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Maaneet OS - A Promise Well Kept

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Sorry for any mistakes! And Enjoy! Wink

~ A Promise Well Kept ~


The Khurana mansion was decorated like a royal palace. Each room of every floor has been decorated with multicolored lights. After all, khurana's were celebrating a huge wedding. It was a marriage of, Miss Meher Khurana daughter of Geet Maan Khurana. All the relatives, top business tycoons, politicians and celebrities were invited from all over the India; it was the marriage of the daughter of the chairman of Khurana Empire, Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana. No one in the country could miss the opportunity to miss this wedding. Everyone was glad and quite busy with the marriage preparations at mansion.


She was standing near the window, wearing off - white sari with golden broad border, she was looking heavenly gorgeous, she stood there for a while - lost in deep thoughts. Suddenly she was disturbed by a respectful voice; it was deep and gentle voice.

'Are you ready? It's time, she's also ready.' he asked.

She instantly recognized the deep voice of his son ' twin elder brother of her daughter. She turned around to see his son.

'Yes. Let's go.'

'Mom, How can you look stunningly attractive, even at this age?' he asked teasingly.

'Armaan...! That is because; I'm Geet Maan Singh Khurana.' She said with proud and they left the room.


After everything over, there was a peace in the mansion. Her daughter left with her man, she was finally safe in his man's arms. Geet was standing in their room - in front of him. She was thinking about how it all went with peace. And someone knocked on the door.



'Are you okay?'

'Yes, I'm fine now.'

'Meher called me, she was asking about you'

'She just left and she called you, I tell you this girl, she's so silly.'

'No mom, she cares for you.'

'I know beta, but she has new life now.'

'I know. I already explained her. She is also fine now.'

'Oh! Armaan daddy...' she laughed.

'Very funny mom, she is my little sister and baby. Okay?'

'Yes...just five minutes before time and you are bossing her. Not for today, always.'


'Okay mom, I'm leaving. You sleep now, must be tired' he added.

'Okay. Good night. Have a nice chat with kia.'

'Mom...! She's just a good friend' he rolled his eyes.

'Oh! Please beta, I'm your mother, I can obviously see that, you love her like anything, and by the way. I observed her in entire wedding, she's kind and loving, she can bring stability in you and she can definitely manage Khurana Empire with you. I approve her. Go now.' She ordered harmoniously.

'Oh! Mom... I can't tell you...thank you so much.' armaan was overwhelmed and surprised at her mother's judging power and care.

'Get out, now.' she ordered artificially.

'Mom...!' he came again.

Geet turned around and asked what was then.

'You are missing dad too much, na..?'

'I've never seen you missing dad this much in my life. I saw you in marriage ceremonies; you were missing dad like anything. Are you sure, you okay?' he once again asked with concern and care in his voice.

'Yes. I'm perfectly fine beta. I, now no more worried about meher or you or business or my family, because my son has took that place.' She said with pride and strange peace in her voice.

'What are you saying, mom?' he asked in confusion.

'It's nothing...armaan. I'm fine. You go now.' She said and kissed his forehead.

There was a strange silence between the mother and the son, as if they knew each other well, what was going on their mind.

And he left the room, and she again stood there in front of him. A single drop of tear rolled down from her cheek. She stood there - watching him without even blinking. All the memories of past 22 years came across through her eyes like a whirlwind. How she met him, how she fell in love with him, they got married and how they enjoyed the golden period of their life, how she united his family, how they managed to make KC a big company. Geet could not believe her luck more, how her life changed, she transformed into a top executive chairman and a strong woman from innocent girl from a small town. All thanks to him - her guardian angel. And then she remembered the dreadful night - the night that tool it all away from her, that took him away from her. The more she thought, the more she cried, how he saved her life and their kids from her evil brother. She sat on the bed, took his adorable picture in her hands and looked at him, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She remembered the horrible night at the hospital.

Before 22 years

Geet could not believe her eyes, what she saw before half an hour.

Before half an hour, everything was just right, so blissful just like a living dream. It was their anniversary and they were having a huge party for both celebration and announcement of her expecting twins. Suddenly out of nowhere, she heard the sound of bullets, but before she could understand anything, she was saved. Once again, her knight saved her - saved them. As soon as she realized that she was safe in his arms, she felt something wet on her back. She opened her eyes in fear ' only to see her angel giving him a smile through pain, and then, lying with him in pool of his own blood.

She screamed.

'You are fine, geet.' He said in painful voice.

She screamed out loud, calling his name.


On the way to hospital, she held his hands firmly and kept asking him to open his eyes and talk to him. She waited three long hours outside the operation theatre just to see the glimpse of him, sitting hopelessly on the floor; she looked at her hands - covered with his blood. Her white sari with dark purple border was covered with his blood. She looked at it, thoughtlessly. She touched her stomach and she didn't feel anything ' she touched it again and whispered 'Your father saved both of you.' she stared at nothing in particular then and She overheard the talk ' the talk between the doctor and his younger brother.

'Please sameer, do something, save my brother' Vicky pleaded.

'I know, I'm trying, we all are trying. But the thing is that, he lost too much blood and there are six bullets in his body. It's not a joke. We are trying.'

'Please, you are my friend. You know, without him, she will die'

'Listen, I never give wrong hope, which is why, I'm telling you. I think he would not make it. Sometimes, doctors are also helpless. There is no hope, Vicky. I'm really very sorry'

'How much time he has?'

'Well, he is on ventilator, may be 4 or 5 hours' with that he left.

She heard that, and she got up immediately, Vicky tried to stop her, but then he stopped. She needed it.

She entered the room, she saw his big metal bed, there were too many machines attached with him, she did not get it, she avoided it. She looked at him. His face was pale and white, like there was no blood left in him. She saw him in pain ' a stream of tears started to roll down her cheeks. She went ahead and sat on the bed, next to him. She bent forward and kissed his forehead and his cheeks. She saw him for a while and then slowly he opened his eyes just to see his beautiful wife shedding tears uncontrollably. He gave her a weak smile. She could not help but smile in return through her tears.

'Maan...' she gently touched his cheek, carefully, not to hurt him anymore. Her voice was hoarse from all the tears.

'Hey...' he managed to say that but she stopped him from talking.

'You are going to be fine, okay? You will be just fine and we'll go home together' she said firmly.

'Geet...I know...I would not make it. It's not a movie.' he said. Somehow, in that condition, he managed to pass a joke.

Geet took his hands in hers.

'No! You are coming with me' she said, she was uncomfortable now, at the thought of losing him forever.

He kept his hand on her stomach and looked into her eyes deeply and said 'I'm coming with you.'

And geet shattered. She broke down, sadness sweeping over her. He tightened his grip on her hands.

'Listen to me, geet. Please let me speak' he said in painful voice.

She nodded through tearful eyes.

'I know I don't have much time. So I want you to give me a promise and I want you to keep it.'

She denied.

'Please geet, please...' he pleaded.

Geet could not help but agree to him.

He continued.

'I want you to keep going on. I know you love me more than anything else in the world, and trust me geet, I love you so much, if I can ever explain in words, then words would never end. I love you so much geet. I know you are a strong woman and you will get along with it. You will keep the life go on, you will show the whole world that the geet maan singh khurana is the woman of substance. You will prove yourself. Geet, I don't want anyone to look at you in pity or sympathy. I want the whole world to respect you as a powerful woman, wife and a great mother. I know you can do this, you have it in you.'

He stopped for a while.

'Geet, promise me that, you will be a wonderful mother to my kids. You have to, you promise me that you will carry on with it, promise me that you will fulfill all my and all our dreams. What we saw, you will create it. You will live all our dreams, you will do it, for yourself, and you will stand on your own. Love never let anyone down, once you told me remember? You will never let me down, will you?'
She could not say anything but stared at him in awe.

'Geet, please tell me that you will heal yourself and you will never let me down. Promise me, geet.'

'Yes' she could hardly say that and burst out in more tears.

'It's all because of me...'she added.

''s the way it used to be. God sent me on earth to protect you, to save you and I did that, and now it's your turn to make it last forever. I saved my kids and now you will have to nurture them, you will have to protect them. You know something, I never believed in god until I met you, but then I believed in him, after I saved you. I firmly believed that I was your knight, god trusted me with that. And now, he knows that my geet is strong and confident enough...'

'...don't say that, I need you, maan'

'I am here, I'm coming with you' he smiled a little and put his hands on her stomach again.

'Don't do this to me...'she cried.


They didn't say anything much then. They just looked at each other for a while and maan broke the silence again.

'Can you hold me?'

Geet held him from arms tightly but maan refused.

'Can you hold me in your arms?'

And she leaned forward and slept next to him, holding him in her weak arms; she slowly took his head on her shoulders and made him sleep peacefully.

'Now what else someone wants in life?' he said in utmost peace.

'Now, I'm fine geet. I'm at peace. Thank you so much for loving me this much.'

Geet did not say anything and she just ran fingers in his dark hairs.

They both slept peacefully then. In between, it was time when they remembered some funny incidents and laughed together and talked about that. What geet did not noticed that, a single drop of tear rolling down his cheek in her arms and absorbed into emptiness. And his silent crying and screaming to god, for giving him one last chance, blaming god for taking him away. What she did not noticed that his countless requests to god for her and for him. But none of them were answered.

She slept.

He slept.

They slept peacefully in each other's arms for wonderful and fresh morning but only geet could see that morning which was no fresher for her.

She lost him. All that remained was a bundle of memories.

She lost her husband, she lost her knight in shining armor, she lost her angel - she just lost her very identity.

After three months

After he left, everything came back to normal in the mansion in one month. Nobody could take his place but everyone moved on - either unwillingly or by force, except for geet. Her life just stopped. She did not even moved out from the mansion once in the three months. Everyone tried to cheer her up, dadima also tried to convince her for joining office but she just could not. She was way too harmed. She was devastated and distressed. She lost her charm; she knew she was to take care of their children, which she did well. She took care of herself, she ate well, she took her meds regularly but the thing that kept her glowing was missing and everyone knew the fact that it was not something - it was someone who was missing.

It was another regular night, when she was done with her dinner and meds. She was sitting blank on the floor, watching nothing in particular. She was lost in his memories, their blissful memories and suddenly she felt someone watching her, she could not see that but what she observed that it was white radiance focusing towards her. And then suddenly she saw him.

She saw her angel in white angelic face smiling divinely to her.

'Maan...' that was all she could say. She was lost in the radiance.

'Are you here?' she leaned forward and tried to touch him but she could not.

'Please tell me, it was a nightmare. You are here, aren't you?' she asked in hurry and fear, as if he would disappear.

'Yes' geet. I'm here. I'm there with you always and I'll be there for you. I can never leave you alone. But you are not keeping my promise well. Don't you love me?'

'Of course I love you...'

'...then why are you not keeping my promise. Get up geet, for me, for our kids and for yourself. They are our children geet, we saw dreams for them, we created them, and they need you. I wanted you to stand on your own but you are not doing it, geet. Maan's geet would never do that'

'I can't...I need you maan, I want you.'

'I'm here for you and I promise in return that I'll be there for you with each and every step. I'll always watch you; I'll always look for you. I'm and I'll be there with you forever'

'I love you, maan'

'I love you, geet' he said in his angelic voice and disappeared again. But this time, he left her with a reason and a desire. She was encouraged then. She understood what her angel was trying to do. She realized that her guardian angel was there with her and she no more had to reserve herself, what she needed to do is to fly, To fly with him, to fly for him. She needed to be brave.

And next morning, with a pleasant good morning wish to her husband, she wore her wedding ring again and headed towards office with a great pride and confidence, and she never looked back.

Each morning started with him and each night ended with him

They went on and on.

And then she was the woman with a million happy memories, a woman who was preparing for her life and was ready to experience more in life - of course with him. She was a woman who promised a man she loved, to live a life and to keep going on. When he was alive she had lived through him, and he was dead and she was still living through him. She could see that now. It made her feel safe, but now she was out on her own - on her own feet, ready to fly with him.
Only one thing she understood well was that, love lives on even after we're gone.

Geet was lost in her thoughts and suddenly she felt the same white light focusing her, exactly like twenty two years ago. She smiled.

'So...are you happy?'


'Have I done well?'

'Saying only well would be an understatement. I can't tell you how much happy I'm today'

'So...I kept my promise, didn't I?'

'Oh...yes! It was a promise well kept.'

She leaned on her back on the bed and stretched her arms wide for him.

'Take me to a ride, maan. Take me with you. Hold me in your arms.'

And he came forward and held her in his strong arms and beatific existence. They were in the same position when they were before twenty two years. She slept in his arms.

'Now what else someone wants in life?' she said in the same peace.

'Now, I'm at peace. Let's go maan. Let's have a life.'

With that, they both slept together, found solace in each other's arms.

They were together, they were at peace.


Next morning, meher was crying over her mother's dead - lifeless body. And armaan came and consoled her.

'Meher, don't cry. Mom is satisfied now, she is at peace, and she got what she wanted. Mom is now with dad, she is with her angel, they are at peace and they certainly would not like us to be sad for them. They are watching us; they are our guardian angels and we can't make them sad, right?'

And they got up and finished the rituals and sat together and watched their guardian angels marriage album, smiling through tears.

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soo cute.. but sad that maan died :(

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nisha_hc_bs_dd IF-Rockerz

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What geet did not noticed that, a single drop of tear rolling down his cheek in her arms and absorbed into emptiness. And his silent crying and screaming to god, for giving him one last chance, blaming god for taking him away. What she did not noticed that his countless requests to god for her and for him. But none of them were answered"...

wow you have put the emotions of  Maan so wonderfully in words. These lines left me shaken from the heart  thoroughly... I really felt his pain on the death bed. Geet's  state of despair made my heart cry for her .. but being the strong woman she is ..she led her life with her guardian angel looking over her.. kaash duniya mein aisa pyaar
ho..real mein...

Lovely OSThumbs Up

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Originally posted by maaneet93

soo cute.. but sad that maan died :(

i knw...i made it me i was feelin bad, writin it, but i had to.....coz tat was stuck in my have to pen it down dear.....ther was one particular para wen i cried.....Cry

sumtimes i enjoy sadness....Cry (pls don consider me as mad...have mercy) coz i, myself was very sad befr few days.....

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sneha0504

What geet did not noticed that, a single drop of tear rolling down his cheek in her arms and absorbed into emptiness. And his silent crying and screaming to god, for giving him one last chance, blaming god for taking him away. What she did not noticed that his countless requests to god for her and for him. But none of them were answered"...

wow you have put the emotions of  Maan so wonderfully in words. These lines left me shaken from the heart  thoroughly... I really felt his pain on the death bed. 

hayyee...u caught it, tat was it, wen i typed it, i was like......CryCryCry

btw thanks....;)

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
U made me cry
Jus loved how u portrayed their feelings pain n love
It was sumthg beyond words
Jus loved it to the core

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Whypadhu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
really awesome
 u done a fantabulous job

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -afsha-

U made me cry
Jus loved how u portrayed their feelings pain n love
It was sumthg beyond words
Jus loved it to the core

thanks dear....;)Hug

gud nite....:)

me, signing off....n gonna see "my sleeping angel" and "my laughing angel" in my dreams......Wink

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