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FF I Was Made To Love You Precap on Page 61 (Page 37)

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that is why I'm dhamkaofying youEvil SmileROFLROFLROFL

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Originally posted by amnaM

that is why I'm dhamkaofying youROFL

you are evil like your mama ROFL ROFL
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Originally posted by yoga23priya

Originally posted by amnaM

that is why I'm dhamkaofying youROFL

you are evil like your mama ROFL ROFL


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This is dedicated to Prashuuu.... Embarrassed
Congo Shongo for getting 88% Clap

hope you all like it.........



Avdhesh and Sheila stood there stunned when Nihal said Arpitha mom and hugged her then for a second Arpitha looked at Avdhesh her eyes widened when she realized Avdhesh came to know that Nihal is there son then she couldn't controll her sobs.

"Arpitha what the - "Maya realized the situation when she noticed Avdhesh stood her frozen."OMG!!!!! i am so sorry Arpitha, i don't know that he is there" she apologized Arpitha but she was staring at Avdhesh while he managed to walk them and his eyes were only on Nihal.when Nihal saw Avdhesh approaching he left his mother's embrace went to him ignoring Arpitha silent  protest.

"No Nihal come near Mom" Arpitha warned him but he went near Avdhesh and stopped  then there was a complete silent when Nihal stood in front of him. everyone around them were staring with curiosity while Sheila is the one has not recovered from her shock.

"OMG!!!! who is he Arpitha?" Sheila asked Arpitha shockingly and no one bothered to answer her question as they were staring at father and son then she let a sob no its no avail. 

Brown eyes meet Black ones.

"Are you my Father,Sir?" Nihal asked only breaking the silence but his eyes staring at his Father curiously and everyone around except Avdhesh, Arpitha and Maya were Stunned.

It was fact which no one can denied because he was split image of his father except his eyes which matched his mother then Sheila started sobbing but no tears were flowing her eyes and no paid any attention on her.

While Avdhesh was one who recovered from shock and dropped his knees then touched his son face lovingly, he too began shaking uncontrollably also tears were flowing from his eyes but he was just staring at miniature version of himself and it was stunned to see the cold,ruthless,egoist, emotionless business man who can get whatever he want crying.

"Whh What is your name Son? " he asked him and also tear continuously spilling from his eyes.

Then Arpitha youngest Co-worker Neha said loudly "Of course the full name of Nihal is Nihal Singh Thakur and we always wondered if Arpitha mam adopted him or not but--- " before she could continue more Maya clasped her mouth.

"Shut up" she said

"Nihal, sir" Nihal said then in a strong voice he said "Nihal Singh Thakur " as if he a dropped a bomb.

Finally Sheila got her senses back and stopped her fake sobbing then she went near Nihal.

"Is this your idea of a joke, Arpitha? Is it some kind of a mean joke?" Sheila Shouted at Arpitha Then, before anyone knew what she was about to do, she approached Nihal and grabbed his neck. She began shaking him hard. "Well? Answer me, boy!"

Arpitha eyes flashed with anger then she shouted at Sheila.

"Will you stop manhandling my son Sheila " after hearing Arpitha voice Sheila was stunned she was more scared of  her first time in her life and left Nihal then Arpitha took the opportunity took her son from Sheila and checked him.

"Your son ha Arpitha " she whispered then " What you have a son already without being married so i was right about you after all " she said dramatically then she turned her triumph saying  "this is the reason from past six year you didn't come home ha dear step sis." before she could talk any nonsense more about Arpitha which Avdhesh couldn't take more but stood there silently.

"You're wrong" Arpitha said and was silent was she doesn't want to reveal anything.

"Ah ha Arpitha and you have even guts to give him Avdhesh surname ha? what a ambitious women are you?" Sheila started again and these was moment were Arpitha saw real Sheila again whom hates not despise with passion after the day she left her father's home and Sheila was looking ugly like montrous when she continued her ranting then said " is that what you are feeding your little boy that Avdhesh is his father and i knew you were never happy for me also wanted to destroy my life"

"Shut up Sheila" Arpitha retorted bitterly but still refusing to say anything but Nihal listen everything about he was so much terrified and shaking so Arpitha took him in her arms soothing him gently.

"Well boy let me say truth " she said harshly and the hatred on her face as if she will wring Nihal neck and want to kill him but Arpitha was calming him down kept an protective arm between her son and Sheila "your mom is liar boy she is feeding all lies about your father. " 

Nihal eyes were dangerous when Sheila said about his mom and his face resembles as Avdhesh when will be anger and Sheila was scared.

"My mom is not a liar miss ugly " Nihal said angrily and his small voice was so impressive " she didn't tell who my father was and it was me who found the picture" he took picture from his bag and pointed to Sheila.

"Nihal from where did you get this " Arpitha was shocked to see although she knew the answer.

It's was her wedding picture only besides the one which Nihal saw on that day when she said about him who was his father. in this pictures she was not alone with her Avdhesh was all there and they looked very happy in it and it was taken by Manjari and Ran vijay soon after they wedded.though she was not dress properly since it was her secret wedding but luckily she found a simple white wedding gown while Avdhesh was in suit and he was holding her in bridal style then the moment Ran Vijay was about to take picture she laughed  ans she was looking silly it was a perfect portrait of happiness but it was tore down and attached by type roughly obviously done by Nihal.

Avdhesh went forward and snatch the picture from him then he was staring for a while before returning to him and looking livid  If it was because Nihal brought the photo or because of the picture's pathetic state, Arpitha didn't know; she just assumed the former reason. He must be thinking she intentionally did this to destroy his relationship with Sheila. She wanted to deny that, but he was not even looking at her; before she could speak up, however,Nihal started talking again.

"I found it in your drawer, Mom'I taped it back, but I didn't do well'There was a lost piece, and I couldn't find it..." He explained guiltily, not looking at her at all.

Everyone who took a look at picture was stunned because no one know's why she left lallanpur and came back after 6 years and everyone want to know reason for it then they were staring at her but she was not looking at anyone else.

When Sheila stared at the pictures she started crying and this time it was real but still no one is bothered her then she thought she couldn't take more and so she decided to leave but when Avdhesh noticed that drama queen was about leave.

"Ah Sheila before you leave i want to say something you and everyone her that you are all mistaken Sheila the women you are talking with is my Wife whom still i am legally married and any word against my Pari  or my son swear i don't know what i will do" he said dangerous after that two person were stunned one is Sheila and other is Arpitha. 

She didn't except this and it was obviously not excepted.

"What does this mean Pari" Avdhesh asked softly to her but Arpitha was shaking uncontrollably because she knew her Jaanu very well he was same guy before six years she left him and it was false calm and she was refusing to meet his eyes.

Avdhesh was angry not furious that his Pari hid from me and she knew it was first time she was afraid of  him and the fear was eating inside her.

"Answer me Damn it " he shouted "six years ha we have a son and you didn't tell me? you refused to tell me when you could have but no you didn't and What -- you kept him away from six years " his tears began to fall and everyone gasped.

For a moment she don't know what to say and taken back in their sweet world but she controlled her emotions.

"Will you shut up and Don't shout at me"seeing only her Jaanu "Y-you have no right to do this no right to reprove what you have done to me not after what you did " her voice had so pain and hurt that soften the Avdhesh face "not after we went to our separate life and i won't allow you to take my baby from me please i beg you and you can't take him from me" Her tears started falling uncontrollably.

Avdhesh was no longer and his face was soften because he can't believe unknowingly he gave his Pari pain and want to embrace in his protective then never let go her but his pride won't allow it.

"What do you mean, 'not after what I did,Pari? Why did you leave me that day? Why didn't you tell me about your pregnancy?" He asked softly, wanting to cross the distance between them, to comfort Pari and tell her to start over again, with him, with their son. He wanted to tell her how much he wanted to be with her again; but instead, he stood his ground, even though it was killing him.

At this, Arpitha snorted, as if what he said was incredulous.

"it's too late now Jaanu--- it's too late " she said weekly dropped on her knees.

Once more, he wanted to embrace her, to imprison her in his arms, to take away her pains'But he knows just how proud his Pari is. He contented himself with a sigh.

"No! Why don't you just go away and leave us alone? You're going to have a new family'And I won't allow you to take him away! Never'never!" She said viciously, and he only looked at her with eyes that pierced her very soul.

"You really think I'd do that?" He looked hurt and as if he wanted to say something else, then he stopped on his tracks. His face became passive, and then he walked up to his son , who was cowering in a corner, crying silently from shock. Avdhesh's face filled with compassion, and love.

"No, you're wrong, Pari'This isn't over yet. When you are ready and okay, we'll talk again. We owe each other an explanation." He said softly as Arpitha muffled sobs pierced the silence. "And you'll tell me just what you mean by what you said." then he came near Nihal who was crying uncontrollably

"Hey S--Son" he wanted to kick himself for shuttering but quickly composed himself and said " I am sorry we met in this way and i didn't know about you but next time i may come to your home or take you to my home where you can meet your grand mother and everyone " On that Avdhesh Singh Thakur cried never liked before after that faithful day, then he hugged him and ruffled his hair.

"Good bye for now Nihal and i am sorry" he said and turned to Arpitha 

"We'll talk again and settle this for once and for all'" He told Arpitha as he turned to the door.

"'My wife." He added Softly then walked out of place.

waiting for you views and any mistake i'm sorry....feel free commentWink

(if you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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awwwww...It was dedicated to meEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love yaHeart

There were many parts which were awesome...!

This one is best.....StarClap Well Done Clap

Nihal is my Cochie PieEmbarrassed  Muaah!!

Btw, I seriously loved Avi when he said Sheila tht she cant say anything to Arpita...

Lovely bonding of Father and SonEmbarrassed........You have depicted emotions very well StarStar


Big Hugs fr you

Update It Soooooon.....Smile

I hope differences are solved sooonSmile

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Priya dear!!!!!HugHugHug

This is is the most awesome update..& the best one of ur FF till now!!ClapClap

"My mom is not a liar miss ugly " ROFLROFL ....Nihal boy is too good!!Clap

Loved Avdesh dhamakofying Sheila...she shud have deserved some more frm him...what a witch she is..trying to strangle a little kid..AngryAngry

& I love AVITA calling each other Pari & Jaanu..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hope their ego & pride problems are solved soon..OuchOuch

Just one question....will there be any romantic scenes in future..??LOL

Update soon..Hug

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Hye dear,
masala magic part dear.
I thought avi will slap shila on her activity she had done wid nihal.
I loved brave,frank nihal.
Nice part dear but this shila needs a tight. slap.

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