Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

~~SS: Chori Kiya Re Jiya~~ (shot 1,2,3,4) pg1,17

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Hello Everyone...
This SS is for two special people I know... one kkmouli... she wanted me to write this and other Greeshma chechi who found her Mr.Prem Juneja...  Hoping both of you like this n of course all my readers too becoz of whom i write...  Will post the chapters soon...



SHOT 1,2,3- pg1


SHOT 4,5,6- pg17

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"Meherrrr please' I promise I'd allow you to eat an extra ladoo' Let me see the photo" She pleaded with her sister for the nth time but in vain. Not only her sister, but everyone in her family was so adamant about not showing her the photo. She saw Meher taking a look at the person in the photo and giving her a teasing smile.


How she wish she could snatch the photo from Meher's hands but knowing how quick Meher was with her responses, she knew it would be waste to try. So, she thought retiring to her room would be the best option rather than letting everyone know how impatient she was.


She picked up a book lying on the book but got lost in her thoughts. She completed her post graduation and was thinking of what to do next when her parents asked her about marriage and she couldn't deny after successfully postponing it for 2 years. So, she gave her consent and in a week they found a guy. All she got to hear was he was successfully handling the family business and the family is so lovable. She just heard everything and now slowly trying to assimilate the things.


Although she tried not to think much, she couldn't help but keep on wondering how he'd look, whether she'd like him, should she leave it on her parents??


"Diiiiii" Ash yelled bringing her out of thoughts.


"I know you're dreaming about jijju..." Ash said as she sat down beside her di, who jus rolled her eyes in response. Ash picked up the laptop lying on the table and settled down on the bed.


"Ash can I use facebook for a while?" She questioned her sister as a sudden idea struck her mind.


"Oh so that you can search for jijju's picture online??? Do I seem so dumb to you?" Ash questioned her in return.


"Stop that' he is not your jijju yet' I still didn't approve him so just stop it ok." She yelled at her sister.


"Ok chill' I'd call him Mr. Juneja then is it fine?" Ash asked in return.


"Well he must have a name right' you can use that" Heer told as a matter of fact.


"Really? So that you can know his name?? Keep dreaming di'" Ash smirked and left the room.


This is what she hated. Why was she being kept aloof of even his name leave alone his photo??? She did question her mother but all she got in response was it wasn't the right time to tell things.  What would happen if she knew his name? She questioned herself but then it was useless to fight with the elders in these matters.


At night, her mom and dad made it to her room and told her details about the family and him' and finally disclosed his name. They also gave her confidence that she was free to decide though the credibility of the statement did seem much in doubt, she remained calm.


A car horn honked and she made it to her window hoping to get a glimpse of him but in vain' So here he was' She took a deep breath and went downstairs.


The Juneja's were welcomed by the Mann's. As Juneja's got seated in the sitting room, Heer walked in. As she made her way towards them, she suddenly felt like a clown being watched at. Everyone was noticing her so she just kept her head down. She got seated god knows where because her mind just blanked off. She gathered some courage to look at him but then there seemed to me three men and she didn't know who he was so left that trial.


She heard someone say, take both of them upstairs. Finally she will get a chance to see him. She hid her excitement and slowly left for upstairs as she felt him follow her. 


As she reached the terrace, she walked to the corner and remained silent not knowing what to do. After mustering some courage she turned to face him but he wasn't facing her instead stood in the other end facing the garden.


"Hiii I'm Heer..Heer Mann" She said as she reached up to him and extended her hand.


"Prem' Prem Juneja" He turned and shook hands with her.

The moment their hands and eyes met the world ceased to exist for her. Her mind completely blanked out. He was just' just' words failed her mind. She controlled her excitement and just smiled trying to adjust her dupatta which was just perfect in its place but still she did that just to hide her nervousness.


A part of her mind warned her. Com'mon Heer he looks good but that's not sufficient' Concentrate'. After few minutes of silence she heard


"Hi Heer' Nice to meet you' I'll be honest. I' I never spoke to girls much' I have two sisters but still I'm not much a party kind of person so you'd have to excuse me if I said something inappropriate."


"Hey it's completely fine' I understand' Heard really good things about you, so I guess its least likely that you'd annoy someone" Heer told him completely chilled out.


"So what exactly did you know about me?" Prem asked leaning against a pillar, crossing his arms.


"Well just that you're just perfect, love your family and care for everyone around you etc etc" Heer told him standing near the railing her back facing him.



"I don't know what was told to you but I want to clear a few things' I'm not heading the Juneja business yet I'm just working as an employee there and I want to be self made rather than enjoying what is given to me. Before I'm made the CEO I just want myself to be worthy of carrying that responsibility. Hope you understand that." Prem stood beside her by now and faced her.  


She stood watching him as if reading his mind. When her parents told her about him, she wondered whether he'd have all these qualities but that thought was ruled out now. There was an air of seriousness and then came the playful smile.


"I guess we had enough about me. Let me know about you. Hey is that your room?" Prem said pointing to a room which attracted him.


Heer turned in the direction he pointed.


"Yess' want to see?" She asked him and later wondered why she did that. Anyways now that she made the offer she can't withdraw.


"Yea sure'" Both of them walked in to the room.


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The room had a pleasant feel with the white and pink shades and things neatly arranged. One side of the wall was arranged with her pictures since childhood. Smiling he went through all the pictures.


"Welll' since a child I was a naughty kid either landing in trouble or troubling others'." She said as he stood watching the picture where she was teasing Meher and the other where her mom was scolding her.


"This is so cute." Prem said pointing to her expression where she held her head low while her mother was giving her a fierce look.


"This is Karan'. My best friend" She said as he stood in front of a picture where both of them were Karan and she was pulling each other's hair. She looked at Prem trying to read what he felt. She wanted Prem to accept her as she was.


"A strange co-incidence you know even my best friends' name is Karan'" He gave her a sweet smile.


"This is my family and these are my friends." She said pointing to two group pictures. "These are all I have and I just love them' White and pink are my favorite shades though I like black, blue, green, red'" Heer told me as she noticed him glancing around the room.


"Oh thanks' I was wondering if I had to paint my room pink now." Prem told walking over to the book shelf while Heer was bit surprised that he thought so far already.


"Wow' seems like you're a book worm." He said picking up random books.

"Well I'm' do u read?" She asked casually.


"Yes whenever I get time I read. Which genre do you prefer?"


"Specifically'hmm love stories and'" She was cut.


"You're reading this book right now" Prem asked noticing the bookmark pointing to Murder on Orient Express' "Preet made me watch the movie based on this last night' I just came back from a meeting and he forced me to sit' after all the suspense we come to know that all of them were involved. OMG" Prem blurted and then turned to see Heer glaring at him'


"Love stories and suspense thrillers' Why did you have to blurt that? It was so interesting and you just spoiled everything uuuuuu'." Heer shouted'


"I' I didn't know'" Prem was running around as an angry Heer was ready to hit him.


Finally Heer caught Prem and was about to hit him when he held her hands and as she was trying to free herself she hit him causing him to fall on bed along with her. They just stared at each other and after realizing the position they were in got up.


Prem ran his hand through his hair and not knowing what to do, sat on the bed. Heer settled beside him adjusting her dupatta. She broke the silence.


"So how's my room?" She asked casually looking at him.


"Really cool' To be frank, you're really friendly I've never spoken so much with anyone till now." Prem said as Heer continued "and me so little."


"What?? That was little" Prem asked shockingly.


"You think that was too much??" Heer asked even more surprised.


"Well ok that wasn't much' I was asking and you were answering" Prem answered thinking for a while.


"So what are your hobbies?" Heer asked him.


"These days I'm really busy with office but whenever I get some free time I love to spend it with my family. Preet, my younger brother he's a big prankster and he just doesn't leave anyone so just to tease him I play pranks with him and then I play video games with my nephew and niece."

Prem told her and then asked her about what she does,


"One thing you already know' read books but other than that I love hanging out with friends and then do bit of adventurous things." She replied with a smile on her face.


"Adventurous things??" Prem questioned her.

"Hmm adventurous things as in' do something which normally people won't do' well have you ever tried to steal or you know tried standing on a merry Columbus." Heer asked him excitedly.


"Really??? Well I assume I'm not that adventurous then' that's really crazy!!!" Prem told her making a face.


"Crazy?????? R u serious???? You should have tried that then you'd know how exciting it is" Heer scolded him.


"No thanks' I'm happy this way." Prem told her.


"That's ok' You don't have to be the same way I'm' I understand everyone has their own likes and dislikes" Heer told him but was cut.


"Right and relation become strong when both of them appreciate each other wishes and not force one on to other unless the other is ready for change." Prem smiled at her and she returned.


"What about your family Prem? I mean who all are there' I understood you're really attached to them." Heer asked him'


"I live in a joint family and wish to be in same' I mean' even after marriage' Mom, dad, two my elder sister Kulraj she's already married, two younger brothers Harman and Preet they are still in college. That's it'" Prem told her.


"I know its so fun staying in a joint family. I mean happiness gets doubled and sorrow halved' Isn't it?" Heer gave him a pleasant smile.


For a minute they stayed staring at each other. Finally they heard someone calling out for them'. It was dinner time. Both of them got up to leave' They reached downstairs and then joined others.


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The dinner was done with both families enjoying each other's company. Heer did steal few glances of him without getting noticed and she felt he did that too' It was time for them to leave'

Heer took blessings from his parents while Prem did the same. She left to her room while he went to the parking. As he took the car out from parking, he noticed her standing on the terrace watching him'

Prem turned to her and smiled before driving away. Thankfully he was allowed to go alone. He switched on the radio.

saanchi saanchi teri nazrein ek darpan
Dede mann ki yeh khabrein ek pal chin

(Truthful, your eyes are a mirror
Give the news of heart in a second)

Her face propped up in his mind' She just had the perfect features but her eyes' they told him all' even the things she couldn't tell him' Her eyes lit up when she told him how her family and friends were her life and then how suspicious they were when he saw her with Karan worried if he would approve her friends even after marriage'

Adharon ne kuch na kaha re
Naino ne keh diya

 (Lips didn't say anything
(but) eyes said,)

Heer stood in her room'playing with her dupatta' Even though there were not much things discussed but whatever they spoke conveyed their inner feelings silently to each other and she was really surprised how that happened.

Tune toh pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya mora jiya

(You just stole my heart in a moment, my heart)

He was trying to settle himself in the business when his mom and dad approached him with a wish. They wanted to see him married and being the obedient son he was he agreed. He had faith in their choice and when he saw her photo he was assured how right he was. She looked simple and sweet just the way he wanted'

Tune bhi pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya more piya
(You too stole my heart in a moment, my beloved..)

He was just the way she had always wished for about her dream guy. Responsible, caring and loving'.Her mother walked in to the room bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Well your dad sent me here to know what you have to say but I guess I needn't ask anything now." She said as she saw her daughter blush. She kissed her forehead and hugged her.

"Thank you maa' and it's a yes from me" She said smiling.


 Prem walked into his house with a sweet smile on his face. He turned pale as he saw whole of his family sitting in the hall watching him.

 "What??" Prem asked as he saw them staring at him intently.

"Nothing bhai you carry on" Preet told him.

 Prem shook his head and went to his room.

He got changed and sat on the bed, lost in thoughts of course about Heer' She did seem to understand his under lying facts when he said few things about his family and work' She was understanding, friendly and would respect what he does' what else did he want?? She was pretty too' especially her eyes' he just couldn't forget them'. he could just drown in them anyday'

Gumsum gummsumm rehne wali humri ek gujariya re
Kal-kal kal-kal behne lagi jaise prem ki nadiya re

(A wish of mine that remained lost,
started to flow with noise, a river of love,)

He always wondered how people fall in love just like that in a meeting and now when it did happen to him, he understood' It's just that connection of hearts, when it finds its true mate love is bound to happen'

That's it the decision was made. She was the one for him' He got up and went to his parents' room. They were preparing to go to bed when Prem walked in. They wanted to ask him as soon as he came back after talking with Heer but then decided to give him sometime. They didn't want to pressurize him. They wanted him to take decision by himself. They were discussing the same thing when Prem walked in and they remained silent.

Prem walked to his mother and rested his head in her lap. Gayatri ran her fingers through his hair lovingly.

 "You didn't sleep yet?" She questioned although she was well aware why he was there.

"No maa' I wanted to tell you something." Prem said awkwardly not knowing how to start it. He wished they would ask him but they weren't.

"and that is'." Lalit asked his son as he sat beside his wife.

"Ye'." He started to say but was cut.

"Premmm we were actually thinking we made a mistake' We should not have asked you to meet her' I think you're still young you can actually wait for a year" Gayatri said getting all serious.

Prem was surprised at this sudden revelation.

"But maa I'" Prem was cut.

"You're right. I'll talk to Balraj'" Lalit told getting up to pick up the phone.

"Noooo" Prem shouted'

"See even Prem is saying Nooo" Gayatri joined Lalit' "I guess it's better to inform them soon'"

"Nooo I mean Yes Ma'" Prem blurted getting all confused.

"No' yes' Prem tum bol kya rahe ho?" Lalit asked him all confused.

"Dad I mean' I' I..I" Prem stammered.

"I..I What Prem?" Gayatri asked.

"I'll marry Heer" Prem said in one breath closing his eyes.

Loud shrills of laughter and yelling made Prem to open his eyes. He saw everyone jumping in joy, congratulating each other. He shook his head and smiled. His parents hugged him followed by his siblings.

"Now what are we waiting for? Dad just call Balraj uncle and let him know we're coming for rokha tomorrow" Kulraj said putting the phone in Lalit's hand.


Heer was trying to sleep but sleep was no where in mind. She was worried about what Prem would say. She did like him but even he has to approve her' She kept tossing on the bed when she heard sudden commotion downstairs. As she reached downstairs she saw her chachi Daljeet stuffing sweet in everyone's mouth.

"What happened?" Heer asked innocently.

Ash and Meher walked to her and held her on each side.

"The thing is now we got official right to call the handsome hunk, most eligible bachelor in town Mr. Prem Juneja jijju'" They almost crashed her in hug. Heer was still trying to comprehend what they told her when Teji stuffed her mouth with sweet.

"Now everyone go back to sleep' Its going to be a tough day tomorrow' they are coming for rokha tomorrow itself'" Balraj announced.

Teji and Daljeet were alarmed. They started discussing about the menu and necessary things to be done. Both their husbands made them calm down and took them to their rooms.

 Tujh sang preet humne lagai hai
Tab jaake yeh rutt aayi hai

(I have loved you,
Then only this (beautiful) weather has come,)

Heer ran to her room and jumped on her bed in joy. Ash and Meher stood leaning on the door enjoying their sisters' happiness. As Heer turned she saw her sisters noticing her and she bit her tongue in embarrassment. Next moment they pulled her in a bear hug.

"We're so happy for you Diii" They kissed her cheek.

"Di I know we've teased you a lot yesterday. We're sorry for it and so as to make up for it we've something for you" Ash and Meher told with a glint in their eyes.

"What's that?" Heer asked puzzled.

"First close your eyes" Meher commanded and Heer did as they instructed.

As she opened her eyes slowly when they asked her to, she felt him in front of her. Ash and Meher held his photo in front of her eyes.

"Take this Di...Now its' officially all yours" Ash winked at her. They left from there. Heer locked her room and walked up to the window holding his picture.


Tune toh pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya mora jiya
(You just stole my heart in a moment, my heart)

Prem was back in his room after all the hustle-bustle. He had tough time escaping all the teasing from his siblings. He picked up her photo lying on the table and walked over to the window. He looked at the moon glowing in the sky and then at the picture but instead it seemed the picture took life and she was standing in front of him in person giving him a smile. When he was about to touch her he realized it was just the photo' He hit his head and stared at the moon.

 Tune bhi pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya more piya
(You too stole my heart in a moment, my beloved..)

Heer smiled at the picture and then looked at the moon as if she could feel him watching her through the moon'


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awesomeeeeeeeeee too good  ery nice shots waitingggggggg for next asap.

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lovely one
continue next update soon

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*pinches herself* i dreaming.....Ermm
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Originally posted by Sukrutha

*pinches herself* i dreaming.....Ermm

No u're busy PHreaming LOL LOL

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