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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 120)

Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Nice update dear,
liked panchi alot.
will read ur all parts comment further soon.
Thanks for the pm.

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Precap 28:::Infiltration:::
Indra, Urvashi, Gabriel, Athena, Artemetis, Apollo, Aro, Elizabetta, Demetri all arrived to witness the Queens handiwork. If news spread about her then the vampire world would be in danger. Humans would no longer believe that this is only just a myth. They were just a delusion to entertain the masses in movies and books. They were all very curious about how their majesty would look like. How she carried herself to her demeanour. They'd heard stories about her but never had the priviledge of meeting her in the flesh. It was their honour to watch such a supreme being in this lifetime. They were already in the Queens home but were having difficulty getting past her shield. How strong was she? They'd seen all the bodies of dead humans piled up. She was busy finishing off the human race no doubt. Akasha only desired blood. Hard core blood but Chand had informed them that she was now keen on their son. She wanted him at all cost and had her mate killed just so Abhay could take his place. This must not happen at any cost. Their dilemma was how to stop their creator without wiping their entire race off in one fail sweep.

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
hey nice precap.Now update soonSmile
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Gr8 Precap Aysha.. Waiting for d update..
aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
great precap...
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

:::Update 28:::Infiltration:::


Akasha returned back with a human with her for her love Abhay. He needed sustenance fast. The more she plied him with blood the more he would drown into this new world she was creating especially for him. A world without men. She wanted only Abhay to be the only vampire to survive. Yeah she hated men in general. Humans to be exact. They were all useless apart from Abhay. His smouldering good looks had stolen Akasha's sanity but it was his pure Heart that blew Akasha's breath away. A vampire with  Soul was rare and this vampire drove her insane with a thirst for everything about Abhay but he was making her impatient. Akasha didn't do waiting around for anyone which is why she'd made sure she had Abhay where she wanted him so made special arrangements to have her way with him to fully make him come under her control. Akasha had thought the Kings blood would have polluted his veins by now but Abhay was a fighter. His love for Pia was keeping him from fully turning to the dark side.

Akasha found Abhay in a trance lurking behind him with the scared human in her grasp-Look what i got for U my love? A human. I want U to feast on him so we can get down to business.

Abhay got lost in Akasha's dark whirlpool eyes-I'm not thristy.

Akasha used her nails to slash the victims throat letting the blood gush freely as Abhay's eyes were fixed on the blood dripping down and bared his fangs fighting so hard but eventually the thrist gave in as he bit into the flesh guzzling down the blood by every drop as his eyes turned red. The red liquid intensified all his dark emotions he'd been trying to keep at bay but now he was free for once. Abhay dropped the lifeless body on the floor with a proud Akasha's eyes drank in Abhay's evil side coming to the fore.

Abhay rushed to Akasha holding her baring a smirk-U happy now my Queen.

Akasha laughed hysterically at her triumph-Very. Now U are showing the colours of a true vampire King. Oh Abhay U are going to excel in this role. I can see U ruling with me already. Together always.

Abhay kissed Akasha's hands then looking into her eyes-Forever. Only U know my only stipulation is that we do this the right way my Queen. U have to grant my wish. Its my only condition. I have always  wanted love but it never happened even now its what i desire the most. I want U to fulfil my one wish the right way. I want us in a matrimonial way.

Akasha kisses Abhay's lips-U are so old fashioned Abhay. I love this about U. For a vampire this is unusual but i have already brought all the necessary resources for our union my love. Nothing can stop us from taking over the world.

Abhay kissed Akasha back-Good. U brought my favourite flowers Orchids huh?

Akasha beamed-Yeah (She circles Abhay pushing him against the wall ravishing his lips) Here (Hands him his robes) This is for the Union ritual. Its being conducted by my loyal priests. They are vampires. I turned them last night. They will do the ritual. Now get prepared.

Abhay watched Akasha leave his quarters feeling Pia's mind connecting with his again (Abhay the Originals are here. Aro, Gabriel, Indra, Urvashi, Athena, Artemetis, Apollo, Elizebetta, Demetri and Thierry are all here for U. Please help us Abhay. I beg U.  Clear the shield for us. If U don't then the rest of the world will suffer.)

Pia had a replay (Pia its too late. I'm all hers. She is preparing us to be one. I bought U as much time as i could. Even stooping to letting her seduce me. U know i din't love her right. It will only ever be U Pia. I can never love another woman the way i love U.)

Pia showered Abhay with light filling his mind and showing him just how much she loved him back through flashing images of themselves together (I know but U must help us Abhay. If U want to see me alive U will fight off her influence over U. I can sense her all over your aura Abhay. Do U have any idea how much this is killing me to know she's been all over U Abhay. Now take down her shield now. Its a command Abhay. Do it.)

Abhay torn with his mind (I can't Pia. I am hers. My mind hurts so much Pia. What do I do? My mind is at war. If i do this then i am betraying her. she is my Queen but if i don't help U i lose U.)

Pia saw the predicament Abhay was in fuming with unadulterated rage threatens Abhay with an ultimatum- (Fine then U can watch me set meself on fire. I will do this here. Watch my funeral pyre and  reel in it forever. Without U i am nothing Abhay. What choice do U leave me with huh? Now what is it U will do Abhay? Either U are on my side or on her side. I give U a minute to decide.)

Abhay feared losing Pia. Her words echoed in his ears. He had to protect Pia but against Akasha. His Queen. Yeah he'd do it. Maybe the Originals would save the day? (Ok. Just don't do anything Rash. I can't lose U. I can't. Then all this would be in vain. Forgive me my love.)

Pia sighed (Now bring the shield down.)

Abhay warned Pia (U must act fast. Akasha will know that i betrayed her.)

Pia (I know. Take care Abhay. See U on your side.)

Abhay closed his eyes to concentrate on bringing down the defence. He focused all his energies from the Kings blood pouring it all into shaking the barrier down.

Gabriel felt the foundations shake-Abhay is very powerful indeed. Akasha unwittingly has created a weak link to destroying her. We must all act fast.

Artemetis felt the emotional sway of Abhay's defensive trait-He is at war with himself Pia. U must persuade him in the end to follow his heart and not his mind. He is slipping.

Aro let all the elders move in first-History in the making people. Beware of any sudden movements. We don't know if Akasha has an army of vampires here.

Apollo wisely checked all around with his vampire powers-No sign of life.

Indra sensed the darkness all around-Looks like we have a pile of bodies in here as well. Akasha has sure been busy.

Thierry stated as a matter of fact-Sje's turned Abhay's thirst for blood far greater than his love for Pia. Its going to be a difficult battle Pia. Are U ready my child?

Pia gulped-For Abhay i am willing to lay my life.

Elezibetta heard a hint of raw emotion in Pia's voice-U are a newborn vampire yet U have this radiance in your voice for Abhay. U really love him? He is your Soulmate. Interesting. So U have an immediate connection to him. By now Abhay should have been putty in Akasha's hands but he fights for U. For yor love. I can sense the lingering echoes in your mind. Its very overwhelming. The remnant emotions between U is very real.

Demtri led the way through a damp part of the maze they were already in-Pia can U sense Abhay?

Pia closed her eyes focussing on Abhay's mind-They are further down.

Urvashi watched Maithali's dark eyes filled with sadness-U love him don't U? Yet U go along with Pia for Abhay. Why?

Maithali followed the other vampires on with her voice trailing-What other choice do i have? I did this to them. I brought this on us all. If the human race dies out then so do we right? I didn't realise Akasha wasn't a myth but a real vampire. I just wanted power. I realise that Abhay has moved on while i remain in the same place he left me. I have to repent. I must gain Abhay's respect back. Only he matters now for me. I have already lost him to Pia. I can't let the Queen of all vampire steal him too. Abhay doesn't deserve this. He deserves his love. His true love.

Athena found Maithalis plight somewhat reminiscent of her own time-I feel for U Maithali. And for Pia. Destiny has really screwed U both over.

Urvashi motioned to Panchi-What about U? I get the vibe U are here for your little sister Pia. U have lost your way in all this. U have lost meaning and are looking for this.

Panchi hissed-Beat it oldie! I want to find this b***h and beat the c**p out of her. I don't need U getting deep into my head. I've had enough of this s**t from Sid.

Pia excused Panchis anger-My sister is still coming to terms with her new status as a vampire.

Urvashi backed away-I understand.

Haseena remained calm under all this stress-I can sense my son Chand. He is half insane. What has this she demon done to my son? She's brainwashed him. He is a lost lamb Chand. We could lose him. Wait till i get my hands on this she witch.

Chand held Haseena's hands squeezing it for comfort-Don't worry my love. Nothing will happen to Abhay. He is stronger than we give him credit for. He will not lose himself.

Haseena hoped so-My son is all i have left Chand. If i lost him??????????

Gabriel found a chamber filled with an army of newborn vampires-Looks like we have found Abhay my fellow companions. Raedy to fight?

Athena and Apollo supernaturally kicked vampire bu*t letting Pia, Maithali, Panchi, Haseena, Chand and the rest of the elders through. The secret doors opened. They enter another room. Pia felt Abhay's presence was much stronger than ever before.-Abhay is here. I feel him here. Maithali can U feel him?

Maithali closed her eyes picturing Abhay dressed all in red for a ceremony about to take place with Akasha-We must hurry Pia. He is half lost to us. The bloodlust has taken over him. We must get to him fast.

Pia sensed Abhay's torn up feelings for the desperation of blood. A hunger pang he was struggling to contain within him-Oh Abhay i am coming baby. Hold on. (Pia got an image of Abhay calling for her to stay back but Pia ignored it) He is losing it. We must get to him.

Then finally the last doorway had more vampire minions of Aksha's guarding Abhay from them. All the vampire elders stayed back to finish them off one by one allowing Pia and her friends entry into the chambers where Abhay lay before a human feasting on its blood making Pia squirm at his bloody sight.

Abhay tore his mouth away from the lifeless human as Pia ran into his arms with tears trickling down at the relief with her body trembling with the need for Abhay to just be her Abhay and not Akasha's puppet. Pia saw Abhay's eyes were darkened by the sheer need for blood polluting his instincts. All that mattered was the hunger. Pia made Abhay connect with her on a mental level so he could see their love flashing through his memory like a video playing in his head. Abhay forced himself out of the black vortex into Pia's light. He hugged Pia back kissing her all over the face then to her lips with a need he hadn't known existed in him. Pia longed to be held by Abhay in the past few days she'd been away from him.

Pia's tears are wiped away by Abhay-I thought i'd lost U forever Abhay. U are still my Abhay right? Please tell me U haven't let her take over U.

Abhay finished-I managed to hold her off but she'll be back soon. Where are the others Pia?

Pia pointed across the doors-Fending off Aksha's minions.

Haseena whizzed around separating Pia from Abhay into his arms then touching his cheek with her marble hands-My son how i have missed your sweet voice. I had faith i'd find U gain. Akasha hasn't laid a finger on U has she?

Abhay couldn't exactly say what Akasha wanted to do with him. He simply smiled-No Mom. Akasha is (Watches Pia's reaction and Maithali's) too into acquiring a companion in me to harm me. She was trying to mould me into the perfect vampire. Her better half.

Pia felt envious-I will break her immaculate face for touching U Abhay. U belong with me (With a possessive tone.) U are only mine. She doesn't have the right to take U away from me Abhay. U are only mine Abhay. (Cries with frustration) I would rather die than let her take U away from me Abhay. Do U hear me. If U ever left me Abhay i will die because without U this existence is nothing. It would be meaningless.

Abhay let go of Haseena-Mom she'll be back soon (Takes Pia in his arms) Nobody will tear us apart Pia. I would rather perish than become someone elses. Now stop crying already. I hate tears in your eyes Pia. I'm here. I am still fighting Akasha off even though its unbearable.

Pia clings on Abhay with every fibre of her being afraid to let go of him-Don't ever let her in Abhay. U must fight her power over U. I know how strong her pull is over U. I sense it even now. Our connection maybe strong but so is her pull Abhay.

Abhay hushed Pia in his strong arms with his voice breaking with emotion-God U feel so good in my arms. I haven't felt like this in a while. How much emotion are U planning on sharing with me Pia. I can't handle the outpour U know. (Moves towards Maithali with Pia in his arms) Thank U Maithali for protecting Pia in my absence. I owe U one.

Miathali felt very out of place with a mixture of emotions flowing through her-I owed U remember but please don't flaunt your love in front of me. Its a little hard to take.

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome part 
loved it

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Aw..AYESHA..i so loved that last para when ABHAy says..You feel so good in my arms..aww..YUMMY man sooo romantic & passionate.I so want these dialouges in the show you know..GOD HOW I WISH EKTA ..appoints you yaar..!! SUPER DUPER UPDATE SWEETZ..!!Hug

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