Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [27/1 - Epi 66] (Page 15)

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
@ tehreem and rasika and samhit ''guys where have you been, still in dreamland''Big smile waiting on your takesWink
@ Maria ''I know you have exams,take your time''Wink
@kmh24ever Hug hey,welcome, whats ur name,it will be easier to call uWink
''Sweet take of yours,like it''Star
@Anchi.anjie,pooj and shibz - ''seems the ROFLing effect in the lounge is back. Oh Anchi ur the queen of ROFling phir Pooja and I are princessesROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL''
@Aksh ''I love this take as well''HeartThumbs UpClapHug
Extracted and comments:
@nisha - luved today's epi: 
Husband ke frustration vs wifey ki demand 
today, i have to say it - I WANT TO JOIN AROHI SCHOOL OF GALIs
'Yesh I went back in my teen days too with the dictionary of  galis on today's episode especially the Gauri Arjun trackLOL''
"Well then justified with Arjun is also in his bachpana with Arohi and he is more ''to find a reason to show Arohi's down than to actually think on the behaviour of Gauri."
he will go to his bevda-mode, with bottle in hand and then he will put two n two together.. more like he will put gauri and miscarriage together... 
Kash it would have been like this but for the time being, he is more in playful the 'tit for tat' game with Arohi. Kash Arjun could link GAuri and Miscarriage and Arohi link everything from the start and end with Rashi and GauriDay Dreaming
It was so heart melting to see again for the person Arohi holds most, she can go to any extent that she has to, she protects them and cares for themHeart
Kash Arohi,yeh pyar Arjun ke liye hota tha,he deserves it and not GauriWink
see, when it Arjun becomes the object of Arohi's love - her protective shield will grow exponentially. so that they can say 'kitani mohabbat hai' -[ yeh gauri ka toh khali trailer hai.ROFL]
I agree on you completely in this,this is what I was thinking as well when write this bit but yaar ''kab'' I so feel that Arohi now needs to put all puzzle in the place and solve this dilemma. Chahey Arjun stays till angry,I don't mind, Arohi is the one who has to realise first and showers this abundance of love to ''bhaiya''Embarrassed
The sarcastic smile about when he said ''galti se'' and then another mockery when he said, he breaks into laughter when he looks at Arohi's face,HeartHeart,seriously like it because he knows that Arohi is so innocent and now left me to wonder that Arohi is gullible too. 
i hope he remembers gauri's 'galat room, sahi insaan' mood.. if not anything else, i hope hez atleast cautious what he says to gauri in the future...
Well I actually take this ''nafrat'' not thinking she is wrong but she is the wife of Rajveer,his enemy but above all ''hate those that Arohi loves: in his mind it is Rajveer and Gauri''

@shibz - hilarious take.. cant wait for the precap - itna hot that ki Boston ka saara snow melt ho gaya..LOL ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Precap: hot!!Day DreamingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed "aaj raat ke liye main bhul jana chahta hun ki main kaun hun...aur tum kaun ho..bas main hun aur tum ho"BlushingDay DreamingEmbarrassed - add Heart
ROFL Guys it seem this formula on the mohabbatians ROFL:
Patni ki ''dhak dhak'' + Pati ki ''oie oie'' = KMHians ki 'Hayiiii'
@KA rocks Hug Hey Angels, hope you like the surpriseWink Lounge is a stop for entertainment and we believe there is not such second stop like ''our kitani mohabbat hain'' hasWink
@ Anchi High FiveHigh Five
For getting those ROFLing takes again! It seems that Lounge is full of chillers again,huhWink
@ Pooja  Now waiting your ROFLing take tooWink
@ tanu you should include it in the ''KMH2 - what's next'' post and VCV can consider it about the '' i wan thoda zyada paas waala n thoda zyada ache se hug waala.o goddddddddddddddddddddd plz hav pity on me.''Wink
@ tanu
''@aanchal i never knew u r such a funny gal.frm d very first day i used to take u as female arjun punj n today i got 1000 watt shock after reading all of ur posts.laughing lyk crazy.if my mom will see me laughing lyk this at 2am she will surely take me to mental hospital. ''
ROFL It happens only in Mohabbat Lounge ROFLROFLROFL and hey
Anchi (she is the growing eshu) ROFL in ''being funny''Wink
''hehe...can't help it..WinkLOLEmbarrassedBlushing...i admit im besharam..LOL
n aww..dnt worry im sure during arjuhi's reunion..we will have a really sweet n passionate hug...n i too want a nice full hug..not a side one..TongueLOL...gosh im so picky..LOLWink''
ROFLROFLROFLROFL ''You should not justify anjie, we were all like this at your age and I was worst'' ROFLROFLROFL (I have no clue who were the hotties and handsome that came in my dream ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL,never met themROFLROFLROFLROFL but dream was so beautiful that my brother had to come to wake me up ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL'' and ''coz of those hotties, I was being called as ''kumkaran'' by bhaiya ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
And the bit you say full hug, completely agree (right kavya),it should be self losing in both way or else Anjie ''I will enter in my laptop screen and make sure they are hugging each other ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)
@Tanu:''only god knows when we will get this hug?still hopes high n patience super high''
''tell my mom that and she'll happily move me to your place ROFL ''
You know even my mom thought so initially but then one day I went to stay at my cuz's place for three days and the next day,I got a call and mom said to me ''come back soon,without your chirpiness,the house is not lively and seems something is missing''HeartHeartHeart
Will be same from your mom tooWink
@ Anchi
''Besharami all learnt from kavya ..ROFLROFL...Embarrassed...I kno d creatiosn gallery is flooded wid hot Arjuhi honeymoom siggs from season 2...ROFLROFL....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...just waiting for the honeymoon..ROFL...''
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL,hope you guys are not left disappointed,on honey moon things,I prefer to love to stay stick with my ''love for south american soap  operas.''Wink  There you get the unexpected out of the world ROFLROFL
@ Ada Hug Hey,its been long, nice takeThumbs UpStar
''gauri's red lipstick is gone?? ROFL Yaar samajkar, Rajveer was cleanshaven and GAuri was cute - full to honey moon ki mood they,sab ke sab bhigargaya, rajveer back to angry mode aur Gauri psycho modeROFLROFLROFL
now how will she try to show that is evil?? Ermm
Yeah, she has taken the ring that dadi left for Arohi in the suiteWink

Sanchit and Romit now?? D'oh CVz...pleaseeeeeeeeeee stop! we've seen enough...Cheeku and Rajveer was good to see...but now another pair? Stern Smile
''Actually I took it to see their sweet friendship between them,if guys did not notice,it is same like Shefali-Arohi, in the 'love sex dhoka' track,if u guys watched it again,the way they made Shef joined Arohi in tht dance was ''to add spice to shameless Arohi that she is bi.. I actually love the bit,it was mild but shown,and justified in the song as she was doing everything that she is not. so she was shown as punk+drug addict+ biLOL 
Sanchit Romit friendship must be another way to turn the feud into friendsWink

haven't seen the episode yet so can't say anything abt Arjuhi but from what u all say! AH i can't wait for it

and arohi is forced to say she's mad and her family is crazy?
can't wait for this!!! can't watch it in the library...people will think i've lost it ROFL which i have since my books have taken over my sanity ErmmCryAngryROFL''
''Anjali multitasking...D'ohLOL

Tanu....ROFL we all need to be admitted to a mental hospital ready to join you..ROFL..but only after  watching the honeymoon..
Seriously pray for you guys for all your expectations and dreams not to fall down. So want somethng sweet intense and passionate rather than gross and confusingEmbarrassed
@ tanu
'@nisha i thought u as a very practical (right) n strict gal (this one willl faint my friendsSmile i might be firm though,it depends onl what situation i am)l.ur posts r highly mature  (as I share my personal experience in it,I have grown up)sometym so i never thought ur this side of sweetness n childishness (no worries tanu, knowing full me, is really a puzzle that very few persons can put it togetherWink).i thought u can never hav personal relations with any of us as u r only here to criticize a show other than making new frds but now i see in u a very good frd (lol, yeah I am actually so taken up, I hardly can chill here but whenever I got time like today, i seize it and as for the friend part, only friends can answer to it, but I am like Arohi Ahluwalia in the bit where I described:
''For the one I hold more, I feel very protective towards him/her. I will make sure that s/he is not being hurt and if i can't avoid misadventures of his/her sides, I will make sure with me, she has those smiles and love life as light, I can go to extreme in some of my friendship - defensive or protective. sweet and polite or firm and straightforward and i make sure that friends are alright (well thats how am i,a little bit,with real life friends, I am actually described to be a joker) wl tell u more later okk  (waiting for it dear)n plz dont mind anything. (ofcourse not, see I was always an open book and will remain so)
@Anchi ''The Reason'' has been one of my song I cherish in my memories thinking especially one of my buddy in teen, all those ups and downs we went together,to the extent we went in the''dark rock'' world and comes back ''in light and faith world.'' that was such a kind of friendship that came from the heart and soul,you know when she was in some problem,my heart was alertedLOL and then yeah she was in the trouble but then we used to get over it together and from my side,when i was ''low'' she knew it too and she always said something: ''you are such a kind,nish,that you find your way by yourself,I can only be a guide while for me to find my way,I need you to help me''Heart ''lot of sweet memories with this song. Last year my buddy got marry and I was really happy. Though we are miles away but our personality did not change. Even if we meet once in a while, we will be back like those 2 teensLOL
@tanu &anjie
''naughty thoughts in my mind is not allowing me to sleep''ROFL
Advice sweets: ''two glass of full cream milk and you are done''ROFL
@anjieStarDay Dreamingsweet dreamy takeWink
@tanu: ''after bearing me my mom has gained strength to bear all kmh luvers. ''ROFL
Oye Anjie, tell tanu,I will soon be the uninvited guest at your placeLOL
@aksh ''its both for me.. dreaming of kmh in daytime.. LOL''

ROFL I am sure when lecturer was explaining you were seeing some Arjuhi scenes on the board ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Come on yaar!!!! Rukmini does not suit Arjuhi at all sweetsLOL Yaar you should have posted something like ''Julie I love you song'' that suits more Arjuhi. I know you posted the song coz of the lyrics. I like the song too but it does not suit the subtleness, passionate and intensity of carefree Arohi and Mature ArjunWink Only one song for them and that will be ''teri saason'' of KMH2 trackWinkWink
@Piamist Hug Hello,what's up? Should we call you piamist itself? Btw I enjoyed read your takeStar Hope to see whenever you are freeWink
@ MansiLOLClapThumbs Up
Mansi,your style of writing have elements of fun, straightforward,cool and awesome  that make your post another different style and bring wide smile in KMHians face! Love itHeart
Yours memorable line,stick completely in my heartBig smile:
''Subah uthke log Ramnaam kartain hain aur hum log shayad sab --- Karan naam karte hain.''ROFL
Well,thank God Nisha still takes the name of Lord in the morningWink
baaki,they will tell youLOL

''  do not get much time but I read all takes'., bcos I feel.......u get to know and  be with KMH more with all these discussion shayari,,, poems' roses and all'for all I know  is that I have joined this lounge to be with crazy people like me''

LOL lol, yeah we have a very ''chilling,friendly and family atmosphere and our lounge,though all of us are distant away and do not know each other really but the virtual connection in this lounge is as strong as knowing these buddies for real''
''Galiyan achi de deti ho, I mean non- stop'.Don't go for Football academy.please..... join the police''...''
ROFL Yeah kabhi footballer,kabhi lady don aur kabhi policewali,ahir she is An Ahluwalia (police officers) married to Singhanias (don) so double effectROFL
''Karan ' Arjun ---Log KMH ko le kar pagal the itna din' ab to karan ko  le ker pagal hain'..u know why '..If you drop even 2 ' 3 words in FB, people likes and comments right, left and centre widout even understanding''.which I did once '.U said  links few days back' I liked ' never knew what was that for'..ahhh craziness .....u see..aap to Mahaan, mahaan nahi bhagwan ban gaye sabke liye'log 'wait karke baithe hain FB pe ' ki kab darshan mil jayain'
ROFL ''Oh Mansi,you are 3 to the power of infinity much ROFLROFLROFLROFL,awesome mansiROFLROFL and well even if i comment in his posts,I don't waitLOL but yeah, seems you are going soon to be a ''die hard fan''ROFLROFL
''KMH Team'.Wonderful job'. In today's world the precious thing that was missing in everyone's face was a SMILE---- and u gave it back''..May God bless Whole KMH team''
I guess you are right,KMH is so full of fun and entertainment that pullled us to it like magnetsWink
 i'l say this 'chumma chumma de de...chumma chumma de de chumma' ROFL
Jannat,yaar,it will only be ''teri saason''LOL
@arshiyaHug Hello there and nice sweet takeStar
Well agree with Anchi,missing pranii and sanju hereWink

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
Today's episode was good, loved Arohi and Arjun trying to compete with each other in front of the press. LOL at Arohi getting the ring and Arjun not getting his kiss, he looked disappointed
I loved Sanchit and Romit's scene, what a misunderstanding there!! ROFL
I hate Gauri's character, she hasn't gotten the message by now that Arjun is not interested in her. I want him and Arohi to find out the truth about her and seek revenge against her, she needs to get what is coming to her.
The precap looks so good, they need to add precaps more often

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
@nisha.. u pretty much summarised today's thread.. picked up all the funny thoughts and indexd.. thnx.. will be ROFLing for a few hrs abt this now.. already thnx to KMH i break into giggles randomly at all times, during all activities (including lectures Shocked).. now this one will keep me going thru the nite.. 
@mansi.. your comment abt FB.. i know xactly wat ur talking abt.. i used to be hooked to FB all of last yr... took me a while to detox completely D'ohand now Karan has become a pretty enticing subject to get back into addiction Confused.. i am worried for my health ROFL  plus.. subah hote hi hum toh IF ka naam lete hain.. Hug

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanchi

Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta

hahaha you miss my bakbak??
tell my mom that and she'll happily move me to your place
haha!!ROFLROFL US ki ticket bhej..ROFLROFL..ya apna number de..Wink.ROFLROFL

D'oh dude i have no words for you
read carefully ROFL it says i will be moved to your place not vice versa

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
@Tanu - thank you jee for explaining ms. Aanchi what i was saying ROFLROFL i think she was reading with her brain on off mode ROFLROFLROFLROFL

@Nisha -
ROFLROFL dude trust me my mom would miss my bak bak too....everyone does when i'm too quiet ROFLROFLROFL they are like what happened? mike kharab ho gaya? ROFLROFL they have been looking for my remote for a long time and also where the speakers are because kabhi kabhi ek dum volume zyada ho jaata hai EmbarrassedROFL

i haven't seen the episode so idk what it was the "dostana" track...Confused love sex aur dhoka track was awesome!! kritika was looking so hot i had a crush on her that day

ohhh psshhht how did Aanchi become the queen of ROFLs??? Angry  i had started them..and now u are giving my position to my behena...LOL i have just been that's why no ROFLs...cuz i myself don't feel like ROFLing LOL this is how my face is when I am writing my takes these days Stern Smile

ok anyway..i gotta go back to studying Cry

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Eshu11

Come on yaar!!!! Rukmini does not suit Arjuhi at all sweetsLOL Yaar you should have posted something like ''Julie I love you song'' that suits more Arjuhi. I know you posted the song coz of the lyrics. I like the song too but it does not suit the subtleness, passionate and intensity of carefree Arohi and Mature ArjunWink Only one song for them and that will be ''teri saason'' of KMH2 trackWinkWink
honestly my mind was so hyperactive i didn't know what the hell i was posting
but point taken ma'am...will think before posting next timeTongue...oh the effects kmh has on me *sighs* LOL
 i'l say this 'chumma chumma de de...chumma chumma de de chumma' ROFL
Jannat,yaar,it will only be ''teri saason''LOL
not in my besharam mind darling!...but ''teri saason'' will do anyday WinkTongue

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Guys,you are dreamland but I still cant figure out why my heart pops out in the KMH1 scene:

I try to understand those feelings in my heart watching this scene and feel confuse.  I wonder do i see arjuhi in that scene or maselfLOL
At least in this one Arohi redeems and gets to see this beauty but season2 honeymoon has come aur donon are angryLOL

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i guess i had this in mind when i wrote chumma chumma de deEmbarrassedLOLDay Dreaming

Edited by glitter567 - 27 January 2011 at 7:11pm

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