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Dutta's virtuous hatred VS Seema's enchantment (Page 3)

bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 4:57am | IP Logged
excellent post kavita loved reading it v.well said & suhana well said dear. kavita i love reading ur post but i find my self lost 4 word as u said it all tank u dear. can't ait for tasha reunion!Smile

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by KavitaDR

Were we ever compelled to confront the possibility that hatred could be a virtue and that we could, possibly, be ardent supporters or peddlers of hate, we would be ashamed and deny the case but yesterday's episode of LTL set my mind at rest in the sense that if hatred be the only way to walk the path of self-righteousness, so be it. Being a, totally, hopeless Dutta addict, I could not but approve the latter's abhorrence for anything, remotely, connected to the root cause of all his misfortune and long sufferance, I have got no qualms to concede that hate could indeed be virtuous as it is this very hatred that is going to take him back to Nakusha, the love of his life after having put to rest all the demons of his past. Especially, now that Seema seems to be losing all sense of reality and slipping into a state of delusional "enchantment" that she could possibly rekindle the feelings Dutta ever harboured for her, despite the news article confirming the existence of Dutta's wife.

I will confess that the lecherous handling of Seema by Chaskar on Tuesday, momentarily, evoked pity and I thought that her attempts to seek redemption were commendable after having lived a "life of sin" but yesterday's thoughtless declaration that Dutta could forgive her and accept her back in his life gave us all the creeps and throws Seema right back in the throes of hell and robs us all of any sense of charity for her. It may sound extremely harsh but realities, always, have been.

One may well argue that Dutta's "virtuous hatred" denotes a wish to discover or amend his own faults without atoning for his obstinate adherence to his own beliefs and perception about trust by the most virulent intolerance to human frailties as shown in his ill-treatment of Nakusha right from the first forceful marriage and his unbridled reactions post Nakusha's FR. It was only after being, literally, pushed to the deepest recesses of physical as well as the mental torture of being deprived, firstly, of one of his senses (sight) and being separated from his family, especially, his wife that he has finally understood the value and reverence he owes Nakusha for her unswerving loyalty/love/deference towards him and his family despite his continuous and vicious allegations of her being a traitor. Thankfully, he sets on the path of redemption on his own with no third party oral or subliminal prompting (as in the case of Jagtap or Subbalaxmi), but that is at the price of redeeming hate. Dutta, suddenly, became too wise, whilst Seema became more foolish than she had ever been by rejecting Dutta in the first place ten years ago. And we wonder why both did not come to any form of self-realisation before.

Seema, shown as desirous of appropriating someone else's husband represents the quintessence of fallen humanity and how could we, now stop ourselves from hating her character as much as Dutta hates her with every breath and fibre of his being. Seema in this one instant displays that aspect of fallen human nature which is the necessary counterpart to the central human difficulty: our insatiable need to love ourselves despite everything and she loses the little respect Dutta or anyone could have granted her for saving the latter's life. She has, consciously, sounded the death knell for herself and she will be condemned to be perpetually dissatisfied and roaming from one experience or creaturely object (Chaskar as a perfect example) to another, striving to satisfy with finite things that which could only be satisfied by love which would have been in her case her personal redemption by gifting the blessings of happiness and love to the young man she once loved by taking him back to his wife. Alas for Seema, and, thankfully, for Nakusha and Dutta, her illusory and fleeting sense of "fulfilment" in the belief that she has been given another chance by the Gods will leave her craving for love eternally.

And what about Dutta's redemption and can we, now be assured that his hatred for the woman who brought him to his knees ten years ago is driven by the right motives? The answer is yes and this new Dutta, loving his wife will tender to their love with sensitivity, trust, confidence and the safe and certain knowledge that doing so will give him the necessary reality check on himself and all the relationships around him. I would like to quote Victor Hugo in the context of Dutta's impairment and his realisation of what Nakusha represents to him."We may remark in passing that to be blind and beloved may, in this world where nothing is perfect, be among the most strangely exquisite forms of happiness. The supreme happiness in life is the assurance of being loved; of being loved for oneself, even in spite of oneself; and this assurance the blind man possesses. In his affliction, to be served is to be caressed. Does he lack anything? No. Possessing love he is not deprived of light. A love, moreover, that is wholly pure. There can be no blindness where there is this certainty." Dutta has at long last snapped out of his self-denial after going through the physical pain of not being able to reach out to Nakusha, but yet mentally, convinced that the latter is out there searching the darkness that has, momentarily, shrouded both of them. Dutta will soon be able to complete the cycle which would allow his regeneration from beast to a better human being. He will now be able to look into Seema's eyes and thank her, albeit with hatred, for opening the doors of a world where he discovered the real meaning of selfless and unconditional love.

Hats off to Mishal Raheja for the magnificent portrayal of a man wounded in his soul and so scared of occupying the "corrupted space" inhabited by Seema, that he literally "retched" and pulled his kurta when he heard Seema talking about her hopes of winning him back. Except for the fact that CVs needed to have Dutta acknowledge his conscience loud and clear, we could have done away with this monologue, so effective was Mishal. If anybody could have projected hatred as being a virtue, it is Mishal who will never cease to amaze us. It is a pity that Praneeta Sahu (Seema) and the Chacha are just run of the mill ordinary actors as had they been able to match MR's flawless performance, they would have elevated this track to unseen heights through a measured use of screen psychology. We will have to be content with MR.  

I have not watched today's episode as yet and it would seem that CV's have opted to leave us all high and dry after raising our expectations about Dutta's call to Nakusha. Delusional "enchantment" does not seem to be exclusively Seema's forte and I just read that Nakusha has set out the landscapes of Patil Wadi wielding a gun (nothing unusual'.her own hubby started her initiation) to calm down the inhabitants of Patil Wadi. Had we had the phone conversation today, it would have been some consolation to mark the 1st anniversary of Dutta's entry in Nakusha's life and weaving magic on screen. So let us continue with what we do best on the Forum by carrying on with our minute dissection of every scene and aspect of a show that seems to keep us gripped despite all the bloopers and conceptual setbacks. This is what I would qualify as redeeming love merging with Dutta's redeeming hatred one year onwards.

Would love to read your comments.Embarrassed

Excellent post Kavita Clap! I totally agree with whatever you have written, especially the @blue points. Actually you havent left much for me to say LOL.

Even I have wondered as to why Seema never tried to hunt for Dutta, and tried to redeem herself in the last couple of years. Why now suddenly she has become so desperate for Dutta Confused? She said she has been to various religious places to pray for Dutta's forgivance, but then why she herself dint take any effort in this direction? She was never shown to take any effort from her side to find Dutta or go out of her way to redeem herself and make up for what she did to Dutta, atleast in a trivial way. Till now what has she done out of her way for Dutta - took Chaaskar's shoe stamp for him LOL? Dutta has been leading a very dangerous life for many years, so why she dint feel like going out of her way to pull him back into a safer world, something that Nakku had been trying for him since the day she came into his life? That was the time when he must have really needed her, or the support of someone self-less to pull him out of his souless life. But she was never there when he ACTUALLY needed her. But today, he no longer needs her or anybody else, as he has already found the true meaning of his life - NAKKU! And now that Seema has ACCIDENTLY found him, she is pinning her hopes on him and wants to USE him to REDEEM herself out of her miserable life, which she knows only Dutta and his love can do the trick. So she is a VERY selfish woman who has always had her selfish motive behind anything she does, even in her repentance or efforts to redeem herself from what she did to Dutta couple of years back! So I REALLY dont think her repentance or 'pashchathaap' is forgivance worthy!


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mozart66 IF-Dazzler

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ab sab "sins" karne ke baad Seemaji ko bhagwan yaad aa rahe hai!!! she never tried to ever find out about dutta before? me too wondering like you!! now that she has earned whatever money she could, she has set the goal of asking for forgivance, getting it and setting everything right?! yeh toh "sau choohe khake billi chali haj ko" hua!!!!

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shish15 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely post Kavita,

You have described so beautifully.....Seema's intentions , her so called repentance....All her effort are for herself...she has not done anything  for Dutta....she has ot even tired to enquire how his life was after they parted ways....If Dutta has moved on or not.....if her life has taken such drastic turns then Dutta's too would have gone through some....more over even if she does not know of Dutta being married...She knows very well of Dutta having a mother..she no feeling as per what his family would be going through....she just does not care..

I too loved the way Dutta got restless hearing Seema's redemption plans....such a contrast to what he felt for Naku....he was angry with called her a traitor but could never get far away from her...was always pulled towars her...and he never did mind this pull..

I would love a dialogue from Dutta after D&N meet where he says that he does not mind her dark or fair color all he wants is to see her once...thus telling that now no prejudice against beauty can come between them..all barriers have been by being blind he has seen her from his Man ki aankh...

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westboat Newbie

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God ... What's this? Unbelievable... U should be writer on this show .... far better writing... couldnt beleive people out here are so much involved in it and keep such level. So much of involvement is an addiction... not good...  U mst be thinking abt this show throught day or what? I  would like know from you. Indeed very good writing... I wish this actually happens in the show...


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divy609 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Excellent writing Kavita The topic title Dutta's Virtuous Hatred ...... What a startClap
Never have I thought that hatred for someone is good but for Dutta More than ever Dutta hating Seema now since he knows that her intentions are not good  , She not only wants to save him but also Own him ....... He hates her more He feels disgusted at the very thought of it........Truly a Virtuous one........Dutta's self-realization is the one to watch out for I want to see more introspection by Dutta More FBs and yeah once they are together I want a talk abt this btw them

Seema's enchantment .......I don't quite get that one.......How does she think Dutta would not have moved on in his life .......So many things have happened in her life Then doesn't she care to think about Dutta's ..........Dutta has a family , a AS Will a mother leave her son who has lost his first love Will she not ask him to marry another girl.......So many sins she's committed and is still commiting and still expects to be forgivenPinchShe's so selfish Even if she'd read the column completely I doubt she's have decided to send Dutta back immediately
2day's track I don't know what to expect I soo wanna see the phone call But well Let's see.......
A Hopeless Dutta addict Yeah!!!!

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prettywoman Goldie

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Hi Kavi


Needless to say amazing writing. Just my random thoughts on this.. I loved the word you used to describe Seema.. I have been trying to pinpoint that word and you have nailed it when you say delusional enchantment. I cannot use a better word to describe her current state of mind!


I am no fan of Seema, especially her attitude where she feels she can get back Dutta in her life after having put him through so much in life and how she can even think she will be the ideal partner to Dutta? But the only benefit of doubt I give her is her not knowing Dutta is a married man. She is not aware of this truth which will completely shake her and break her, so I can sort of understand her delusional thoughts, though in no way do I support it!


Yes, it has been extremely rewarding to see Dutta realise his follies on his own this time and not needing any 'outsider's' help. Also I find him very mellowed down during this track which goes to show the lengths to which Naku has transformed him with her love. The old Dutta would have finished off Seema and her chacha in a blink without ever giving her a moment to speak. I am loving this new patient, thinking, loving Dutta and he will surely be the perfect husband to Naku in every way she has ever dreamed.


I loved this quote  The supreme happiness in life is the assurance of being loved; of being loved for oneself, even in spite of oneself;.. it is a gem..

Coming to yesterday's episode, I read the reviews fisrt and was a bit sceptical. But to me, it was an ok episode. It did not feel weird to have Nakku wear D's coat.. for me it was like she was trying to gather strength from his love by wearing his clothes to feel close to him..and she did not try to be a don's wife, she tried to soothe and calm the people..


And what can I say about MR.. he is Dutta in every way possible for me. The man lives that role and emotes so well that it touches my soul. He uplifts every scene with his mere presence and strong screen presence. I have been spoiled by his perfect portrayal of Dutta that I don't think I would be able to enjoy or admire another TV character anytime soon! he has turned me into an addict for sure of Dutta and his 1001 expressions and nuances he brings on screen.. sigh


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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Originally posted by ZubyDutta

Somethings never change.Like the hindi proverb,"Sab badal saktaa hai lekin fithrath kabhi nahin badalti" (Everything changes but nature never does). How beautifully Chanda proved this to be so true while dreaming aloud outside D's door two days ago. Even today its I, Me,Myself for her. That this is somebody's son lying helpless & injured here while his mother is being told that her son is no more makes absolutely no difference to her.Did she think of that for even a second? That his family & the poor residents who depend on their sustenance on him do not even figure in her thinking.You don't have to be a noble & saintly like Nakusha Bhao Saab to think in this manner.Any normal & good hearted woman would first think of informing his immediate family of his safety. She barely manages a drunk chaskar how will she protect D against the armed & alert gang of his. The lack of surprise she exhibited after reading abt D in the papers clearly indicates she knew about D's profession & his life.Then she is also aware that D has his own army better equipped to protect him. So her justification of keeping him hidden falls flat miserably.

I'm nowpretty certain she loves herself even more than D.Does she think that the blood clot in his eyes will disappear on its own.What's with keeping him from proper medical attention relying on that joke of a doctor for his recovery? Or is it that she doesn't want him to regain his sight ever? So that he remains helpless & bound to her for life. I strongly believe the latter to be true. This is another vile side of a woman portrayed in LTL & its so true. The likes of Kala, Supriya & Chanda simply cannot think beyond themselves.
As for D taking this separation as an opportunity to realise how much he was wrong & how true Nakusha is, well that entire premise is so wrong. The present events in D's life is not to make him realise Nakkusha's worth.That he realised like 6 months ago.He said so to Aayi in no uncertain terms during the Suresh episode. The present track is there to make him realise how he ruined his life for a totally worthless woman like Chanda. That she is not fit to be thought of even let alone be obsessed over for a decade.Obsession over her betrayal. Now he can realise his folly & let the demonic vista of Chanda he had inflated across so many years fizzle out like a punctured balloon.She was & is not worth it.Period.He can now go home with one less wound.
I so wanted D asking his wife for an explanation for keeping him in the dark for 9 months. They were close friends even before the wedding. I wanted him to ask her if she feared for her safety or what other reason they might be for the lack of trust. I want to see what Nakusha comes up with.The members here emphatically say Nakusha is more wiser & candid than D. So I don't want any "haiwaano ki basti, Meri Aayi boli, Bappa boley, baajoowaali aunty boli" kind of explanation. I want a wise & candid explanation.
But looks like we are straightaway shunted to the D begging for forgiveness phase.That would also mean no more DSP, black kurta & the earrings. CryIts back to the colourful sherwanis & the mooning pre-FR .But I know my beloved members Hug are dying to see that. So I'll just go with the flow I guess.
Superb post Kavita. Star Very well written.But like D when was the last time something u wrote wasn't superb?EmbarrassedSmile
So very true Zuby and Thank you for going the length of the question I put to forum members regarding the validity of Seema's attempt at redemption.
I am aware that my reading of the last two weeks of LTL would, always, have been more inclined towards Dutta rather than Seema and cohorts. But the last two episodes have wiped off the empathy I could have had for her, had she made a consious effort of dissociating herself from her innermost desires and consider Dutta's anguish and turmoil at being caged in her house and unable to find the practical bearings which would allow him to go back to PN.
Her actions or rather her statements reminded me of the hotly disputed concept of dualism whereby manifestations of mind = self, body = other rule. Either way, she identifies with her mind rather than her heart without consideration for Dutta or the world at large. Philosophers have argued about the difficulties of cultivating compassion as a virtue, especially, if one possesses a narrow identity with an illusory separate self built in to our own deepest little world view. This is, exactly, Seema's problem and, no wonder, she is so out of touch with her own realities and the extent to which her depravity and innate selfishness will never allow her to get close to Dutta again. The same applies to different degress to the likes of Kala, Supriya who cannot simply cannot think beyond themselves.
I once wrote in one of my thread that it was high time LTL moved from its comfortable realm of a dark love story to the moral high grounds and this may be an attempt from the CV's to move forward. This is one of the reason that I may disagree with your take on the present events  not being the source of self realisation of Nakkusha's worth. Dutta has lived in an ivory tower for too long and being now confronted to depravity that he can sense with the presence of morons like Chaskar around a woman of "low morals" will force him to re-assess the inherent goodness of Nakusha that he trampled over despite the fact that he was fully aware of the degree to which he indulged in self-harming. It hurt him to hurt Nakusha but he carried on. It is a pity that the CVs did not manage to convey the nuances of that phase as effectively as they did post the JMM track. The present track is so botched up with CVs deliberating on the orientation to give to Nakusha's character that the essence of the Dutta/Seema redemption could almost become secondary and add to yet another major blooper.
As to Dutta querying Nakusha about the reasons for her hiding and expecting a wise and candid explanation again when he comes back, I am all for it. You may have sensed in my threads that Nakusha has often been bashed. This will be the opportunity for her to redeem herself totally. She is not going to achieve that by donning Dutta's look and arming herself with his gun though the fantasists amongst us might think so.
Sorry for the late reply but Fridays can be killing in the office.Ouch

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