Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maaneet SR scene highlighted by Eva.... :)))

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
On the request of my many friends I am penning down Maaneet SR scene my style hope you will like it


After signing the check per demand of his newly found SIL for 2 hundred thousand, Maan looks  sternly at every one and moves on to his bedroom door but before he enters he had a smile as his team was really enjoying his wedding. 


Geet is nervously seated on the bed waiting for her husband to come in.  She must have heard commotion at the door and must know that her husband will be arriving pretty soon.  With her fluttering heart and anticipation she awaits for her husband.


Maan slowly opens the door and steps in and stands at the door looking at his breathtaking beautiful wife on the bed.  He just cannot take his eyes away from her.  Keeping his eyes on her he slowly walks near the bed..  Geet watches him under her lashes..  He comes near the bed and stands there for few moments looking at her through the veil of flowers and then slowly slids flower curtain with his long fingers he looks at his wife.  Geet takes the shallow breath in and gulps with bit of nervousness.  But Maan does something totally unexpected... he drops the flower curtain and moves little bit forward and goes and stands behind Geet with folded arms across his chest without uttering a word.  Geet was totally surprised at his attitude.  She tries to look at him sideways but feeling his eyes on her she quickly turns her face.   She could feel his intent gaze on her.  Her heartbeat increases and she feels bit more nervous.   She could not take his silence any more and asks him breathlessly in a little whisper.. What are you doing standing there?  Maan smiles at her question and says softly just trying to figure out which side has more urgency this side or that side..  Geet blushes at his statement.  (I think Maan was trying to put her at ease by making conversation)  Geet is feeling shy and is trying to control her breathing.  She asks him in whispers and what did you find out? Where is the more urgency?  Maan slowly walks to her and sits near her.  Geet looks at him under her lashes but keeps her gaze down.  She hugs herself closely tightening her arms around her knees.  She sees him and feels him near her and his intent gaze on her..  She squirms a little but says haltingly... you were not trying to guess anything you were just trying to tease me..  Maan looks at her with a smile and says in his husky voice.. how can I tease you as I myself am anxious..   Geet looks sideways at him asking softly why are you anxious now? What did I do?...  Maan tells her softly looking at her blushing face and down cast eyes with a slow smile you do not need to do anything Geet, those two mischievous eyes of yours are enough to create havoc in my heart.  That brings sweet shy smile on Geet's face she bends her head a bit down and lowers her gaze.  Maan continues saying sometimes they hide like a thief and sometimes they look at me under the lashes in such a way which just takes my breath away...  Geet feels even shyer with these poetic words of her husband. 

Geet just keeps her eyes down feeling really shy.  Maan delicately touches her chin holding it softly and turns her face to him.  Geet shyly lifts her gaze to look at him but looking at the intensity in his eyes she lowers her gaze with a soft smile.  Maan says see once again you have lowered your eyes.  He asks... Tell me Geet..  Geet looks up at him.  He continues with a smile..  do your eyes do the mischief on their own or you teach them to do it.  Geet smiles at that..   Maan looks at his beautiful blushing wife and could not keep himself to touch her more.  He tenderly moves his fingers along her jaw line and moves them upward slowly to touch and cup her face looking at her very closely.. Geet loves his warm hand cupping her face so tenderly..  she looks in to his eyes and brings her hand on his and tightens her fingers around it holding his hand lovingly.   They look at each other and their desire for each other matches.    Maan looks at his wife and sees the invitation in her eyes.  He moves his hand further back and slowly slides her wedding scarf from her head, the covering falls back softly exposing her head.  Geet hairs were tied up in a knot.  She looked absolutely lovely with a hairdo like that. 


Maan looks at her and tenderly moves his finger along her ears to tuck the lock of  hair behind her ear.  Geet just lets him touch her at his heart's desire.  She closes her eyes with this intimate touch and sucks in her breath leaning her face in his palms.  She opens her eyes to look at her husband and sees ocean of desire in them....  Maan's hand was moving from her ear to her neck and she leans into that as if to traps his hand in the curve of her neck looking at him.  Maan seductively moves his fingertips along the curve of her neck giving her goose bumps.  She draws in her shoulders for a moment closing her eyes with that sensation.  Maan then proceeds to remove her Maang tikka.  Delicately lifting it from her forehead untangling her hair along the way.  He removes it completely and putting his palm on her arm he leans towards her and softly puts his lips on her forehead kissing her softly.  Geet loves that she closes her eyes and leans toward him to take that kiss from him.  Maan slowly leans back and looks at his wife's face.  She opens her eyes to look at him and then turns her face a bit away from him feeling shy.  She adjusts her body a little shifting her legs.  The movement of her legs makes her nupur (anklets) tinkle..  Maan looks toward her feet as if he did not like the sound of her nupur.  He looks back at Geet and says how much racket your payals make but today I am not going to listen to them.  Geet was speechless with the intensity in his voice.  Maan continues with the same intensity saying Geet today not only those payals but I am not going to listen to anybody.  Then he whispers in his seductive voice..  Nobody should be there between us.  No one will dare to bother us tonight, saying he leans forward and lifts the anklet from her feet.   Then he proceeds to takes off her earrings.  Geet sits there with closed eyes feeling his warm hand on her.  He delicately lifts her one earrings near to him then he takes his arm on the other side of her face and delicately slides the earring chain over her ears moving his long fingers along her ears.  He brings his other hand and detaches her earring from her ear lifting it from its socket in the back.  Geet just feels the movements of his delicate touch with closed eyes.  Maan then moves his fingertips along her necklace and lifts that from her neck.  His hands were moving along her neckline.. and his face was very close to his. His hot breath fanning Geet's ear.  Geet could not take that sensation she huskily murmurs please Maan..  Maan huskily says near her ear.  Didn't you listen what I said..  I do not want to be stopped by anything.  There is no room for even the words between us.  Do you understand that.  Geet lifts her glazed eyes to look in to his passionate one..  She then turns to him and throws herself in his arms hugging him tightly.  Maan slides his arms around her waist and hugs her tightly..  Geet brings her arms around his neck and encircles his shoulder tightly lifting herself a little for intimate hug.  Her face has tender smile hugging him.  She caresses his neck and holds him more tightly as if she is hanging on to his neck.  Maan holds her while his face grazing her neck & face and then slowly with her in his arms he delicately leans her body back on the bed going with her as she was still holding on his neck.  Geet looks at his face so close to her, his one hand under her head on the bed.  She whispers softly...  I still cannot believe that I am with you and in your arms.  Maan keeps on looking at her his gaze roaming all over her face.  She continues why do you love me so much?   Maan whispers looking at her... you already know it Geet it is all because of these two naughty eyes of yours..  Saying he lifts his arm and moves his fingertips running the full length of her arm.  The warm sensation makes Geet sucks in her breath.  Her breath gets shallow... her lips tremble while she closes her eyes.  Maan was watching her face to see how his touch makes her feel. 

He slowly moves his long fingers to her wrist, which was resting little lower on her stomach.  Maan slowly slides his palm on her bare stomach and fans his fingers to lie flat on her bare stomach Geet feels his palm and a slight tremore passes through her body she sucks in her breath.  Maan was watching intently Geet's expression of pleasure at his touch.  but with his palm falt on her stomach... Maan suddenly realizes what it means and his expression of passion quickly turns in to some kind of worry and guilt.  He quickly withdraws his fingers and lifts his palm from her stomach closing it in a tight fist. Stopping all his movements he sits up in the bed.  Geet feels his withdrawal and slowly opens her eyes to see Maan seated up and doing nothing.  She lifts her hand and holds his arm saying what happened Maan?  Maan says nothing. It is pretty late and you must be tired... you need to rest. 
Geet was totally surprised by this sudden change of behavior she lifts herself and  brings herself in a sitting position looking at his face saying but...  Maan turns to her and smiles slightly saying nothing Geet I too am tired so let's rest.  Geet says nothing but listens to him giving him half smile.  Without a further word Maan slowly lies on bed while Geet just sits there confused.  She looks at Maan and sees him turn on the other side sleeping closing his eyes instantly and pretends to sleep.  She feels little teary but does not cry she also leans back on the bed and turning to the opposite side lie down thinking about what happened.  Maan feels her near him and he slowly turns to look at her back..  He feels sad but was unable to do anything or tell her any details for his action.  Geet slowly turns and lays flat on her back..  Maan watching her turn quickly closes his eyes.  Geet turns and slowly looks at the sleeping form of her husband and then sees him sleeping she slowly closes her eyes and as if tries to sleep.  Maan then slowly opens his eyes to see her sleeping peacefully..  He very stealth sits up on the bed and looks back at Geet and sees her sleeping form.  Stealthy he gets up from the bed and stands near bed for few seconds looking at her. Then turning he slowly opens the door and leaves the room to stand outside in the gallery.  Geet opens her eyes to see him leaving the room and feels sad trying to figure out what just happened..


Maan was standing looking outside at the space.  The passage was basking in the moonlight with soft deep blue shadow.  Maan's face had such a guilty regretful expressions..  he says in his heart I cannot do this to you.  Your are going to have a baby..  Saying he stands there in the moonlight thinking about what he was about to do that might have put Geet's life in danger with baby...



OMG Gurmeet and Drahsti did wonderful performance for this scene.  Such an awesome chemistry and totally beautiful performance by this fantastic duo.  Gurmeet and Drashti just bring each and every scene alive with their facial expressions and modulation of speech....  But I must say the expressions of Gurmeet on the terrace under the moon light were just so awesome and at same time I loved Drashti as much with her expressions on the bed when Geet watched Maan leave the room  


And the dialogues were totally unique and not what we hear in other shows....  loved this episode immensely..


Thank you guys for wonderful episode..  and thank you Geet team for making it beautiful for us'.


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nilo12 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged

It was like I am watching the scene again instead of readingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.

You express so wellClapClap.
Thank u for this wonderfull postTongue

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Oh my Eva that is it!  U write so well! Big smile

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-Mrs.MSK- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Its soo nice of you to give such a detailed update with all the dialogues it helps for people like me who doesn't understand Hindi .Thank you so much for your efforts..i really thought u would write the update on that day but u dint...but now u fulfilled my wish's a delight to read your updates !! thanks again SmileBig smile

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:07pm | IP Logged

hey eva.. like button not working.. well written dear... those who missed that episode.. its a very well written update yar....

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ruslana Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
love ur post u did it soooooooooooooo beautiful   thanx alot

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Shweta13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update , getting gosebumps all over again!!

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Eva.... so so beautifully written dear lady:)Hug
You have detailed each and every expression of Geet/Maan... awesome. Thank You. Always love your takes on the emotional & romantic episodes:)

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