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Angini's Romance

sonas1 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
So friends this thread is for our Angini's romantic place. So here we can post our imagination of our favorite stars Anmol and Ragini passionate romantic scenes.

Scene: Angini bedroom

            Anmol is sitting on the bed typing furiously on his laptop. He has been working non-stop in order to complete this project ahead of time.Meanwhile, Ragini who had just finished her shower, steps out of the bathroom in a simple yellow sari. She watches her husband working diligently on his laptop and smiles thinking of how much he has accomplished. She walks over to the mirror, which is right next to where her husband is working, and begins to dry her hair.Anmol sees his wife step out of the bathroom, dressed in his favorite color. He feels her tender gaze on him, and he pretends to work by typing gibberish on his laptop. He thinks to himself, "Focus Anmol, focus, you need to finish this project. Come on, look at the papers, not at your wife." Anmol's mind however, was a battleground. One side wanted to focus and finish the project, and the other wanted nothing more than to feast on his ravishing wife. Once again, his practical side asked him to focus, but how can he concentrate on work, when the most beautiful thing that god has created was standing right before him?
Anmol made up his mind to focus on the project, but his romantic side controlled his eyes since he couldn't help but stare at his wife. He notices that her hair is still dripping wet from her shower, and each droplet that falls to the floor is driving him crazy. His eyes then strayed to her lips, and he sees that her lips are slightly parted as she continues to rub her hair dry. Anmol begins swaying back and forth, hypnotized by his wife.
Anmol is suddenly broken out of his trace, as Ragini flips her hair and the remaining water droplets in her hair, find their new home on his face. It was almost as if the water droplets gave Anmol the push he needed. He slowly moves his laptop aside and rises up from the bed with his target in sight.WinkWinkWink

          Ragini feels her husband's body pressed against her back.  It always takes Ragini's breath away. Anmol with his rugged body pressed against his wife's delicate one, sees that she is enjoying his presence because her eyes are closed and her neck is slightly tilted, almost as if it were an invitation. "Who am I to refuse an invitation?" Anmol thinks to himself. He continues to caress her shoulders and he slowly moves his lips on the tender flesh of her neck.

As Anmol continues to nibble on her neck, Ragini begins her usual protest "Anmol, what if someone comes into our room and sees us like this". Anmol in his habitual approach to placate his wife, says "Ragini no one will come into our room now, it's almost 10:00 o clock at night. And so what if they see us like this, you are my wife, and it's perfectly natural".

          Anmol runs through his actions in his mind, and decides that enough is enough. He needs her now, so it's time to go in for the kill. It's time to attack her delicate waist. Anmol slowly traces his fingertips along her body and tickles her waist playfully. He feels her stomach contact with his touch as she lets out a deep moan. Anmol turns his wife around, so she faces him. Her eyes are still closed because of his pleasurable touch. However, Anmol removes his hands from her body and just steps back, away from her. Ragini, who feels the absence of his touch, opens her eyes and sees her husband just looking at her with a small smile etched upon his face.

Ragini: Anmol…what happened?

Anmol sensing her concern, steps forward again, and stares deeply into her questioning eyes.

Anmol: Ragini, how can I be so lucky? How can God give all the happiness in the world to just one person? I found my best friend, my soul mate, and my lover all in one person. Everyday, I fall more and more in love with you. My life began when you entered it, I started living when I got your love, and I see no future without you.

Ragini: Anmol….

Anmol: Ragini, please don't say anything. Just promise me that you will never leave me alone.

Ragini (in a whisper): I promise…

Anmol content with her answer focuses back on his mission. He takes his wife's hand and leads her to their bed. He kisses her forehead, her nose, and finally her delicious lips. HeartHeartHeart

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sonas1 Groupbie

Joined: 16 July 2010
Posts: 150

Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Please post your imagination of Angini's romance in this thread.
sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
haila acha tha dose .....loved it we all wil put our touches to ..but aaj ke liye me loving ur take dear its very good

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manoo.18 Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
love u parul u r the best...................
shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Hmm interesting take dear..
Quite a Hot scene .. Embarrassed Let me cool it down with my sceneWink

Ragini visits Anmol's office once in a while..
But this time she thought of helping him @ work..
There is work and a little romance  its more on a lighter side , I would say it is like Anmol's approximaty sends shivers down Ragini's spine..
His touch makes her week in her knees...
His voice rings music in her ears..
there is some  romance in the air only they need to catch it and feel it between them ,...Then the fire ignites....

OK Here it goes..

 Anmol and Ragini @ the office. Let me know how you like it

Anmol pacing up and down in the room and is worried. Ragini comes there and asks him "Suniye Kya baat hai Aap pareyshaan dik rahey ho !!"

Anmol composes himself and says " Kuch nahi ragini Mai teek hoon"

Ragini goes close to him and holds his shoulder and looks into his eyes and aks him " Mai aap ko samjthi hoon kuch to baat hai babahiye na!"

Anmol takes a short breath and tells" Ragini office mai bahut kaam hai aur mera assistant 4 din kay liye family engagement hai tho who vacation pay hai"

"Aur meray 2 tenders documentation hai jissay mujhey Thursday tak finish karna hai aur presentation bhi karnay hai bahut kaam hai aur mujsay saab itni jaldi nahi ho payaga!!"

Ragini calms him down by asking him sit on the couch

She gets him a glass of water and clears her throat and tells" Kya mai aap ki madaad kar sakthi hoon "" Mujhey toda bahut computers ka knowledge hai aur documentation ka , agar aap cachiye tho mai kuch help kar sakthi hoon"

Anmol looks at Ragini and wonders that can i ask her help she is ready to help me why not and he gives a short smile

Anmol tells her " lekin Ragini ghar ka kaam bhi tho hai aur bachhay!!"

Ragini smiles and tells" Bacchay tho school chalejathey hai aur ghar ka kaam tho Guddi sambhalthi hai mujhey kafi wqat hai !"

Amnol smiles and hold her hand and puts his hand on hers and thanks her

Ragini looks at Anmol and says " Thanks Kis baat ka aap nay bhi tho meri madaad Ki aur abh ho hum ek doosaray kay"

[Phone rings]

Anmol excuses himself and talks the call Ragini looks at him and then goes to make the bed.

[Next morning at the breakfast table]

Indu, vasu and Saakshi and Alekh are at the breakfaat table. Alekh still annoyed with saakshi and serves him Breakfast . Anmol and ragini arrive there

Ragini tells vasu that she would like to help Anmol at work.

Vasu looks at Ragini and is not too happy but Inder convinces her that Ragini should go and help Anmol if needed after all she is well educated and just like you she also wants to helpwith the buisness,

Vasu is reluctant but agrees finally

[Ride to the office]

Anmol opens the door for Ragini and then he sits and they wear the seat belt and off they go,

Ragini tells Anmol" I hope apko mummyji kay baat ka bura nahi laga!"

Anmol smiles and tells " No not at all aab tho adat si pad gaye hi!!"

Ragini gives a short unhappy smile

[Reached office]

Anmol gets his bag out and Ragini also steps out and they both walk together towards the door. Anmol looks at Ragini and smiles and they climb the step and walk inside.

Rita greets ragini and asks her how she is and tells her that Sir is so busy now a days and hope all the tension is over and he is free and relaxed

Ragini smiles and tells her that i have come to help him with work and walks towards Anmol's room.

Anmol looks back to see Ragini talking to Rita and she briskly walks towards Anmol who smiles at her and tells her " Dheeray Say Koi Jaldi nahi "

Ragini smiles and stops close to him.

Anmol opens the door of his room and Allows Ragini to enter first,

Anmol places his bag on the soft next to his table and asks Ragini to sit on his chair.

Ragini looks at anmol and says" Magar yeah to apki seat hai !"

Anmol smiles and tells her" Ragini Aap is chair pay comfortable feel karengi , Mai vaha couch pay batkay presentation karloonga!"

Ragini looks at Anmol as he pulls the chair out for her and she sits.

Anmol explains the necessary documents which need to be fed in the word program.

Ragini looks at it and tells him that she will start working right away.

Anmol touches her hand and tells her Thanks Ragini as Ragini gets stiff by his touch but covers it with a smile.

Ragini starts her work and is looking into the PC screen , while Anmol is also busy working on the laptop with his presentation.

Ragini is documenting the Tender notes and suddenly she gets stuck with something and is unable to restore it,

Anmol who lifts his head up to take a break from his presentation report looks and catches Ragini's face which is looking a little tensed.

Anmol calls out" Ragini kuch problm hai kya?"

Ragini looks up frm the screen and says " Nahi-Kch Nahi," and she did'nt want to disturb him, but Anmol knew somthing was wrong and he got up and walked towards her

Ragini who had got back to working on her documentation suddenly felt a warm hand engulfing her finger which were on the keyboard, A warm breath was breathing around her neck, she looked to see Anmol was inches away from her and he whispered softly

" Kya problme hai ragini document mai kuch galath hai kya?"

Ragini took a deep breath and she was feeling a shiver in her spine with Anmol so close to him and asking her in such a soft tone

Ragini looked into his eyes and which were busy asking her if she was having any pblms and she forgot to answer him and then she got her sense back and said" Nahi actually keyboard stuck ho raha tha ab teek hai !!"

Anmol stood back and smiles " O ok great so aap comfortable hona!"

Ragini looked at him and smiled and said " Yes aur thoda baki hai phir ek aur documenmt kay baad maray khyasay first Tender ka document katham ho gayega !!"

Anmol smiled and goes back in doing his work and smiling that he kinda knew that she could feel his closness.

The peon comes in with their lunch as it was almost 1:30 pm.

Anmol" wow deer ho gaye na time ka pata hi nahi chala ! ragini please aab toda break leligiye aur dono saat mai lunch karthey hai !"

The peon leaves the lunch basket on the table and leaves!!"

There is a note on the lunch basket.

Anmol and Ragini sit down on the couch with the food basket infront of them. Ragini looks at the note and opens it,

Dear Chachu/Chachi

Aaj Guddi bazaar mai thi isliye mainay quick sandwiches banakar bej diya I hope u like it

love Gunni

Anmol smiles and says " How sweet she is a sweetheart !!"

Ragini lookas at Anmol "Ha Gunni saach mai saak seek rahi hai !!"

Ragini opens the box and pulls out two foiled cases .

Anmol keeps looking at her and is enjoying ever moment with ragini as they are alone in his cabin,

Ragini gives it to Anmol and he smiles with content, Ragini takes the other one and starts to open as Anmol is also doing the same,

Anmol wants to start a conversation but is busy opening the foil covering the sandwich but he pauses and says "Ragini tu aap kuch rahi thi subah ghar par"..remebereing she was abt to say somthing and the phone rang,

"Aap madaad aur phir hum ek doosaray kay '....!"

The phone at the desk rings and they are interrupted,

Anmol"Daam koi chain hi nahi hai !!" and picks up its Rita" Sir Mr. Basin is here for the presentatation".

Anmol looks at the closk and realizes its 3:00pm, and looks at Ragini

" Sorry Ragini mujhey presentation kay liya jana chahiye Baad!"

He rushes to take his laptop

Ragini looks at his sandwich which was half eaten,

"Magar Aap nay tho Khana finish nahi kya"

Rushing out Anmol shout"Aakar Kha loonga!"

Ragini wraps the Sandwich back and gets back tp her work.

[the clock is moving and its about 6 pm]

Anmol still busy with the presentation while ragini was finishing up her documentation.

The sun had set and it was getting a little dark,

Rita called Anmol's cabin and Ragini picked up and told her that her boyfriend has come to pick her up and she needs to leave, Ragini told her to leave inquiring how long the presentation will still take ?

Rita told Ragini that Sir will be done soon as the people were clapping and a few were leaving.

Ragini thanked her and hung up.

Ragini had one more tender to document and she was exhausted , but she worried about the load Anmol will have later and she started her documentation.

Anmol was almost done seeing off the clients and looked at the watch it was past 7:30 and over in the cabin Ragini was almost done with the documentatiom

As soon as she was done she saved the file and the current went off!

Ragini was startled and she sat back on the seat worried

"Current essay kaisay chala gaya!!" she took her phone and clicked it to get some light in the completely dark cabin.

Anmol who realized that the lights have gone off rushed to the cabin calling "Ragini Ragini !!"

Ragini hearing Anmol's voice was glad he's back she calm down and called out" Mai yaha hoon "

Anmol opened the door wide and rushed inside , The light from Ragini's phone was enough for his visibility to trace her. He rushes to her and aksed holding her hand at once" Ragini Aap teek to hai na!!"

Ragini reallized that Anmol was holding her and she smiles " Ha mai teek hoon lekin yeah current kaisay chala gaye !!"

Anmol looks at her she looked beautiful in phone light also and kept looking at her and forgot what she was asking then he came back to her senses and said" Pa Pata nahi lagtha hai fuse udd gaya, mujhey dekhna padega ", and he looks around for the torche which is in his drawer Then pulls it out and says" milgaya"

Anmol is walking when he looks at Ragini who is stilol near his desk" Ragini aap ayengi meray saat fuse box dekhlethey hai taki bahara janey mai asaan ho jayega kyunki exit kay automatic doors bhi locked ho jathey hai !!"

Ragini looks at Anmol " Han Mai bhi chaltihoon aap kay saat " and they both go down the coridoor towards the circuit box and Anmol hands over the torch ragini and tells her" ragini Aap essay box ki taraf dekhahiye mai jaldi say fuse teek kartha hoon" ragini nods her head .

Anmol opens the box and a bug pops out Ragini gets scared and clings on to Anmol as she grabs his arm. Anmol looks at Ragini and tells her" Relax its gone"! Ragini smiles and says "Sorry" Anmol looks at her witha short smile and says " Its ok!"

Back to working on the fuse there is lots of dust on the circuit box and he blows it out and removes the fuse to check whats the problem.

One of the switches was loose so he tightend it by rotating it and asked ragini to show the light at the point of contact of the fuse to the circuit box. Ragini shows teh torche light to the box and Anmol carefully puts the fuse back, and asks Ragini to press the switch. As she presses the switch a huge spark starts and it hits Anmol's hand " Ouch !!" comes a painful voice. Ragini who is holding the torch comes close to Anmol" Kya hoaa !!" asks in a worried tone, At once the light comes up too , both look up and then Ragini is shocked seeing Anmol's hand, Its blue incolor , "hey Bhagwaan yeah kya ho gaya Aapka haat!"

Anmol is trying to cover it but still in pain as the sparks from the fuse have peeled his skin a little" Nahi ragini kuch bhi nahi hoo aya Mai thanday pani say dho lunga washroom hai saab teek ho gaye ga !!"

Ragini a little angry worried look says" nahi yeah gehara zarakam ho jayega aap chaliye meray saat" and she pulls him to teh wash room and she runs the cold water and takes his hand and makes it run thro the cold water and he feels the pain with a change in his face,

[Piano tune plays!!]

Ragini keeps looking at the hand and softly runs her hand over it to put the skin in place. Anmol keeps looking at her beautiful face and smiles to see the care she is doing for him for this small burn. Ragini lifs her head to look into the gazing eyes of Anmol and then before she got lost she tells him" Chaliye mai cream laga dethi hoon, and they go to the cabin and Anmol sits on the couch while Ragini goes to the drawer and gets the first aid box out and the anticeptic cream and comes sits close to Anmol and places his hand on her lap and starts to apply the cream.

Anmol keeps looking at her and imagines himself tracing her hair falling on her face as she is putting cream. Ragini lifts her head up and smiles and says " Sorry Anmol meri wajah say apko chot lagi!!" Anmol stops her by putting his finger on her lips and telling her" Ragini aap sorry kehna baand kijiya aap ki koi galthi nahi " and Ragini smiles and says " Suniye !!" Anmol wakes up from his dream and looks at her and tells she continues" Aab ghar jakey mai bandaid lagadethi hoon "

Anmol getting back on earth LOL

Both get up to leave Anmol keeps thinking abt this beautiful moment he spent with her nursing his wound and then realizes that their afternoon conversation was left half way when she had said " Ek doosaray kay...... !!!"

And as they drove back home an Exhauseted Ragini puts her head on Anmol's shoulder and doses off and he would'nt want to distrub her would he !!!Wink

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Sona,Shanti.  So well writtenClap.I loved it.Embarrassed
saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:12pm | IP Logged that was one captivating romantic scene of angini..
love reading your take on angini's romance.Smile
thats so true one thing that anmol could never do is to focus on something else while his beautiful ragini is around..
this time no way he could concentrate on his job and ragini's wet hair is enough to make him go in romantic mood..
the passionate scene was just mesmerising...Embarrassed
loved how you have described anmol's undying love for ragini and his fear of losing her..
in the end he got ragini's promise to never leave him..
well penned down with a dose of
this for you..ClapClapClap..

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:30pm | IP Logged usual awesome take on angini's romance..Smile
beautiful moment of angini and with our couple working together in office..definitely love will be in the air...Wink
"Ragini who had got back to working on her documentation suddenly felt a warm hand engulfing her finger which were on the keyboard, A warm breath was breathing around her neck, she looked to see Anmol was inches away from her and he whispered softly

" Kya problme hai ragini document mai kuch galath hai kya?"

Ragini took a deep breath and she was feeling a shiver in her spine with Anmol so close to him and asking her in such a soft tone ."

well well anmol's proximity to her always have an effect on doubt anmol her husband is so dashing and so loveable towards her it does make her heart beats faster..
as for  anmol any sweet caring gesture of ragini for him, he goes in his dream world..just him/his ragini and his heart desire.
love is finding a way in this relationship and the romance is following suit..Smile
enjoy reading it ..ClapClapClap

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