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'*~- Happy Birthday Shareen-~*' (Page 3)

Batameez. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 08 May 2008
Posts: 28180

Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
may many happy returns of the day dear Hug
u deserve much more than wot u hav got till now & i really mean it !!..may this year bring u happy moments & may all u r wishes come true



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asyasahil928 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2007
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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Many many happy returns of the day...Party hope you have a great one...Smile

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Noor_PremHeer IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 September 2008
Posts: 10097

Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Shareeen!!!!
will make siggy for you Wink

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harshitideewani Senior Member

Joined: 12 December 2010
Posts: 971

Posted: 27 January 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday shareen

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-SnowKid- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 June 2010
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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Hey Happy Birthday Shareen.........
shareen IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2005
Posts: 7156

Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Gosh i m simply speechless!!!!!!!...Will write back after i get back to my senses! LOL

Edited by shareen - 28 January 2011 at 3:12pm
shareen IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2005
Posts: 7156

Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
OMG Shocked  OMG Shocked and another OMG LOL!...I just dont know where to start from!..U 'evil' ppl have left me at a loss of words! LOL..Words wud simply not me enough to express how i feel at the moment! Cry...Dnt worry khushi ke aansoon ROFL U ppl ALWAYS make me feel soo blessed to have friends like u in my life..It's not just about today but EVERY DAY! Hug...Each day i get a reason to thank the Almighty for sending these angels in my life!...Sumu,Liana,Waqas and Happy Times(Sofi) i love and treasure u guys! Hug  Hug..We've been together thru thick and thin...Have fought,laughed and cried together!...U guys define friendship for me..which is not just about being together at our best bt also abt handling each other at our worst...Not sure if i have done that bt u ppl have surely got quite some experience of handling me at my worst! ROFL
U guys have made my bday soo special in every possible way!....Cant say thanks so alternative of thank u is i love u! LOL

@ Sumu, U have used my fav colors for the post!!..Gosh no wonder u had been asking me all dese stuff suddenly n throwing questions at me everyday!..YET so intelligently that i cudnt exactly guess why it was being done!..The intro made me feel awesome! Cool LOL
Sure na that u were talking abt me only! ROFL Means so much! HugI love love love the thread sumu!..It's just so beautiful and totally made my day!..The 1st poem is so touching!...
I am so overwhelmed Sumu that u'd been looking forward to my bday since so many days...
both liana and u had put so much of effort to make the day so special for me wid a series of surprises tht made my bday such a memorable one!...
My SOUL SISTER! Hug About our chats,the less said the better! ROFL ROFL or else we'll b sent to the asylum along wid pagal onu! LOL Gud for us tho,nahi?..LOL
Aww..I hope all ur wishes for me cums true! ROFL Gud that u didnt warn me coz u knw dat it's impossible for me to change as long as u r YOU and i knw that will b till FOREVER! LOL Hug
My Gifts!!!!Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming The harshiti sigs!..Do i need to tell u how much i loveeee them?...U already knw! Wink ...Love both of them to the core and cnt stop PHreaming! Big smile
Now Now Now!!!! A VM! Shocked OMG!...just wasnt expecting dis!..and dat too on the song sadka!!...Gosh!...How i wished to watch a vm made on ph on this song!!...and here it is and dat too by YOU! Dancing..My most most most fav maker!..What a treat dis is!...Sadqa and bin tere my two most fav songs on whc i wanted to see harshiti!...Luckily wud get to see them perform on bin tere n here ur VM on sadka!...PartyHow do u do this sumu?..U've matched each and every scene so PERFECTLY wid the words!..Gives me goosebumps seriously!...I can just go on n watch it the whole day!..OMG esp the parts 'main kar na sakoon bayaan'...So beautiful..all the sadka kiya parts r so amazing!..The whole vm,beats,coloring,effects everything!..Out of the world!..Clap and i still remember abt ur kitne door kitne paas VM!...Remember? ...Big smile I cn never forget that and neither cn i forget this one!...U r rock sumu!...Nt just a perfect vm maker bt a perfect sis too!Hug It's YOU who actually brightens up my day sumu n nt me!...Love u so very much!

@ Liana Hug   Hug  Hug Ur shayari dear!! Hug This is the bestest b'day wish that i have got!..There cudnt have been anything better than this!...I am an ardent fan of ur shayaris n i m just sooo happy that u r exploring this talent of urs!!...and u do wonders!!
Liana u r the most amazing human being i have ever cum across!..
No one can be like u dear trust me!...Whatever i say abt u and about us wud b less compared to the bond that we share!...Hug
touch wood!...
U've made my life more beautiful in every possible way and u simply mean the world to me!...God just loves me a looot that i've got u in my life n u r the bestest thing that has ever happened to me!..Big smile
Love u a lot dear!..I probably dont even need to say this coz u know me much better than i know myself!...Embarrassed
All the beautiful surprises that i have been getting frm u for each of my bday since the last 3 years just makes me speechless!!.
.U've always gone out of the way to do something for me,have given me something to always look forward to n no matter wht i say,it just wont b enuf!..Love u to the core dear!..
Cuming to my gifts now!!!....SillyFirstly,i need some time to come back to my senses after seeing such master pieces and i m nt even exaggerating!...Soo many sigs from u at a time and all for me makes me wanna scream out loud wid joy!..YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Dancing
The premeer sigs,Mayur sig,sajan sig,combines ones,my fav actors one each of them is soo close to my heart dear!!!..U've outdone urself liana wid all dese creations trust me dear n i just cant tell u how amazing,awesome,fab and beautiful dese creations are!..My bday avi!!!..Gorgeous!..
The scene selections r aww just so cute!...Really felt like i was being fed a cake by them!...U always select scenes so creatively n exactly know wht i'd want even widout me saying anything!...
U manage to do it every time dear Hug and the sweetest gift has to b the fact dat i got to hear u after soo many days!...Hope i had nt been too stupid being super excited! ROFL ...But that was the 1st thing that had actually made me feel like yayyy it's my bday! LOL Mwahhh!

@ Waqas,Ur message!!..OMG!Where did u find that poem from!..Suits us to the T!...I cud relate wid each and every line there...!!..Very true for our friendship!..and FIGHTING in caps! ROFL
Yeah i know!..Gosh how many times have we fought?..I have lost count!...I didnt use to b ladaku type haan bt wid u cudnt help it! LOL We've fought over the silliest and lamest kind of things ever possible and how many times had we almost tried to stop talking?..It NEVER used to last for more than a day tho n we'd always end up talking the very next day n complete peace! ROFL all of dat is just epic! Big smile...and it has just strengthened our friendship even more !Hug
I know that u r some1 i can always count on and always go and irritate LOL ..uncle jee...LOLand of course u irritate me back! ROFL
I remember on my last bday u were the 1st one to wish me @ awrd 12 n dat's frm where we'd become frnds and the period after ur bday,we became great buddies!...It has all been so memorable!..
Ok now instead of doing more blabbering lemme cum to my gifts! Party
Pehle toh u made a mistake...U'd asked shoireen to make a sig for shareen...But okash, shareen is a sig maker nt shoireen sig kaise banati? Confused See if u can find an answer to dat ROFL
Anyways,I am glad that some super lazy person had got the time to make two beautiful sigs!..Dhanne ho gayi main! ROFL I loveee both the sigs!..The first one!!..So finally u've worked on that suggestion!LOL
Pleasant surprise!...awesomeeeee sig..and the second one is just mind blowing!!!...Love love everything!..Thanx a lot! Hug

@ My Happy Timeeees!!!! Hug HugWhat do i say about u happy timees!..Can just say that the name itself says it all! LOL It perfectly defines what u are to me sofiii!...When i look all seems like a miracle to me!...U've cum to my life as a miracle n has brought along Happy times in abundance! Big smile
That bday message...I guess by now u already know what an impact it had on me!..
I almost cried buckets while going thru it and got into fits of laughter as well!!...I knw i m giving u a tough competition at shedding khushi ke aanso dese days! ROFL Only YOU can do something like dis happy timeees n make me experience such a roller coaster ride!...I read,read and re-read it for god knows how many times!..
(no i think i knw too LOL  LOL ).....
It's something dat i'll always always cherish happy times...Each n every word TOUCHED my heart! Enjoyed myself to the fullest while i was going thru it and was so lost that had almost lost track of time!..
Took me so long to read it..i better nt even imagine how long it had taken u to write all of that and tht too when u were soo busy and stressed out wid such important exams!..
.U've made a difference in my life and i really mean it!...I wont even go into the details coz once i start i wnt b able to stop widout almost writing essays! LOL ....
I'll just say it in one line...I CANNOT IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT U!Hug  Hug
I have got my gift already.. Venice! <3 <3 <3 i m almost done packing as well!Cool U better start urs soon ROFL after ur exams dat is Geek
and lastly,whu maru dil thi themne prem karoochu chari! ROFL

Edited by shareen - 28 January 2011 at 3:31pm

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shareen IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2005
Posts: 7156

Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Sweet_Kandy



Hey ShareenHugHappy Birthday Party
Many Many happy return of the day may allah bless u

with lots of love &best wishes your TWEE

Thanks a lot twee!! Big smile...So gud to see here!..Loads of love! Hug
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Many Many Happy Returns of the DayParty.!
May all your wishes/dreams come true.
there's isn't a day when your sumu doesn't day anything about you, Shareen this..shareen that
and am glad that Sammy have a friend like you. God bless you
Once again Happy Birthday...

Hey Naina!... I've heard abt u too! Big smile...Thanks a lot dear!..HugHugDis is really sweet!

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happy birthday shareen
may you get every success in life.
have a blast!!!!

with lotss of lovve,

Hey aabray!..Thanks a lot!...Hug

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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u shareen

||May your birthday be filled
with sunshine and smiles
and laughter and love||

~May lifes brightest joys illuminate your path
and may each days journey make your dreams come true ~

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day..........
Have a wonderful time & a very happy birthday!


Hey priya!!...Thank u soo much dear! Hug
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Originally posted by iheartChai

Happy Birthday Shareen! Party

Thank you! Big smile

Originally posted by NaDzGirl

hiyaaa b day girly.... hope u hav a fabulous day!!!
lots of love....
keep smilin...
nadz Hug
tnx for da thread sammy....Embarrassed

Hey Nadz!..Thanks a lot dear Hug

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Happy birthday Shareen!!!

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by Faiza_Khan

awsome post sammy
Happy brthday Shareen....May u have many more

Thank u faiza! Big smile
Originally posted by harshiti8

happy birthday shareen Partymay u have many more

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by Sukrutha


Thanks sukrutha! Big smile

Originally posted by Kavya....

Happy Birthday Shareen Party

Thanks kavya! Hug

Originally posted by AMMI6

Happy Birthday to you shareen
May all your Dreams come true and hope you Have a Great year .
God bless you and your family always
keep smiling.
Lovely post awesome one

Thank u so much ammi...Really sweet! Hug

Originally posted by mazkachazka

happy birthday shareen...enjoy ure day to the fullest...

i simply adore all ure ph/ha siggies..

Thanks a lot! Hug..Really glad that u like them! Big smile

Originally posted by lil_mizz_shawty

Happy Birthday Shareen!!
Hope you enjoy today!!!

Great post Samia!

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by Sara-Ksg

may many happy returns of the day dear Hug
u deserve much more than wot u hav got till now & i really mean it !!..may this year bring u happy moments & may all u r wishes come true



Hey Sara! Thanks a lot for such a lovely message dear! Hug

Originally posted by premeer928

Many many happy returns of the day...Party hope you have a great one...Smile

Thank u! Big smile

Originally posted by Noor_PremHeer

Happy Birthday Shareeen!!!!
will make siggy for you Wink

Hey noor! Hug aww thanks dear!..I'll eagerly wait for it! Big smile

Originally posted by alisha_harshiti

happy birthday dear

Thank u! Hug

Originally posted by sadhz

Hey Happy Birthday Shareen.........

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by harshitideewani

Happy Birthday shareen

Thank u! Big smile

Edited by shareen - 28 January 2011 at 3:21pm

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