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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 114)

Shoonu Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
bechara abhay...sab usi ke peeche pade hai...hope he is saved...he will be i know...anyways nice update dear

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged
:::Precap 27:::Hysteria:::
Panchi was in the midst of a transformation herself. Sidharth had made his mark on her changing her whole life upside down. Yeah now she'd realized what was going on with her. Panchi knew the only person she could turn to was Pia. She didn't know why but it was all she could think about.
She'd sniffed Pia out just by her scent. It was weird using her senses as a way of tracking people down. Pia was with the Raichands and some other woman. Panchi stormed in the mansion looking for answers.
Panchi to Pia-I had to see U. What's going on with me Pia? I feel so different. So empowered. So wild and always bloody hungry. I didn't know where to go? Who to turn to but U. I feel this weird connection like i know U.
Pia's eyes grew dark with an uneasiness-Panchi did Sid bite U more than twice?
Panchi nodded with her dark eyes gleaming-I think so. I thought he was just being a little rough. I didn't know he was going to make me feel so strange.
Pia blurted out-Panchi there is no other explanation but U are now a vampire like me. I'll help U get through this. I promise.

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged
awsum dr... now panchi is also a vampire... interesting twist...
Sharpay.Evans IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 10:08am | IP Logged
goood 1!!!!
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
:::Update 27:::Hysteria:::

Panchi read Pia's mind involuntarily unable to control her powers. She was stunned to discover that Pia was indeed her half sister through her father's extra marital affairs. He'd done the dirty on her mother and produced Pia. The emotional backlash Pia had was frighteningly overwhelming. Panchi's eyes darkened but she felt no anger towards Pia but felt like she was her kindred spirit. Panchi saw through Pia's dark eyes swirling with the moonlight.

Panchi felt her mind linked with Pia's mystifying her further (Pia i didn't know. U are my baby sister and all this time i have thought of U as a friend. I am such an idiot. I was so self absorbed that i never saw this. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all on your own and for all of this.)

Pia assured Panchi mentally (Panchi i am fine with this really. I should have come clean about who i was but remained silent just so U could continue to live peacefully without dragging any of my baggage. It is I who should apologize for dragging U into this nightmare. Sid only wanted to avenge his sadistic plan to hurt both Abhay and me splitting us up forever using U as a pawn and letting Maithali gain absolute power by draining me dry last night. Only now U paid the price for his insanity and Sid is dead, while Abhay is lost to us with the vampire Queen. This all seems like a bad movie of a horror story doesn't it? Unfortunately this is all a reality and i am trying to process it. Can U ever forgive me for dragging U into this back hole?)

Panchi showed Pia mentally just how much she loved Pia now more so than ever before (Its all in the past now Pia. Its how we move on from here. I can't believe what a fool i am for thinking Sid really loved me. The wretched monsters ruined me  forever. I'm not even human now Pia and neither are U. How are we going to adjust to a life in darkness. I'd rather die Pia. I can't believe U are joining hands with the woman who tried to kill U. Maithali is poison. She wants Abhay Pia. She will backstab U.)

Pia saw Maithali's balck eyes stare into hers (Panchi she won't do it. She wants Abhay back to us. Maybe she doesn't want him to be with me but she does want him to get away from the Queen. Maithali will never bear to see Abhay with another woman be it me or the Queen. Hell i would do the same too. Its what U do when U truly love someone.)

Maithali formed a link with Panchi and Pia (I can sense them girls. They are somewhere far away from all of us in Egypt. We've already gathered all the vampire superiors to their location. It won't be long now. Pia can U sense Abhay yet or is he still blocking U?)

Panchi confused (How can U sense Abhay; Pia? Isn't the Queens influence greater than Abhay's?)

Maithali responded curtly showing a hint of jealousy at the mere thought that Abhay loved Pia more than her making Pia squirm at Maithalis mind blast (Its because Abhay is etched in Pia due to her humane aspect of her existence. See Pia never died but the vampire venom from all three of us had this effect on Pia. Pia is etched in Abhay in a way no mortal or supernatural can ever be. They are in sync with each other on a more cosmic level. I can't explain it fully but they have gone beyond the call of nature. I suppose it is their undying love for each other  has surpassed even the balance of the universe. They have transcended beyond all barriers simply because they are one SOUL. One ENTITY. I didn't even think this was possible but it appears that a human can really make the difference. Only Pia can reach Abhay. Chand, Haseena and I are irrelevant.)

Pia wanted to console Maithali (I'm sorry. I know all this is hurting U.)

Maithaly gave out an exasperated laugh (Pia oh Pia i am saddened by my own over confidence in thinking that only i loved Abhay with a purity that nobody can compete with little did i know a human had the capability of loving Abhay with a purity that a vampire like myself could never compete with. Yes i still Love Abhay and i can't change how i feel. He is my obsession Pia and has been for a long time. Longer than even your grand parents existence. I just never thought Abhay would move on with a human. Sorry now U are a vampire i was expecting the purity U had would disappear but it hasb't has it? Its only strengthened U and your bond with Abhay. I envy U Pia and i can't even  do anything about it because doing so will only make Abhay hate me more than he already does. I can't live with his hate Pia. I'm not strong enough to bear his detestation.)

Pia heard Maithali's emotions run wild into despair (This is a real mess Maithali. I know i am the cause of your pain and for this forgive me but if Abhay loved U now then trust me i'd back off. Its what one does for the one they love.)

Maithali gazed into Pia's eyes to see the genuine tone in them (I know Pia. I have seen how much Abhay loves U first hand. He gave himself over to the Queen for U. )

Chand and Haseena remained focused (They are almost there. The superiors have found a shiled. It must them)

Pia honed in on her connection to Abhay unblocking his shield with force (They are here. In this pyramid. Abhay is draining a human of its blood.)- Abhay U can't!

They hurried all the way breaking down the defence of vampire minions one by one beheading them all.

Abhay had no choice but to let Pia through. She was very powerful. How could this be? She was a newborn. It wasn't possible but Akasha's blood would do this. Abhay was already addicted to her blood. He was filled with memories of Akasha's King. The brutality within this couple was very disturbing. Abhay revelled in the fear of his victims scaring the s**t out of him. It wasn't like him at all. Only Pia was his light. She was bringing an army of her own. Maybe they can save him from this hole he dug himself in. Abhay ahad to have Pia here to save him from this darkness but he fought hard to keep her at bay. Akasha was too powerful. Could they defeat her? Could he help them in this fight? Abhay had already witnessed her undying thrist for blood. Akasha was on a high and at this rate she'd wipe out the human race. Abhay had built a little resistance from Akasha's influence thanks to the Kings blood. If only he could say the same about her blood drugging him. Abhay was now falling so far it was beyond a joke. He loved blood again. He loved the fear in his victims again. Hell he enjoyed the hunt again. This was unsettling him yet he struggled to fight against his primal needs. How he had fallen? This too at an alarming rate. It was true what they said about someone on the wagon when they fell they fell hard and fast. At this rate there would be no humane side to him.

Akasha kissed Abhay feeding him her intoxicating blood-I know U want it Abhay. Drink.

Abhay's eyes blood red obeyed unable to stop himself guzzling her blood-I must stop! I have to stop. I must. Stop this.

Akasha was filled with contentment-Oh Abhay my love. This is why i love U so much. U fight so hard yet your resistance against my blood and firepower falls short. U are so cute and very naive if U think U can win in the battle of the wills. My blood is too much for U all Abhay. Don't U see there is only one thing that matters most for us vampires. Everything else is just trivial. Your love for Pia will weaken. My blood will cure U of all emotion Abhay. All U will be left with is just a hunger for me. Only i will satisfy U Abhay. The only reason U had this draw for Pia in the beginning was her likeness to your first love Maithali. See how easily U replaced her in your life. Pia will be the same as i merge into your mind fully taking over. The secret to why both of them look like me stems from a premonition from the Old one. Avampire Queen must have an achiles heel. A lookalike. Already i own U Abhay. U belong to me.

Abhay closed his eyes to fight back but she was right. Abhay felt a pang of disgust at himself loathing himself for allowing Akasha to get into his mind poisoning him from the inside. He invited her in. It was all down to him. It was a guilt he'd have to bear only Abhay was losing all the good qualities inside him. He was feeling the Kings blood finish his very self. Diminishing all that was good. He wanted to die. He'd rather finish himself than become the monster he'd always so desperately tried to avoid being. Yes the King was taking over him. Not the vampire but the evil within him was taking over. He just hoped help arrived soon so they'd put him out of his misery. He would give himself to Maithali to finish himself off. He would make the superiors end his existence. He had no chance with Akasha. She was right. She owned him. He feared Akasha was now embedded in his very existence. If she drank from him then Pia and Maithali would meet their doom.

Akasha's eyed narrowed in on Abhay seductively licking his face with her mouth-Abhay U really should stop doing the lost eyed look. It drives me mental. Normally i am only into the whole blood exchange which is the main reason i made U kill the king to replace him. This way i won't be tempted by your draw to kill U with my own blood addiction. U make me want to Love U more so the vampires in your mind are eradicated replaced by only me.

Abhay thickly answers-U are already a part of me my love. (How did she become his love? He doesn't love her but the king does. This could only happen to him. He mustn't allow her in.) You're blood flows in my body. I love U my Queen. (Abhay was beginning to really see the Queen as something more such was the allure of her beauty. He wasn't in love with her yet he loved her. It was all in her blood and he saw exactly how much she desired him burning him with her lustful ways.) I can't my Queen. Its not U. I'm a little old fashioned.

Akasha let out a triumphant laugh-I just don't want U to be a part of me Abhay. I want U in everyway. Mind, body and blood. It why i had the king killed to make U strong enough to outlive any vampire. Only i am strong enough to tame U my love. Can't U see there is no right or wrong? Just passion. I can see your eyes are already heating up for a little taste of me. Don't be shy.

Abhay protested-But i've only known U a few days. I don't do this.

Akasha fumed-Then if this is so important to U my liege then i shall hold a matrimonial ceremony. This way we are not committing a cardinal sin.

Abhay's eyes darkened-He was in a losing battle. This lady wasn't just demented, she was on a superiority complex. The Queen was pining for him and he partially wanted her. Her Blood spoke to him. It sang to him. It consumed him. Blood lust was dangerous and he had already killed a few humans out of sheer hunger. He couldn't get enough of the red nector. It was becoming too much.

Chand saw a trail of bodies with a bloody mess-This is the Queens handiwork.

Haseena felt the fear in the air-Abhay was here with her revelling in their despair. He'd never do this. Its not him.

Chand spoke in a pregnant pause-Abhay is under her control Haseena.Abhay has been compromised. Now he's to far gone we can't even reach him. His blood has been tampered with the Kings blood. All that is pure Abhay will be lost if we don't act fast. (Punches the pyramid walls.) Damn her for doing this and damn Abhay for being the martyr.

Haseena sniff closing her eyes for a little concentration creasing her forehead moving her head side to side then opens them-Abhay's got the Bloodlust. My son is under a horrific test.

Chand heard the others coming-Indra is on his way, Urvashi and another 8 superiors. I hope they can shed some light.

Pia forged another connection forcing through Abhay's shields (Let me in Abhay. Let me in.)

Abhay attempted to block her out but Pia's will won over as he struggled for dominance (Pia i told U to back off. Akasha is within these confine. I won't be able to save U. Pia heed my warning. Just leave. I am only a monster now Pia. I deserve what i get but U deserve so much more than this. Don't risk your life for me.)

Pia responded (In case U haven't noticed i'm a monster too Abhay. I am a vampire just like U now so quit the bul. Theres a monster in all of us. Be it human or even the supernatural to the animals. We have our fair share of madness but we can't let it rule over us Abhay. If U deem yourself as a monster then so are the rest of us ok. Honey please don't shut down on us.)

Abhay glumly showed Pia images he had hoped would turn Pia away out of disgust on what Akasha had plans to do with him this very night (I can't hold on Pia. She is far too strong. I underestimated her power over me. Its just a matter of time)

Pia saw what the Queen wanted from Abhay. His mind being too weak due to the Bloodlust (If she so much as even touches U or even kisses U then i will kill her Abhay even if i have to die myself to do it. I won't allow another woman to lay her claim on U. Now U better fight for our love Abhay because otherwise all this would have been in vain. I didn't turn just to see U become somebody elses. Do U hear me. Fight for our Love Abhay. Fight for me. Fight for us and more importantly for yourself. Don't let her steal U away from me. I swear i'll get your folks to finish the job off. Do U hear me. I am on to all of your tricks Abhay. Nothing U show me will make me turn my back on U Abhay Raichand.)

Abhay laughed (I should have known your stubborn streak would be my undoing. I will fight Pia but his control over me is too strong. I can't hold him out forever. Give Mom and Dad my love and thank Maithali for me.)

Pia nodded (Will do. Oh by the way Panchi is here with us. She's been turned by your brother. She says Hi back)

Abhay growled (Another victim falls prey to my brother. Even in death he manages to make me burn inside. Tell her i'm sorry.)

Pia consoles Abhay (She know Abhay. Just hold on Abhay for us. Help is on its way. Indra and Urvashi are already here to give us their support. The superiors are on their way. We will stop her Abhay.)

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Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
AWsome update luved it continue cant waite for the part thnx for th pm xx

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karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
fanatastic part dear...
vry vry nice...
plz plz cnt soon.
luv u

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
awesome update.
loved it.

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