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awesome .. yaar u write so well ... 

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sniff sniff CryCry...oh god...this was too gud but damn it was maha a rule u can't complain about my maha sadness...but i loved it waiting for epilogue...
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Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

sniff sniff CryCry...oh god...this was too gud but damn it was maha a rule u can't complain about my maha sadness...but i loved it waiting for epilogue...
Reya...this is so not fair...i can complain..its my birthright and i shall have it...LOL and epi will be up god niddhi is gonna make u read all stories of mine soon..she wants epi for half of them...LOL

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Originally posted by mchopra

Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

sniff sniff CryCry...oh god...this was too gud but damn it was maha a rule u can't complain about my maha sadness...but i loved it waiting for epilogue...
Reya...this is so not fair...i can complain..its my birthright and i shall have it...LOL and epi will be up god niddhi is gonna make u read all stories of mine soon..she wants epi for half of them...LOL
ya nidz and sano keep telling me which ones i should read...dw...she asks me for epilogues too..LOL

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this one is ok and one more i know needs it..baaki no more..iska i will post by tonighht...if ican..

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This is the EPI: Some people demanded here u go...
sry for taking like so many months to do it..LOL
After 3 months.
It was late night when I finished my work. Geet was sleeping peacefully in her crib. She had been quiet child since the beginning as though she knew that her mother was not around to take care of her and pamper her. I would be with her as long as I could.
The only time Geet would grow difficult to manage would be in the early hours of the morning if anyone or anything would wake her up. She was exactly like her mother a sound sleeper. Sometimes I would laugh at the way she used to sleep but in that laughter I used to hide my pain, a pain I could not share with anyone. I had never cried in these three months coz I had promised HER but that didn't mean I had forgotten her. I was living only because she had left me behind a part of her, or living without her was one thing I could not even dare to imagine.
I had named her GEET because she was a part of HER but I could never call "our daughter" Geet. I addressed her as Pari..she was angel for whom Geet had given her life making me promise to take care of her.
I went out into the balcony of our room as sleep evaded me. I kept myself as busy as I could so that her memories were far away but at night in the room it was her laughter that haunted me. I hadn't slept peacefully in the last three months, coz everynight I would dream of her coming back to me and that would make my heart wrench as I knew that was not possible. Pari was a chubby kid who kept everyone engaged with her smiles. I had barely heard her cry. She would never fuss over anything.
I always used to think like mother like daughter. "My Geet" too had become everyone's favourite in the house in the few months that she had lived here. Everybody missed her but no body spoke about her in front of me. They all knew I would not be able to take it. But I had told everyone that pari should know everything about her mother and I had seen a twinkle in her eyes when "Geet" was mentioned. The easiest way to calm pari down was to show her picture of her mother. She would instantly touch it as if she knew who she was and she would derive the much needed warmth of her mother from her pictures. It was one of the reasons that the whole house was adorned with HER pictures. Her pictures at various stages, when we got married, when we fought,. When we had god bharai function when she had become huge due to her pregnancy, her pictures adorned the wall but the biggest picture we had was in my room of our marriage where we were looking into each other's eyes not aware of the world. It was HER fav picture.
It was two when I decided to lie down even though I knew I was once more going to have a night of HER dreams that made me teary in the morning.
6 yaers later.
"Ramu kaka, breakfast abhi tak table par kyun nahi laga"
"bitiya laga raha hoon.."
"Aapko pata hai ki mujhe late hona pasand nahi hai, its 8:35.. mujhe apna breakfast at 8:30 every day,"
Bitiya do min..
There she was shouting her lungs. Sometimes she made me wonder if she was really GEET's daughter, and then I remembered she was My daughter too.
I walked into the hall and stood on top of the stairs watching her help ramu kaka put the breakfast on table with her tiny hands.
"Good morning pari," I said to her.
"Daddy," she dropped the plate she was holding and ran upto me holding her hands wide open to be carried onto my lap. I lifted her and walked towards her room that was right next to mine.
She got down and walked to her bed. I knew what she was going to do. She climbed up on the bed and kissed the cheek of her mother's photograph that hung there. "Good morning Mamaa see papa aaj phir late hain,"this was her daily routine. She would kiss her mother good morning only after I was there so that she could complain. Pari had wanted a full sized portrait of her mother's face in her room. I had got one of the best photographers to get it for her room.
I chuckled at her.
She was like her mother. Her mother would talk to Babaji all the time and pari would talk to her mother complaining about me anytime she wanted to.

"Pari chalein," I called out to her.
"Kya papa main Geet hoon, Geet Maan Singh Khurana," she said proudly.
She reminded me of GEET. Geet would always be so proud of saying her FULL name to the world. Her daughter had inherited that trait from her. But I feared that one day her name would change and she would be GEET of someone else not mine. I feared how would I live after that.
"Accha Geet ab chalein, ab late nahi ho rahi ho,"
She hit her head with her hand and pouted and again lifted her hands to be picked up. I picked her up and took out her school uniform to get her ready. I got her ready and asked her about her home work. She was a diligent child I had never got any complains about her work from school and even at home she was responsible. She would take care of dadi and even with her little understand she would take care of the house.
After she was done and seeing that I was ready too she walked out with me to dadi's room. Dadi had been confined to bed for months now. She had finally given up her responsibilities not that there was someone to take it but she had handed over the house to the little angel.
Dadi always used to say " Pari mein main Geet ko dekhti hoon, who mujhe har who khushi degi jo Geet na de payi chahe who ek beti banana ki hi kyun na ho," I tried arguing with her that pari was too young but she would just brush me off.
And so for dadi Pari was a daughter not a grand daughter..a Daughter she had lost..That never stopped her from pampering Pari..she had found her daughter and grand daughter in one being..
Wish I could also have the same luck, wish I could find my Mishti anywhere in this world but I knew that was not possible I had lost her to eternity.
She sat down next to dadi and kissed her forehead. Dadi looked up at her and smiled. She then walked over to the cupboard and got out the box of Geets Jewellery. I looked at her confused.
She took out Geets Mangalsutra from that and kissed it. I didn't know what she was doing.
She then turned me and motioned me to come near. I sat on my knees next to her so that I could be in level wth her.
She held it in front of me and I put my hand forward.
"Happy anniversary Papa," and then she turned to the chain in my hand caressed it and said "Mamma happy anniversary," and before I could reply she turned to the pic on the side table and kissed it and wished her once again.
I had always told Pari that I didn't wanna celebrate that day but she would always wish me. No it was the most beautiful day of my life but it was also a day when I came to know that she would leave me. Pari walked out of the room and into my room. I knew what she was going to do but I didn't have the courage. I stood there waiting for her fighting back the tears that formed in my eyes that threatened to fall any moment.
Pari would go to my room take out the wedding attire of Geet and hold it in front of her mothers photo smile wish her once again and give her a gift.I hadn't touhed any of Geet's possession in my room They were still the way she left them. Pari had all six years gift collected in Geet's cupboard. I always asked her to let me open them but she would never allow me saying that it was for mamma.
I got my gift after Geet's was placed in the cupboard.She came back to me and handed me a wrapped gift. I opened it right then and saw it was a tie. I looked at her amused how did she buy that. She gave me a sly smile. I knew it was annie who helped her out. There also was a card which Pari always drew for me. I had all of them safe with me. Though her first card was only some scribbles of various colors but for me it was the most beautiful card and I kept it safe with me.
We walked down and she sat down next to me enjoying her Indian breakfast. She was like her mother. She would never like my international cuisine. Though she did have it occasionally but if left to her choice she would prefer her "Chatpata" Khana any day.
We finished breakfast and I dropped her at her school while going to office my self.
6 yrs later(Pari is 12 now)
Ramu kaka aaj aap phir late hain.
Bitiya abhi sirf 6:30 hue hain..
Kaka dhyaan se dikheye pure 6:32 ho chuke hain..
Par bitiya..
Pari tumne meri tie kahan rakhi hai??????? I shouted at my daughter. Disadvantage of having a daughter who grows up too fast. She was just like GEET, she would take care of everything that SHE was supposed to.
In a moment she was there standing by the cupboard and she calmly handed over the tie to me from there. She stood there waiting for me to finish tying it up and then calmly handed my mobile purse and handkerchief.
We then proceeded to her mom and as she had been doing past 11 yrs she stood up on her bed and kissed her mother Good Morning.
"Mamma ek baat batao aap inke saath rehti kaisi thi," she said looking at me.
I asked her "Maine ab kya kiya,"
Kya kia..
Gosh mamma papa yeh kyun bhool jaaate hain ki main unki beti hoon aur aapki jagah kabhi nahi le sakti..papa ko lagta hai ki main har kaam bilkul aapki tarah kar sakti hoon..
Kyun papa..aapne toh kaha tha ki mamma aapke kapde hospital jaane k eek din pehle tak nikalti thi..ab main bhool jaati hoon aur phir aap roz subah sara ghar sir pe utha lete ho…she said pouting..
Gosh why did she have to be like her mother so much..Did she ever realize that her cute gestures, her EYES her talk reminded me of her Mother more than she could imagine..
Accha baba kal se main dhoond lunga..
No way MR. Khurana u will do that..
Oops I was in trouble..she addressed me by my name surname.. MSK was scared of a 12 year old..perfect what had my destiny made me..people would tremble in front of me and I was scared of my own daughter…
Papa main itni busy nahi hoon ki main aapka khayal nahi rakh sakoon..aapne apni poori zindagi mere naam kar di hai..toh kya main aapke liye kuch pal nahi nikal sakti…
Par abhi toh tum..
Papa main toh sirf mamma se pooch rahi thi ki who aapke saath aise kaise rehti thi..aap unse itna pyaar karte hain..phir who humein chod kar kyun chali gayi..main itni buri hoon mere aate he who aapko aur mujhe chod kar chali gayi..
Before I could answer her she turned to Geets photo and kissed her cheeks.."batao na mamma,"..
I went to her and held her in my arms …I had never seen her so vulnerable and then I looked at the calendar..
It was her birthday..and Geets Death anniversary..
We had decided to celebrate the occasions alternate years..
The puja was done each year but when it was Pari's birthday we avoided white clothes and mourning..and this time it was Geet's Death anniversary that was to be held.
The panditji would be here in few hours. Dadi would be wheeled in and it was Pari who would take care of every thing. She had grown up too soon.
I knew the reason, it was her mother. She knew everything about us and even the way I loved her and why I never addressed my daughter by her real name but as pari…
"Pari mamma aapse bahut pyaar karti thi..aur unhe aapme ur khud ko chununa tha aur unhone aapko chun liya..ab batayi aap buri kaise hui..
Par papa mamma ne yeh nahi socha ki main unke bina kaise rahoongi..
Kyun pari..main hoon na..main aapke har Khwaish poori karta hoon na..
She nodded through her taers..
Papa aap toh mamma ki jagah le lete hain par main toh aapki zindagi mein mamma ki jagah kabhi nahi le sakti na..
Pari..mamma ki jagah lene ki zarooart aapko nahi hai..mamma humesha mere paas hoti hain..
Shhh pari..ab hum aur yeh sab baatein nahi karenge..aur na hi aap dubara khud ko bura kahengi..
She didn't respond..i held my hand and I asked her again..
She nodded and put her hand in mine and we walked downstairs to see to the arrangements of the puja and also to head to office and school respectively after that.
After 6 years..
(pari is 18yrs)
Good morning Papa..
I saw pari standing in my room with a cup of Coffee. She was dressed like her mother, In suits and long earings. I always thought that with the changing times she would also change and would adapt to the MODERN style, but I was so wrong..she grew up to be just like her mother except her temper that she had taken up from me.
I got up and sat up and took the cup from her.
Good Morning pari…
She stood next to me..ok she wanted something…I waited but she didn't say anything..
Pari aaj aapko college nahi jaana..
Papa aap phir bhool gaye..
Ab main kya bhool gaya hoon..It was not her birthday..I remembered that..she had got her pocket money, I had got her the car she wanted..
Pari mujhe sach mein yaad nahi hai..
And I got out of bed and walked with her. She took me along and we went into her room I was still confused over what I had forgotten.
She went to her mother's photo and I remembered, Our daily talk with her pic.
"Good Morning mamma," she kissed her mothers photo.
Good Morning Geet..i mumbled softly. I had atlast accepted that she was not in this world and I had to live without her.
Mamma papa aaj dekho phir bhool gaye..aap papa ko daante kyun nahi ho..
Pari ab main kya bhoola..
She made a face at me and turned back and continued talking to her mother as if nothing had interrupted them.
Mamma..Aaj hum movie dekhne jaa rahe the..papa ko dekho 7 baje tak so rahe hain..aur best who mujse pooch rahein hain ki main SUNDAY ko college kyun nahi gayi…ab aap batao inhe kya sazza di jaaye..
Pari…I am sorry..woh mujhe kaam tha aur mujhe bilkul dhyaan mein nahi raha..
She didn't even look at me and continued looking at her mother's picture.
She smiled after a moment and then at me. I knew what that meant..She had got an idea..
Ok Papa..aapki sazaa…mmm pehle yeh batayi aapka aaj ka kya plan hai..
Aapka aaj ka schedule..
Ok meri ek client ke saath meeting hai 10 baje uske baad ek business merger at 12 lunch at 1 where we have other set of clinets coming up and then at 3 I have to attend a auction of other 5 tht should be over, by 6 I should be home and then we could head out to your movies..see its perfect.
No papa u don't have to come back at 6..lets change the plan..
Phone papa..
Aapka phone..
I handed her my cell and the next thing I heard was ,"Cancel all Papa's meeting for today,"and she kept the phone downs smiling sheepishly at me.
Pari what was that..i tried to maintain my calm..
Daddy that was your punishment..Ab aap saara din mere saath bitaaynge aur hum pehle picinic pe jaayenge and then movies dinner and back home..hows that..
Pari are u out of your minds..tumhara dimag toh theek hai..tum jaanti ho who meri kitni important meetings thi..tumhare bachpane ki liye mere paas time nahi hai..humne movie jaane ka decide karat ha and thts where we will go..baaki hum baad mein dekhenge..and next time don't u play these stupid pranks with my work..My voice was loud and I was almost shouting at her. She looked at me dumbfounded. She handed the phone back to me and with tears swarming her eyes she walked out of her room.
I walked back to my room got ready and headed back to the office.
It was lunch time and my temper was finally beginning to cool down and I realized what I had said to pari earlier in the day was so wrong. Was I not doing all this for her. All the money that I was earning was for her and if her happiness lied in the movies I should have accepted that.
I cancelled my post lunch meeting and headed back home with a bunch of roses, a teddy bear and chocolates for my doll.
I entered the house only to find it quiet. I was scared. The house was never this quiet.
I walked in and saw ramu kaka sitting in the kitchen. I asked her where pari was and he told me that he hadn't seen her since morning but knew she was in the her room. On asking about her lunch I was informed that she hadn't eaten a bite of food since morning.
I ran upstairs to her room and saw that she was lying on her bead holding her mothers photo with taers staining the photo.I heard her talking and stood outside the room.
Mamma Papa ne mujhe kyun daanta..main toh sirf unke liye he keh rahi thin a..woh saara din kaam karte rehte hain..Mamma kya who humesha se aise hain..Mamma aap aa jaao na..Aap kyun gaye..pata hai college mein sub bacche kehte hain ke mamma ne aaj yeh kiya aaj yeh banaya par main toh kuch bhi nahi keh paati…mamma aap kyun gaye..and she stifled her sobs..
I entered the room only to find her eyes red. I put my hand on her shoulder.."Pari I am sorry,".
She stiffened and moved her face away.
Pari I am …sachi baccha..woh main ..
Mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni…I could hear her voice cracking..
Pari…abhi toh aap mamma se keh rahi thi..
Aap meri aur mamma ki baatein sun rahe the..
She asked turning towards me.
Haan..nahi..mera matlab hai..
She eyed me with her one eyebrow raised..
Who main andar aa raha that oh maine aapki thodi se baatein sun li..
She folded her hands across her chest and that meant I was supposed to continue. I narrated what I had heard.
She folded her hands and walked away.
Pari humari baat toh suniye..
Accha yeh dekhiye..she turned to look at me and I gave her the chocolates. She eyed me and then the chocolates. She kept the choclates on the table and continued walking.
I then handed her the flowers. She put them on the tble too. I then handed her the huge teddy that I had brought along. She immediately hugged it tight.
Yeh mere liye, she asked me,her eyes twinkling.
I nodded smiling at her. And then she remebred she was supposed to be angry with me.
Mujhe nahi chahiye..she said keeping it on the bed.
Soch lo pari..main ise phir bahar phek doon..
Ramu kaka yeh teddy..
Khabradaar yeh mera hain..she held it back to herself.
I am sorry..aur aapne kahna kyun nahi khaya..
Kyunki main gussa thi..
Abhi bhi ho..she nodded her head..
Mujhe sazaa milgei..
She thought for a moment and then shook her head. I held out my arms and she ran into them. I hugged her tight. Sorry..i mumbled into her hair..
Koi bat nahi..par dubara aisa mat karna..mujhe accha nahi lagta..
Pakka..ab aap kuch khayegni..she nodded her head and I asked ramu kaka to serve her while I went into my room and washed my hands.
While coming out of the room I stood in front of Geets photo
I am sorry Geet maine tumahri parchayi ko aaj rula diya..tum mujhe maaf toh kar dogi na..par dekha maine kaha tha ki zindagi ke har mod par who tumhe miss karegi..aur wohi hua..woh aaj bhi tumhe apni zindagi mein chahti hai..kaash tum meri baat maan leti..toh shayad aaj hum teen log nahi..
I said wiping the tears from my eyes and walked downstairs.
6 yaers later..
(Pari is 24 now..)
The house is decorated with flowers and lightning. It has to be It was wedding of MSK's daughter.
Yes it was her wedding. When had the time flown by I didn't know. It seemed like yesterday that Geet had left her in my lap to be taken care of and today I was giving her off to someone else.
Pari was getting married to a guy of my choice. His name was Rahul and he was the son of a rich business man. They loved each other from college but only after both the families had accepted their relationship had she taken her relationship forward.
(Ok I need to change it to 3rd person now..i cant write from POV now..sry)
Maan was watching his daughter becoming the happiness of someone else's life. He bade her goodbye with tears and walked into his room and now empty house.
He stood infront of GEET's photo and began talking to her…
Geet aaj maine apni saari zimaddayriyan poori kar di hain..ab toh mujhe tumse milne ka haq hai na..
At that moment he saw a fleeting image of his wife, his GEET dressed as the way they had burnt her body.
Maan, bas kuh der aur..
Maan main pichle 24 saal se aapka yahaan intezaar kar rahi hoon..
Tum abhi tak..
Maan shaadi ke waqt humne kasam khayi thi ki main aapka saath jeevan bahr doongi aur marne ke baad bhi..toh main kahin kaise jaa sakti thi..
Aap jaake so jaaye..
He went and lied down feeling happy that his wait to meet his MISHTI was finally coming to an end. That night for the first time he slept without any dreams and with a photo of his wife in his hands.
When pari came home next day she found her dad had left the world to meet her mother. She cried for the loss of her mother but she knew her father's exile of living away from her mother was now over.
Maan and GEET enter the world of eternal bliss, the heaven hand in hand smiling and blessing their daughter with all the happiness.

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meee u already know that i loved was such a emotional journey watching  Pari grow as a person...and the similarities she shared with her mother...and the sentiments maan went well written Clap..u made me smile, laugh and get teary-eyed with this epilogue...
i take this as a happy epilogue as a happy one even though the undertone of it was sad...the journey of maan and pari together as father and daughter was just heart-warming...i felt for pari because she had to grow up without her mother...but she keep her alive in her heartEmbarrassed
And one part i especially was when maan fulfilled his duty as a father and married pari off but then went to join his soulmate in heaven...couldn't have asked for a better ending...
take a bow darling cause this was amazing...Clap

p.s the chocolates nidz gave look pretty gud so i hope u are in a mood to share LOL

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it ws beautiful... but it made me cry too

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