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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 127)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

:::Precap 29:::Battle of the Elders:::

Maithali was resigned to being the vampire who remains alone foreve. Watching Abhay with Pia made her stomach churn. Her cold heart yearned for release. Their love killed her inside out. It reminded her that Abhay will never be hers because he replaced her. How could Pia still remain so pure despite being a vampire. It just didn't make any sense. Sid's venom had changed her forever into this biter and twisted excuse of a vampire. Despite making peace with her mind that Abhay belonged with Pia her stupid heart wouldn't listen. It refused to let go of the one being she'd ever loved unconditionally irrelevent of how he'd failed her by never searching for her and for giving up on her. Maithali felt her eyes well up and shunned herself away from Abhay and Pia.

Maithali slowly hovered towards the doorway to hear silence. The vampire army must have all been anhilated by the elders. Good now they good move swiftly on vanquishing the Queen. They had enough of them to outrun her however the archaic being would be an impossible kill. There was no telling how they could finish her off. It was next to impossible. Thierry and Demetri were in deep discussion mentally unfortunately the vampires were a little too avanced for Maithali to know what they were discussing.
Maithali moved a lock of her hair behind her ears scurrying to Haseena-I think the elders are a little worried. I don't blame them.
Haseena huskily answers with her black eyes locking Maithali's-I know. Akasha wasn't born yesterday. This must be a trap if not a ruse to get us all here.
Chand in agreement circles the two vampires-I think Akasha might be in the recruitment business. Try and get as many vampires on her side as possible. She has lived in confinement for too long. I'm thinking she is trying to raise a family of her own like us adopting in strays.
Haseena glances at Abhay-But what about?
Chand hiss's-Abhay! She has a mate in Abhay. She wants him for her won selfish reasons. Abhay is part her now thanks to her cunning plan to eradicate her partner. Her King's blood flows through him. I can smell it on Abhay. The blood of the Pure ones. Akasha owns Abhay. Pia is the only one stopping him from crossing over.
Maithali was up for the fight of her life-Then we must all band together. Akasha won't let us walk away with Abhay.
Chand finished-She won't let us walk away from here Alive either.

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
wow yaar nice precap.Now soon update it.Smile
kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Lovely precap and waiting to see what becomes of Maithli as she is the one person now who has no where to go.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged

:::Update 29:::Battle of the Elders:::

Thierry and Demetri closed their eyes trying to garner their powers to the fullest level to find where Akasha was. They knew how cunning their Queen was. Folklore couldn't all be wrong. Thierry got a few flashes of Aksha in full swing. Yes she was within this building. She was waiting for them to make their move. But where was she this very minute?


Indra had am urgent feeling that they had to move swiftly before it was too late. He gave all the elders their signal with a mental alarm alerting them of danger (She is roaming around my fellow Originals. We have to regroup.)

Aro concurred-Everyone on high alert. She knows we are here.

Artemetis used her tracking powers with her pearly white fangs gnarling-Too late Akasha is coming to reclaim what's hers. Pia and Maithali U girls are going to have to muster all your strengths. The Queen bee's coming and she is p***ed.

Pia's grip tightened around Abhay's chest-I can't lose U to her Abhay. I can see your inner turmoil in your eyes Abhay. She's gotten to U hasn't she?

Abhay's voice rasped resonating through Pia's mind-Pia my love. I will gifht her hold on me. But don't be disappointed with me if I happen to do or say anything too painful for U to bear. Akasha knows me too well now. She's always known that I am still in love with U but she was only just testing me to see if I am worthy of being her King.

Pia's eyes saw a glimmer of determination in Abhay's eyes-Promise me U won't leave again Abhay. I can't handle it if U left me again . I'd rather Akasha ripped my heart out now and end this existence. Anything is better than see U become someone else's.

Abhay touched Pia's cool cheeks with his hands finding her irresistible in vampire form. He thought she'd blown him away as a human with her innocence shing through and her pure heart but this was a refreshing new look. All her features were enhanced lifting all her ordinary features into extra ordinary and as for her aura he could see it was heightened making him love her even more than he already did. There was no word in the dictionary to describe Pia's transformation. Everything about her was immaculate and sharp-Don't worry Pia. I will always be your. Am now and will be as long as I exist. Don't lose faith in us. In me Pia! Remember my words very wisely. My actions do not reflect what I want. Feel me Pia in here (Pointing to her heart and then to her mind and within her blood). Don't forget U aren't as weak as most vampires. U have all three vampire venoms running through U. Mine, Maithali's and Akasha's so your link to us is very strong.

Pia nodded taking in what Abhay was revealing to her-I think I understand. (Pia was almost certain he was suggesting she had the power to help destroy Akasha.) Abhay U aren't hers yet fully are U? She hasn't performed the ceremony right?

Abhay shook his head-We are set to get through this tonight.

Athena gasped-Tonight? Damn. Akasha needs all the ancient vampires to witness this union. She wants us to bless them and then take over the world.

Panchi spoke up bravely raising her voice-U won't help her right?

Athena gravely answered-See as our Queen we must obey all her rules. The only one that we cannot adhere to is the annihilation of all humanity. See without humans we cease to exist. The order of life must be preserved. It's the balance of nature. The food chain cannot have a link removed and Akasha is in blood lust. I am assuming Abhay is feeling the same hunger. U are in blood lust. Your eyes have this lost eyed look in them. U crave human Blood like a drug.


Pia hadn't noticed this extreme emotion coming from Abhay. She'd been to busy feeling Abhay's tender touch again to even bother with his new addiction. Pia slit her wrists with her fangs supplying Abhay with a fresh dose of vampire blood. It's the only solution she came with seeming as Akasha had poisoned Abhay with her potent blood. Pia forced Abhay to drink from her-U must Abhay for me. Akasha's blood has polluted your mind. Maybe my blood will keep U sane a little longer.

Abhay reluctantly drinks from Pia feeling her power packed burst of emotion flowing through him as her love for him over flowed through his veins. He could feel the desperation for him not to abandon her again. As for her love for him it excalated a million times over almost blindsiding him. Her mind was so pure even as a vampire it hurt to even think of anything evil.


Gabriel laughed-I'm sure he's haad enough Pia. Are U trying to paralyse him into submission. Don't worry you'll get Abhay back. So long as this union never takes place he'll be safe from her. But if their union happens then we are screwed. They'll finish all their disloyal clan and only select women in their fold so us male vampires will be extinct.


Apollo gave a half smile-So Abhay U better stay focused because otherwise we'll have to kill U for sure.

Pia remained clinging on Abhay-Now think of me. No more Akasha in your brains otherwise I'll seriously have to sever your head mister and then sever mine.


Urvashi heard something-Vampires listen!

Thierry hovered fast towards the doorway-She's playing hide and seek with us.

Elezebetta growled-Looks like the actions come to us.


Haseena shielded Abhay while Chand kept to the back making sure Akasha didn't come for Abhay from behind-Son we can complete the pleasantries later on just stay sandwiched between us till we get U away from her.

Abhay could hear the call of Akasha like the siren she was-She's angry.

Pia warned Abhay-Keep her out of your head. If not I'll run to her and punch her lights out.

Abhay found no humour in Pia's threats. He knew Akasha was too strong for all of them to handle-Pia I am only thinking about U so don't go getting any ideas into your head. I don't want U playing the Hero here.

Pia groaned-Hey I'm not a human anymore remember so I can fight my own battles.

Haseena hushed the pair-Kids argue later. Now we have to get a move on.

Maithali was reeling from Abhay's connection to Pia. It burnt her-OK. I've had enough. Now move out of the way. I'm not staying here for us to be trapped with her here.


There was a flickering of the lights as the vampires all stayed on guard waiting for Akasha to jump out of nowhere and then bham there she was with her red eyes baring down all of them holding two humans. Maithali's eyes remained on the two lifeless bodies gasping after realization hit her. Maithali felt herself sink down. Then one by one the vampires all saw who the lifeless bodies belonged too. There was a third on the ground next to Akasha's feet.


Thierry shocked bellowed-Oh no. Zuma. U killed Zumaa and Ica. They were our best.

Akasha moved freely around the elders getting a feel of their fear in their eyes as she threw the bodies to the ground-Do U think I let U get this far because I was off my guard? U fools it was all a ploy to trap U in my turf.  (She laughs hystericall swaying her hips walking with her head held high) Thierry (Huskily touching his face) U are the oldest of my kind amongst the weaklings here want to finish me off? I am disappointed in U. I had great plans for U.

Thierry dared to check Akasha's eyes twinkle with a deviousness he'd never seen in a vampire before-My Queen we came to implore U to stop this massacre. We need humans to survive off of and ending their race would harm our survival. Please reconsider your actions. For our sake?

Akasha found Thierry had a point but she didn't need to survive without humans-True but I don't need blood. I simply choose to drink for the taste of it.

Demetri bravely stepped forward-But your new King needs blood.

Akasha stared back at Abhay with anger at the girl using herself to shield him away from her wrath-Ah my King seems to have found his old love again. Pia (Look of disgust in her eyes) My inferior lookalike are still alive and kicking I see. I should have killed U then but what fun would it have been if Abhay wasn't around to see your demise. I see you've brought Maithali with U. Won't it be so much fun killing both your lady love Abhay so U and I can start a new life together. You'll have no reminders from your old life.

Pia shot at Akasha with raw emotion as her voice shakily managed-U can't have him. He's not your ti have. Abhay's mine. All mine. We love each other. U can't take him away from me.

Akasha merely swooped to see Pia's cold eyes-U are still very young. U have a lot to learn. Shame U won't be around to get this chance Pia. I won't allow any remnants of Abhay's past to live. If we are to have a future then I must destroy what he holds dear. Love for vampires is just a word. Abhay is already mine Pia. I have made sure he's been heavily drunk on the purest of blood. Love for Abhay won't mean a thing after we have our union. U think your little army od elders can stop us? I own them all. They owe their allegiance with me. I am their mother. Their creator. I created U all. I can take what I made Pia.. Abhay U are mine. Do U hear me?


Abhay remained silent. He knew Akasha was right about owning him. The kings blood in him only confused him but his Soul if he had one belonged to Pia. This part of him was still in tact. Abhay eyed Haseena to alert her that he must go to Akasha to weaken her if they had a chance to escape her. Haseena let go of Abhay with Pia still holding on to him.


Pia turned to face Abhay her eyes filling up with fear for him-U can't go to her Abhay.

Abhay softly aired cupping Pia's face-I must. Akasha is right. I am all hers Pia and nothing U say or do will change this. Just know I loved U Pia but U must forget me.

Pia saw something in Abhay's eyes showing her in her mind that this wasn't a goodbye but simply a little time he was buying for them all. Pia was still clinging on Abhay's robe-Don't Abhay.


Akasha saw Athena make a run grabbing her by her collar-Where do U think U are going oh ancient one. Nobody dares to run in my presence and have the nerve to think I won't catch U. Do U think I won't be on my guard just because I am focused on Abhay. U can't kill me U stupid fool. (Aksha rips Athena's heart in front of everyone)

Pia shuts her eyes and screams holding Abhay burying her head in his chest. Abhay saw Akasha's patience wear thin.


Abhay let go of Pia-This will all end in Bloodshed Pia. The elders will all fall if I don't do something. Akasha wants me then she'll have me. The Battle of the elders will resume but for now I must do what is right. Mom U have to back away.

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-Swetha- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
this update was simply awesome...!Approve
i loved it a lotDay Dreaming

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Swetha-

this update was simply awesome...!Approve
i loved it a lotDay Dreaming
Thank U sweetie. The blood and guts all in the next update. I hope U have a stomach for it. I'll try not to make it too grotesque

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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its getting scarier now. 

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
awesome part.
loved it.

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