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FF I Was Made To Love You Precap on Page 61 (Page 28)

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This Update is dedicated to Prashu,Jess,Jo,Nila di,AngiEmbarrassed Wink

hope you like it.........

thanks for the sending me PM regarding updates  guys and i truly appreciate for liking my FF & OS even though i am not good writer..thank you very much Hug







Arpitha was staring gloomily outside her shop. It's been two weeks after Manjari's wedding, and the two are off on their honeymoon. Business has been terrible for the whole week, and it seems that this day is the worst yet.

She stood up from the counter, and started walking around the shop.

"Maybe we should close the shop earlier than usual today," She said with a sigh. "It's no use, nobody seems to want to get ma'" The words stopped abruptly when she heard the door swing open, and the wind chimes carried wonderful news: customers.

With a smile unfolding in her lips,she turned and greeted the newcomers.

"Good day, sir, ma'am! What can our shop offer'" Once again, she failed finishing her sentence as she saw who her customers were

"Avdhesh,Sheila" She said without a stutter, and congratulated herself silently for being able to compose herself quickly. "What brings you here, in my humble shop?"

"Ah, Arpitha,"Sheila started sweetly, "You see, we are getting married! And since you're my stepsister, I, um, we'decided to'"

"But that's impossible!" She blurted out loud, then quickly realizing what she said, blushed scarlet and bowed her head down. Her employees looked at them curiously.

"Forgive me. I mean, congratulations! Of course, I take it, you wish me to plan your wedding? For what else can you be here for?" She smiled at the pair in front of her, although she felt her heart break once more. "I can only be delighted!" Her voice sounded too hearty for her liking.

Yeah, I'll be delighted'to destroy your wedding, dear stepsister'

Then her thoughts drifted back to her own uncelebrated wedding. A bitter taste rose from her throat, to the back of her tongue.

why this have to happen to me life was perfect but after that day i lost everything...

" It will be wedding of the year ,you are famous man Fiancee and you are so lucky unlike some people your wedding is not going to be Hidden and Secret ..." Arpitha said looking at Avdhesh and seeing his face darken with anger. She quickly smiled, a smile that hid her satisfaction.

"Ah, love," Avdhesh said which made her cringe inside. "Will you leave me and your stepsister alone for a few minutes? I wish to settle an old score with her, and to talk about a very important matter." He was speaking to Sheila, but his eyes never left Arpitha's face.

"Can't I come, too, Honey?" Sheila said, a little too childishly.

"No, I'm afraid, love," He said, then added, "Please, just a moment?" And Sheila pouted her lips, like a child who lost her balloon.

"But, a few minutes only!" She said as they turned to her office.

"Follow me to the office, Avdhesh." She said indifferently, not bothering to wait for him. She feels deaf from the mad thudding of her heart.

She told her staff not to bother them, and once they entered, she gestured him toward a seat and closed the door behind her with a shut. Then she seated herself comfortably on her chair in front of the only desk.

For a moment, no one spoke. The tension was mounting; the silence deafening and overbearing that Arpitha chose to break the silence and have this confrontation over with.

"Ah. So, what is it that you wish to talk about in private, Avdhesh ji?" She said calmly, though she felt she was shaking inside.

"Will you cut this nonsense talks, Pari?" He shouted loudly at her.

"Please don't shout," She said, still in a calm manner. She doesn't intend this meeting to be in his terms, but hers instead. "Be minded that this room is not sound-proof; unlike you, I cannot afford such things."

"I told you. Cut it." He growled in a much lower voice this time, although the anger was still there.

She lost her temper shortly.

You have some nerve to be angry?

"How can you marry Sheila ha? do you think you are legal to marry her and i am still your WIFE and more over you came to me to organize your Wedding Jaan? Arpitha Shouted and Avdhesh was shocked not except this from her but he quickly composed himself.

" I Need Divorce Pari" Avdhesh said firmly.

"It isn't my idea, but Sheila's. Of course, it's natural, you're almost sisters, so I agreed. And anyway, about our'relationship, I say, that is why I came here in the first place. I want a divorce. You surely would not want to mix business with our personal troubles, I say? That would be highly unprofessional on your side'"

For a while, she wanted to scream at him, tell him all the pain he caused her.

"I ' of course. A divorce is what you want, then?" Then added recklessly, "What if I refuse to give it to you?" She challenged, feeling her temper reach the boiling point.

He looked stunned for a moment, but quickly hid it.

"Oh, you will." He said arrogantly, almost surely. "Now that you have ' what was his name? 'Nihal, I think, in your life, why bother make things difficult for us? But of course, it could be that he is just yet another plaything for you, Pari dear"

"Of course not'" She said softly, just remembering her 'boyfriend.' "I love him so'" Avdhesh's eyes narrowed with fury with the dreamy look in her eyes, but Arpitha's did not see it, being lost in her own thoughts.

"Really, Pari?" He said sarcastically, "Just as you loved me, Rahul,Sameer and'" Slap. She didn't want him to finish the insulting remark, and her hand met his cheek, which made him stop talking almost abruptly.

"Don't dare'do'that'again!" He spoke each word with vehemence,

"What if i refuse to do then what you will do?" Arpitha asked him challengingly. 

"This" he said then suddenly pulled her waist and kissed her before she knew it, his lips locked with hers in a crushing, punishing kiss.

She stared in shock, but quickly lost all sane thoughts as the kiss meant to punish softened. She closed her eyes, and her arms encircled his's neck then kissed him back.

he lift her gently from chair then placed on couch then started kissing her throat, behind her ears  his lips left a trail of soft butterfly kisses which sent shivers down her spine. His hands began to fumble on the buttons of her dress, opening them hurriedly,but stopped it then look in to her mesmerizing eyes then Avdhesh realize their position kissed her lips lightly got up from her and arrange his clothes.

(stop dreaming come out from your dirty thoughts i am not writing their SR ROFL)

For a moment, they remained silent and She felt awful. She knew they were still married, but somehow, the fact that Sheila was just outside the room made her feel guilty.

She knew she looked upset, and she calmed herself before turning to him. Gone was the fiery brown eyes filled with passion and desire; they were replaced, once more, by cold glassy ones. They stared at her hard, and she felt herself blush.

"I'm sorry." He said softly. She felt her heart break yet again.

What, you're sorry that you kissed me? You're sorry that you even touched me? She felt a lump form in her throat, and her eyes started to water. She furiously blinked back the tears.

When Avdhesh saw how his Pari's eyes grew misty, and for a moment he wanted to hug her, comfort her'But his pride refused him to do so.

"It's okay," She said in a false calm voice. "You're a good kisser,Jaan as always."

Avdhesh's eyes flashed red, and he held her fast in the wrists.

"What? A good kisser, Pari? Is that what I was always to you? Why, did this Nihal fellow never made you come?"

"How dare you!" She said and tried to twist herself away from him, but before she could do so, he let go of her and his face was stony once more.

"Anyway, you are right. It's just for the sake of the good old times, isn't it? Of course, as always'" He shook his head. "I'm only sorry I didn't see the real you the first time'"

Ouch. That one hurt, however untrue it was. What hurt was the fact he never trusted her enough.

"Let us go." She said changing the topic, before he could insult her again. "Your Love is waiting outside. Or have you forgotten?" She taunted, and then went out before he can manhandle her again.

"Don't look so victorious. It's simply lust, Arpitha. I love her'" He said angrily, and her heart shattered all the more.

Of course, I'm a s**t as you said years ago, right? She thought bitterly, wanting to retort, but thought better of it. And of course, you were taken by my super sweet stepsister, who's such an angel, right, Jaan?

She ignored him, and made to move outside the office.

Then, the phone rang.

"Hello, Rai Wedding Planner and Dress Shop, how may I help you?" She asked,

"sweetheart! Are you home already?"Arpitha asked

"No, I'm still waiting for you."he said 

"Oh, sweetheart'I can't come, I'm busy'"

"she is ignoring me and talking with her lover boy" Avdhesh murmured himself and Arpitha found him staring at her.

"Yes. Don't worry; I'll see you later. I love you!" she answered quickly then turn to see Avdhesh with taunting smile.

"Tsk, Tsk." He said. "You're too sweet. Is he like a child?" She stiffened, then managed a snappy retort.

"No. I treat him like that because I love him!"

He didn't answer that. Then he spoke softly.

"The divorce papers are prepared. I'll send them over, and no one need know about it. All they'll need is your signature, then it's over between us. Legally."

"We'll see."

"Goodbye, then." He said, refusing to answer back.

She opened the door of the office, but he pulled her out.

"You'll say goodbye to us properly." He said,then quickly dropped her hand when Sheila came to view and she quickly hug was about his lips but he turned so she gave peck on cheek instead which she looked displeased. She was about to note Avdhesh's behavior, when, for the second time that day, the door opened. 

"hello everyone!" A joyful and familiar voice floated from the door.

Arpitha turned pale. It was Maya, and beside her was'

Arpitha eyes widened and she suddenly felt faint as Maya walked inside the shop, holding a harassed-looking Nihal in one hand.

"Arpitha you forgot to give to your home keys"Maya said but when turned around saw Avdhesh she look stunned before she could say anything.

"Mom I missed you"a small voice said and then hugged Arpitha also she hugged him back. She was barely aware that she was shaking so hard.

"I-I missed you, too, Nihal'" And before she could stop herself, the tears started to fall, and she broke into uncontrollable sobs.

Avdhesh and Sheila looked eye widened stood there in stunned.

I am sorry for delaying the update.Embarrassed

Editing done by Prashu Embarrassed

waiting for you views and any mistake i'm sorry....feel free commentWink

(if you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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So Finally Nihal entered!! Was eagerly waiting fr himLOL

He is Avita's SonDancingDancingDancing  Cant wait to see Avi's reaction to this...

Sheila will not leave so soon Angry

SR complete nahi kiyaOuchCryLOL ( Im becoming besharam nowLOL)

The Update was..


Im loving the story a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

Update it soon Darling.......


Hugs fr youWink

Love ya...

Update sooooooooooonWinkLOL

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Wow !! Wow !! Wow !!

Fantabulous job Priya!!!!!ClapClapClap

First all I wanna hug u for giving us such an awesome update after a long wait....It was worth waiting!!HugHug

I wish I cud punch Sheila & her honey-honey talks!!

SR too innocent to read it....I closed my eyes!!Evil SmileEvil Smile

Finally Nihal's secret out....wud love to knw Avdesh's reaction on it!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Cont soon!!Big smileBig smile

Love ya!!!HugHug

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Hye dear,
firstly big big thanks to u for updating it as i was realy wondering to read it.

So no body is there in arpi's life after avi and Nihal is avitas son thats the biggest shock i have not realy guessed it.
But awesome part,
sometimes just wanna kill this shila.

Great dear.

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god you killed it here it is more wonderful than the words can express toogood thank you Big smileBig smileBig smileClapClapClap

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i love your FF, just read the chapters now
that SR thing was funny ,in actual i was dreaming it
and upload the next part as soon as possilble

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Originally posted by jes_jade

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome precap Priya!!!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Jaanu you are dreaming abt Avita not me!!!! AngryROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

I am just waiting for it!!!!

Plzz update soon!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

it's done Embarrassed

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