuck in a rut again Pia. We've always moved away from complications. U are my complication Pia. For some reason i keep coming round in full circle. Now they all know about this Pia. They'll use it against me. I can't do it anymore.

Pia-Do what Abhay? Do what?

Abhay groaned-I can't run anymore Pia. I am stuck in quick sand and there's no way out. I'm sinking fast.

Pia's eyes glistened-Abhay you're scaring me.

Abhay-U can't take the job with Sidharth Pia. U just can't. He's not a nice guy. My family and he are in competition. Sidharth can be a ruthless man.

Pia began to understand a few things now.- So this is all about your Dad's business. Is he afraid of the competition?

Abhay couldn't tell Pia Sidharth was a vampire. She didn't even know he was one-Sort of. I can't get into it Pia. My father is a man of few words. He'll try to take down anyone working for the opposing side. I can't let him do anything to U. But i can't go against them either even if they aren't my birth parents i owe them too much.

Pia wasn't going to quit Sid's offer. She had to check the man out for herself. Intrigue had already overtaking the need to take in what Abhay was tasking her-S**t i had an interview with him this morning. Abhay did U do this on purpose so i'd miss the interview??

Abhay lied-No i really needed someone to speak to.

Pia fumed-U mean U needed someone to emotionally blackmail into doing things your way. I'm not a pawn Abhay. I'm not your puppet DAMN it. This game U have going on here Abhay i'm not playing along any more.

Abhay back peddaled-Pia i seriously am in trouble. I'd never lie to U about this.

Pia saw Abhay was being sincere for once-Fine i believe U but i'm not walking away from the apprenticeship of a lifetime Abhay. Whatever problem U have with Sid U can work it out yourselves.

Abhay knew he was fighting a losing battle. When Pia set her mind to something she really had it set-Fine do what U want. It's your life. But U know Sid's reputation exceeds himself with the way he treats girls? He's already got Panchi eating out of his hands. I don't want him to behave like a jerk with U.

Pia had already heard about Sid's infamous history with the ladies. His treat them mean and keep them keen attitude. He used different methods on different girls. Panchi had often complained about his lothario behaviour-I'm not just any girl Abhay. In case U don't remember Abhay i'm pretty much in love with someone else Abhay. U know very well who this person is. So to even think I'd ever think of anyone but U is sin for me Abhay. Trust in me Abhay.

Abhay found himself smiling inside. She really loved him despite his abrupt behaviour. He trusted Pia with his life but he didn't trust his devilish brother-I trust U Pia more than you'll ever know. We'd better go Pia. It's getting late. I should know better than fob by woes to U.

Pia knew Abhay's main goal was to keep her away from Sid. She thought it was cute the way he cared so much about her to warrant his attention right now. Pia felt some hope was still alive of reigniting their stalled relationship-U didn't exactly pour your heart out Abhay but for what it's worth it's good to know U still care Abhay. Just keep the door to me open Abhay. No matter what it is i always want U to turn to me.

Abhay dropped Pia off back to the hostel-Pia i know i have no right to ask U to do anything for me but would U please wear my locket? It should keep U safe from danger.

Pia was ecstatic upon receiving a gift from Abhay-Sure.

Abhay placed the locket around Pia's neck-Bye.

Pia gave Abhay a hug. Just so she could feel his strong arms around her and take the warm fuzzy feeling inside with her-Good night Abhay.

As soon as Abhay left Sidharth dropped by Pia's hostel with Panchi. After waiting for an hour Panchi and Sid had originally left her place. He dropped Panchi off at the Dobrial mansion. He was already getting into Panchi's good books despite his blatant flaunting of his women in front of her. She was disgusted with his demeanour but at the same time very taken by him. some women were so easy to lock down. A few compliments and they were his for the taking. He'd already made a few subtle moves towards Panchi and the signs were very promising. The woman had started off all fiery and was now a kitten. Such a let down. He was expecting fireworks and what did he end up with? An easy prey. He desperately needed a woman to challenge his authority.Someone who was going to fight him tooth and nail. A girl already in love with another man. He had fun chasing someone else's women it made them more appealing. He had his heart set on Pia. She had made him restless. The icing on the cake was she was Abhay's Pia making her even more tempting. Pia was the forbidden fruit he was not allowed to taste making him yearn for her even more.

Sid waited for Abhay to leave  Pia outside of her hostel . He wanted to see her face. All he saw was the back of her head. She had long hair. Sid shouted out loud-Pia!

Pia immediately turned around searching for the man who called out her name. For Sid this moment had been as if he'd been transported back to the old days when he'd been a human. The girl before him was a ghost. She had to be. Her face had rocked him to the very core. Sid was never shocked by anyone before. Human's were so predictable by nature. He always read them well but this angelic creature was out of this world. Her beauty was subtle. It were her eyes which drew him in. Her smile had knocked him for six. Bloody hell, Abhay was in love with a Maithali lookalike. Sid wanted ti kick himself for not seeing this sooner. It all made sense now. Abhay's protectiveness for this girl was out of love for her. She reminded Abhay of the woman he'd loved and lost and fate played a sick joke on both brothers. Sid found himself grinning away with this fact of life. It gave him another chance to set right what went wrong for him in the past. He would rewrite the history books with Pia as his protagonist but only this time the love story would be different. Little brother was about to get the shock of his life. Did he really think Pia was going to remain elusive to him forever. Time to meet the damsel Sid.

Sid got out of his car and walked directly towards Pia's direction extending his hamnds towards her but then saw the necklace around her neck. Abhay had played his cards right but for how long would he protect Piya from him? he thought-I'm Sid! Sidharth Mehra. Panchi's boss!

Pia's gave Sid a little nod-Oh Hi! I'm Pia. I guess Panchi already told U about me. I'm sorry i couldn't make it to the interview something came up.

Sidharth knew who came up-Pia the offer still stands for the apprenticeship. I don't want to turn away any potential gems from my grasp. I like to work with the best in the business and Panchi can't stop singing your praises. So it made me want to check out the girl who ditched my apprentice for a better offer i'm thinking.

Pia shook her head-No sir. I haven't gone to anyone else for an apprenticeship. I had to help a friend in need.

Sid already loved the voice of the girl before him. She sounded better in person. H's focus went to Pia's mouth. It was a luscious pink colour. Good enough to kiss. He spotted her neck. Sid wanted a taste of Pia's blood on his lips. How sweet the taste would be he thought. Lucky for her she had the blasted necklace around her. Pia saw Sid's eyes were on her eyes. He had those intense eyes like Abhay's. It made her feel bare in front of him.

Sid gave Pia a huge grin-I like what i see Pia. U have the makings of a star candidate. So the apprenticeship is all yours if U want it. I'd also like to say this in advance Pia. I know i have a reputation for being a player but when it comes to work i am deadly serious. Don't judge me based on my love of women. I'm a shrewd businessman. You'll learn a great deal from me.

Pia accepted Sid's offer-Thanks. U know for being honest. Not many employers do this. I respect this and i'm sure i'll get to learn a lot more from U.

Sid beamed-Looks like fate has brought us together for a reason Pia. I believe the world works in mysterious ways. It was destined U worked for me.

Pia believed in destiny. There was a reason she looked exactly like Maithali to win Abhay's love-Yeah even i believe in destiny.

Sid-Oh and Pia there is a rule in my office no expensive jewellery must be worn. Its for obvious reasons. (Pointing to Pia's necklace)

Pia-Its Ok. I can take this off. It was a gift from someone.

Sid knew Abhay had given Pia the necklace to keep him away from Pia-See U tomorrow. 9 shap Ok.

Pia gave Sid a smile-U won't regret this Sid. I'll work really hard.

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