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DESTINY [MAANEET FF] Part 16 - Pg 70 (Page 30)

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Part 9
So after GEET told her friends that she was joining the university MOULI and GUNJAN start talking about the new love stories happening in the college and even SHILPA joins them.
In the evening MADHURI,VEER ,DADI and ROBIE come to GEET'S place.Then MADHURI tells that MAAN will join them a bit later as he had some work in office.
Then ARMAAN comes and even SAMRAT,DAMINI and AVNI join them.
Then MAAN came and all the elders are busy talking so all the young people decide to play truth or dare and so they go to the terrace.
So now they start playing and at first they spin the bottle and it stops at ROBIE and so GEET asks  "So ROBIE truth ya fir dare?"
So ROBIE replies "Of course bhabhi I chose truth"
So GEET asked "So ROBIE tell us if u have ever liked a girl and have never seen a girl like her before?"
So ROBIE says "Yes bhabhi I have seen a girl with whom I had fallen in love that too at first sight when I met her in my 8 class camping and then I have never seen her after that but we used to fight like anything and I used to call her JUNGLI BILLI and she used to call me BIGADE RAHIZ"
Hearing this MOULI thought that she had heard these names before but before she could think about it all started their ohhhhhhhs and ahhhhhs .
Then again they spin the bottle and this time it stops on SAMEER and he chooses   dare.So they give him dare to propose a girl and so he goes to AVNI and proposes her.AVNI is shocked.
Then the bottle is again spinned and now it stops on ARMAAN and he chooses truth.So MAAN asks him "Have u ever lied to GEET?"
So ARMAAN says "Yes I have lied to GEET" hearing this GEET is shocked and she asks "When?" So ARMAAN says "I will tell u when time comes"
Then again they spin the bottle and this time the bottle stops at GEET and she chooses truth and so PRITHVI asks "Name the person with whom u can share all your secrets and problems without any hesitation?"
Hearing to the question GEET remembers that person and she starts feeling a bit low and so she gets up and faces the other side to not to show her tears to all of them specially ARMAAN because she knows that he will get worried for her
Then she closed her eyes and remembered all the moments with the person,How she used to play with that person,fight with that person and all the sweet memories and then she remembered that when that person left her and tears rolled dowm her cheeks.Then ARMAAN asked "GEET r u alright?plz don't cry.I know u r crying and remembering that person but plz let the others also know that person's name"
So after hearing to ARMAAN,GEET told "Guys u know before I had my best friend who used to share my happiness and sorrows and we were like twin sisters who could not be separated but one day that person had to move away from me and from that day I have had no contact with that person but I really miss that person whenever I need a friend to share my happiness or sorrow. I even tried looking for that person but I did not find her till today but I just pray to god that one day I will meet that person and that person's name is ……"
Before she could complete her sentence someone from behind closed her eyes and then when GEET felt the person's hands she screamed and hugged that person and shouted "MUSKAANNNNNNNNNNNNN"
Then ARMAAN went and hugged her and asked "So GEET I told right that I lied to u so the lie was that I had recently got MUSKAAN'S address from SANJEEVANI'S PUNJAB BRANCH and so I contacted her and told abut your marriage and she was about to come on your marriage itself but she had got a emergency so she had to stay back but know I got her transferred to DELHI'S BRANCH so that she can stay with us only"
Then suddenly GEET remembered someone and eagerly asked MUSKAAN "MUSKI, PIA kaha hai?"And then a three year old girl came from behind of MUSKAAN and said "MAMAAAAAAAA" and hugged GEET.
GEET took PIA in her arms and kissed her cheeks and asked "So how is my princess?Did CHOTI MA take care of you and did u trouble her?"
Then PIA saw ARMAAN and said "MAMUUUUUUUU" and went and hugged him
Then PIA asked "MAMU where izz my chocolate?"in her childish way.Hearing PIA GEET,MUSKAAN and ARMAAN started laughing and then ARMAAN took out some chocolates from his pocket and said "This is for my princess"
Then GEET saw the others who were confused by all this and then she told them to sit and that she will tell them everything.In the meanwhile PIA went near MAAN and MAAN bent and took her in his arms and she smiled and seeing her smile even he smiled. Then GEET started her story
"Guys u know that first I and ARMAAN BHAI used to live in CHANDIGARH.There I,MUSKAAN and ARMAAN were like best friends.Then after our 12th exams we had to move to DELHI and even MUSKAAN had moved to MUMBAI for her further studies but we were still in contact and we used to visit each other.So it happened when I had gone to SANJEEVANI with MUSKAAN as she was an intern there and was waiting for her to finish her duty when an emergency case came.In that case one of our friend MANAV and his wife ARCHANA who was excepting had met with an accident and after the surgery ARCHANA could not be saved but her baby was saved and even MANAV died.Hearing about their son and daughter in law's death PIA'S grandparents died due to shock.And at that time I called ARMAAN BHAI and told him everything and so he came to the hospital and he got the adoption papers of PIA and I signed it as only I was legible and MUSKAAN was not and from that time PIA used to call me MAMA and MUSKAAN CHOTI MA.But after 2 years and odd MUSKAAN had to shift to some place I did not know and PIA used to live with MUSKAAN as she wwas a doctor and could take care of PIA and from then on I did not have any contact with MUSKAAN or PIA"
Then RANO came to call all of them to dinner and was surprised to see MUSKAAN and PIA.She hugged MUSKAAN and said "Arre MUSKAAN beta kaise ho tum?aur aab kaho ho?"
So GEET said "Arre MAA aap sab kuch yahi pe puche gi ya phir niche bhi chalagi?"
And so all went down and MOHINDER hugged MUSKAAN and said "Kaise he puttar toh to dekh hi nahi rahi thi" And then GEET called MUSKAAN and PIA who was playing with MAAN and then introduced them to her sasural.Then MUSKAAN told in GEET'S ears "GEET I am really sorry for what happened with DEV.i was not there when you needed me the most but I promise that from now on I will be there in all your happiness and sorrows" with this they both hugged each other and then GEET and MAAN'S friends met MUSKAAN. During dinner PIA was sitting with MAAN n nt going to anyone else n seeing her play with MAAN ,GEET decided to feed PIA bt PIA  was throwing tantrums for nt hving dinner n wanted to eat only ice cream.
MAAN "PIA ur a good girl na n if u hv ur dinner I will take u CORNER HOUSE n get u a DBC[death by chocolate] a big one .nw comeon baby dnt trouble mama n hv ur dinner fast thn only we both go n hv fun".
Hearing this PIA started having her dinner silenty n quickly.MUSKAAN n GEET were surprised to see PIA listening to MAAN n having her dinner without throwing any further tantrums.
After having her dinner PIA literally started pulling MAAN towards the main gate to go n have her fav DBC.GEET seeing this told PIA to wait as MAAN had nt finished his dinner bt MAAN says he will come n have the dinner n asked if GEET wanted to join them n all the 3 of them sneaked out before anyone could notice or stop them.
MAAN n PIA ordered DBC as it was both of theirs fav n GEET ordered THICK CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE.
As they were waiting PIA started getting restless n asked MAAN by poking him[in GEET style] "Wt is ur name n wt should I call u dost ????"
MAAN "hmmmmmmmm my name is MAAN SINGH KHURANA n as ur my frnd u can cal me MAAN"
PIA "Bt app tho mama ke husband ho na???????? tho app mere papa hue na ,can I call u PAPA??????????"
MAAN " Only if u let me call u SHONA,HER PAPA'S PRINCESS"
GEET listening to their talks had tears in her eyes n couldn't believe PIA mixing soooo well with MAAN n vica versa.
  Then finally their order came n MAAN n PIA were relishing each bite of their DBC n forgot abt GEET being with them.So nt disturbing thm GEET ordered chocolate family pack to take away to home n thn she went n joined MAAN n PIA.
All finished having dinner n didn't notice MAAN ,GEET n PIA were missing.
Thn as all of thm settled in d living room n thn only realized tht those 3 were missing.
At this point of time MAAN,GEET n PIA entered d house with ice cream n
DADI " Where were u 3 ??????? whn did u go ???we never realized tht u were missing."
GEET "DADI actually we had gone to ……All plzzzzzz dnt scream it was MAAN n PIA's idea"
MAAN n PIA r confused as to wt is GEET talking abt????
DAMINI "Bhabhi ,wt r u trying to say???"
GEET "We had gone to CORNER HOUSE" n as sooonnnnnn as she told this all shouted together "WHATTTTTTTT????????????"
Thn MAAN realized y GEET told thm nt to scream.
Thn DADI was like "Nw its time for ur punishment n MAAN  ur punishment is ………
Tht u will have to take all of us for picnic tomorrow"
MAAN in his mind "THANK GOD. Bach gaye warna kal subha breakfast banaana  padtha" n says OK I dnt have any problem.
Hearing abt picnic n MAAN telling yes PIA started jumping n said "PAPA,I m shoooooo happppyyyyyyy tomorrow we all will go for picnic n we will play in swimming pool n I will bat first n u will bowl for me hai na PAPA .We will have shooooooo much fun n went on n on"
Hearing PIA call MAAN PAPA all were shocked except GEET.
 MAAN replied "Yes SHONA. Now come we will go n have my dinner Im sooooo hungry".
Thn GEET  n MAAN along with PIA hv their dinner n it was decided tht thy will go to KHURANA'S FARMHOUSE for the picnic.
Now thy all decide to call it a night as thy hv to get up early for d picnic n as MAAN n GEET r ready to leave PIA starts crying .
So MAAN picks her up n asked "Y is my SHONA crying???????"
PIA "I want to come with u n MAMA, I want to stay with u"
Hearing this GEET tells MUSKAAN  to pack PIA'S things n give it to her as PIA will stay with her n MAAN".
PIA is very happy hearing this.
 Whn thy reached the KHURANA MANSION PIA was sleeping on her PAPA shoulder n he carried her to his room n placed her gently on d bed n kissed her forehead as she cuddled holding MAAN'S hand n seeing this both MAAN n GEET smiled n MAAN indicated GEET to sleep on d other side of d bed n she obliged it without having any objections.


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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
wow..awsomme update.
lkove cute.
do continue plz.

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Loveeee the part!!!!
Maan and pia's bond is soooo sweetttttt!!
Pia calls maan dad and geet maa.Sooo cuteee
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
nice big update after a loong time .... i enjoyed it thoroughly .. thanks alot gurls... Clap

continue soon 


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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
nice update...

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amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
nice update...i really enjoy it..  "picnic at khurana farmhouse" cant wait for read more...

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avani_9 Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
hey really nyc update
luvd pia n maan convo
pia calling maan papa awwwwww so cute
n geet mama yeeeeee
picnic @ khurana farmhouse yupiiee....

waitin 4 picnic
thnx 4 pm........

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