Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

KMH2: What's next

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Hello ''fidas de Mohabbat''
How are you guys doing (please dont ask me how much time i wrote these lines, IF is being naughty with meLOLLOL)
Last time, I felt to watch KMH2 again as from the start to see how reallly the story starts and hw it is going. On watching the November track,I felt it to be a good start,and I even wrote a post on it:
where I wrote the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down/Heart and what we were looking forward to see as continuous track.
I have not watched the december track again because I personally feel some scenes were so ''melodramatic'' , ''so poorly executed'' and so ''overstretched'' that I will need to take a deep breathe to watch it all over again and understand how it fits in the plot of the story and will write on it later.
Nonetheless, I must agree that I am actually liking the January track. For me if the show will  be the November track,then start of december track and then th January track,it will still gives the best picture of KMH and ''get the best emotions instantaneously'' as they want the audience to have.
Loving the wedding track made me realise like what I wrote in some earlier takes:
Something like when there was the convo between Arohi Biji about ''accept what has happened.''
 I remembered to say that ''the Nayi story is how an unmarried childish carefree girl  grows to a strong mature lady, that the time wants.''''it is not a story where a mother shares experience on how to meet the special one while fulfiling her dream but it is a story on compromise that come with time in a married life. All need is proper guidance.'' I was excited again to see that,the guidance is here but as ''young'' behaves impulsive and stick to the present time rather than being far sighted actually defy the age of experience.
I actually like it and I was looking these themes to forward soon with proper camera execution and with more and more ''KMH'' tunes as background rather than others.
(1) Lead characters:
-> Arohi realises her love to Arjun and redeem. She must redeem while staying with Arjun and understand that she is a freebird with Arjun and ''therefore cut completely any intention about divorce track'' for her to redeem.
-> Arohi remembers that Arjun was the man of the masquerade party and she was the one who wants him in her life, She genuinely loves her. Time could have proved bitter but if that was not going to happen,she was going to ruin her life by herself.
->Arohi's complete meltdown and with Biji,she understands Arjun more than Arjun does,just like Arjun knows her.
->This should be shown in her bubbly and chirpy way. Even if she is growing as the mature lady,this does not mean her to change to some ''serious chap''
->Arohi and Arjun walk on the thread of Arjun's dadi wants -  end of the feud
-> Arjun's reaction about Arohi did not trust him when he needed most
-> Arjun's reaction when the mystery is unveil
(2) The past
-> High time for the old feud to reveal and Ahluwalias are shown at fault
(3) Arohi to realise that Ahluwalias are faker than Singhanias
(4) The friendship line to explore more: Billu,Makhand,Arjun / Shefali Arohi/ Sanchit Romit
(5) Comeback of Rashi (please,it seems everyone forgets her) and Jignesh to change to a caring husband
(6) The machiavel mind of Rudra Pratap - hurting Arjun but Arohi will be as shield
(7) the DJ Biji friendship
(8) If in a circumstance than Arjun leaves the ''singhania'' and how Arohi shelters him in her love
(9) A love storyline (plz): Rajveer and Gauri: Gauri's love to bloom by asking forgiveness and Arohi helped her again
(10) leaving on you guys to add upLOLLOL
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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
edited :-


Though cvs r not intrtstd in ending gauri's track we need sm strong n  valid points..through which aarohi will melt n 4get her hatred 2wards arjun ....BUT THIS SHOULD HPPN SLOWLY SLOWLY .....NOT JUST IN 2 SCENES WID 2 PERSONS INVOLVEMENT .



i know it sounds weird ....but i am thinking that sasu maa needs another lady in d house who will help her to do sm plannin n plotting against aarohi n though all males r of no use so this coming "jethani /devrani " whatever will shake hands wid sasu ma n plan sm evil against aarohi .
BUT D MAIN POINT IS AT THAT TIME AAROHI WILL FEEL HELPLESS N ARJUN WILL COME AS SUPPORTIVE HUSBAND N WILL TAKE HER SIDE BY GOING AGAINST HIS FAMILY he already said that he will save her 4m whole world . he will fight wid her on his own but not like wid these stupid plans ..........SO THIS WILL B FIRST STEP THAT HOW AAROHI WILL START FEELING 4 HIM .
n yes in this point of time we want daadi out of picture ....may b wid rashi to abroad 4 further treatment .

yes its little sad part but here how emotions can start working arjun is in a kind of business where there is a danger of life all time n at 1 these kind of encounter he will get hurt badly by 1 of his dushman .....n AT THAT PONT NO FAMILY MEMBER WAS INTRSTD IN HIS CONDITION OR HEALTH BUT BUSY IN ENJOYING THEIR 1 MORE SUCCESS BCOZ OF ARJUN .... so this is d time where aarohi will get to see d real face of his family members n moreover bcoz of makrand n billu she will get to know abt arjun's childhood , his orphan thing , his charity thing n caring attitude etc. plus that he is not bad but d conditions r n he is doing all this bcoz of RPS ehsan over him .
at this point she will help n care arjun like a gud wife n 2ND BIG REASON 4 HER INTENSE FEELINGS 2WARDS ARJUN .

i have sm more thoughts but 4 now i think this is enough for 3 months if they will do it slowly n properly . dont want to end d show wid sm 150 or 200 episodes.

p.s. - keep their nok- jhonk alive bw all this .

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged

just an outline 

1)  No preggo or kids - may be in the end , to extend the show further but definitely not now. 
2) arohi to melt first and start redemption while living with him and trying to win him over - take it slow though - how she transforms from an ahlu to arjun's arohi, let her find out that he is an orphan and he was telling the truth abt it.
3) gauri track - raashi's  recovery - rajveer's anger
4) arjun's redemption - his unleashing of all the childhood insecurities and uniting with his soulmate.  reveal and relive the destiny moment.
5) blissfull wedded life, romance ,  for a while
'tere sason se hi meri sasein chali, tu hi dikhe jabhi ankhe khuli
dekha falak dekhi zami, paya na koi tumsa kahi'
6) garui's redemption
7) reveal fued between families
8) another ego problem.
9) brief separation - not divorce but just separation for a while both adamant on not saying sorry, she can be in maika for a while and he refuses to budge either.
10)  no third person - no trio - just the couple and their yet another silly separation due to ego.
11)  tanhaayi ,  dard , pyaar - they can show how both of them are lonely and missing each other,   how painful it is to live without each other , and show their love indirectly through deeds  but still dont come together.  
12) realising 'aa tujhe khud mein main is tarah lu chupa, ki khuda bhi hume karna paaye juda ' - finally cant take it anymore both realise the fight is silly and love cant be fooled,  either one or both of them make up with each other and khushi ka mausam one more time.  preg, kids, happy couple,  mostly important happy Arjun.  and story can grow again from here.  dfntly dont want it to end after 150 epis, we want more than that.
will edit later.

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rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged

Nisha i think you have included all the major pointsEmbarrassed 

1) The most imp thing that should happen now is Arohi should start slowly realizing now that Arjun is not a bad guy n the things in the drawer(hopefully Arjun's orphanage related or the proof that he really loved Arohi) can be helpful if CVs don't forget about it..also Arjun has prooved his love to arohi and now its arohi's turn..
2) The 12 AM night meeting should be given significance..i thnk the CVs have forgot thisUnhappyarjuhi should confess to each other that they were the one's who met each other at that nightEmbarrassed 
3) Arohi should get to know how arjun is treated by the singhanias n should start showering love upon himEmbarrassed which he has been deprived ofCry
4) As shibz said the title track should be justified
5) Its time for Rashi to show up now..she can play a major role in clearing the misunderstandings
6) Rajveer-Gauri love track should start
7) Yes no kids now please..we want an intense, deep n passionate lovestory firstEmbarrassedkids at the end of the storyWink
8) Also Billu Makrand should be brought backTongue
9) Shefali's love track with either Makrand or SanchitLOL
10) Mikhail's love trackWinkLOL

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
sorry guys..just wanna pitch in the suggestion idea..
I think he's just asking our suggestion to see what we like, and waise bhi most of these daily soaps have a bread story line , but HOW TO EXTEND it not considered at the beginning...i remember listning to an interview of a TV actor, he said, "that we'll show what ppl wanna see. It's not decided in advance how the story will move, hence they have to decide it based on'janta's demand.." give or take..da'ts about wot he i'm thinking it's the same case here..they rushed the story in the beginning, and now twist and extention is needed..khair..
Here are some pointers that i wanna put across..:Smile
1. I really think their nok jhok should continue, but now it should turn into a pyar wali..shararton wali nok jhok..
2. Being close to eachother, i think they should start to develop positive feeligns about each other, and should start longing for eachother's company...I mean like, look for bahanas to be in eachother's just b wid eachother..chori chori dekhna, aik dosre ki presence ko feel karna..jaan boojh kar aik dosre ko tang karna just to be around that person..etc..
3. Kids track should come i think, but at the end of the show..abhi itani jaldi nahi..then it's not gonna be same's not gonna have that fresh appeal then..
4. I also think k Arohi should find out about Arjun's truth now, and should repent first, and Arjun should also find out about gauri ASAP and their hatred 'urancho' ho jani chaey foran, so by the time they return from their HM, they should start doing special things for eachother to 'manao' connects with my 2nd point, that they should start longing to be wid eachother..
5. NO NO NO RONA DHON..keep it light, fun and beleivable...
i really think the story for now should just focus on making their love strong and unbreakable..baki jo bhi twish hoga, baad main ana chaey...:-)
Here..i just poured my heart out..Embarrassed

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Bobbi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Wow. Very interesting post.
Loved it thoroughly.
I agree with your points.

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
u guyz have put the main points...i dont think i have anything left to say...this must be enough...

but i do have a request please dont think of closing KMH in another three months plz....Cry we need around 200 epis.... there is soo much scope with the characters...soo much potential with the story line..make use of it...

all in one...justify the title track of KMH2.."teri saason se hi....." would love to see a beautiful journey of this....

n yeah do wana see an exclusive video for the same title track soon... not a VM but a title track video n it would be nice if it is played in the opening of every episode like in the last season.... this i surely want to see in the coming months...LOL

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
nisha..thnx for the thread..

@nisha, kavya, aamna

read all ur pts. agree with 'em
want to add:
arjun and arohi need to understand their importance in each other's lives.. more importantly. the shield concept.. they are both each other's 'dhal n talwar'.. i see tht pt.. in what nisha said.. that rudr tries to hurt arjun and arohi protects.. i wanna see that work both ways.. arjun ofcourse has tried to protect arohi a zillion times already.. but i think it needs to happen in an emotional topic one more time .i.e. after wedding phase.. and also.. they need to get hurt when they are away from each other and realise and miss that shield. will think and add more (if any, you guys have mentioned everything Clap)

i do hope they do not connect Arjun's parentage w/anyone in our current cast.. it would be too ghisa-pita trak. his strength is that arohi will be the family he never had.. saddist as i am LOL i don't want him to find that depth of a family in anyone else..

and more:
i actually don't mind seeing arohi's redemption and then her assimilation as a full singhania.. i.e. she accepts Arjun for who he is, guns and all and then stands by him. We already know that Arjun being a don has a good side to him and has morals. so i don't mind Arohi supporting him in that avatar. plus this would mean RPS being under false impression of having won the war by having Arohi 'Ahluwalia' on his side.. also its a gud jhatka to the Ahlu's and their 'acchai-sacchai' crap.. then Arjun can make their 'pyar ka accnt' full n final by giving the good life another chance.. and so Arjuhi can find a middle ground btw their police vs criminal takrar. 

this way, Arohi would have given her 200% in proving her love to Arjun this time.. and Arjun would have to return the love.. (i really don't want to see him all bechara trying to prove 'kitani mohabbat hai' like in season 1.. i luved that trak.. but thats enough tyag on Arjun's part)

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