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FF I Was Made To Love You Precap on Page 61 (Page 21)

yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Thanks Priya,it was once again very nice as always dear.
But pls open that fact soon that what had happen at that night that led avitas breakup.Avi luvs arpi and arpi luvs avi only i know that but here also 2 people are coming in between Nihal and shila.And in the GKD also two people have came in between avita bj and rv.
Well in gkd every hope has let down now so i am waiting gud things in this 'i was made to luv u' well i will be waiting for d next update.
Bye and take care

hey cuty Hug

thanks for reading it Embarrassed

no worries everything will happen good here or else my jaanu will do my work Dead  LOL

sometimes situation makes it worse Confused

have patience and everything will okay in GKD epi and FF tooSmile

luv ya Hug

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by _nandini

Hey Priya Hug


Sooo Sorry for replying lateOuch. Though I received ur pm regarding update, but I didn't get mch time to go thru it. Read all the parts altogether. Wud be giving my comments for each part Embarrassed


Part 2- Its sad to see Arpi and Avi being so indifferent to each other. But I cud also see them having some soft corner still left in their hearts for each other. Ur description of Arpi's reaction on seeing Avi with Shiela was ExcellentStar. Very well done Dear.ClapClap


Part 3- Very interesting partThumbs Up. Lovved to see the jealousy in both of themEmbarrassed. More of Avi actually. He seems to be insecured with the thought of seeing Arpi with someone else. Very well done Priya 'Hats off to u for bringing in such minute details like Shiela giggling at Arpi's old fashioned cell fone. And the convo between both Avi n Arpi is so brilliantly expressed.ClapClap


Part 4- Awww she's still so used to call him Jaanu Embarrassed. It does happen when u love someone desperatelyBig smile Well what surprises me is howcome a man like Avi fell for a rude insensible girl like ShielaShocked Seems things are heating upWink '.cant wait for the next one Priya. Brilliant imagination '.Awesome writingClapClap. Keep up the grt work going and bring on the nxt one quick.Big smile

nandu di Hug

thanks for reading it....Embarrassed

no probs di as said to vista ans chista di...take ur own time to read it Embarrassed

next part coming soon Embarrassed

luv ya Hug

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunaha6

Priyaaaaaaaaaa........awsome...........THe best part was the one in PURPLE....Hehehehe............keep writng dear......

Lots of LUV,


hey sunaha Hug

thanks for reading it Embarrassed

Purple one i love it too Wink

luv ya Hug
yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by NVBGKY

Hey Priya, great job Clap Clap.
Finally had a chance to read the story, loving it.  Looking forward to the next part......

Hey Nila Di Hug

thanx for reading it Embarrassed
yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
This Update is dedicated to most innocent member of the forum......Wink

that is our devil in disguise CKD #2 aka JessEmbarrassed

Chongo Shongo For Coming Top the University ClapStarClap

hope you like it.........


Noticing their presence, the two broke the kiss, and Sheila greeted them as if nothing happened. "even you came here!"

Chirag nodded, and eyed Arpitha questioningly. When She refused to meet his eyes, he turned to Avdhesh instead. 

The two eyed each other with dislike, and so Arpitha decided to break the tension. But before she could do so, Chirag's cold glare lowered and he offered his hand to him, which the latter took grudgingly.



"Um, why don't you sit down,  I'll go get you some tea." Chirag followed, and She left them.

Once She was out of earshot, he spoke silently.

"you have no shame at all? And at my kid sister house, of all places! i can except from her but you too Avdhesh"

he just sat silently, while Sheila didn't look the least affected.

"Here,Wait, are you two going?"She had arrived from the kitchen to see them walking towards the door.

"Yep. We are two numbers too many here. Let's go,Baby."

Once she had shut the door, Chirag spoke up.

"he doesn't know about Nihal?"

"No,but please no more about it... We have our own lives now..."

"Yes, but don't pretend to be unaffected by that scene he made earlier. Having separate lives to live don't make you stop loving him." He said,"And don't say it's okay when it's not!" He added when she opened her mouth to argue.

She looked stun. Tears began to form in her eyes.

"I'm sorry for shouting...but would you listen carefully what i am trying to say?"

"you both are too much stubborn to accept the fact that you love each other..i know him there is a reason he came long will you suffer ha?"

"he will except you..even if you have made any know what i am trying to say right?"

"No, it's okay, really," she wiped the tears off. "It isn't that,'re right, I love him still...Sadly, he doesn't feel the same..."she said.

"do you know that?"he stated but she froze

"Now stop crying look ugly and scary when you are with out make up..Geez i thought my sis is pig but she is even monster"he laughed 

Flash Black 

"Pari are you coming?" her love shouted from hall..

they have to attend her graduation ceremony..Avdhesh is sitting in hall reading a magazine..

"Coming jaanu..let me put some make up. i want to look good in pictures."she shouted from her room..

Avdhesh woke up then came inside and gently wrap his arm around her petite waist..he started kissing her neck...

"Pari, you don't need make are matter how you dressed you always take my breath"he said while she was blushing. 

"i love you jaanu and i can't live without you"she said and hugged him and he felt a strange feeling in if he was in top of the world..

"Me too Pari" he said and took vow that let hell comes or heaven,he will never allow anyone to come between them and she is His and will always be His. 


"by the way  have you heard that Swathi and Kanoo are getting married?They're looking for a decent wedding planner, and I recommended you!" She knew he intently changed the subject, but she did not object,which she was glad.

After what seemed like an hour,  bade her goodbye.

"...And say hello to shikha for me!"

She closed the door and threw herself to the couch, feeling more exhausted than ever. She felt so numb...Tears began to stain her lovely, smiling face.

Oh, God...

Next Day

Ring! Ring!

Arpitha groaned. Not that stupid clock, she thought irritably, and her hands rummaged blindly on her bedside table. She found it, and without even opening her eyes, turned the alarm off. But the ringing continued. Realizing it wasn't her clock, she buried her head in the pillow and shut her eyes tightly.

If it's not the clock then it must be

her phone.

Damm it! Who'd be calling in the morning at this time? She thought angrily, and groaned yet again.

She slept late last night, and she was determined to ignore the persistent rings of the phone.In doing so, the clock that she thought was pestering her sleep fell on her head.

"Ow!" She muttered as she rubbed the reddening spot that got hit by the clock.

So, who could this damned caller be?

"Hello?" She answered sleepily, although what she really wanted to do was shout at the person at the other end, whoever the caller is.

"Arpi! Thank goodness, I thought you wouldn't wake up!" This time she allowed the exasperated groan she was suppressing to leave her lips.

"Manjari what sort of time do you call this?" Arpitha asked sleepily 

"It's already seven in the morning,Arpi" Manjari said.

"You know I generally sleep late on weekends, Sunday most especially'Anyway, to what do I owe this early call, Manjari?" It took Manjari a few moments before answering in a voice full of disbelief.

"You mean you forgot?" Manjari said; the hurt was obvious in her voice. "And I thought I am your best friend!"

"Ugh, quit being the drama queen,say me what did i forget?"she said as her eyes were dropping  as she came and slept in couch.

" today's my big day! I'm getting married in a few hours' time..."Manjari said happily.

"Yeah,Sure Cal---omg how can i forget about the wedding..Sorry Manjari be there in 15 minutes..okay bye you"she throw the phone on couch and dashed to bathroom...

Later, Arpitha stood in front of the mirror after Manjari  insisted on 'fixing her up.' She stared at her reflection, but not really seeing. After a while, to her surprise, Manjari was announcing them to leave now for the church; she said she'll just follow in the bridal car.

"But, I want to help you dress."Arpitha said as Manjari was helping her to get ready.

"Nonsense! I can do well on my own and calm down, okay? You're not the one getting married." She knew that Manjari meant no harm, but the remark meant to calm her down stung her instead but she don't know why there is a pain in her heart.

An hour passed like an eternity, and at last, Manjari arrived, and the ceremony began.

Arpitha walked beside Avdhesh, ignoring his presence completely, as he did the same to her.

It felt weird to see someone else wed, when the person beside you happens to be your ex-husband, that is. No...not ex-husband, just enstranged, since they weren't legally separated.

She wondered if he felt the same. She shook that unhappy thought away as a pang of pain gripped her chest. Instead, she tried to concentrate on her best friend's wedding.

Flashback Memories

"Hey Pari, sweetheart" a voice that haunted her so much rang in her head

"What is it, Jaanu? "A voice she recognized as her own answered back.

Why don't we elope now? everyone are making this hard for us'

Arpitha smiled as he bent over to kiss her lips.

"Sure ,Why not? "She answered as he hugged her as tears forming in his eyes.he was afraid to lose her even if he thought for a second it would kill him,he was happy that she accept it.

I'm not ready for the responsibility they wish for me to take, but I can be ready'if you're there with me'

She smiled even though their situation was very difficult. his Family were disapproving their relationship. For them, Arpitha is 18 and it's way too young'

Let's go, sweetheart, He said and led her to the church'


'The Church, which was astoundingly familiar to them.

"You may now kiss the bride."

The priest's voice awakened her from her stupor.

She stared guiltily around. The celebration had ended without her knowing it. She went through her tasks as the maid of honor like a zombie. 

She saw that Avdhesh's eyes seem misty and they seem to stare at her, but knowing him, she thought she imagined it as his eyes turned cold again.

 Then Sheila approached them and flung herself to him.

"Honey, I thought it wouldn't end!" She piped up, and kissed him vulgarly, not bothered by the staring eyes of other people.

Not bothering to stay around to congratulate her best friend, or to even spare love bird's little show a glance, she walked away from them'and from everyone else.

She didn't see sharp brown eyes stare at her as she exited from the church.


thanks for reading Embarrassed

waiting for you views and any mistake i'm sorry....feel free commentWink

(if you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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nice part ClapClap

"he will except you..even if you have made any know what i am trying to say right?"
Wat mistake ???? Is it related 2 not telling Avi abt Nihal or smth??? or is d MISTAKE referred 2 same as d current track dat is going on ????? (not here also plz) Dat's why Chirag said dat he wud accept her ????


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Thanks dear i was needing sumthing intresting as these days i am not watching gkd b'coz of current track.
This part was also wonderful like previous parts dear now u have created more curiosity in me to know what had happened in between avita.well here also arpi had only done d mistake.
I will look forward for d next part.
Bye take care.

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hey  priya sorry for thatOuch
nice part well writtenClap
well as u said , u r making their past realy very intresting by these flashes of past, but i didn't get the initial part What avi was kissing her, or she want to show that to
arpi, ur sheila is realy a Censored ,arpi has for gotten Manjari's wedding on the dayLOL
n who is Swathi- Kanno,wats their stories imp in this,
oh sweeti arpi's situation made me cry,Crypoor thing
ur past telling is realy good yaar,
i just luv this part n hate bloody sheilaAngry 

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