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FF I Was Made To Love You Precap on Page 61 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by danno

 hey priyaa jo yeh chocolates hai na khud google uncle se bol ke banwaye hai tumare liyee kyaa likhti hoo tum yaar too good
white roses for u red roses dongi toh mere shonaa ko gussa lag jayegaaaa
and this frndship band is for u
hope u like itLOL

hey munni Hug

awww love ya for ur wonderful gift ....Embarrassed

loads of hugs and kisses Embarrassed

@Bold how can u say dat?Angry of course i LOVE itEmbarrassed

luv ya

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Originally posted by Cuty16

Thanks dear i was really waiting for it.well i'm happy dat avi still luvs arpi and i know he does dats why he just can't see anyone else taking his place.
Well i m curious to know dat what happen at dat night dat avi&arpi got a break up.

hey cuty Hug

i am sorry i couldn't update it soon Cry Embarrassed

thanks for reading it...Embarrassed

yep he still love her but he wont admitted Wink

luv ya Hug

take care

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Gaurishah

Well written Priya. Clap Jealous Avdhesh! Would like to read more. 

hello gauri di Hug

thanks very much for reading it Embarrassed

luv ya Hug

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Originally posted by Sunaha6

Very well written priya....
update soon

[email protected]@

hey sunaha Hug

how are you?

missing u lots Embarrassed

take care

luv ya Embarrassed

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Haahh!! Me once again last 2 comment... Im not gonna say SORRY... OK, Just tell me, when will u bring Nihal?? Im just waiting 2 see him. Anyway, Aag toh dono taraf Barabar lagi hai.. Dat Sheila is a B**** uff I just hate her. When wil u update next??

hey ramona darling Hug

it doesn't matter...u read dats enough for me Embarrassed

nihal will be coming after 2 chapter Wink

Sheila  Angry Angry

coming soon Embarrassed

All the best for exams Embarrassed

take care

luv yaHug

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This is dedicated to Jollifille and Super Boy.... Embarrassed

hope you all like it.........


Arpitha sat in her bed, totally exhausted.

No, not from work, though. Maya had been managing the shop for the past two weeks. The first week was somewhat a cool-off, a break from her work. But ever since Avdhesh Singh Thakur showed up during practices, she found her days more exhausting than the time she was working in the shop.

In all the practices they've been together, they remained indifferent and cool of each other, which made her silently glad inside. Her staff had no inkling of what they really once were, and were made to believe they were only acquaintances, as Sheila had put it. And she has no intention of changing this opinion of theirs.

Besides, she could sense the fact that they will now have a chance of separating legally and she also want it too but don't know why it pains more and Her heart pains more when she thinks about it

"hello, Maya, it's so nice of'" She stopped short of what she was saying when she realized who it was. "Avdhesh. I wasn't expecting..." But he cut her words.

"Expecting someone else? I went at your shop but you weren't there, obviously." He said coolly.

What? At the shop? Arpitha thought frantically, realizing that Maya and Nihal might have arrived any moment earlier at the shop.

"Uh, okay. Do come in," She offered out of her good upbringing.

"No need, Sheila's at the car, waiting for me. This wouldn't be long, anyway," He stated matter-of-factly, as if it was normal for him to visit Arpitha every now and then.

"Y-You said you went to the shop. Did you happen to see Maya Sharma there? Only, I was expecting her, did you see her? You know, shoulder-length black hair, with glasses and she is in her early twenties? We're the same height'" Oh, God! Don't tell me he found out, and that is why he is here'To talk about nihal, oh, please no! She said this as calmly as possible, although her mind was racing.

"Nope," He said, and She breathed, "She's the one who manages the shop for you right? Your people said she's out at an errand for you."

"Good. Ah-I mean' what brings you here,Jaa- I mean Avdhesh?" She stammered, and silently cursed herself for doing so. It was awkward, and she felt guilty under his dark amber gaze.

"Are you not well? Why did you cut the practice session today?" She was surprised at these words. They sounded'almost worried. Impossible, She thought dully.

"I had my own business to attend to. I told Manjari my reasons earlier. Overworked, perhaps'" As if he'd care, Arpitha'A voice in her head mocked her.

He looked puzzled. "But the two of them said'" He didn't finish the sentence and shook his head. She quickly understood. Although Manjari was hostile towards Avdhesh , Arpitha knew it is her and Ran Viajy's dear wish that she and Avdhesh  make up once more. She didn't know what they said to have him running here, but she had a vague idea of it.

"I'm okay.Well, if that's all, I bid you goodbye." She said, moving to close the door, but Sheila appeared suddenly out of nowhere.

"Oh, Arpitha!" She said, "Fancy seeing you again! Is this where you live? Such a cramped place, isn't it? So different from our home'" She added continuously, her eyes roaming around the place.

Arpitha nearly snorted, but she refused to bite the bait and controlled herself from snapping at Sheila. How dare she insult my place! She thought angrily, but held the door open.

"Yes, it's a bit small, but it's quite homey. Come in, both of you." She said and gestured towards the chairs. "Make yourselves comfortable."

Sheila, who appeared not to have been listening to her, was clinging at Avdhesh' s arm and cooed, "Sorry hun, but I got bored of waiting in the car like you said'"

More like you can't risk Avdhesh  being alone with me here! Arpitha thought viciously as the two seated themselves in her family room.

She swept a glance over the two and a pang of pain and jealousy rushed over her, making her feel sick all of sudden.

Avdhesh 's eyes probed her home with curiosity and'what was it? Tenderness? Pity? She chose to believe it was the latter.

"It isn't quite a large place, but it isn't shabby." She said defensively at Avdhesh , while she offered tea. "This is all I can offer at such short notice." She added, suddenly feeling small.

"Why don't you move back in at dad ha, Arpitha? Surely'" She didn't need to hear anymore. Sheila had always managed to look like the good adopted daughter, always modest and meek, unlike her, the adventurous, "wild" "black sheep," the ungrateful daughter. While of course the truth was otherwise. She isn't surprised that her father never contacted her over the years. They had an argument back then, and Sheila once again made it appear like she's a concerned sweet sister, when she's the one who fed their father lies about Arpitha.

She suddenly felt a bitter taste rise to her throat at the fact that her own father chose to believe his adopted rather than his real daughter. And no, she can't go back to their place anymore, not now that she has Nihal with her. She hated being compared with her good-for-nothing phony stepsister who never made her look good in their father's eyes.

She sighed.

Well, enough of that. She just couldn't wallow in self-pity anymore.

Then she remembered that Maya's instructions were to bring Nihal home. Uh-oh, she thought as her heart throbbed loudly against her chest.

"Excuse me for a while, I have a phone call to make?" With that, she dashed out of the room and ran towards the phone, leaving the two looking absolutely confused and puzzled at her actions.

"hello? Rai Wedding Plans, how may we help you?" It was a young girl's voice, perhaps eighteen, who had answered her call. She presumed it was Nishna. her half-American and Indian attendant, who happens to be the youngest employed.

"Nishna?" She said, and when the girl confirmed it is indeed her, she went on. "Has Maya arrived?"

"She is bound to arrive any moment now, Mam . wait a sec, there she is! Would you like to talk to her?"

"No need." Her breathing eased now that she knew her "secret" is safe for now. "Just tell her she can't bring him now, I'll just call when she can bring Nihal home. Is it clear?" The girl muttered her assent, and she hung up the phone to attend to her 'visitors.

As soon as she arrived at the room, Sheila piped up, "Oh, Arpitha, forgive our intrusion! You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble for us!" For a moment, she wanted to shout at her, but thought better of it.

"Oh, it's nothing, nothing at all, Sheila. After all, what's being stepsisters for?" She said, stressing the word 'stepsisters.'

Sheila stopped talking. She looked real hurt, and if Arpitha didn't know any better, she might have regretted what she said. "You always remind me that, Arpitha..." She just smiled ruefully at her. "Anyway, heard of City lately?" She shook her head honestly, and that was when Sheila began talking, evidently glad that Arpitha could not join in on the conversation.

"...Yeah that little scandal of Swathi and Kanoo was really?"

Suddenly, for the second time that day, the doorbell went off. Arpitha's heart leapt. What if Maya refused to follow her orders?

Avdhesh stood up to open the door, but she hastily stopped him.

"Ano, Jaanu, please stay, I'll open it." Then she went, unaware of what she had called him, leaving a stunned Avdhesh frozen in his seat.


"Coming!" Arpitha shouted as the doorbell rang again.

She opened it, expecting to see Maya, but was surprised for the second time when it wasn't her, but...

"Chirag Bhaiiya!" She exclaimed, as a black-haired and funky hair-do man in his early Twenty hugged her tightly.

"Hello, Arpitha," He said as he let go of her. "You already have visitors? Tsk. And I thought I'd be the first one. Hey, where's..." She knew who he's gonna ask about and widened her eyes threateningly.

"Why?" He asked, and handed her a bunch of Roses.

"I'll explain later."She whispered, then added, "Thanks,Bhaiiya, but where's...?"  Chirag waved a dismissing hand at her and didn't answer.

"Be a darling and allow me in. you are my one only sister in the world right?""

She laughed at this, but did as she was told, and walked with him inside.

"Jagat Bhaiiya obviously busy to come, of course," she ranted, "I mean, Bhabhi pregnant, see?"

She stopped short when they walked in on Sheila and Avdhesh kissing passionately on the couch.

Chirag was about to kill Sheila and Avdhesh...Arpitha stood there frozen....

Part 4 is complete...

@Purple  ROFL

thank you for reading it.......Embarrassed

Once again sorry for updating late.........Embarrassed

waiting for you views and please any mistake i'm sorry....feel free commentWink

(if you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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Hiieeee PriyaaaaaaHugHugHug

This is for you...........
Poor Arpi...
But why is she hiding Nihal from Avi so much????ConfusedConfused 
Avdhesh is so worried about herSmileSmileSmileWinkWinkWink   This gives me lot of hopeBig smileBig smileBig smileWinkWink
Sheila is DeadDeadDeadDead
Waiting for the next part DarlingBig smileBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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part is occumLOL
di part is beautiful but where is nihalConfused

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