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Abhay-Piya Madhu: Of Connection & Conscience.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Abhay-Piya ' Madhu: Of Connection & Conscience.



Hey there,


A rather emotionally driven episode from Abhay, Madhu, Misha and Kabir's side, especially. But what stood out was Abhay-Piya's connection and Madhu's conscience and her maternal instincts for a girl who is actually a thorn in her chest.


There is a reason why most Ekta Kapoor couples take long to fall in love , go through a very rough journey and take the longest in coming together. Valid reason? So, that when they eventually fall in love and get together , you remember them as epic couples and understand that why their connection ran so deep. This is what EK always highlights and underlines ' the connection. So, that when they are together , you just know it that why there will never be anyone else for them and why nobody will ever match the epic love that they feel for each-other. Abhay-Piya are just no different.


Piya is critical ' she is unconscious ' her heart is most likely to stop beating or else she will slip into coma. But her subconscious mind is active and Abhay knows that her last thoughts were about him . Even when she is battling between life and death, her mind and her heart are with him. Abhay gauged it. When the restlessness and anxiety got to him , he understood that something had happened to Piya. Even as he fought it out with ChandEena , the unrest wouldn't leave him. He had to know what happened to her. Is she okay? He connected to her on a psychic level and she responded. Even as she lay lifeless, she called out to him. And then, there was no stopping Abhay. Piya needed him and he had to return to her.


On the other hand , as the whole Dobriyaal family panicked and pained over Piya's condition, Kabir , who was more shocked and shaken by Piya's condition than shattered understood that even though they all are with her, there is just one voice that Piya is going to hear. There is just one person for whom Piya can come back from the gallows of death. Just one man in whom her faith is strong enough to fight for her life. Abhay. No matter how jealous or petty Kabir gets or how childish he behaves about Abhay-Piya , he seemed to acknowledge today what sits in his subconscious mind. Piya's life lies in Abhay and right now, more than anyone else, she needs him. Going against his nature , against his being and against himself, he called Abhay. Just for Piya. But even before he could dial Abhay's number, Abhay was there.


Abhay rarely breaks down and he usually holds his strength and his mind in place when faced with crisis. So, no howling or growling ' no drama ' no sobbing and crying. Piya needed his strength , not his tears. He didn't lose balance at all seeing Piya in that state. He had to relocate his strength and his thoughts to Piya and that cannot be done with a shaky mind if we are talking about a psychic connection or telepathy here. He conveyed it to her that she has been calling him all along and he is right here ' with her , for her and hers. She is not going anywhere because he won't let her go anywhere. Abhay knows that she heard him. She wanted him to come back and here he is ' at the cost of her life ' so, how can she go anywhere? He couldn't stop Maithli from going but this time he knows that for a change , history will not repeat itself. Not for sometime at least.


This is the definition  & essence of the Abhay-Piya's story ' CONNECTION. Even when Piya was being taken away for blood transfusion , their hands touched. From Piya's POV , it conveys that she knew he would come. And from Abhay's side, it underlined that he is here and she needn't fear anything.




I know we all get judgmental about her now and then. Some of us even try to understand her position but I don't think we really can. There is a reason behind it. The woman we see today is a selfish mother. But we have not seen the young wife who was betrayed by her husband ' we didn't see the lonely young woman who holding on to her two daughters saw Arnab become involved with Sugandh and father Piya- we didn't see the much in love forgiving wife who took her husband back and gave him the love and respect he may not have deserved at that time. So, we don't identify with their pain. Simply because we haven't seen it.


For example, for those who have seen Vampire Diaries would know that we didn't understand the subtleties and tenderness of Stefan-Damon as brothers until we were taken into their flashbacks where we saw them as connected brothers and how close they were. So, in present tense, it becomes easier to understand that no matter how antagonistic they appear or hurt each-other , they love each 'other and can die for each-other.


Similarly, since we have only heard Madhu's back story in two dialogues , we don't sympathize with her. There is a reason that Madhu is what she is today. But I have to say that today , in the hospital, the strongest surge of emotion for Piya came from Madhu. She reacted as a mother ' a guilt ridden mother. She forgot whose daughter Piya was- she just wanted Piya to wake up , to come back. She was ready to give anything to have Piya back to life. Give Arnab to her , give all her rights to her and she even went to the extent of begging God to give her life to Piya. Madhu doesn't hate Piya and she has shown her maternal instincts for her now and then . But we need to understand that Madhu is not a saint. It is an emotional struggle for her to accept Piya and see her everyday. Only a woman in her shoes can understand her situation.


I love the Madhu that I saw today. She is weak, she is fallible , she is grey , she is selfish , she is many things ' but at the end of the day , she is like Piya in many ways ' all her thinking comes from the heart. You know what they say about mothers? That whatever God should have given them in the head ' HE sent it rushing to their hearts. That is what Madhu is. Pancchi and Misha'a mother. If you look at her that way, you can at least understand where she is coming from , if not identify with her dilemma.


After the episode ends today , what stays with you is Abhay-Piya's connection and Madhu's grief. Not Arnab's, not Misha's , not Pancchi's , not Kabir's. Just Madhu's , if you look at it objectively. Papia ( Madhu) is a very fine actress and it is a pleasure to watch her in emotional scenes, especially.


PRECAP: Ironic , isn't it? When Abhay went , he took Piya's heart with him and now , when her heart has stopped beating , he is putting the heartbeat  back into her heart.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug


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Befikre IF-Stunnerz

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It is a treat to read ur post everyday poca................Clap
today's epi was abhiyalicious nd madhulicious......Embarrassed i actually never hated madhu....not even yesterday b'coz it is really difficult for a lady to see her step child infront of her eyes everyday nd moreover she never acted rudely wid piya also like other bad step moms do......dere was no bad bg played before her i found her positive onlyLOL but coming back to today....i literally wanted to hug d poor lady who was betrayed by her husband long back but still was ready to sacrifice her life for her step daughterShocked she really is a gud mum nd a selfless human beingClap
now my abhiya...............d hand touching glimpse we got today was d highlight of  d epi...nd abhay's luv nd truly said CONNECTION wid piya is unbreakable nd beyond our reach.......nd i jst luvd d precap.............abhay piya r setting d screen on fire nd i jst fear dat one day my tv wud burn into ashesLOLEmbarrassed
i found kabir gud today.........he was not bitter nd acted as a true frnd as he knew dat it was only abhay whose voice cud be heard by piya nd he forgetting all his differences wid abhay called him upClap
nd wat's wrong wid chaandeena man??? r dey mad or wat??? party pigs......ready to party anytym regardless of tym or situationOuchLOLLOL

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome post as usual, Poco!! Gosh, I could never analyse the precap that way!! You're absolutely right! For me, the star of the day was Madhu and of course, the strong telepathic connection AbhIya share is no secret.
I'm so glad Madhu didn't let me down! I was sure, cent percent sure, that Madhu will want to reveal the truth to Arnab after this accident. I can see the love and affection she has for Pia. She is a total 'mother' as they say and that dialogue from KHNH holds very true, specially in case of Madhu. She was fond of Pia from day 1, if you see, and when the truth came out that Pia was actually Sugandh's daughter, her only fear was that no one should know this. Her feelings, her attitude towards Pia did not change even one bit. Ironically, she told Arnab yesterday that Pia was not her family, yet, today, her reaction was just like any close family member's, in fact, very much of a mother's. Only a mother can hope for her life to be given to her child instead. She's a selfish mother when it comes to Panchi and Misha but when it comes to Pia, she's a selfless mother. She always showered Pia with motherly affection come what may. Another irony was that Madhu had said that she was happy at the news of Sugandh's and Pia's death, yet, today, her pain and grief at seeing an unconscious Pia battling for dear life was unmistakable. This is what we call relation. Earlier, she didn't know Pia, so her existence didn't really matter to her but now that she knows Pia, she adores her and from what I see, Madhu wasn't praying for the survival of her husband's daughter or her daughter's best friend, she was praying for the survival of a girl she'd genuinely come to love and care for. Such unconditional affection can only be that of a mother.
Coming to AbhIya, well, I have always maintained that no matter how much we criticise and mock EK and her shows, end of the day, these shows are the ones which have given us the most memorable jodis and their love stories. Till date, we remember Mihir-Tulsi, Prerna-Anurag, Kavya-Anjali, Prem-Heer, Angad-Kripa, Karan-Nandini, Arjun-Arohi even came back on demand! And yes, I never followed any of their stories except Arjuhi, yet, I know about them because I heard so much. AbhIya will be another memorable jodi. We could see the strength of their connection today. Abhay was, God knows, in which part of the world, but he had this constant intuition that something was wrong, that Pia needed him and he was literally going mad with restlessness. Pia, apparently, even in her unconscious state was calling out to Abhay and he could, very much, hear her. His constant assurance to her, telling her that he was right there with her and that, she will not go anywhere tells us that he, somewhere, realised, just like Kabir, that he was the only one who could penetrate Pia's mind in this state and convince her to come back to her loved ones. The hands-brushing had to be the most touching and symbolic moment for me. My interpretation is that Abhay, knowingly, brushed his hand against Pia's as another act of assurance to convey to her that he was there physically and not just in her thoughts, that he'd come back to her and that she had to come back, too. As far as Pia goes, we all know she herself is responsible for her condition (Let's forget Danish for the moment). This quote holds so true for her, 'Anyone can be passionate, but it takes true lovers to be silly.' I don't think I need to say anything more on that front.
Kabir, well, all I'd say is that he may not be the best boyfriend but he is a true friend. Maybe the reason he doesn't understand what Abhay means to Pia is because he refuses to see the depth of their relation. He sees it all superficially. He just sees the fact that Abhay insulted and hurt and mocked Pia time and again. He didn't see that Abhay was the one who stood by Pia when the whole world was against her, when she was all alone and needed someone and for Pia, this is what has left a mark. Abhay was there for her when no one was and now, she doesn't care for anyone, she just wants Abhay, her hero, her angel.
Btw, it was sad to watch Misha cry!! I've never seen her cry before. She really loves and cares for Pia!!
@Precap: It all comes down to whose by your side. In this case, Abhay being by Pia's side will definitely release her from the jaws of death.

Btw, on a lighter note, no one will ever leave Pia alone now!! Abhay must be thinking, 'Main gaya kya, pehle hee din accident ho gaya' and the Ds will be like, 'Aaj hee hostel gayi aur aaj hee accident ho gaya. Should've never let her leave home!'

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sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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hey dear
was waiting for ur post
infact i was waiting for the post the minute i saw the precap

well i just cant exactly describe how i felt about the whole thing

u r sooo right that abahy and pia connection left a lasting impression today
abhay seeing her in such condition didnt break down because he knew he needed to be pais strength not weakness.the way he said to her feel the love and take the strength from our love to fight back was ..............i dont know what exactly to say to it
and abhay touched her finger to make her feel that abhay indeed was there near pia and she has to come back to him

it was a completly overwhelming episode on abhiya front because my heart went out for abhay as well as pia

all the words u wrote out here each and every word is so true
even about madhu that lady doesnt want her family to know the truth but not on the cost of pias life
pias condition had made her think that she will never be able to forgive herself as human that she kept her away from arnab who was right about pia needing the family
madhu realized that pia does need them and just cant keep this anymore a secret  from her husband

the precap was.......................Star

the way abhya was giving her the heart beat back was ................something which i am desperatly looking out for

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hey iv been missing pkyek since 3 days,...mann hi nahi karta dekhne miya no abhiya...
cant tolerate sad u summarise it pretty well..n i dnt think i need to watch it unless abhay cums I wont see it unless it happens..LOL

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neeti_huda Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
As always loved your analysis and loved most the P.S part, you are right, it is ironic.

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Prateeksh Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Beautiful analysis of a beautiful episode Pocho....I guess CVs came and read your post and as well as others' post and gave back to us our very own kabir...i really loved kabir today...
and ya I agree to each and every word for MAdhu and Abhay...
I have alwys loved Abhay for various reasons, but today Abhiya connection made itself appear so much profound that even as a viewer I could feel it....I am just waiting to see how D gets punished for his misdeed and hope that A stays in Dehradun forever.. :)

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by luv_wacko

hey iv been missing pkyek since 3 days,...mann hi nahi karta dekhne miya no abhiya...
cant tolerate sad u summarise it pretty well..n i dnt think i need to watch it unless abhay cums I wont see it unless it happens..LOL

Thank you, whacko.  I guess you'll start watching it soon. With Abhay back and MiYa on a roll. Smile

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