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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 18)

taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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luved it

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:::Family Affair:::

Sid knew this family affair was going to be interesting. First he was playing Chand but the real person he wanted to destroy was his little brother. Sid dazzled Shanaya with his devilish grin at the news of Abhay finding new love. His mole had given him the most surprising news if not the best. Sid had pondered through the centuries the most efficient way to destroy Abhay would be. And bang just like that the heavens were smiling at him. Abhay had a weakness. Now this weakness he had to find out. She must be something special if she'd made Abhay get over the one woman who'd torn both brothers apart all those years ago. This one he really had to meet. Hey if he was lucky he'd get to do more with her. Toy with her till she broke in front of Abhay. Life really got interesting again. Shanaya had done her job well. Now it was his turn. He knew exactly how to get his prey. He just needed a solid plan to get her. Panchi would help him get this girl. He needed an incentive. A way to lure this new love of Abhay's. He'd heard the girl was from a poor background. An orphan. Usually this meant they needed money or even a way into a professional career. He'd ordered Panchi over the phone to advertise on all college campus's for an apprenticeship with a difference.

College Careers Day

A host of potential employers were already at the refectory waiting for their potential apprentices. They'd scoped out a few venues through the big cities to promote work ethics among the youth. Every year the College held a week where Students got the opportunity to delve into a career of their choice. Misha had already stuck her nose at every job going. She wasn't keen on any of them. Her eyes were too focused on Shaurya who wasn't paying any attention to her at all. What was going on with the man? She knew he was a busy guy. Shaurya all of a sudden seemed like a different person altogether. Misha was confused. Men they were a different species altogether.

Misha-What's going on with U dud? Is there a problem?

Shaw-No! Why should there be a problem?

Misha was baffled throwing her hands in the air out of frustration-U men are so Arrggh.

Shaw was amused by Misha's antics-Are U on something Misha? Should i call anyone?

Misha was getting bored of Shaw's flippant behaviour-No i guess i'm just reading into invisible things. Ignore me.

Shaw teased-I always do. So what's with all this careers nonsense?

Misha-Don't ask me dude? I could care less about such trivial c**p. I have plenty of my father's money to blow. I don't need a career.

Shaw was a little miffed-So you're one of those who sponge off their parents huh?

Misha laughed out loud-Come off it Shaw. I'm helping the youngsters who really need a job. Look times are hard. U know with the economic crisis. Recession is a b***h.  Our people need all the help we can get. So i'm thinking i am helping people. Besides i know how to get my way around the business circles with my wit. I'm full of ideas but i'm young so all i wanna do is have fun. I'll deal with being a grown up later on in life.

Shaurya was a self made man he was having trouble digesting this all in-Misha what U do with your own life is your business but what about how your family will react with your attitude?

Misha smiled at Shaurya-They are used to me being so out there. We already have one career driven woman in the family. My sister Panchi is enough. Watching her slave away for a pigheaded arrogant boss is enough for me to steer clear till i'm well and truly ready.

Shaurya tried to help-Why don't U just take a look at some of the carrer options available to U?

Misha waved Pia over excited to see her friend-Quick over here babe!

Pia trots over to Misha in a good mood. Her thoughts were filled with Abhay as usual-What's going on Misha? U seem so jovial.

Misha gives Pia a bear hug-I'm always so cheered up when i see U Pia. U made my day actually. See Shaw needs someone to advise on career options. I'm not interested so the next best thing is U Pia. U are the perfect guinea for Shaw to mould into the person he wants.

Shaw opened his mouth to speak but Misha cut him off.

Misha adds on-Pia this is exactly what U need to keep U distracted away from U know who? Give U perspective and U can earn a few rupees along the way.

Pia thought hard. She needed the money. Her head was still on Cloud Abhay land. Pia needed a challenge what with studying being her main priority she desperately needed some connections with other agencies for work purposes. It would distract her- Misha i think you're right. I do need something extra in my life right now but i'm not sure on half these prospects we have at the careers gala.

Misha concluded-Exactly what i thought. I mean U are the dizziest cute person i've ever laid eyes on. Always getting in harms way so its the best solution.

Pia mocked-U mean till i get a paper cut. They do sting U know?

Misha laughed-U know i didn't mean it like that.

Pia returned her cute smile-I know. I was just playing with U.

Misha beamed-U had me going there chica.

Shaw was already bored of Misha's childish behaviour. He thought he liked her for who she was but right now she appeared to him like she'd had a personality transplant. He still liked her as a person but not this spoilt rich kid. She had a heart. He could see how much she cared for Pia but he didn't like how lax she was with her own future. How blaze she was about her future. He decided it might be due to his being older than her. More mature. Shaurya saw Abhay in the distant away from all the commotion.

Shaw gave Abhay a holler-Bro over here.

Abhay saw Shaw giving him a little nod headed straight for them. He watched Pia's innocent little face with her eyes twinkling away at Misha. Pia had felt Abhay draw near even before Shaurya gave Abhay a call. It was strange how she could just feel him drift towards her. Pia moved her eyes around the campus which was filled with students. Abhay saw Pia scan for him. She already locked in her eyes straight for Abhay's both linked to the other harmoniously blocking out the others around them. Abhay had already taken in Pia's scent which was teasing his senses. Her beauty was in her simplicity. Her smile lit her entire face. She stole his sanity and now she'd stolen his reasoning.

Abhay gave Shaw a manly touch up-So U finished with the restoration yet?

Shaw shook his head-It's more work than i'd initially thought it'd be but its all worth the effort. Just need more raw materials. How have U been bro?

Abhay cracked a slight smile-So and so. U know how it is?

Shaw gave Abhay a little heads up-Misha's not going in for this careers week coz she feels she has her Dad's money to fall back on while Misha's trying to make Pia into an entrepreneur. I'm warning U ahead she's already gunning for her to make full use of the careers gala.

Abhay gave Pia a quick look avoiding her eyes. They always trapped him when she smiled-Good luck to her. She'll need it. Pia doesn't exactly have that fire in her belly like most business tycoons have. She's not got the cut throat instincts for starters.

Misha glared at Abhay-What do U know about the business world Abhay? Its not like U have any say in what your father does in your company.

Abhay thought his harsh comments will fire Pia and Misha into proving him wrong  by delving themselves into a useful career path and forget about him-Business is a mans world. That's why there are so many rich men in the world compared to women. We have the natural instincts to eat up competition with our ruthless approach. Most women are too soft or want a sugar daddy to keep them afloat.

Pia was shocked by Abhay's declaration. He was being sexist and discrimination against woman's capabilities-Abhay out of al the heartless ignorant things to say. I am disappointed in U. I didn't expect such a bigot opinion from U.

Misha gave Abhay daggers threatening him with her finger-Why U chauvinistic b*****d how dare U say such things about the opposite sex. I could just kill U for saying that.

Abhay spread a huge smile plastered on his face-Then prove me wrong Misha! I dare U both to pave a new wave for young women.

Pia glared at Abhay-There are many successful women in the world Abhay. I don't need to prove anything to U.

Abhay challenged Pia-Why are U running scared of little old me? I can give U a run for your money Pia. I can prove men are better at this game than U girls.

Shaurya saw the glint in Abhay's eyes followed by his devilish grin. It made him respect Abhay. He knew Abhay was putting reverse psychology into the girls head- U know what Abhay after hearing Misha out earlier i think i kind of agree with U dude. Misha has no ambition in life while Pia is in two minds.

Pia-Hey i only said i wasn't sure what i wanted to do. Business is not what i envisioned myself to be doing.

Abhay-Exactly Pia it's not your cup of tea. I'm thinking you're more into lecturing people, prying into other peoples business like a social worker. They are all typical jobs most women like to pursue.

Pia fumed with her nostrils flaring with anger-That does it. I got to get U down a peg Abhay. I'll prove to U i have what it takes.

Misha seconded Pia-Ditto! Us girls will prove U boys wrong.

Abhay gave Shaw a wink-Right your on! Oh yeah another thing Pia and Misha no dirty tricks. U can't seduce your way around business!

Shaw gave out a laugh infuriating Misha-That is a good one bro!

Misha burst out in anger-Why U cheap tacky..........

Pia gave Abhay a dirty look-Whatever. I'm going to prove to U boys we are better than U lot. Come on Misha lets sign up and shut their mouth up for good.

Misha smirked at Abhay and Shaw clicking her fingers at them-Misha Dobrial never backs away from a Challenge. I will make U eat your words. Don't forget we are going head to head with this. Loser weeps floods of tears. Next time Abhay a word of advixe. Don't provoke me because you'll pay with blood.

Abhay couldn't help but admire Misha's gusto. She was taking this very seriously. Rightly so he'd insulted both Misha and Pia on purpose to get them out of his way. Wherever Pia went usually Misha would follow or was it the other way around. He lioved her warning him off it was very Misha. Pia joined forces with Misha just as he'd predicted. Good with Pia out of his way he could breath a sigh of relief. She'd been getting a little too close for comfort. He already had Chand on his case. They were unpredictable as it was with their plotting behind his back. Abhay had read Pia's mind. She was planning something too. To avoid this circus Abhay had concocted this ruse. It worked a charm.

Panchi came over dropping off flyers to students she most wanted to see in the offices. She knew Pia would be the ideal choice with her excellent problem solving skills. She had a knack for pouring all her energies on whatever she had going be it assignments, plays, to whatever she'd set her mind to. The perfect candidate. Her boss would be delighted with her. panchi knew Pia was besotted with Abhay so one less girl for her to worry about playing with her boss's every little demand. Panchi wanted Misha too. Pia's influence might do her little sister good to learn how the ropes worked. An honest days hard work.

Panchi beamed-Hi U guys i got some flyers i want U to check out. I know there are several stalls to choose from but this one is perfect for all three of U.

Abhay had a close look-Sidharth enterprises!

Panchi handed the flyer to Pia-Yes Abhay. I think you'd get on like a house on fire. U both are polar opposites. But his work ethics are very good like yours. He's a player much like your good self. Knows how to get the ladies eating out of the palm of his hands another thing U have in common. But while U are more of an introvert he's an exhibitionist, an extrovert and loves to openly disclose himself to competition.

Abhay was getting a little annoyed with the comparison. He was getting curious too-He seems like an interesting character.

Panchi grins-I can't argue with this well i know what a model student both U nad Pia are so this is an invite to both of U. Misha if U want Pia hanging around i suggest U do the same.

Misha grumbles-Birdie U know i hate orders. If Pia does this then so will I. I was thinking of checking out the competition.

Pia smiled at Panchi-U know what might as well check this out. After all Panchi only works for the best. I'll pop round later.

Abhay wasn't sure-I'll check my calendar. Chand i mean Dad will flip if i join a rival company over his. U know what i'll do it.

Shaurya gave Abhay a high five-Bye girls (All three girls walk away signing a sheet Panchi had with her.) Abhay i have to hand it to U bro. U played them nicely.

Abhay nodded-I know. Girls seem to always underestimate the power of gentle persuasion. Pia needed a push and Misha well i like the girl but she needs a taste of the hard world we live in. Making money isn't for the fainthearted.

Shaurya was impressed-Tell me about it. Starting my firm was hard work but i love the graft.

Abhay-I know. Its so invigorating to taste ones own labour.

Shaw-When did U start a business?

Abhay darted his eyes back-I meant the family firm i do work experience occasionally.

Shaw-U were bust watching Pia. I get it bro.

Abhay darted away-I gotta leave bye.

Shaw-Yeah see ya around.

Abhay was concerned by this new player in town. He'd heard about Panchi's boss. He'd hoped his suspicions were wrong. Sid couldn't be back after 200 years of screwing with him could he? No this had to be some coincidence. He had to be someone else. Working for a former brother would be a cruel twist of fate. Abhay had decided the first thing he'd do is check this guy out. They had a conference after school. He would check him out. Hopefully it wasn't as he'd suspected. Abhay tried to vanquish Sid from his mind. Pia would be in some serious problems if it were Sid. No Abhay was letting this go. He'd go check out Chand's rival to ease his mind from any doubts at the centre.

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thanks for the updateClapClap

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like alway awesome and loved it 
thanx 4 update !!Big smile

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nice one awesomeClap ur updates leave us wanting more n more updates but wat to do will have to wait patiently 4 next part update soon              

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nice part, loved it
continue soon

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Originally posted by Lifu18

nice one awesome u updates leave us wanting more n more updates but wat to do will have to wait patiently 4 next part update soon
::: Thanks 4 all the positive compliments:::
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Aysha!! dude that was amazing!! it's getting so interesting!! Love the challenge between the guys and the girls!! can't wait to see what happens when abhay sees sid!! continue soon!! and thankz for the pm!!

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