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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:27am | IP Logged

edited :-

As i predicted in my last take that arjun will give ring to aarohi bcoz of press ppl ,came true 2day ....but but but kash khud pehnayi hoti Wink .
so aarohi won here ...ring bhi mil gayi n kiss bhi nahi karni padi ....but aarohi sweetheart ur hubby is no less he will take badla abt this kiss n deo thing 2moro b readyWink
"meri bhi yadasht kamzor ho gayi hai " ...tit 4 tatWink

gauri gauri gauri ....pyar ki bhookhi.....apne pati se nahi mila to doosre ka hi sahi ...LOLAngry
but arjun - loyal husband ..Thumbs Up not intrstd at all ...knows all her chalaki n his own limit not even permited her 4 hug last time in cottage.........loved him 4 this attitudeBig smile
but gauri is maha dramebaaz convinced aarohi n bach gayi Angry
y aarohi is so innocent ....n y arjun dint tell her abt d real thing ?Confused
BUT HERE ARJUN WON Smile N WHAT A STATEMENT OF AAROHI IN FRONT OF MEDIA LOL "mera screw dheela hai " TongueROFL so tit 4 tat again.
but thankgod rajveer decided to go back .........chalo 1 din to akele rehne do unheWink
but rajveer was ok wid aarohi's honeymoon n statement ..strangeConfused

nothing left more ...ony arjun teased her again ...n aarohi asked abt his weak point ....but she doesnt know that his weak point is she herself LOLWink
dadi 's convo was gud wid god LOL prarthna ke saath planning ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai LOLWink n daadi liked ur planning Thumbs Up but lagta nahi ki kuch fayda hoga WinkLOL

n that romit - sanchit scene - no cmnts . n his mother just left away inspite of saying anything Confused

overall ok episode as gauri's track will take more time.

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@nisha ur surprises really made me surprise. i never knew u r such a sweet gal. i thought u a very different kind of gal but really luving ur this side much more. feeling happy to see childishness n sweetness in such a beautiful way. kisses n hugs to u. 
reserved for take

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
res..Evil Smile
congo nisha for becoming goldie..LOL hope u r liking ur new colour!!LOL 

well i loved todays episode!!! it was super cute and entertaining!!LOL..
as usual arjun is missing his wifey..LOL..and here arohi enters with all presswalas!!...and the reporters pounce on arjun asking his questions!! ..and calling him besharam!!..LOL.thats true..Winkour arjun is indeed  naughty..!! anyways but here also arjun makes up a story about his frustration .ROFL..karan;s expressions was spot on!!..followed by arohi's expression (thinking wat story to make!!)..lolz they shud take part in story writing!!ROFLROFL.....anyways finally the deal settles at a kiss and ring exchange...lolz but arohi gets the was funny when arjun asks for the kiss she says arjun's lines''meri yadasht kam ho gayi hai''ROFL..but arjun was really epecting a kiss!!Wink

finally we see beeji pataoing mata rani and having a talk but looks like mata rani ha some other plans so she sends gauri instead of arohi in the room!!Evil Smile...i kinda knew it that it wud be gauri coz they did the same thing in kmh 1 when sheetal bua was wearing arohi's clothes!!LOL..

anyways our hero enters the room but is shocked to see gauri..but gauri chee so cheap she is saying'' kamre galat hai ..insaan galat nahi''Angry...and pounces on our arjun ..but smart guy smells something fishy in her behaviour and pushes her back..but still she punces again..and says..''kismat ka darwaza''..and just then arohi and chachu knocks the door..lolz..arjun's expressions was hilarious!!ROFL..he was so happy to see arohi at the door coz arohi was acusing him of bad character and abusing gauri..and our arjun was like..dono taraf se he is the winner..gauri's situation was very good for me..i felt happy seeing it..LOL..she had tears and was girgiraing at arjun's feet!!our arjun was enjoying ..lolz..and he decides to help arohi ..i just loved when he pulled arohi inside coz he knew arohi wud be shocked!!ROFL..

loved our arjun's cute emotional atyachaar today!!!..ROFL..cant believe he made arohi call herself ''screw dhila!!!''ROFL...
anyways arjun wins again but i am afraid that arohi is looking for smething that wud hurt arjun most!!Ouch..

loved the precap!!!Heart cant wait for tomorrows epi though we know wats going to happen as per sbs!!..but i loved arjun!!Heart in the precap..hayee he was so hot!!

ps: arjun was cleanshaved when he comes outside the room!!LOL but again after few mins we cud see his stubble growing again..must say his groW*H hormone is very active!!Wink

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged

ClapBravo to Arjun's characterClap

Epi started of being light and fun on the content...enjoyed the scene to the fullest..Big smile both of them are like, 'Nehle par Dehla'..lolz..LOL
"kaise Kahoon, Kaha Nahi Jata..ROFL.ROFL.Hamari shadi ko 7 din hogaye hain, aur isne mujhey apne kareeb nahi aney dia..aap samajh rahey hain na main kya kehna chah raha hon..aik kiss tak nahi dee.." O-M-g..lolz.LOLLOL.hahha Arjun..jitni masoom shakal bana rahe they na, itne ho nahi tum..agar itna hi dil karta hai na, Arohi ko KISS karne ka to seedha seedha bolo..she's ur wife after all..aur woh bhi mufte main mil gai..Wink(shadi par aur rukhsati par koi kharcha jo nahi hoa..LOL) LOVEd this scene ..too good..but i have to say..Arohi's VERY smart 'apki biwi ki ring daba kar betheyga..hahahaLOLLOL
LOVED-LOVEd- LOVED..and i wanna say again, LOVVVED SANCHIT & ROMIT's scene today..ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.. they are just HILARIOUS..LOL. Mujhey to lagta hai k simmi ko side par karo, in dono ki love story shoro kardo.. ROFL.ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.ROFl..they look so cute together....Day DreamingheheheLOL
Dadi's prayer again..very you daddi...(in arjun's style - typical punjabi style)Clap
Next Scene..uffffff Angrythat bitch Churail,AngryDeadEvil Smile Gauri kya kar rahi hai hamre arjuhi k room main...nahiiiiiiiiiii..GEt out..get out..get out..ew ew ew.DeadDeadDead.she infected their room by being there..ewww..she's DisgustingAngry..i mean how characterless can a person get..Afterall shes' done, she still has the adaucity to 'chipkofy' wid Arjun..:-O Com'on girl, go get some self respect...AngryPig
I think today's episode really shed light on Arjun and Arohi's characters a little bit more..I wanna say Bravo to arjun,Clap as he's really shown as a strong character..ever since the beginning, but today even more.!. I mean the way Gauri was touching him, and the whole ambiance of the room was romantic and allDay Dreaming, but he still managed to keep her off, AND dint expose her...the more i watch KMH.the more i fall in love with Arjun's character..ClapClapClapClapClap
Arohi on the other such a mystery to me..till date.ConfusedErmm..Her character is all over the place..i mean i dont brainless are you.Angry.She damn well knows, that gauri was crazy after arjun, and even tried to commit suicide for can she not connect one dot to another.Stern Smile.She's such a heavy influence of her famiy and gauri's love that she's blind to clear truth..Pinchi just wanna ask her..
"Gauri loved arjun so much, but she was the one always saying bad things about arjun - Arohi read the letters, and knows that arjun never loved her or mis handled her, she still beleives what guari said..Gauri is always there when something bad happens..and NOW, again.."Ouch com'on can't be that blind to not be able to make any sense of the situations..Disapprove
when Gauri said, 'kuch nahi hoa' that's the first sign of her guilty conscious...and even then Arjun saved their 'khandaan' ki beghairat and be-izzat bahu ki so called izzat..yuck..she should've b een exposed..Censored
i think waht he had Arohi do was justified..Stern Smile
i just think tha CV's shold reallypay attention to Arohi's character now..bring out a defined Arohi..what is she..careless, stupid, childish, a sensible girl..a lover, What is she? i seriously wanna know now..Stern SmileStern Smile
any ways..on a lighter note..loved the, "mera screw dheela hai..haha main aisi oot patang harkatain karti rehti hoon"..lolz.. LOLLOL
Over all..Karan and Kritika as always.outstanding...ClapClapStarStar
Precap...*FAINTS* Embarrassed- dat's all..we know he's gonna spoil it by getting up..but by just seeing that.'Dhak Dhak..Dhak Dhak...'"EmbarrassedHeart

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Anchi. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
EshuHugHugHug cool surprises...!!Star n yeah congo on getting d dirty goldie color finally...LOL..loved ur take in the last lounge..ClapClap

I just logged in..watched d epi today...n goin through the previous Lounge..Im  sad too..Disapprove... We want a proper storyline for KMH2..n KMH2 title track when are we getting a video for it.?OuchAngry...Just making us wait n wait...Stern Smile..I CANT wait...Evil Smile

Shibz Hug
HugHug...loved ur post regarding the future want to see all dat in the sho....!!After today's epi , dis Gauri should be..CensoredCensoredCensoredCensored..n they better make Raga a couple..LOL

Pooja I was talking bout ur jadoo wala laptop yesterday...ROFL..n it surely showed magic..ROFL..bad joke...EmbarrassedLOL...Well I understand..Ouch...hope to read ur superROFLing takes soon..Tongue

Pranii Im so happy u loved the epi n wrote ur views...always love reading ur posts...Hug Anjali Jannat loved ur posts tooClapClap

Reserved...LOL...for the episode...ROFL...speech is already above..ROFL

Ok d epi starts with Arohi reaching her destination Arjun with the super wehle reporters on earth n SoftyLOL..  The way Arohi was speaking here givin her bhashaan kinda looked like the Sansani reporter..(Star news)...remember..?LOLLOL...The one with d beard n long the crime sho.Evil Smile...Arohi was somewhat accusing Arjun like dat only...ROFLLOL..but dat was cuteLOLLekin Arjun toh ek kadam aage nikla..Tongue.."Aap samjh rahe hain na main kya kehna chahta hoon..ROFL...Meri biwi abhi tak mere kareeb nahin aayi..ROFLROFL...Ek Kiss tak nahin di isne...ROFLROFL..Arjun ur too much..ROFLROFL....and then the ring n kiss exchange offer..ROFLROFL..the reporters are too much..ROFL...Both Karan Kritz' expressions were awesome in this scene....Embarrassed..priceless expressions ...ROFL...

Maa da laadla....*yawn*...SleepySleepySleepy.....First , Chiku Rajveer ROFLROFL..n now Romit SanchitROFL...CVs we have already seen enough of dis since Dostana became a hit..ROFLROFL...please spare us...Sleepy...n Preeti Ahlu n Bua actually believe..?SillyROFL..

Biji just like the audience is constantly praying n thinkin bout Arjuhi's honeymoon..ROFLROFL...loved the tune which they played here .BUT...SleepyAngry..for Gauri..?Ouch..Honeymoon pe aate hi Gauri ka makeup change...ShockedLOL..what bout her red patent shade..?ShockedShocked...I dint like dis scene at all..CryCry...the way she tries to get close to Arjun n then hugs him..Ouch..cant see dis..CryDead...Superloved Arjun here....ClapClapClap...what a muhtod jawab he gave to her.."Sahara door se bhi de sakti ho..ROFLROFL..."...ClapClapClap..loved this dialogue....Karan was looking so handsome Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..Next Arohi Chachu  outisde the room..They could hear everything...ROFL except Gauri requesting Arjun not to reveal dat she is the only chudail with him inside the room..ROFLROFL temporary deafness of the Ahluwalias..ROFL..ClapLOLLoved the words  Arohi Rajveer used for Gauri her bachpan ki friend /his sweet si bholi bhaali wife..ROFLROFLwho was playing the role of a chudail inside the room.Evil Smile..ClapClapROFL

ROFL...Im stillROFLing thinkin bout this part...ROFLROFL....Arjun ur too smart...WinkLOL...Arohi saying" Mera screw dheela hai..mera pagalpan hai....mere chachu n family ko seriously mat lena"..ROFLROFLROFL..gosh..!!dis was hilarious..ROFL...Kritika was superawesome...ROFLClapClap...n Arjun's expressions..n wicked smil.e..WinkEmbarrassedLOL..but i so wanted him to expose Gauri..AngryOuch...Gauri tujhe Arjun ko thank karna chahiye Evil Smile...aaj toh tu bach gayi..Angry.....think bout ur honeymoon wid Chachu...ROFLROFL...who was so excited for it..ROFL...n stop ur pagalpan now...Evil Smile..ok im done wid my mission dese dayz bashing GauriAngryROFL...

Last scene doesnt Arjun say sumthn like.."meri bhaanaon ko samjho Arohi.."..err i don remember...OuchLOLArjun ...tumhari bhaavnaayein audience samjh sakti hai kyunki we are also controlling our bhavnaas..ROFLwaiting for tomorrow's honeymoon episodeDay Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..Both of 'em look so hot in the precap...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming....

done...Sleepy....dese dayz im not gettin ny humour for my takes...ROFLROFL..OuchSleepyLOL...hope wrotes ome sense...EmbarrassedLOL

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
ok...interesting episode.. huge understatement.. another howlarious installment.. 

karan/arjun ka kya kahein.. Day Dreaminghez simply amazing.. the fluency and fluidity with which he goes from kamina pati to bechara lover and back is over-whelming.. D'ohand kritz matches it with her own flavor of magic.. truly they are one of a kind.. Star

anyawys.. now down to business..

arjun ne kiya jung ka eilaan
sajne lagi thi jang-e-maidaan
jab aayi vahan arohi seena than
arjun ko secretly hua abni biwi pe maan

dadi ne banaya ek aur plan
samajh gayi dono ki dil ki jalan
inhe lagana chahiye apne choton par malam
isliye bhej diya honeymoon par solan

jab arohi ne jataya softy se pyar toh
is ikraar se hua tha arjun ko jalan
softy ko phenka khidki se bahar, lo
arohi karne lagi phut phut ke rudan

Aaj ki taza khabar:

arjun  ne dekha badle ka mauka
biwi ko sadak pe chod diya jaise hawa ka jhonka
par arjun ko hua tha ek bada dhoka
press ko le aakar, phir arohi ne maara chauka

phir arjun ne badli chaal
jataya jaise dil hai behaal
koi do is bechare ko rumaal
ring legayi arohi, pati hua kangaal
kiss ka kissa yahin khatam hua
dono ne phir kiya dhamaal

sanchit aur romit ka dostana
dekhkar preeti lagi pachtana

rajvir ko aata nahi sharmanaEmbarrassed
phir bhi voh try karta hai rozana Sleepy

wahan dadi laga rahi bagwan ko makkhan
lagwana chahti hai arjuhi ke nafrat pe dhakkan

bekabu hua gauri ka dil-e-nadaan
chahne lagi, ban na arjun ki dulhan

uske naye rang dhang se arjun hairaan
usse dhundte hue hua rajvir pareshan

arjun ne kiya viewers ka kam aasaan
arohi se bulvaya gauri ko ghatiya insaan

karne chali thi singhania's ka dalan
front news pe dikhayegi pati ke chaal chalan

par arohi nahi jaanti ki gauri hui bacchalan
phir fail hua ahlu's ka betuka plan

tote(gauri) mein bhasi thi raja (arohi) ki jaan
ahlu's ki beizzati tha arjun ka plan

na lage gauri ke aan mein daag
isliye kabul kiya ki ahlu's ka khiska hai dimaag

rajvir ka dimaag ab hai satka
jo laga usse arjun ka zor ka fatka

ab ruki padi hai in donon ke pyar ka fasana
kab dikhayenge inka ruthna-manaana
hamari taraf se gauri ko ek nazrana Censored
gauri ko jald padega bharna apna jurmana
CVs se he mujhe yeh khwaish farmana
abhi toh apne akal pe zor lagana

yeh thi aaj ki taaza kabhre.. milte hai kal.. isi time pe..kisi thread mein..
tab tak ke liye, alvida, shabbakhair, gud night!! bad dreams Wink

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
@ AnchiHug
thank u;)
Please share your suggestion in the link I posted.
@Tanu - wat kind of girl u r thinking me to beWink
@all waiting for your editing versionsROFL
And finally I edited mine on page 1;-)

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Anchi. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged

Im still editing my last post..reading the previous lounge...n writing messages for the writers.ROFLTongue

Yaar im so confused...Confused...i wil give my suggestions but i really want Arohi to realise Arjun's love ASAP...Ouch...n dis Gauri...AngryAngryCensored..she is still negative...i couldnt stand her at all today...AngryOuch...
Karan is so sweet...TongueLOL...he commented this under his status one hour ago...LOL..
"Yes gauri is a sweetheart in real life! Kinda dumb hahaha she's just a kid intact while doing that scene where gauri comes pouncing onto arjun... She could hardly do it ;) wonder how tough is it to hug me :( ;) hahahah"

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