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||The Forbidden Ends|| -Uptd pg 27- (Page 16)

Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by BUBLAI

OMG !!! so many suspenses in one part ... who is this weird guy in the classroom ?? is it karan himself or someone else ??Confusedeagerly  waiting for the next part  ... really want to know the suspense behind ashi's fainting ... and also why is natasha terrorized on seeing karan ?? fabulous update and have knitted the suspenses very nicely TongueTongue

yeah tht guy uv met was karan...
ull soon see whts scaring natz.. wht alll bout karan. its coming in the next part..Tongue

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Nikhi. Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Oh my gosh! Such an eventful part! Can't wait to find out more about this Karan guy!

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0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Nice update !
I am loving Aarav-Natasha. Its like, Fire vs Fire. Does the Aarav in your FF have green eyes ?
Ashi-Yuvi. Aww...Cuteness ! Why does she faint though?
Whos Karan?
Update soon!!

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0

Nice update !
I am loving Aarav-Natasha. Its like, Fire vs Fire. Does the Aarav in your FF have green eyes ?
Ashi-Yuvi. Aww...Cuteness ! Why does she faint though?
Whos Karan?
Update soon!!

eheh!! finally u managed to read all of it?

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
fab ud darlinggggg

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-Rinki- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Umm, so I'm in India and I'm like freaking busy here because of some functions so when I'm gonna be back home..You're gonna get a HUGE reply :D

I'm really sorry :/

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 10

''Karan.'' Natasha whispered as the guy stood in front of her, looking at her with green eyes and  a smile that showed no emotion but hatred. Cold incomparable unlimited hatred.

''Natasha.'' Karan tilted his head, looking at her from head to toe, and laughed humorlessly. ''A pleasure to meet you again, love.'' He took her hand in his, and kissed her palm.

She flinched on his touch. It was rough and furious. He let go of the hand, and his facial expressions contorted into pure hatred.

''What are you doing here?'' She demanded, trying her best not to let her fear rule her over.

He didn't say anything but met her gaze for a minute before breaking the eye contact. ''I didn't come here for you, Natasha.''

''Obviously you haven't.'' Natasha replied, sarcastically. ''So, Mr. Karan Saxena, one of the most powerful vampires in the world, the ex-Originals' leader, is here in this school, amongst all these humans, and it has nothing to do with me. I totally believe you.''

He frowned. A growl rippled through his stomach, but died before it reached his throat. ''Yes, Karan Saxena is here, amongst all these humans, and it has got nothing to do with you. However,-'' He paused, looking at her, frustrated. ''-I can always mend my plans, you know? For a past century or so, you have been living peacefully for all the obvious reasons. But now-'' He clenched his fists. ''Things are gonna change, love.''

Natasha instinctively stepped back, and the growl on his face turned into an evil grin. ''You can't harm me, Karan, and you know that.'' She snapped. ''After what I did to you. '''

''You were a newborn that time.'' Karan answered, confidently. ''Newborns are the strongest in their 1-2 months after they change. And so were you. You were ruled by your rage, your frustration, your thirst, and you-'' His gaze shot down to his right gloved hand. ''You did this.''

Natasha looked down at his hand, horrified as the past memories came rushing back to her.


''Karan.'' Natasha moaned as he kissed her on the lips, exploring and savoring her taste. She kissed him back, before pushing him away playfully.

He grinned and took her back in his arms as they rolled over on his bed. ''We are married now, sweetheart. None of your defenses are gonna work this time.''

She mock-frowned and he kissed her neck, moving down her throat slowly.

''Ouch.'' She looked at her hand under Karan's strong grip. There was a cut on her hand where the edge of the glass had hit it, blood oozing down.

She remembered how his expressions changed. From that playful, mischievous grin, his face contorted into a monstrous snarl. He broke apart from her as he moved away, pupils dilating, fangs forming.

She looked at him, horrified by what she was witnessing. The screams in her throat died as he looked back at her. His gaze shot down to her exposed neck.

The screams came out as loudly as they could as he began to advance towards her. But there was no point. He was stronger, faster. He pinned her down, moved her head to the side so that her neck was exposed, and-


5 days later, she woke up. She had been told she was sick, but she didn't feel it. She didn't feel tired. It was like a whole new energy was rippling through her, through every vein in her body.

She opened her eyes, and the memories came rushing back to her. But it always ended at that instant where he pinned her down, and moved towards her. She shook her head, but the visions kept coming. They kept coming.

Footsteps. She heard footsteps. People were downstairs, in the living room. Human ears shouldn't pick up that sound, that small rhythmic heart beating, those low breaths, but she could, and she felt all the more terrified.

The door opened, and before she knew it, she was moving towards the person who opened the door. She could feel a sort-of thirst ogling inside her, growing with every surpassing moment, starving her. She couldn't catch a glance for more than a second to know that Karan's maid that opened the door. She caught her, she dug her fangs into her neck, she drank her blood, and she dropped her body to the floor.

For a moment, all she could do was look at the body. Lifeless. Drained out of blood. She closed the door, and wiped the blood off her face. Her eyes softened as she realized what she had done. She screamed. Screamed out of agony, pain, realization. And then came, revenge. Anger. Whoever had done this to her, they would pay for it.

She waited. Sure enough, he came.

As soon as Karan opened the door, she lunged at him. But he was cleverer, smarter, and more experienced. He dodged out of the way and stood at the opposite corner. She chased after him again, but he conveniently managed to jump out of the way, raising his hands, asking her to stop.

She closed her eyes, sighed and looked at him. ''What did you do to me?'' She asked, slowly.

''You know what I did, Natasha.'' There was no regret in his voice, and she had to clench her fists to keep from jumping at him. ''I changed you, I.. I didn't mean to do that. I loved you, Natasha. And-''

''You loved me?'' She snorted. ''And that's how you prove your love to me, by changing me into this blood-sucking lifeless non-living monster.'' She winced as she looked at the body of the maid, still lying in the corner of the room, as conveniently ignored as a piece of old furniture.

''I didn't mean to, okay.'' He replied impatiently. ''I loved you. And, your hand got cut. All that blood-'' He clenched his fists and closed his eyes, as if savoring the taste of her blood. He opened his eyes, and jerked reflexively. ''You know what it's like, don't you?'' Sweat beaded on his forehead. ''You killed her, ruled by your inner monster, your desperation, your thirst. Look at her. Just look at her.'' He pointed at the maid. ''You can't blame me and me alone. You can't-'' He broke off.

She closed her eyes. She felt like she would cry anytime. She wasn't upset. She was furious and agitated. This man had the nerves to change her, and then avoid the accusations. ''Why didn't you kill me, huh?'' She screamed. ''It would have been better than this, this fate.''

''I would have. But.. your blood. Your scent.'' He took a deep breath. ''I got carried away, took more blood than I should have. And then, when I saw you lying there, lifeless-'' He looked away. ''I killed you, Natasha. I killed you. But I couldn't live with the guilt of killing you. I needed you back, Natasha. I needed you. And the only way to do that was-''

''To change me!?'' She shouted of disgust. ''How can you be so selfish!? You killed me, and then you treat me like shit, doing whatever you want, giving me this life. This monstrous life!''

Karan opened his mouth to say something, but he was cut short and taken aback by Natasha lunging at him. She started to dig her fangs in his neck, and his hands instinctively moved up to protect his throat. Her teeth shredded at his right hand, ripping flesh and blood apart. Karan pushed her away, and she snarled, blood smeared on her face.

He looked at his right hand, or rather, what remained of his right hand. She had damaged one of the most important veins in his hand, which had resulted into the whole arm rendered useless.


She had attacked him when she was at the peak of her powers. She had damaged his right arm. She had rendered him physically powerless. He wasn't good enough to lead the Vampires coven anymore. He had been kicked out. He had been almost dead, wandering around. All his love for Natasha, if there had been any at the first place; it had died, and changed into revenge. She had destroyed him, destroyed his life, and he was here. ''Back for revenge.'' She muttered.

''Uh, that wasn't what I had in mind.'' His eyes gleamed. ''I came here for something else, someone else, really. I had no idea whatsoever that you were here. But in all these past years, you have always been on my mind, Natasha.'' He ran a hand through her hair, and she winced back. He grinned, drinking the terror in. ''You know what I was up to when I got kicked out of the Vampires coven, I was learning. Black magic. Dark powers.I might have been rendered physically harmless, thanks to you. But our brain is a great thing, Natasha. It can make you or break you. And I chose breaking people, instead. I had been taking lessons from this powerful sorcerer all these years, and he blessed me with the darkest evil powers and spells. I'm more powerful than ever before, Natasha.'' He grinned evilly. ''Than ever before.'' He repeated.

''Are you gonna kill me?'' Natasha asked, trying hard not to shake.

''No, love. You know I can't kill you.'' Karan tilted his head and smiled ' genuinely. ''I can't.'' His smile turned into a snarl. ''But I can make sure your life turns as miserable and painful that you made mine. I want revenge for all those moments, all those days when I had no one to see, nowhere to go. I want you to be alone, powerless, vulnerable. I want you to know what it feels like, having your powers snatched away from you.'' He stepped back. ''And I'm not alone, Natasha. I have a whole army of black magicians and sorcerers behind me. Well, of course I have to do something for them in return, and that's what I'm here for, but take this advice. Watch your back, Natasha. Take care.'' He passed a flying kiss to her, before grinning, putting his shades on, and walking away. Whilst Natasha was left standing there, visibly frightened and shaking with terror.


''Mom, now tell me, why did you want to talk to us two?'' Aarav groaned as Ashi settled on a couch with Sonia.

''I think I know.'' Ashi whispered. Her voice was still distant. ''Aarav, mom, you won't believe what I saw today.''

''I think I would.'' Sonia muttered, sadly. She plastered a fake smile. ''Go on, shona. What did you see?''

''I got this vision.'' Ashi's hands shook, and Aarav had to hold them and squeeze them reassuringly before she went on. ''About dad.''

Aarav's mouth hung open. ''Dad? But Ashi, that's impossible. I mean, after all these years.''

''After 15 years.'' Sonia said matter-of-factly. ''He is back after 15 years.''

''But mom, why?'' Aarav asked, confused. ''What does he want?''

Sonia looked at Ashi. ''Did you see anything else in that vision, honey?''

Ashi nodded, eyes wary, voice distant. ''I saw these guys in black robes, sitting in a circle around fire. I saw dad leading those psycho men-in-black. And then ' ''

''And then?'' Aarav pressed.

''He killed her.'' Ashi trembled. ''He killed this girl, who was tied to a tree. He went up to her, and burned her alive, muttering something. A spell, probably.''

Sonia nodded, as if expecting it, while Aarav shook his head in disgust. ''He's such a monster.''

''Uh huh.'' Sonia corrected. ''He's just a sorcerer. An evil dark sorcerer. He's one of those powerful sorcerers who prefer to take refuge in the shadows, building their powers by killing people and practicing deadly rituals.''

''But mom, why are we talking about him!?'' Aarav shrugged.

'''Cause he is here, sweetheart. He is here with all those men Ashi saw in her vision. He is in the town for something, someone, and I have this strong feeling that it has something to do with the two of you.''


Okay, guys, this took 5 MS word pages, so I hope it's worth all the effort. Phew. The guy Karan is working for, and Ashi & Aarav's dad, they are one and the same. I thought I should clarify this just so you don't get confused in the coming chapters. As for what and who he wants, and how is Karan of any help, and how is Karan gonna build his revenge for the girl who destroyed him, that's all left to see. Comment/criticize please. :)

PMs will be sent tonight. I'm in a rush right now. 

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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:D oh!! how much more can i love u for this!!!
ahh... this was this big heavy episode. too dark,in this dark world..
karan and natz- omfg.. natz did tht to karan? he was out of the Vampires coven.. he was kicked out. and all coz of natz.. and now he is even more powerful... natz is not at all safe... 
the flash back was shown so well.. i was a bit confused.. is he here to find yuvi as welll, or as u said, he works for ashi's dad.. is he here to make life miserable for the two siblings.. aah and we have one more... natz master.. ufff.. so many villains
.. natz was stronger then.. she cant handle karan anymore.. specially with her wet nailsLOL
hopefully we get a light chap next.. this was actually too heavy for me.. 
ashi-arav-soniya- ive always loved ashi-sonus bond.. and u manage to make me love arav-ashi-sonu... arav is an adorable brother. but id want to see the naughty part of him too... specially with atz.. lol he is just too good for herLOL
ashi getting the visions.. i still didnt get it y she got them. guess am too dumb... but why did only she get them, not arav, not sonu.. hmm.. evn if am dumb, u better explainWink
evil dad tht ashi has got.. eew.. poor she... hopefullysonu will be able to handle him
5ms wrd pages.. totally worth it.. i wldnt mind more of themLOL

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