Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [27/1 - Epi 66]

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged

Hola ''Fidas de Mohabbats''Hug

Welcome back,,''Mohabbatians'', to show ''kitni mohabbat hein'' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments,

As always, keep the lounge rocking with all the ''fun ki baarish'' aur ''khushiyon ki barsaat''

Yet, not to forget few rules to keep the lounge chilled;)
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.



Ciao KMHians, I got three surprises for all of you.WinkWink
Surprise 1 (not really one if you were on yesterday's loungeLOL)
A saviour in youtube had a title track video (courtesy: Pyar07) Enjoy guys! Bless herWink
Surprise 2: Wink
''Tanu, as I promised you and Shibz and other fans, please help your mates in reaching Karan and Kritika on the top 2 in India Forums and KMH2 on the top as well, by commenting on their fan pages in india forums and click the chaskameter how much time you guys can.''
''for the breakthrough that Arohi Singhania brought in the telly world, for the great evening KMH offer all of us, for the great performance of the characters and for the ''down to earth'' nature of Karan and Kritika and the ''one of a kind'' other characters depiction of KMH2.''
Aur phir surprise 3 for the Karan's AngelsWink:
''Angels, with ''petals of roses''
A warm welcome in our lounge and for those posts that ''make us think what's next?'Smile
Mates, to all those who have not yet done it (I know most of us are), help the Angels to spread their ''message,aim,mission'' for them to achieve their ''objective.'' In so, please beware of the recent scandal as well,about ''impersonators'' fooling the ''fans.''
''Impersonators'' can be ''fans, hackers or spammers'' and truly speaking, I will not the fans on this craziness but please ''realise with love you give them,a line of respect to their privacy as well should not be ignored.''
''Karan's, Kritika's ''like'' pages are another destination where ''KMHians'' chill like in the lounge.''
''Bas itna hi mein kahungi aaj ke liye.'' ROFL
waiting for the episode to air before I give my take!
Keep rocking!StarStar

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged

Guys, in the meantime,please pool all your suggestions on future themes under this link and please note it is only open today and will close tomorrow morning:

ROFL Comedy was on the heights again and different ways, I love it:
(1) The Arjun Arohi Press comedy (thank God,they made it a comedy: Husband ke frustration vs wifey ki demandROFLROFL)
(2) The Sanchit Romit controversial issue in comedy form (''maa ka laadla bidargayaROFLROFL)
(3) The Biji Dadi ke patana plan with ''Ambe maa'' ROFLROFL 
Phir when she was talking,I knew that the girl will be Gauri but I was shocked actually to see it is Arjun who came in the room. I thought even if the room was mistaken but hubby would came aur ''pyar ke ehsaas'' honelaga magar ''ambe maa'' was playing mischevious todayROFLROFL
To see Gauri as psycho again ROFLROFL ''All the galis of Rajveer and Arohi'' to her suit her well ROFLROFLROFL arey yeh kya, Gauri was going to fall on Arjun's feet ROFLROFLROFLROFL
I am still surprised that Arjun has not seen that Gauri is a psycho and she may be the root of all the misunderstandingsWacko
Well then justified with Arjun is also in his bachpana with Arohi and he is more ''to find a reason to show Arohi's down than to actually think on the behaviour of Gauri.
''he was happy to mock at the Ahluwalia's family rather than thinking on the weirdness of Gauri:
Urgh sister in law aur brother in law,ek kamre mein...eeeeeeeekkkk
I prefer the Ronit Sanchit walaLOLLOLLOL
And we got to see again, Arohi is so protective to Gauri, she is again the shield of her reputation, she will rather gulp a stigma on her reputation, she has actually accepted defeat momentarily to Arjun than spoiling Gauri's reputation.
It was so heart melting to see again for the person Arohi holds most, she can go to any extent that she has to, she protects them and cares for themHeart
Kash Arohi,yeh pyar Arjun ke liye hota tha,he deserves it and not GauriWink
And just like as the story starts, Gauri is again between the 2 lovers - at times to pull each other away through misunderstanding at times through weaknessConfused
I so love the feeling that Arohi has to Gauri,it reflects actually a personality that Arjun is, that of ''going to extreme'' to shelter the ''one they hold from the bottom of their heart.''HeartHeart but Gauri does not deserve it nowAngry and she stole that ringAngryAngry ''another confusion- she will either use it to pour vernom on hubby's side or hubby will start doubting her''Smile (kash the second way but in good sense,that of Gauri is at and not Arjun is playing with the feeling of wife and niece)
I love the last episode, so Arjun knows that Arohi is being fooled by Gauri but he does not know to what extent. The sarcastic smile about when he said ''galti se'' and then another mockery when he said, he breaks into laughter when he looks at Arohi's face,HeartHeart,seriously like it because he knows that Arohi is so innocent and now left me to wonder that Arohi is gullible too. Thinking on Arohi's view, I feel a pinch mixed with salt and sugarLOL on whom she is trusting and protecting actually gave her ''a kick in her heart'' and the one she has lost trust and feel like in each step to hurt is in a way ''shielding'' her at times in a sour way and at times in a warm way. Thinking about Rajveer, I feel pity this time for him,because of his ''characterless'' wife he has to walk ''head low'' and so is Arohi,the one he cares most. He has not yet figured out that Gauri is in all of that. And thinking in Arjun. he is more concerned on the 'tit for tat' gameLOL
Like last time Arjun contrasted him while saying to Arohi, he will hate her and the one she loves,today Arohi contrasted herself while looking ''where Arjun is deeply hurt?''
Hey Arjun and Arohi, you guys seem to have a ''swing roller coaster'' competitionLOL
A good episode todayThumbs Up

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KA Rocks!anitaksureshAllwaysindianadhasrujanaLove14-anzaeram-piamistcloud.9AmnaIshchanni_starsurpateltanu111aSHIKHA19Anchi.love_kukirasika_DSkavyasamaksh4IFAnjalii...xXx.Jane..shibz

Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Reserved Wink
shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
thanq Nisha for the surprises...Embarrassed

btw...the second title song has dis line missing in it..."aa tuje khud main main iss tarah lun chupa ke khuda bhi hume karna paaye juda"Embarrassed

super liked todays epiLOLLOL

Arohi reaches Arjun with the reporters n starts blabbering..."Ghor se dekhiye iss chehre ko......." blah! blah!  n blah!Tongue

Arjun's drama begins....."aapne iski kahani tho sunli ab meri kahani suniye..."LOL naughty mind at work..."muje batane mein sharm aarahi hai..." "humari shaadi hue 7 din ho gaye...aur meri biwi ab tak meri kareeb nahi aayi hai...aap samaj rahe hain na main kya kehna chahta hun?...ek kiss tak nahi diya isne"LOLLOL another excuse strikes Arohi's mind.."dadi ne muje jo ring diya, ye muje nahi de raha" so the press wale come up with a solution.."aap ise ring dedo aur ye aapko kiss"LOLLOL haayee...should see Arjun's face bloomDay Dreaming badmash!!LOLLOL Arohi as usual Arjun ki lines ulta uspe.."meri yaaddash thodi kamzor ho gayi hai"LOL

Dadi having a convo with Bhagwan... "maine ek sundar si shaadi ka joda wahan rakwaya hai......bohat sundar hai...jise dekte he munde naal fir se pyar ho jaayega" arre dadi ye tho Arohi ki hi shaadi ka joda haiLOLLOL btw room tho bada changa hai daddiTongueLOL (dekha i'm learnin PunjabiWinkLOL) meanwhile witch enters their room... Arjun enters...chudail tho aakhir chudail hoti haiEvil Smile ghalat iraade jaag jaate hain uski...humla karti hai Arjun pe..!!Wacko Arjun is my HeroThumbs Up he does not entertain her...but she starts to talk like a psychoDead n tries to hug Arjun again...while Arohi walks with Rajveer to their room...overhears Arjun talking but she or Rajveer does not recognize Gauri's voice?!ConfusedLOLLOL Arohi sends her chachu to get the reporters derSilly....Arohi knocks at the door...1st time i liked Gauri's expressions i thinkLOLLOL paseena paseena ho rahi thiLOLLOL n Arjun maza le raha thaEmbarrassedLOLLOL After all his pyari wife is screamin from outside calling the gal inside chudailLOLLOL Arjun decides to help Gauri, pulls Arohi inside..haayee dat victory expression on Arjun's face n his attitude..Day Dreaming the way he stood leaning towards the door Day Dreaming
so Arjun blackmails ArohiWink she agrees to say all that he asks her to...
they come out of the room...Arjun is clean shavenLOLROFLLOL oops...!! (it was noticeableTongue)
 Arohi starts..."meri paagalpan....hai" "meri screw deeli hai"ROFLROFL Gosh!! ArjunAngry u r too muchWink but poor thingOuchLOL ...Rajveer leaves with disappointmentTongue.. Gauri out n Arjuhi inside...Day DreamingWinkTongue poor Arohi n Arjun's mocking smiles...Gosh!!! Arjun is really feeling vitreous ...he feels like laughing wen he sees Arohi's face?!! is it coz she is losing these games to him? or is it coz he feels she can be fooled easily? but Arohi now wants to look for the place taht'l hurt him the most?!!ShockedBroken HeartCry

so Arjun knows dat Gauri is still having feelings for himDead but he wouldnt remember he once trusted her to patch up with Arohi... or may be he doesnt care anymore...Broken HeartOuch all he wanted is taht Arohi genuinely trusts his love... wich she Arohi u need to get to work its only your love dat'l melt him nowEmbarrassed

Precap: hot!!Day DreamingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed "aaj raat ke liye main bhul jana chahta hun ki main kaun hun...aur tum kaun ho..bas main hun aur tum ho"BlushingDay DreamingEmbarrassed

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KA Rocks!anitaksureshAllwaysindianLove14-anzaeram-piamistDu_NishSHIKHA19AmnaIshAnchi.love_kukirasika_DSaksh4IFglitter567kavyasam.Jane..

rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Awesum episode...loved the press scene a lot..EmbarrassedLOL

RIng ke badle KissEmbarrassed The reporters were quite intelligentLOL anybody noticed one reporter said "aap inhe ring dedo aur mujhe kiss.."ROFL Arjuhi were hilarious..kaha kaha se ideas aate hain inke dimaag meinTongueEmbarrassed

We were thinking that kash arjuhi won't meet Gauri but yeh toh seedha Arjun ke room mein pahuch gayiAngry Arohi u recognized arjun's voice from outside..couldn't u recognize Gauri's voiceShockedConfused loved how Arjun dhamkofied Gauri..the pouncing catLOLEvil badi chipak rahi thi..when Arjun was doing job of bodyguard..she was always behind insulting yeh obsession kaha gaya thaEvil Smile

Its good that arjun dint entertain her.."dur se bhi sahara de sakti ho"WinkLOL Our bholi Arohi always protecting Gauri but Arohi apply ur dimaagEvil Smile when Arjun sarcastically said "Galti se" then also a thought dint come in her mind that Gauri might be at fault

Haiiye the precap..super duper excited for today..EmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Nisha, tussi great ho!! I haven't been able to watch the last two episodes. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch today. Will be irregular till April because I have important exams coming up throughout March. Anyhow, Res!


Gosh!! Looks like I've missed good episodes!! I love how Arjun and Arohi try to outdo each other. So, Arohi got the ring but Arjun didn't get the kissTongue It's actually pretty cute. KMH is back to being it's carefree, fun self and I'm loving it.
Oh, did I ever mention how much I love Romit and Sanchit?? They do share a pretty good chemistry!Embarrassed
And yes, of course, trust Ekta to get Arjuhi and Gauri-Rajveer in the same place for honeymooningStern Smile
Gauri is such a characterless lady!! I'm sorry but there's no other word for her!Angry I mean seriously! Throwing herself all over a married man when she herself is a married woman! I'm not even going to go into the societal relation they share. Disgusting is all I can say!
Arjun is a fricckin' genius! Firstly, the way he handled Gauri and her piling on and then, his 'Aluwalia khandan ki bahu with its damad'ROFL ROFL
And gosh! Arohi's media speech HAS to be the highlight of the dayROFL Her face was hilarious and Rajveer's face was...ROFL ROFL I couldn't stop roflingROFL ROFL His offended face was pricelessROFL ROFL ROFL And Arjun's victoriously amused faceThumbs Up Manana padega, kya badla liya haiClap
Ummm...I missed the part after they inside the roomOuch

P.S. Like Teji said, hopefully, Arjun and Arohi will realise that their love for each other is much stronger than their hatred!Big smile

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KA Rocks!anitaksureshAllwaysindian-anzaeram-piamistDu_NishAmnaIshtanu111aSHIKHA19Anchi.love_kukirasika_DSaksh4IFglitter567kavyasamAnjalii...xXx

kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged

@nisha - Nice surprises Tongue.  and also I updated my post in the suggestions thread,  I think we all want the same thing almost.

off to the episode, where did we end yday ,  allright bachpana continues today alsoConfused ,  this time mia biwi ka drama in front of the press Ermm  well I guess that was the only way to get out of that mess.  But why isnt he putting the ring on her finger in this show directly,  thats a little wierd atleast the press should have insisted.   Lagta hai, arjun arohi ko ring pehnane ke liye we have to wait till like they are in love again Confused.   I knew he will turn the table around and he did, he made arohi look guilty LOL and made her only to send the press away Thumbs Up,  loved his acting all innocent LOL
daadi praying and asking amba ma to see that everything goes allright Tongue,  last time also DJ and Dadu wanted mata to help and she did by helping them find arohi at the right moment.   dadi yeh sab aap ghar mein kar leti , thoda to effect rehta. 
Gauri  enters the room AngryDeadDead  and  what the bg music played all the while she went and took the ring  KMH title track tune AngryAngryAngry.   For  arjuhi you give  gauri-arjun's ek tara bg and for gauri kmh track AngryAngry  had ho gayiOuch .   and what does she do after seeing the confused arjun she tries to convince him it is right and hugs him DeadAngryCensoredDeadCensoredDead  (sorry I really could not stand the fact that she came with her husband and without even the fear of being seen by someone or without any conscience she just went all over him -Dead YUCK).  and she put the ring on HER finger,  yuck,  will we ever get arohi to wear the ring meant for her properly without the scene getting screwed.   Arjun you pushed her away only mildly   it should have been proper jor ka push so she will come to know your rejection crystal clear one more time.
Kal kya kaha tha preeti ahlu ne,  resort bada hai  rajveer ko p ata nahi chalega,  resort bada hai lekin  LOBBY SAME HAI Angry,   and  rooms also aamne saamne  matlab chutkara nahi milega D'ohCrySleepy .  arjun rooom  change karo Ouch.  
AROHI : ErmmAngryConfused  what did you do again ,   you believed gauri and tried to humiliate arjun one more time,  and if you had your way you would have even succeeded in doing that,  but now since it is gauri's izzat you keep quiet ???  how long will you be the good friend to gauri,   the guilt is so obivous on her face cant you see.   .  but who got insulted in turn,  ur whole family, you had to say u are all crazy  (which is true ) and then what does gauri do go behind rajveer like nothing happened AngryKismat is not with you two it was with gauri today Ouch .   Right back to arohi again,   so arjun laughed at you and mocked you but why are you bent upon hurting him  that too where it will hurt him the most,  ofcourse it is clear by now, his heart is vulnerable.  wake up  kahi aisa na ho ki :
kya hai bharosa aashiq dil ka,  aur kisi pe yeh aajaye
aagaya to bahut pachtayegi tu.
Arjun ne accha kiya Thumbs Up , press walon ke samne 'the great arohi ahluwalia singhania ' ki band bajadi and made all the ahlu's look crazy , well if u look at   romit - sanchit - bua - tayiji - scene Stern Smile
then it feels true,  Rajveer could not do anything yet again Thumbs Down.  
from the precap arohi is affected , but from sbs we know he will just control and make it look like fun and go away,  lets see what happens after that. 

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KA Rocks!anitaksuresh-anzaeram-piamistDu_NishAmnaIshSHIKHA19love_kukiAnchi.aksh4IFAnjalii...xXx.Jane..shibz

--HiNa-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
so romantci i love the 2day epi & the  precap
arjun say:everything prefact aaj rat ke liya mien bohl jana cata ho ke mien kuno ho aur tum kuno ho aaj seif mien ho aur tum ho so romantci yaar Tongue omggg looking so hot so romantci
aj rat neda be nahi aye gey yehe socha socha ke  ke kal kmh2 mien kiya ho gaya aur yeh kavba me hadeAngry gauri yeh be ay gey arjun ke sath honeymoon manhya cate te i waana kill this bicht dadi ke plan me cepete gey  Angry today epi is fab  guys mera pyaar aj aur bar gey kmh2 ke liya  keep good work (fun) arjuhi is so funny  arohi say: aaj yeh apne bevi ko sarke pe cohar aye hai kal yeh ap ke bevi ko chor gayaROFL
 Wink now  can't wait for tomorrow epi...Sillyarjuhi & kmh rock Thumbs Up   
love today epi is amzingggggg  cute lovely funny its? fab yaar! Loved? it!cant wait for tommrow epi love arjun love you arjuhi you rocking my life

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