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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 11)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 5:07am | IP Logged

 :::Precap-Be My Valentines:::

The next day brought in a clearer picture for Pia as she realized Abhay didn't get mad at her for being too nosy. Like he used to before. He was probably used to it by now she thought. Then again Abhay was always surprising her. Misha was still mad at Pia for bailing out on her. She wasn't going to babysit Misha through this feud she had going on between T and Tracker. It was just too childish. Misha could handle the evil twosome on her own. She was good at it. Frankly Pia just didn't have time with her ongoing investigation on Abhay. Her entire time was swallowed up by chasing after a phantom ghost because no matter what excuses Abhay gave her she wasn't falling for it again.


Misha grinned-Hey sleepy head come out of the dream world already. We got an interesting day ahead of us at college remember.

Pia-How could I forget? It's been aired on the telecom at College everyday. So am I forgiven for last night?

Misha thought about it-I'll let you off the hook for today doesn't mean I'm going soft.

Pia got out of bed stretching her arms-I'd never call you soft Misha. Hitler maybe?

Misha scowled at Pia-Oy I'm here you know. I'm not that bossy you know.

Pia laughed out loud-I know! So what have you got in store for Shaurya?

Misha let out her sullen face-I don't know. T's the one with all the answers.

Pia put her hand on Misha's shoulder-Don't worry between you and me we'll both come up with something.

Misha to Pia-What about your plans for Abhay?

Pia had wished something big would happen-Who know's I'm taking each day as they come with Abhay there's no telling what he has up his sleeve. I'm not even sure if we are even together.

Misha chuckled-Both of our love lives are so complicated. How did we even get to this?

Pia wished she knew-Maybe it was written in the stars? But I'm a firm believer in hope. In love. We'd better go before Shaurya is ambushed by the she lions.

Misha-Not she lions but witches man. You don't know how they were circling Shaurya last night. It was creepy.

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
hei give us a valentine's spl by today wud b very niceSmileSmileSmile

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
Hey Dear d Precap Sounds very Intresting... So when r u gonna update... Plz try 2 do it by 2day or 2moro... Do pm me.. lol..

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taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
gr888 part dear

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged

 :::Be My Valentine::: 

It was end of College the surrounding were filled with a red themed feel. Someone had gone to some extra levels to impress some lucky girl or boy? Misha had never bothered about this before but when she'd discovered it was all T's idea to lure Shaurya to Tracker this sickened her to the pit of her stomach. Damn T always had to go that extra mile. She was making money out of the occasion too using her bimbo's to do all the work selling Roses of different occasions. Red for Love, Pink for something on the horizon, Yellow for friendship and white for waving the white flag. Peace. Stupid T and her rubbish ideas to make money. She was charging very high for a woman of no standards. Misha watched Shaurya heading off for the day. He was stopped by Tracker and T.

Tracker-Hi Shaurya i came to give U a red Rose. All the girls and boys are presenting it the person they like the most.

T beamed flicked her hair as if she were some supermodel-Do U like it?

Shaurya-So cute thanks I'm flattered. I can put them next to all the other roses in my car boot.

Tracker sank down-But i got it especially for U.

Shaurya grins-So did all the others. I have an allergy to flowers. I'll pass them all to my Mom she'll love them.

T moped-Allergy to flowers what kind of excuse is that man? Anyways if you can't take the flowers then at least make up for it with a date.

Tracker stomped her feet-What are U doing T?

T finished-With my friends Ruhi! She's been dying to ask U out ever since last night but U were giving us the run-around.

Shaurya backed off-Now girls this is sweet and all but I'm not interested.  This has to stop. I know i'm hot and the ladies want a piece of me but theres only one me and i can't take all of U out on one night. Besides i'm already going out on a mystery date.

T  was stunned but not surprised with the result. Winning a date for despo Tracker was beyond her. she wasn't beautiful. Highly needy and so annoying-With whom? It's the least U can do is tell us.

Shaurya thought he might as well spill and get the girls off his back-Abhay arranged it. He thought we'd double date for a change. An ice breaker for a newcomer like me.

T mocked-So U don't know who the girl U could be dating looks like?


T flung her arms in the air showing her disapproval-Eugh what kind of guy are U dating that too blind date. The girl could be Ugly or worse someone down the social ladder.

Shaurya was peeved-No i gotta go bye. Ruhi i'm sure some cute guy is waiting for U but it's not me. T learn to be humane maybe that way U can actually keep a guy. Bye!

Shaurya left a red faced T behind fuming while Tracker was heartbroken again. T started ranting at Tracker for her humiliation at the expense of helping her. T started bitching about Pia and Misha and how stupid they were. T was fuming that Abhay had planned this whole thing out and she already had an idea on who the date was Misha. Pia was helping Misha. Abhay had a thing for Pia. So the numbers added up.

Abhay and Pia

Abhay skipped College altogether. He hated the whole Valentines Day thing worldwide for over 50 years watching people celebrate it while he was looking on from beyond the shadow. He arrived at College to make sure Pia was safe but as soon as he'd seen the red streamers, red ballons, red everything. It p****d him off. He could never have that special person in his life. The one woman he'd love forever. He had two women he would ever eternally love. One that died in the fire and one that was lighting him on fire just by her mere presence. It reminded him of everything he could never truly ave because whatever he touched decimated into ashes. He saw the flowers which reminded him of Pia. She embodied what the very plant was beautiful in every way possible yet so delicate that one little scratch on it and the flower would die. Pia's spying on his family background would cost her dearly and Abhay didn't know if he can save her from the wrath of his clan. There were far too many. Abhay had decided he'd go for a long walk somewhere and then head back to pick Pia up after College to help Misha. Why did he even agree to a double date with Shaurya just to make this all look viable as an innocent get together with a few friends. Just to celebrate the occasion of Valentines. Yes as bizarre as it was it was an excuse to get Misha and Shaurya together so Pia wouldn't worry about her friend. He was wishing he never came up with the idea now. It was almost impossible to avoid Pia. She was always in his life and what scared him the most was he enjoyed having her there.  

Pia was excited about the whole date. It was officialy Abhay and her first ever date as a couple though Abhay had strictly warned her it was all for Misha. Now that stung her as she wore her scarlet long red dress with slits going down the sides. So when she twirled it would flow all around. Pia knew she was making it obvious and she didn't care. This night be it for show was all about showing Abhay that they belonged together no matter what he said. Their lives were meant to be as one. She knew this in her very soul. Pia applied a bright red lipstick. A bit much but Abhay was going to be floored. Pia watched Misha scramble into one of Pia's chosen outfits which was also a scarlet red but in a mini. Misha thought she looked good but who knew. The door bell rang. S**t they were here. Misha didn't even put on her heels yet. Or her earrings. Bloody hell she was turning into a girl.

Pia-I'll go answer it. U take your time OK.

Pia went down the stairs and let the boys in. Shaurya just whistled so loud Abhay could hear the ringing. It annoyed him to think Pia was going all out despite him warning her not to read too much into it.

Shaurya first to speak-Wow Pia U look amazing. Sorry bro if i'm overly being over complimentary but girl U are smoking hot.

Abhay just stood there expressionless. Actually he was speechless. Pia always blew him away. That was the magic of Pia. She never needed to do anything to make him want her. He just did. But watching her as this siren trying to seduce the hell out of him was too much to handle. Abhay was no saint. How the hell was he supposed to keep a straight head with all the racy thoughts going through his head?

Pia was still trying to read Abhay-Thank U Shaurya at least someone had the decency to say something nice unlike some? (Pia glared at Abhay. How could he keep so still)

Shaurya gives Pia a red rose-A rose for a rose.

Pia kissed Shaurya's cheeks-Thank U. It's my first one that too from a handsome man like U. I'll just go get U some drinks. We are nearly ready.

Abhay bore into Pia's eyes trying to figure out what game Pia was playing? He was ticked off she kissed Shaurya's cheeks-U look nice. (In a monotone voice)

Pia rolled her eyes-Nice! I'll see U in three.

Pia headed to the kitchen. She put so much effort to knock Abhay's socks off and all he said was nice. The man was infuriating to say the least. Or maybe he was p****d off at her for kissing Shaurya. She readied two glasses of pink Champaign Panchi had specially ordered for the date.

Shaurya to Abhay-Dude if that's your way of impressing Pia it's not going to work. Put some love to it. I can't believe U didn't even bring her a flower.

Abhay-I don't do flowers because i kill them. I'm not good with delicate things. Pia and I aren't supposed to be going heavy on the dating yet. It's too soon. Its awkward. Being friends to something deeper.

Shaurya didn't get it-U like Pia and she like U i can see it by the twinkle in her eyes Abhay. She's a great girl don't mess her about.

Abhay to Shaurya-Misha's a nice girl U don't mess with her got it?

Shaurya smiled-I get it. Trying to protect your friends is sweet that's why i like U. Thanks for organising this because now i got the witches off my back.

Abhay-Good to know.

Misha and Pia enter the room and both men are full on drooling over their respective dates. Shaurya knew it was Misha he was going out with but wanted it to be a secret from T. Pia gave them the drinks and headed out after a few more complimentaries to a Thai restaurant.

Abhay and Shaurya let the girls sit first getting their chairs out for them. Then sat down to a soothing atmosphere with love songs playing in the background.

Misha smiles nervously as she follows Pia's lead. She'd never dated anyone before let alone Shaurya. How did Abhay mange to get them a date she wondered? Why was he helping them out? Because of Pia she though. Obvious dude keep the firend happy then U keep the girlfriend happy. Shame Abhay and Pia were too stubborn to get their acts together and actually make a go of it. The waiters came round and Misha ordered her usual while Pia opted for the fish cakes for her starter. The Shaurya just went the full hog. While Abhay appeared like he was a man on a special diet. He didn't want a starter just the main.

Abhay-So Misha how are U finding all of this? I know a double date was out of the blue and U weren't expecting this.

Misha saw Shaurya's eyes meeting hers in the middle-It's all cool actually. I find this is normal like four friends hanging out.

Abhay-That's what i thought. I wanted to give us time out from the nightmare we've faced in the past. Start afresh with new friends. That's U by the way Shaurya. And Misha i know we haven't always seen eye to eye but Pia is what keeps us altogether. She's the glue. So her friends are well my friends.

Misha's eyes just bulged out practically out of her sockets-Woah Abhay U have really blown me away. I can see why Pia fell for U. You're a real charmer.

Shaurya-Lets raise a toast. (All pick their glasses up)To friends!

All clash their glasses against each others-To friends.

The mains arrive. Abhay starts digging in as Pia, Shaurya and Misha look on. Abhay-I like raw meat. Pate's are nice U want to try some.

Misha grossed out-I'll pass on that. Looks like no kiss from U tonight.

Pia blushed deep pink-This is nice. The noodles are Yum.

Shaurya to Misha-So am i the date U expected Misha? Do i pass the first round?

Misha gave Shaurya a cheeky grin-It's early days mister! We still have desert left.

Pia teased Shaurya-Someones keen?

Shaurya retreated-No i'm just saying in general.

Misha-So when are we hitting the floor people?

Pia-U want to dance.

Abhay-Of course she wants to dance. She's Misha. She can't sit still in one place for more than a minute.

Pia-It is a little too hot in here.

Abhay-Is it?

Pia-I think it's the chillis. I ordered extra spicy and now i feel like my mouth is gone. Forget that i can feel the steam out of my ears.

Misha burst out laughing-That is so funny Pia. U are always saying U can handle the heat. Here drink some water.

Pia takes a big gulp down her throat. Abhay started to get a little worried-It's Ok Abhay i'm not going to die.

Misha-That's a bit harsh.

Pia-Well can U blame me? He hasn't said a good word to me and as soon as i'm in trouble he gets all alpha male like some ape.


Pia-Pia what?

Misha stops the two-Now Kid's stop bickering over nothing. I'm sure Abhay's nervous. After all he's not used to communicating with the rest of us. And Bravo to him for helping out a friend in need.

Shaurya-Now will U both kiss and make up. I really want to dance.

Abhay gives Pia his hands to take her to the floor-Pia i'm sorry! Will U be my Valentine and give me the honour of a dance.

Pia brushed her fury aside-All U had to do was ask.

Shaurya to Misha-What he said? Lets dance.

All four couple headed to the middle as the violins played with the band. All Four hand in hand for their first dance.

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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awesum Tongue 
i liked da way abhay ask her <3
thnkz for da pm 

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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awww aysha!! that was soo cute!!! I loved it!! Omg abhiya and miya's first date!! too good!! waiting for the next update!! continue soon and thanks for the pm...

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