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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 15)

-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by CT247

awww aysha!! that was soo cute!!! I loved it!! Omg abhiya and miya's first date!! too good!! waiting for the next update!! continue soon and thanks for the pm...
I didn't want to go overly mushy. I hate forced romance. I like a little bit of bickering too it makes it cute.

u didn't over do it at all it was perfect!!

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting for the update..........
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Just Dance:::

Time for desert Abhay made an excuse telling the others he hates anything sweet. Shaurya scoffed all all his desrt in one go. It was the sweetest chocolate brownie cake with ice cream he'd ever tasted. Misha just laughed at how fast Shaurya had empties his plate.

Misha grinning away-Boy U sure love your pudding. I'd give you mine but i'd have to kill you.

Pia wasn't smiling anymore. Her mind wondered off again to a place where only her and Abhay were safe. Abhay had snapped Pia out of it with a click of a finger-Pia oyu have to quit doing that. It's rude to leave your friends waiting while you fly away with the fairies.

Pia raised her eyebrows-Abhay seriously your the rudest person i know. Stop yanking my chain.

Misha-Kids this has been fun but dude seriously stop it with the petty little arguments. Everyone can see both of you belong together then why bother fighting it?

Pia folded her arms staring right back at Abhay-You going to answer that or shall i?

Misha-What is going on with you Pia? With Abhay? Both of you are making my head spin.

Pia-U and me both Misha. He claims we aren't compatible. He's the one fighting and making this difficult than it should really be.

Abhay glared-Pia!

Pia huffed back-Pia what? Stop trying to analyze this dissecting and scrutinizing the recent events. Leave it behind you and move forwards. That's your problem Abhay. You can't move past the history you've left behind instead you drag it with you wherever you go it follows you around. We all have baggage.

Shaurya-I think we should just calm down now. Pia. Let it go for one night. Tomorrow's another day. Abhay never upset a lady bro. Look what you've done.

Abhay had thought he was trying to save Pia from all this aggravation. Stop her from drifting off to the point of no return. He couldn't give her what she wanted-What i've done. I told her plain and simple. I am not interested in having a relationship. Just like having a good time. Pia has to go all emotional as usual.

Pia felt like strangling Abhay-If you think this will make me hate you Abhay think again. It's making me want to get even. You want a good time. I'll give you a good time. (Pia walked off away from the table leaving Abhay behind)

Misha urged Abhay to go after her-Abhay stop her from leaving. You know how she gets when she's p****d off. Pia's not one to back off of a challenge.

Shaurya was finding this very amusing-It's a wonder either of them are still alive.

Misha nodded-They are so stubborn. I want to knock both their heads together. Lock them in a room forever.

Shaurya extends his hand to Misha over the table-One last dance before we leave.

Misha beams excitedly-Why not? Maybe it will bring the two kids back here.

Shaurya twirled Misha around bringing her straight towards him. Smiling at the other. Shaurya stroked Misha's bare back with his left fingers. Both get lost in the others eyes. Misha felt the butterflies in her tummy. They were making her a little dizzy. Shaurya sure had big brown eyes. His smile only made him more attractive than he already was. she felt like the luckiest girl alive. She was grateful to Pia for doing this for her. Misha didn't have the courage to ask him out. Shuarya's body felt nice to hold. He was a strong man. She'd seen him topless. The image made her blush. Misha forgot about Abhay and Pia. The only man she was bothered about was Shaurya. He made her feel like a girl. No scrap that. He made her feel like a woman. Misha had never understood before why other kid's at College were so obsessed about dating? Now she knew.

Shaurya to Misha-It's strange na. I'd never have thought of us together. I respect your dad too much to dare to ask one of his daughters. He's so you know respectable. He has this command. I didn't want to cross him.

Misha knew what Shaw meant-Who Dad? He's the most coolest father in the world. He'd have probably applauded you for having the guts to even date me. I might not be high maintenance but i'm full of energy. I'm brash.  I say it how it is. I'm a leader not a follower. I think mosy men find this intimidating.

Shaurya smiled-I don't i like your high spirit. Misha. I'm glad my blind date was you and not some girl i didn't like. We should do this again only this time without Abhay. He's a little too much. I like the bro but he can be a little scary if you know what i mean.

Misha felt like she had a permanent smile glued to her face-I'd love that Shaw. Pia and Abhay need some alone time. I think we were just their excuse to be together.

Shaurya suspected the same thing-I sensed Abhay is very over protective of Pia. After the stories i've heard i don't blame him. So we were just an excuse for them to date without all the expectations.

Misha-Yeah. I don't think either of them realize this.

Abhay rushed towards Pia grabbing her around the waist. Pia resisted but found herself melting towards him. Why was she always the first one to give in? Pia turned around flashing her angry eyes at Abhay. Abhay couldn't help but smile inside. She sure looked hot when she got mad. Her eyes held his none wavering. Abhay had to keep to his end of the bargain and be strong for both of them. Pia clung on to him as he took her over to the floor. This was the only way he knew how to calm her down. He'd let her get lost in him for a while. He smiled watching Misha with Shaurya enjoying this very night. They deserved it. Misha was Pia's friend so in that respect he'd felt he had to play cupid. He knew Chand would have had a fit if he'd ever found out what Abhay had done. Abhay shook that thought out of his head. It was only Pia tonight. He used his fingers to caress Pia's cheeks making her shudder at his touch. Pia pulled Abhay close enough that their lips almost touched. Abhay thought this was a bad idea now. Pia was taking the lead. He tried to break this moment off but Pia's hands didn't budge. She started tracking her fingers around Abhay's neck playfully.

Pia whispered in Abhay's ears-No you don't Abhay. I have you where i want you. I'm not letting you go this easily.

Abhay swayed with Pia-This is all wrong Pia. I know i said i'll be there for you no matter what but not like this.

Pia dared Abhay with her hungry eyes-Like what Abhay?

Abhay knew Pia was playing with him-Pia we can't be together. Put those lusty eyes away.

Pia pouted her lips-No i won't what will you do?

Abhay spun Pia around to make her lose focus-Much better. This is a dangerous game you are playing here. I'll always be there for you but not as a lover Pia. I can't do it. I'm all wrong for you. Nature's made me in such a way that no human is compatible with me. What you feel is superficial. I'm drawing you in without meaning to.

Pia was listening to the same old dialogues-Abhay you've already mentioned this line disguised in a billion sentences over the course of a few months. Let me decide what's right for me. Please don't ruin this for me Abhay.

Abhay-Pia this is not a world you should ever get lost in. My world is not for you. I'm stating facts here. I don't want to ruin anything for you but all this is fake. It's not us. It can never be us.

Pia urged Abhay-It can be if you let it. I know Abhay you are hiding something major from me. In time i'll find out what it is. Don't you think then this will all blow up in your face?

Abhay grits his teeth-Pia you are one stubborn girl but i'm stubborn too. I won't let you fall for me.

Pia smiles-Abhay you are already too late. I'm already gone. What will you do to make me hate you that you haven't already tried. I know you can't bear to see me cry. Is that what you want? To see me break?

Abhay hushed Pia's lips with his fingers-You speak too much!

Pia kisses Abhay's fingers with her lips-While you fight too much.

Abhay moves his fingers away. Pia was making his head spin. For a vampire to feel this way was a big feat-Pia watch over there!

Pia takes a glimpse towards Misha and Shaurya-So cute. I feel 10 feet tall. Misha'a all grown up.

Abhay smiles-Mission accomplished. Now my jobs done here! I better move.

Pia-Don't you dare Abhay Raichand. I'm not done with you yet. You owe me a few more dances to make up for being a lousy date. So Just Dance with me Abhay. Hold me tenderly and dance.

Abhay let Pia have this round-Fine but after this Pia i am not on the market for anyone. I am not helping someone else find love. I am never taking another girl out if this is what i have to put up with.

Pia teases Abhay-Who say's i might want a piece of you Abhay. I might try my luck elsewhere.

Abhay grim faced-Good then i wish the poor soul the best of luck.

Pia-Abhay thanks!

Abhay moved his head back in surprise-For what?

Pia smiled-For showing you really do care but are trying hard to conceal it. One day i'll make you love me Abhay. On your own admission. Without me trying to force it out of you. Your face gave everything i needed to know away.

Abhay breathed in Pia's scent. Damn she was right. He loved her too much to do this to her-It's getting late.

Misha, Shaurya, Abhay and Pia paid the bill four way and left the restaurant. They headed back home.

Misha whispers to Abhay-Thanks for tonight.

Abhay-No worries. Just good to see you smile again.

Pia to Abhay-Well see you in College Abhay.

Abhay gave Pia a hug-You aren't coming with me?

Pia shook her head-No. I think we've had enough of each other for one night.

Abhay nodded feeling guilty-Bye then! (Abhay took off into the shadows.)

Misha-Nice to know Abhay has a heart behind this bad boy image you have going. Take care of Pia. She's not as tough as she lets on Abhay. Be good to her.

Shaurya-I best get going. Mish see you tomorrow. (With that Shaurya left on his motorbike while Misha checked his a** out)

Pia gives Misha a hug-I'm going too. I wanted to let Abhay and Shaurya take off first.

Misha-No you can't go alone.

Pia grinned-I need to do this Misha. For myself. The Hostel's not far from here.


Pia reassured Misha-I'll be fine Mish. Don't worry. See you tomorrow.

Pia went off dreaming of Abhay. The man had taken over her entire social life. Her whole mind was filled with his sweet thoughts. His smell. His face. His eyes which chaned colour in the light depending on his mood. Pia always found this strange. His eyes were a whirlpool of colour which danced when the light shone. Abhay had sneaked behind Pia realizing what she was doing. He'd heard her speaking to Misha. Why did she have to always do the opposite to what he asked her? she was lost again in his thoughts probably. He'd never met a dreamer like Pia before. Her smile was so infectious.

Abhay startled Pia-So i see you are off with the fairies again Pia! Walking alone at night for a girl that too marked by some serial killer is not a smart move lady.

Pia knew Abhay would come for her-So are you calling me stupid? That i'm reckless.

Abhay wasn't getting cornered here-No just the obvious. You like to play with fire Pia. I don't. Why did you do this?

Pia grinned-Why do you think? I want my independence back. I am not running scared of anyone. I'm sure whoever it was has given up Abhay. I don't need anyone. I certainly don't don't need you.

Abhay knew Pia better than that-Right. I believe you. (Sarcastically) Pia i'll walk you home.

Pia beamed-Why so you can sweep me off my feet in the middle of the night. So romantic.

Abhay-Stop it Pia. It's not funny. We'd better get a move on i have lots to do. College in the morning.

Pia-Yeah don't remind me.

Abhay-Is this because i made you angry?

Pia wasn't going to tell Abhay the real reason was because she knew he'd come but there was another reason. She mocked-Not everything is about you Abhay? I needed a little me time. Its so peaceful the night. I'm just craving some undisturbed alone time.

Abhay knew how that felt-Here you go see you in the morning.

Pia gave Abhay a pck on the cheek-Thanks Abhay for everything. I really did have a fun time tonight. Even the little squabbles. See you.

Abhay had felt the same about Pia. He loved her so much but had no place to hide away from the ugly truth. He couldn't get away from her despite how hard he tried. He would always love her but he'd feared she was going to be her own worse enemy.

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awesome part. loved it.

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tat was a gr8 abhay helped misha in getting shaurya..dont make abhiya like wat they r showing now yaar..let them behave like normal ppl who r madly in love with each other..hope u'll giv us tat soon..continue soon..

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awesome update..........loved it..............both misha-shaurya and AbhIya r so cute......

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nice part 

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