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Kool's Commentary : Jan 26 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

Kools reporting from base :  Manav takes over in PR

Vaishu discarded the rickshaw , walked around for a while in her jhatak sari , miraculously escaped being solicited for services as a call girl inspite of it being MUMBAI and midnight AND she being exceedingly pretty , then climbed a mound of earth near a construction site and curled her fists and emitted a terrific scream cum yell cum growl cum wail just like a female werewolf would during her transformation on full moon night .

Bhags heard the terrible noise . He and Holy Archu ran over there to hold Vaishu who was hysterical to the point of being institutionalised .

Leave me , Leave me ! yelled Vaishu giving jhatkas . I don't wana live , I wanna die ! I want the baby to die ! Everything to die ! especially u two LIARS to die ! Lets all DIE !

Why do u want the baby to die its not its fault ! said ARMAN , frightened .

It has no WAJOOD ! It has no IDENTITY now ! yelled Vaishu . It is sperm of a PAAPI man ! Better that it DIES ! And then I can SOMEHOW live ! And when I get TIRED of living , I CAN DIE TOO !  { How convenient .Btw who the bloody hell told educated VAishu that the baby's identity is DHARMU or HER . It is an individual in its own right . If Vaishu or Dharmu sin , why the hell shud it loses its identity puzzles me at least .}

CHUP KARO VAISHALI thundered Bhags , and his voice was like the thunderbolt of Zeus . Vaishali quitened and Holy Archu looked worshippingly at him .
U wanna know why I didn't tell u earlier ? Coz u wud do EXACTLY THIS ! U wud harm urself and the BaBy ! And u wanna know one more reason why I didn't tell u ? Coz u wud never believe me over ur darling husband ! Wud u believe me ? Ha ? Ha ?
Vaishu fell in Bhags divine arms , her energy depleted , just like Slapochana often fell in Manohar's arms when she got asthma attacks .
Just then Batatawada miraculously reached the same construction site after losing two pounds by jogging on the highways of Dombivli , looking for Vaishu . The poor sinful  chubby darling climbed the construction mound , his pink lying tongue hanging out like a bull dog's , huffing and puffing and gasped
Vaishu Vaishu darling Lets Go HOME . he said pleadingly .
Bhags stepped in the middle between him and Vaishu with folded arms , taut jaw and a quixotic look in his eyes .
She Goes NOWHERE he informed Batatawada before Vaishu cud respond to this . YOU GO HOME .
Who the bloody hell are you yaar to even TALK in the middle .This is NONE of ur bloody business . Its a PATI PATNI MAMLA .said Batatawada , scandalized by his cheek .
Its Every Inch MY BUSINESS declared Bhags . Vaishu is my BEHEN . So what if she calls me MANHOOS . So what if she even Slaps me in the future . So what if she even SPITS on my face .So what if SHE doesn't consider me HER BHAI . I consider her my BEHEN . I won't allow u to do KHILWAAD with her life . Go Batatawada . Ur days r numbered .
And Bhags , Holy Archu and Vaishu left , leaving Batatawada on the construction mound . Now it was HIS turn to emit a terrific scream but the poor chap didn't , he was too breathless . He secretly decided to follow them in a rickshaw this time instead of jogging , sipping Thums UP . He NEEDED it .
Meanwhile Holy Archu took her sister to her chawl room instead of her parents house . COME NA VAISHU she invited her sister , COME RIGHT IN . My house is CHOTA but u can live here ARAM SE . Come right in and make urself at HOME .
Vaishu apologised to BHAGS . JEEJOO ! she called out with tears in her eyes . MY JEEJOO ! Yes , Ur MY JEEJOO .....she explained to Bhags who looked as if he was gonna fall on his knees and place his head on her feet for fyi calling him that instead of MANHOOS , I had FORGOTTEN it ! Didn't know what happened to me ! Forgive me JEEJOO ! I said so many BAD BAD things to u na JEEJOO ?
Doesn't Matter said Bhags , waving it all aside . All of no consequence at all . I only remember the former Vaishu who FOUGHT FOR ME . My BEHEN !
BHAGS ! Holy Archu wanted to pipe in emotionally too but just then that bad , sinful Batatawada came in huffing and puffing again after climbing the steps to this chawl . He had secretly discarded the bottle of Thums Up in the sadela garbage heap right outside Bhags chawl and was feeling a lot better .
Vaishu Darling ! Lets go home ! We can TALK IT OUT and arrive at a SOLUTION ! He told Vaishu , ignoring Bhags .
Listen bugger , this is PATI PATNI MAMLA OK .Neither r u MY PATNI [ Thank God for that]  nor r u Her PATI . { Thank God for THAT too .} So BUTT OUT . snapped Batatawada .
Why ? Asked Batatawada .
Coz he is MY JEEJOO ! I just remembered !
You don't say !
And also coz he is a better , finer man than u ! Ur bad and a liar !
You don't mean that !
Ya I DO !
Vaishu darling !
Humph !
Lets Go Out I don't want TAMASHAS here .This is MY HOUSE , ur in MY HOUSE rubbed in Bhags to poor Batatawada . A man with the utmost respect for legalities and stuff , Batatawada followed Bhags outside with hung head .
Outside Bhags told Batatawada that he didn't mind all the atrocities he had done with HIM but he wud do ANYTHING to protect BEHEN VAISHU . She is my BEHEN now . U GO . She is not talking to u .
Poor Batatawada slunk away .
The cheerful Marwadi saas returned after her pilgrimage to the four DHAMS and wanted water from her darling bahu Vaishu's hands . Sneaky Batatawada lied to her that Vaishu was at her MAAYKA with SLAPOCHANA and sent her inside to REST .
Just as he was taking a few breaths after all this effort of lying , Decent Satish and Whimsical Varsha came there , inquiring  about Vaishu .
WHERE IS SHE WHERE IS SHE asked Whimsical Varsha loudly . WANNA MEET HER RIGHT NOW . Whimsical Varsha had decided to rename Mohanrao too along with her imaginary twins . I might as well give him a NEW ZINDAGI along with them , she had decided with a cheerful , whimsical giggle . It will be such FUN . Bhavna AAi can remain BHavna AAi but  MOHANRAO can become SOHANRAO ! It will be SUCH FUN , MAYANK ,  MRINALINI and SOHANRAO ! And she cudn't wait to tell Vaishu of her latest whim .
Shhh ! Hush ! whispered poor Batatawada , frightened out of his wits at the loudness of her tone . He sneakily looked around to see if his mommy had got up . DO U MIND ? Ha ? My Mommy has just returned from a TEERTHYATRA and is resting ! And ur godamned sister has fought with me and run off to MAAIKE ! U know na , one of tHOSE things !
Decent Satish felt sorry for him . He looks rather white , thought Decent Satish . Who knew better than him about Pati Patni fights . He remembered all his own ordeals and sighed .
 Shhhh Varsha ....he told his whimsical wife . SHHH . THis is PATI PATNI MAMLA . HUBBY WIFE Fights keep on happening . U know na .
YA but don't tell SASUMA ok said Batatawada with a frightened grin when he thought of Slapochana . U see , Vaishu hasn't TOLD HER YET .
UH OKIE DOKIE said Varsha , convinced . And they went off .Poor Batatawada threw himself down on the sofa and took a deep breath of relief . All this lying was causing a strain on his brain .
Do not cause strain
on my poor brain
or else it will
derail like a train !
sang poor Batatawada to the imaginary Karanjkars . Yea , I need a break , or I'll go cuckoo !
                       My Comments :
1] Dharmesh may be a creep but he is Vaishu's husband and this INDEED is a PATI PATNI MAMLA . Whether to talk to him or no is entirely Vaishu's decision to make . Manav shud have not stepped in the middle blocking Dharmesh . He wasn't harming her physically , was he ? He was trying to talk to HIS wife . Manav butted in twice in a PATI PATNI MAMLA ...once in the chawl , once at the site . However ugly the situation is ........this is strictly between Vaishu and Dharmesh .Manav Archu can at the most stand aside to be there for Vaishu incase she needs them , beyond that , they cannot interfere .
2] Vaishali shud have been taken to her maayka . Thats the appropriate place to go if she doesn't want to go to her inlaws . Why the chawl ? Just to show the generosity of ARMAN ? Why ? Neither is Manav earning sufficient to provide for both nor r there all the amenities Vaishu is used to in that chawl . From where will he bear expenses of a third person when he himself is living in dire conditions ?
3] Both the excuses Manav gave for not telling the truth to Vaishali earlier were wrong . His excuses were .........
a] U wud have killed urself and the baby what changed the facts now then ? Huh ? Cannot she kill herself and the baby NOW too ? Why , women r known to kill babies or commit suicides with babies after they have been born too when they undergo depression . Whois Manav to make this decision for Vaishali ? Did he even wonder if Vaishali WANTED the baby ? What if Vaishali was PRO CHOICE where the issue of abortion was concerned ? Manav and Archu r clearly ANTI ABORTION but then thats THEIR personal choice .What if Vaishali was pro choice like Varsha and wud have preffered opting to abort , make a clean break and start afresh by remarrying or something ? Thats HER CHOICE TO MAKE , NOT ARMAN"S . Wasn't she entitled to know as early as possible so she cud have that choice ?
b]  I DIDNT TELL U COZ U WUDNT HAVE BELIEVED ME .............So u were gonna keep quiet for the rest of ur life if Dharmu hadnt been found out and Dharmesh had become succesful in his lies ? The truth shud have been told to Vaishu irrespective of the fact whether she personally liked Manav or not , presented with solid proofs . And there were plenty proofs . Manav cud have taken her to the hotel Thanee staff who wud have described the woman staying with Dharmesh if his photo was shown , hospital records cud have been shown , Madhuri's name cud have been given . The truth shud have been told as an UNPLEASANT DUTY , not coz she believes or not .coz BIGAMY is a legal crime . If not her .. at least her parents shud have been told . Why were they not told ? Is the excuse of asthma attack and heart attack be gonna given now ? Well wont they get it anyways NOW after hearing from third parties ?
The real truth is ARMAN like to take charge and play GOD . This is CVs way of making them mahaan .
Unless Vaishu and Dharmesh talk , no solution can be arrived at . If Vaishu wants to divorce , fine , but she has to TALK for that rite ?Sending Dharmesh away each time  isnt the answer .
Also , Dharmesh is the FATHER of that child in Vaishus womb . He has full right to want to talk to the mother . His right is more than Manav .even by LAW . Whether Vaishu wants any association with him , will she accept his financial help is another matter . But nothing can stop Dharmesh from wanting to TALK things over with her except her own refusal . Even then mind u , if Dharmu hires lawyer , Vaishu will be FORCED to sit across table and talk to Dharmu on a LEGAL LEVEL .
It wud have looked better if Manav had sensibly told Dharmu for tonite postpone the talks as she may miscarry . She was screaming from the pit of her stomach and wud have perhaps miscarried .But he cannot deny Dharmu the rights to want to talk to his wife altogether .
What wud Savita feel about Archu now ? Manav has no time for his family , but is going on getting involved in wife's family more and more . And its all so unecessary . The proper thing to do wud be to leave Vaishu at her moms place . I have not seen Manav getting this involved even when his own sister Vandu had a most ugly marraige and was undergoing marital rape .This Archu had kind of encouraged Vandu to stay in that marraige and Manav , Damodar had remained aloof . So why get involved in Vaishus mess ? She too is a big girl ! Help , but know ur limits !
Ajit stood GUARANTEE for Manav . Thats HUGE . No one does this . Coz if his business fails that Narendra bhai will cut Ajit's throat not Manavs . I hope Manav gives Ajit a slice of cake too .
Kools signing off for the day .All Contrary comments welcome . Enjoy friends and CIAO .

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Hey Kool, I liked the commentry , agree in parts, as always ....Smile
Kool, Manav did say to Dharmesh to go now because at that time Vaishali is in no mood to talk and is in a bad shape ..I take it as his saying  that you come later when she has calmed down .....
And yes I am very happy with the telling off he gave toDharmesh .....
I hope Dharmesh's parents also give him hell ...
I really really liked manav today .What a great guy he is .His line about ' I only remember the vaishu who fought for me ' was just so beautiful........this is something even I will always remember ...when it comes to your  own people , try remember the good times  .That  is  my father's life long philosophy .At times we sisters get frustrated but today I kind of understand  and really respect this way of thinking .......
I can fully understand why Archana loves this  very special man so much .....

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Gauri22 Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged

Kudos to you Kool! Well said again...

I absolutely agree that both reasons that Manav gave for not telling Vaishali did'nt really make sense...He could'nt have hidden it from her for ages till Dharmesh was'nt caught RAINBOW - handed...
And Manav very calmly told Dharmesh I'm ok with whatever you did to me but I wont tolerate you hurting Vaishali..agreed he's always treated Varsha & Vaishali like his sisters, but he should not let them forget what they mean to him...
And are you kidding me?? - Dharmesh sent him to jail, got his hotel job done with, insulted him left, right & centre & Manav is OK with that??? Is he human or not?
I again say the same thing, he has 200% involvement in Archana's family matters but what about his own..Time & again only savita has stood up against him being insulted by Archana's family...

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sherma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
i agree wid u kooldi abt armaan interferring in vaishu and dharmu life.armaan shld hav tld vaishu or sulo or manohar abt it earlier,no excuse can get dem out of it.i really liked ajit today but wat am not getting is ajit is an educated much mre den manav and hav contacts too so y he isnt using for himself.

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sonika74 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
After all this..its not any more a pati patni wala mamla..and the other thing is he is kind of supressing vaishali not to say the truth otherwise his image will break...he wants to bring a solution to can he think of a solution after such a bad thing? do have rights to talk on behalf of the girl..who is going thru something like this

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
He spoke twice BEFORE Vaishali spoke . Its NONE of his business .Its HER LIFE . He can at the most be there for her , bas . She has to ASK for his help .His advise .
His own sister had a pretty ugly marraige ....MUCH UGLIER than Vaishus . Dharmesh hasnt hit Vaishu or raped her like Ajit has done with Vandu .Nor has his mom given Vaishu Mother in law trouble .
Yet Manav remained aloof from that marraige and pretty much left Vandu to her fate . So did Archu who first noticed signs of marital rape .
What Dharmesh said was rite , that this is a PATI PATNI KA MAMLA .
They r trying to make Manav a hero , but in reality , he has overstepped the bounds .

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
RIght on Kools...
ArMan should have told atleast SulMan if not to Vaishu abt FBD and his alliance with Madhuri-Varun...
ArMan are shown to be god and Mahaan...Every character is ruined or silly decision in this serial is taken so ArMan can look Mahaan...
I agree FBD should have been given a chance to talk to Vaishu having ArMan present to make sure Vaishu is alright and FBD is not feeding any more lies..But butting in the way ULM did was not right...After all it is between Vaishu-FBD as they are in a relationship and her being prego...I would not call them Pati-Patni rishta as he is still married to Madhuri...But it is some type of Rishta between the two and they have all the right to talk to each other to make decision..
Yes FBD being father of Vaishu's child he has his parental right to the baby even though Vaishu leaves him and has a custody...FBD will be given the right by court to have his rights as a father...Unless he is proven to be a bad father...
CVs have no clue on reality how things are done in real life...They have some juvenile ideas and they depict them thru this serial which is soooooooooo ughhhhhhhhhh..
Vaishu should have been taken to Ks as SulMan are the parents and they know better what to do in supporting their daughter...ArMan aren't Vaishu's parents and they yet don't have any experience in handling situation like this...besides they are still fatichars who cant provide properly for themselves how the heck are they going to support prego Vaishu?
ULM borrowing money from some Bhai that Ajit knew is going to bring big legal problems in future...I have this gutt feeling...Not saying abt Ajit but Bhai did not look some up and up guy...guy who is playing cards outside of the bldg and I bet it is with money would be in some shady business...ULM is going to try to be rich fast is going to get involved in some illegal situation...Embarrassed
Finally Ofcourse Sachu is not ArMan's son but they do have some responsibility as guardians to look out for his best interest....They both promised this to Shrav b4 her departure...They have to be held responsible to some level...
My 2 cents...

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonika74

After all this..its not any more a pati patni wala mamla..and the other thing is he is kind of supressing vaishali not to say the truth otherwise his image will break...he wants to bring a solution to can he think of a solution after such a bad thing? do have rights to talk on behalf of the girl..who is going thru something like this
So does the Family KNOW ? Has Archu told the family ? Hell , she hadnt even told VAISHALI !
On a legal level this remains a PATI PATNI MAMLA only .Like it or not . she will be made to talk to him .Thats what court judge will tell .They wont recognise Manav 's Haq at all .

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