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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 22)

sups2222 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
PKAY that was to gooood update.......just loved the way how u intorduced SID.was waiting for his entrryyyy............oooo abhay wickedly got mish n pia to prove themselves by applying for d sharya n abhya buddyness.....just too good.....oo abya having doubts abt the new gu in town..want to see his reaction after he comes to noe who he is............god loving this ff...plz update soon...waiitng eagelry.....

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
superb precap !!!
continue soon

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged

:::Let the Game begin:::

Chand walked away from Sid not letting him see any emotion. He knew how Sidharth operated. Show him an ounce of emotion he'd use it against you. Chand wasn't bothered by the rantings of his elder son. He was used to his attitude. Nice to see some vampires never changed. He saw the venom in Sidharths eyes for Abhay. Yeah certain wounds never healed despite the centuries both boys had to deal with their personal hell.

Chand curtly commands Abhay to walk away-Abhay come on son we have plenty of better things to be doing with our time.

Sidharth continued to bare through Abhay's eyes to see what little brother had been hiding. There wasn't much to read-Run away from me Daddy dearest like U always do. U were always a weak leader. Can't stomach competition from your eldest son huh? (Sidharth hisses scathingly at Chand with a fast head turn) Go back to your bat cave like a good old vampire!

Chand ignores Sidharth-Abhay get with the programme son!

Abhay rushes right in Sidharth face in his menacing glare-Why are U back in this godforsaken town Sidharth? There's nothing for you anymore.

Sid gives Abhay the hugest smile making Abhay irritated-Is there a reason why a brother can't visit another brother after what a few hundred years later?

Abhay scoffs angrily at Sidharth-A brother! We stopped being brothers since we both turned Sidharth. You stated you want to ruin us before remember. There's no love lost between us.

Sid just loves how Abhay was getting all twisted inside. He loved waching his brother squirm-I recently discovered you've fallen for a girl little brother. (Tuts at Abhay with his solemn face) How could you fall for another woman after years of pining over your darling princess. Oh sorry I meant dead princess. The love of your life. One who you gave up your life for. One who we both died for remember her.

Abhay just remained silent giving away nothing. Sidharth was good at extracting information from him especially when he was flustered-I think your sources are a load of b**l s**t! I could never fall for another being any more than you can ever love anything beside yourself. You stay the f**k away from us!

Sid touched a raw nerve. Abhay was on the defensive-I think someone is protesting too much little brother. (Sid softens his features) I can't stay away from family. We're supposed to stick through thick and thin remember. After all blood is thicker than water. I can't stay away from you till I make you all pay. It will be like the good old days.

Abhay seethed back-The good old days were just mirage. Truth is we had no good old days Sid only darkness. You've always been twisted and I've been deluded enough to follow your footsteps but I've grown up since then. I know you can never change. You're a spiteful excuse of a leech who only knows how to suck the life out of things but no matter how much you suck you never take any nutrients do you Sid. Its all about the power but theres nothing in here(Pointing to Sid's heart) 

Abhay was mixed up inside. The poison Sidharth would spread through this town would cause irreparable damage. Last time had been a battlefield filled with innocent bloodshed. Now those he loved were in danger of this monster. Abhay kept his mind free from Sidharths reach. He was more powerful now than ever before. Their diet had restricted them from their powers progressing naturally to the next stage while Sidharth feeding actually killing his prey gave him powers beyond his imagination. Abhay decided he'd better leave before he disclosed any further information accidently. With Sidharth around nobody was safe. His worse nightmares were confirmed.

Chand fuming at Abhay-We must leave now!

Sidharth was amused by how much hold Chand had over Abhay-I still see you haven't cut the apron strings. (He gives Abhay his disappointed look) Abhay bro seriously when will you ever grow some b**ls and leave the parents behind. Spread your wings jeez no wonder you've stunted through time bro. I thought you'd be more of a challenge but this is below vampire standards. You both are an insult to vampires. If humans were to see you they'd be laughing at this sorry excuse of an existnce you have going on here. Don't fret little bro I'll get you back up to scratch. I'll personally give you a crash course on how to truly accept your inner devil to take over.

Abhay growled at Sidharth angrily pushing him away from him-You just stay the hell away from me. Stay away from us Sidharth because we have no room for you in our life anymore.

Sidharth knew he was getting to Abhay pushing the right buttons-Baby brother come on this is me you're talking to. I can see how much you've really missed me. Think of all the people we killed Abhay. How delicious their blood tasted. The thrill of the kill. The rush you get after you've fed. We can have all of it back.

Abhay kept his mind from wondering-You are demented if you think I'll ever let you back in my life again. After all this time you are still this animal. Stay away from me Sidharth I mean it.I'm leaving. Come on Dad.

Sidharth held Abhay's hand abruptly-The games are about to begin little brother. I will find the girl you are hiding from me and I'll rip her right in front of you piece by piece. It's only a matter of time till I find her. It's a small town and peopole talk. Pay them enough money and they'll spill. I can vouch on this much she will be my trophy. First I'll play with her like a soft toy, then I'll reel her in with my charms an you know how the ladies always fall for my smooth lines, after that I'll simply woe her till she's all mine and then I'll break her from the inside out making her crazy and finally I'll finish her off all before your eyes.

Abhay bellowed at Sidharth-You dare touch her or I'll kill you myself. If you so much as lay a finger on her then you'll be sorry you were ever born Sidharth. You don't scare me and I'll fight you to the death if need be. Keep her out of this. Pia has done no harm to you.

Sidharth let out a proud smile with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes-So there really is somebody Abhay. I can't believe you'd hide her away from me like this Abhay. (Sidharth sarcastically touches is heart) It hurts you'd do this. I can't wait to meet her. This Pia sounds so delicious I can almost taste her on my lips. This Pia must be a good catch if she has you twisted in a knot over her. I've never seen you this fired up about a girl since Maithali. We can share her just like we did back then Abhay remember how we both fell for the same woman. We always did have good taste In the ladies. I can guarantee you I'll steal her away from you brother and return the favour. Now that's what I call a challenge. Snap, snap, snap little Brother. Let the games begin. (Makes snaping sounds with his teeth laughing evilly)

Abhay felt his temper rising. Sidharth got the partial truth out. If he ever saw Pia it would truly be game over. Maithali was one woman both brothers had at one point loved-You are one sick vampire. Brother. Stay the hell away from us. Stay away from her.

Sidharth grin got wider-Why thank you. Coming from you this means a lot. I try my best to be at my evil best. I think I've outdone the originals too. Abhay I really do feel for you baby brother. Having a weakness is going to cost you big time. Chand always did warn us to steer clear of all emotions Abhay and you've just made the cardinal sin. I'm so disappointed in you.

Abhay was kicking himself for giving away Pia's name. How stupid was he. Sidharth always knew what buttons to press-I am not your brother Sidharth. We lost that bond the day we were reborn as vampires.

Sid just covered up his hurt feelings with humour-Why Abhay we are touchy tonight. Did you really think I was serious about us being brothers? Now, now what has Father dearest taught you?

Abhay runs out with Chand in tow. This day just went from bad to worse. Sidharth was back with a bang. Time hadn't quenched his thirst for vengence. It had only fueled it ten folds. All of Sid's wrath was pointed at Abhay. He only wanted to hurt Abhay from the inside starting from Pia. He was relieved he didn't give away Pia's name but it was only a matter of time. People would speak. Panchi was his personal secretary. She'd spill the beans. He had to do something fast.

Abhay had entered the Raichand mansion with Chand behind him struggling to keep up with him. Abhay had a crazed look in his eyes frightening Haseena. It was the first time she'd seen actual fear in both Chand and Abhay. This time was different. Abhay's face was like thunder who'd only just began the first stage of an actual storm. A cyclone was about to hit hard up on them. Her worried eyes followed Abhay who was frantically pacing around. He was sending her cold vibes with an image in her head.

Haseena saw no point in asking Abhay. When he got in his dark moods it was very hard for him to get out of it. Haseena watched Chand grimace in anger. Something big must have happened. Both men looked like wounded lions. Chand had exploded his supressed anger with a loud roar. Penting out all his frustrations in their mansion. He so wanted to tear Sidharth into shreds. The boy needed some desperate disciplining but with Sidharth you show him a little emotion he'll turn it against you to his advantage. He was a liability on them. Last time he was on his sick rampage their secret was almost out threatening their kind. Who knew what the devil had in store for them this time. This day only got worse. Sidharth had made it clear he wanted to cause mayhem in their lives and he would do just this.

Haseena huskily asks Chand-What's happened Chand? Why are you both so silent? You're scaring me.

Chand curtly replied back-Someone's come back to bite us in the a** Haseena. One of our own is threatening all we stand for. He's here to wreak revenge on us for what we did. Tear us one by one. He is succeeding in throwing us off guard Haseena. He has come with a full proof plan to finish us off.

Haseena saw the hurt in Chand's eyes-He was probably just mouthing off. You know Sidharth.

Chand hissed-This is exactly my point I know how he operates Haseena. We all do. He has brought with him a storm and I'm afraid we can't ride this one out.

Abhay couldn't hear them ramble on about Sidharth he had to do something. Haseena caught him by the arm-Mother I am fine. I just need some air.

Haseena touched Abhay by the shoulders gently soothing him with her caress-Abhay Sidharth is all bark and no bite when it comes to you. He may spout off occasionally but he never means to harm you despite all the threats he gives out. I know both U and Siharth have got issues but try to win him over. Get him back to us. Out of the both of you, only are the most empathic. You can draw him to the light.

Abhay rolled his eyes. Mother would always be mother-You really believe in this mother. Then you are deluded if you think for one minute Sidharth doesn't mean what he says. His threats have never gone empty. You know this very well. His only purpose in life is to torments the c**p out of me. I couldn't help him then what gives you the impression I can help him now? He is past the point of no return.

Chand couldn't believe Haseena was letting her maternal instincts to protect her young kick in-Haseena you are being drawn in by human emotions. Don't go there. It will only complicate matters. Sidharth brings us the gift of darkness my love. He has no place for us. How many times do we have to reiterate to you. Sidharth will never change. Because he doesn't want to change. He wants to make us suffer and this is what he will do.

Haseena knew Chand was saying was the truth but her internal feelings were torn between listening to Chand and her feelings for Sidharth-Let me try speaking to him Chand. I can make him come around.

Chand hissed angrily-This is why I love you Haseena. You want to change the impossible but it will come to no good. He will never listen to you even if he has a soft spot for you. Our son is stubborn takes after his father.

Haseena had heard Abhay's mental anguish-Abhay don't do anything wreckless son. Sidharth is dangerous when he's been attacked.

Abhay stared back at Haseena watching her emotionless features melt-I know Sid loves you. You are the only person he's ever truly loved in his shallow existance. Mother time is of the essence. Sidharth has come here with a foolproof plan. He knows my weakness. I have to react fast. He may not hurt you but he has every reason to come after Dad and I.  Innocents will not suffer for my actions. I won't allow it.

Haseena's eyes blacken with hatred for the girl who'd caused nothing but problems in their life-Abhay when will you ever let other peoples problems slide by you. Innocents die everyday in every part of the world. If we have casualties in this damned town then it is not your responsibility to save them. Do you hear me son? Pia is a liability for all of us. I don't care if she looks like Maithali or not but if Sid see's her she is as good as dead. So you might as well let her die. This way she'll be out of your life for good. All we want is you Abhay.

Abhay's eyes turned violet in anger to his mother's predictions raising his voice bellowing-All I want is her mother. I will not let him get to her. Not this time. I won't let her die because of me. I can't lose her again.

Chand calmly states-Abhay she is not Maithali son.

Abhay sarcastically notes-I know this but to Sidharth she will always be the object of his delirium just like before. He won't differenciate between Maithali and Pia. He'll just see red. I have to put a stop to this madness.

Haseena was alarmed-What will you do?

Abhay-Cut her out of my life. Then keep her away from Sid as long as I can.

Chand knew Sidharth's reaction already-This will never work Abhay. The girl is already marked. His obsession won't stop till he gets her. He's already intrigued by her.

Abhay challenged-We shall see.

Abhay stormed out of the mansion running all the way out of his window to watch Pia from her Hostel window. Her innocent face always brought him tranquility but tonight it gave him no peace but only fear for the future ahead of them. He'd given away her name and now Sidharth was after her like a rabid dog on heat. Abhay had witnessed first hand what Sidharth did to his victims. Especially those he deemed special and Pia fit into this category. Her having Maithali's face was her ultimate sin. Sidharth would never allow her to live. He would give her a painfully slow death. Abhay closed his eyes listening to Pia breathing. It was all he wished for this moment. To listen to her heart beating. Her life for him was a gift on it's own.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged
awesome part. loved it.

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:58am | IP Logged
hey nice update............ i really like d confrontation between sid and abhay............ and here chaand and haseena are supporting abhay......... 
nd very nicely stated........... thanx 4 sending me pmSmile

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Sapphire_238 Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged
lovely update......... Smile

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Lovely Part... Wonderfully written especially d last part... Now its gonna b Abhay-Piya-Sid.. Great... All I wish is Sid should meet piya soon not lik d show.. as its running too late in Sid-Piya meeting... U totally rockkk Dear... Sorry dont know ur name.. Wat should I call u..?? Waiting for d next part... Thanx for d

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Naughtynatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged
oo lots of hissin loved this part !!! 
thanks for the pm =D

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