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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 108)

taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
amazing update...

bmtdluver IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
sweet but sad part
tj_black Senior Member

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
really amazed by ur superb writing...but a bit sad for this update...thaks for the pm 
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged

:::Precap 26:::Numbified:::

They were united by Abhay's sacrifice. Maithali had felt selfish for allowing Abhay to get taken by Akasha. It was all her fault. If only she hadn't been so blinded by her obsession to win Abhay back. To get one over Pia and gain immense Power then this would never have happened. Maithali felt sadness in the loss of Sidharth. After all he did sire her as a vampire but her greatest loss was Abhay. It cut throgh her icy heart. Maithali was kicking herself for this madness engulfing both Pia and herself into a darkness they didn't know they could escape. Abhay was lost to them forever. Maithali stood helpless watching her take Abhay. He was turning to the dark side. After all Akasha's blood was pure gold. Her blood was the most potent and Abhay was now under her spell. Her blood would bind him to her forever. The only hope was to end her existance meaning all vampires would perish. Maithali had taken Pia somewhere safe so she could turn with ease.
Pia was lost to the world. Her heart felt like it was shattered into a million pieces. Her mind was rushing through all the images from her human life scrutinizing every memory. Every person she'd ever met to the love of her life Abhay. Pia remained still unable to get herself out of her darkness. Why couldn't she get up? Why wasn't Abhay there with her? Why could she hear herself comfort her. Actually why was she speaking to herself like she was a second person? It just didn't make sense. Pia's body felt extremely heavy. Was she alive? Was she dead? Pia was panicking. Big time

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kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged
So now Maithli is full of regrets. And Pia has she turned to a vampire completely. The frustration in Maithli is depicted very well. Waiting to know if Abhay has actuallly turned to the dark side or does the love for Pia holding some goodness in him ...
poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
nice precapClapClap
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 1:41pm | IP Logged

:::Update 26:::Numbified:::

Chand and Haseena arrived at the location of the event that transpired the night long gone. All that was left were the echoes of silence. Chand closed his eyes to gather all the date from the previous night. He retraced Abhay's steps getting the full replay passing the same image to Haseena. Abhay had already sacrificed himself to be by Akasha's King. Now they had a real fight on to stop Abhay from fully turning into an empty vacuum like Akasha was. Chand saw the torn emotion running through Abhay's head. He'd been partially brainwashed now. Abhay belonged to Akasha and there was no way of winning him back. The more Abhay drank from Akasha the more closer he got to her. It was just a matter of time. Pia was bitten three times on three nights by three different vampires meaning her link was to all three vampires Akasha, Abhay and Maithali. All three had a hand in siring her. Chand found comfort in knowing that Pia was now one of them. She was no longer human. MAYBE THERE WAS A WAY AFTER ALL. Hope was not lost. Chand had to find Maithali and Pia. Abhay was already linked with Pia on a spiritual level. They were one soul so Pia in vampire form should be easily be able to access Abhay's head. Haseena knelt beside Sid's lifeless corpse. She touches his blood with her fingers then scrunched her face.

Haseena's eyes watered with red blood staining her cheeks. Her heart maybe dead but she mourned the loss of Sid and now Abhay-Abhay my son. How will i find U? How will we get U back? Forgive us son for being too late. We tried to find someone to help us but they are too late. All is lost. Whay has Akasha done to U my son. She can't kill Abhay. She can't. She has already killed Sid. How many times did we warn Sid to leave the past alone. Now his heart is ripped out of him. He must have p****d Akasha off big time. I knew his mouth would land him in trouble. Sid if only U listened. If only U left Maithali well alone.

Chand wipes away Haseena's tears-Blood tears Haseena. This is the deepest form of emotion causing U to shed blood as tears. Abhay can be found Haseena. Its not impossible yet. We must persevere my Love. Abhay's antidote is Pia. We were just too blind to see it but now she's turned i can see it all very clearly.

Haseena scowls-Pia is Abhay's antidote then where the hell is she? She can't have turned so fast.

Chand chipped in helpfully-I'm afraid she's already blossomed into a beautiful vampire. Akasha's bite was the done deal. Now this moon is over and done with Pia is a full on Vampire. I can sense her.

Haseena's voice broken-Pia! This is all your fault.

Chand corrected Haseena-No this is all our fault my Love. Pia was only instrumental in Abhay's disappearance. We hit the final nail on the coffin by turning both Sid and Abhay not even thinking about the consequences. Sid had turned Maithali resulting in this domino effect. We are the real cuprits not Pia. Abhay wouldn't want us to fight like this and that too with Pia.

Haseena's eyes darkened-I know Chand i am just hurting and need a punching bag. We must find Abhay fast. Reach out to Pia. She has Abhay's blood running through her. Where is she?

Chand closed his eyes tight concentrating on Pia's faint heartbeat-She's with Maithali. Come we must hurry and get to Pia fast. Time is of the essence.

Haseena cursed-That paragon of all evil better have not poisoned my son to no return Chand i swear i will kill that vampire b***h with my bare hands.

Chand calmed Haseena down taking her into his arms caressing her face and rushing towards Pia who was laying still beside Maithali who was looking like she'd creid a pint of blood herself. Chand saw the guilt setting in on her face. Maithali didn't even bother to turn around. She remained still like a statue. All she was focused on was keeping her promise she gave to Abhay.

Chand places Haseena down and strokes Pia' still body-The transformation is almost complete. Pia needs blood Haseena. Go hunt something for her. Akasha's venom running through Pia will be too much. Pia needs something diluted.

Haseena nodded heading away into the woods on her lonesome catching a prey for Pia returning back with it. She fed some of the fresh blood to Pia as she took a few sips feeling very groggy. Pia stirred in her wake she was feeling a surreal moment. Vampires surrounded her. Maithali's eyes were hooked on Pia's slight movement while Chand and Haseena steadied Pia. Pia shook her head finding this new sensation a little too overwhelming. He body felt stiff while her heart barely made a noise. Everything was sharper. It all looked more like she'd been viewing her surroundings with a magnifying glass. These people were so beautiful.

Pia remained in awe of the vampires and then snap. Her mind had a vision of Abhay filling her every thought. Pia screamed-ABHAY!!!!!!! Where is Abhay? Abhay. Oh Abhay!

Haseena tried to catch Pia as she spun away running away from the vampires-Pia my child wait!

The trio followed Pia to where she'd last seen Abhay. Chand was the fastest caught up with Pia-Pia look into my eyes.

Pia refused carrying on in her pursuit to find Abhay frantically repaeating his name like it was some kind of mantra-Abhay answer me. Find me like U always find me. Abhay (Pia's tears freely flowed down her cheeks as her gaze longed for her beloved) Please Abhay come back to me . Abhay. Abhay! ABHAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maithali reached out to Pia soothing her voice-Abhay's left us Pia. He left to save us. He's with Akasha.

Pia saw Sid's body with his heart ripped out. The merciless vampire got his comeuppance at the hands of Akasha. It was all coming back to Pia. Abhay's parting words she'd heard him tell Maithali to keep an eye out for her. Abhay had done all this for her. He left her so she could live but what was the point of living if she wasn't with him. Life without Abhay would be unearable. It would be like living in hell without her mate. Pia's failing heart couldn't withstand the sharp stab of emotion she'd been feeling. Everything hurt. Her head was pounding thunderously like she'd been hit over the head. Her bleeding heart cried for ABHAY. Her pale face desperately tried to hold back the emotions from letting on how much she was hurting but failed miserably. Pia fell to the floor clutching at her necklace screaming Abhay's name. Her head repeated his name till she got an answer from the man himself.

Abhay's mind joined Pia's (Don't seek me out Pia. It is not safe. Akasha is still with me. U must forget me. We can never be together. It is too late. I belong to Akasha.)

Pia vowed inside her head (I will not rest till I get U back ABHAY. This is a promise from me to U.)

Chand saw Pia's face strained and heard a little of their connection-Pia's reached out to him. Haseena. This means all is not lost. We can still get our son back.

Maithalo comforted Pia rubbing her back-U need a little breather Pia. You've used so much of your energies on reaching Abhay its drained U out. For a new born vampire its quite a gift U have.

Pia's eyes flew open in shock-I'm a what?

Maithali regretfully answered-A fledgling vampire Pia. I'm so sorry. My intention was to suck your life force out for power and to win Abhay over. Akasha bit U making it three bites over this special month meaning U are automatically turned into a vampire Pia. Abhay had already bit U the first time hence your transformation is now complete with this blood intake.

Pia wasn't happy about becoming a vampire but she had no time to think about this new revelation. Pia had to think about Abhay. Her love was lost to the mother of all vampires-I can't process this right now Maithali. All i want is Abhay back nothing else matters. Uncle U must help me find him. I have to get him away from Akasha. He is slowly losing himself. I fear we may lose him foereve.

Chand was in agreement-Pia i think both of U are better off with us now. We can take care of U both. Teach U our way of living. Humans are a temptation for a new vampire. Abhay would want us to show U the ropes.

Pia nodded along-Ok. I 'm up for it.

Haseena finished solemnly-You'll have to avoid meeting your friends for the time being Pia. Once U adapt to vampire life we'll take baby steps.

Pia embraced Haseena-Thank U Auntie. (Between sobs) We will find him together.

Haseena pats Pia's back gently with her voice sounding like it was the sweetest music she'd ever heard-U and Abhay have a link nobody can break Pia. We will undo this spell he's under Akasha is powerful and invinsible but our elders are uniting together. She will be stopped.

Pia hugs Maithali-I know we got off on a bad note Maithali but i hope we can start a fresh. I know Abhay is the reason U hate me but i am willing to work with U for him. Thank U for helping me even though U wish me dead. U honoured Abhays wish.

Maithali smiled but masked her raw feelings of a bittersweet moment. Pia was truly above her head. The girl nearly died at her hands but still maintained this purity as a vampire this was unheard of. No wonder Abhay was besotted with her-When U truly love someone Pia U are bound by their happiness. His wish was to keep U safe and its my duty to uphold his wish. I am not doing this out of guilt but out of love for Abhay. In another time we could have been good friends Pia. Only problem is we both love Abhay. I can now see he only loves U. I guess my evil acts have put him off of me.

Pia comforted Maithali-Its not true Maithali. Abhay has always loved U. He probably always love U but i got in the way. I'm so far gone i doubt i can even seize to live a day without him in my thoughts.

Maithali shrugged in a whisper-As a vampire this feeling only gets amplified Pia meaning U can never let go of Abhay just like i can never do the same.

Pia smiled in acknowledgement-Then why don't we agree to love the same man and not let it ruin the goal we both share. Find Abhay and bring him back.

Maithali was up for it-I can do this Pia. To Abhay.

Pia shaked Maithali's hand-To Abhay.

Chand hated soppy moments-If the sister act is complete i suggest we get out of here and head home.

Haseena motioned to Sid carrying his dead body-I am not leaving Sid's body. He will get his last rites. I want him to move on to the next life.

Chand could care less-Sid doesn't deserve this Haseena.

Haseena's dark eyes glowed-He is still my son. I must do this. Abhay would want this for his brother.

Pia held Sid's heart-Uncle Auntie is right. Abhay would want his brother to rest in peace.

Maithai, Chand, Haseena and Pia all moved to the Raichand villa. They finished Sid's last rites.

Akasha took Abhay to Egypt

The place was scorching hot but her blood kept Abhay cool they reached to the pyramids where Akasha had laid to rest. Abhay saw the bodies all piled up. It didn't surprise him at all to see the blood bath. Akasha had an insatiable appetite. Why did she bring him here he thought. He'd been missing Pia so much. Abhay felt numbified from the whole nightmare he'd lived. He never wanted Pia to be a vampire. He wanted a normal life for her. Not one where she was a monster like him. She was an Angel who his cursed existence had forced her to fall from her pedestal into the abyss. He was relieved to know Pia was being looked after by Maithali. He'd hoped his absence would make her heart melt. That his sacrifice would show Maithali what love was really supposed to be about. He doubted she really would feel any form of remorse. Pia's cries had almost left him paralysed. The pain in her voice made him want to go to her but he was Akasha's slave. She owned him now. The blood he was drinking was so intoxicating he feared he'd ever want to leave.

Akasha pointed to the empty throne in her commanding voice-See the statue over there. (Abhay saw a man) I want U to drain his life force until he is no more.

Abhay taken back by this order-Why my Queen?

Akasha hissed raising her voice-Do as i say or do U want me to make an example?

Abhay closed his eyes picturing Pia-No. (He went to the statue figure and bit into it draining its blood. His eyes grew black changing colour. He realised who this was. Akasha's husband. Her companion. Her consort. The vampire King. He was draining him of his essence. Abhay saw the monstrocity both he and the Queen had committed in the eons of time they'd ruled the Earth. They'd ravaged humans quenching their unending thirst and eventually resigned from the boredom of continuity. Abhay had killed the king of vampires.) There i have done as U asked of me my Queen.

Akasha hysterically laughed uncontrollably as her voice filled the pyramids-Now U are fit to sit beside me Abhay. Now U are deemed fit to be my King. The blood is of the highest pedigree my Love. Soon we will rule them all. U will forget the has beens and they will serve U as their master. Together we will be complete.

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome part.
loved it.

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