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Abhay-Piya's pull & Madhu's grey heart .

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged

Abhay-Piya's pull & Madhu's grey heart


As far as Abhay-Piya are concerned, today's episode was more about the symbolism and essence of their relationship. There was no progression track wise on their front . The creatives totally concentrated on highlighting and underlining the connection and the bond that the two of them have between them. The intensity , the pull and the impossibility of keeping them apart was shown pretty well today.


Starting with Abhay, in sync with his human feelings and animal instincts , he was like this wild caged tiger. Restricted to that space and under Haseena's hawk eye, Abhay couldn't deal with the reality that he has actually left Piya behind and he may not see her again. The separation and the distance from Piya made him restless, anxious and so emotionally overdriven , that he couldn't even sit straight in one spot in that whole room. As the clock ticked, he was finding it increasingly difficult to stay away from Piya. It's like you know that you have closed doors on someone but as soon as you close that door , your inner self screams at you that you never wanted that to happen. The same is the case with Abhay right now. The issue being that the key to that door is with his vampire foster folks. Once again, it is about choice for Abhay. He has to choose between two rights – Piya and her safety v/s. his moral duty towards the vampire clan. Of course, he is going to choose Piya , betraying his parents. And the price for the latter shall come much later but it will. Where Abhay stands today , there is not much that Chaand and Haseena can do – because this foster son has once again gone back a good 200 years – in emotion , in impulse and in a fearless passionate heart. The only difference being that Piya and Maithli have converged into one.


Then, Piya. Piya today symbolized the essence of her character in relation to Abhay that must have been drafted on paper. I mean, the Piya that we always saw in the initial promos when the show was yet to go on air. The Piya who looks for Abhay , hunts for him, loves him and when he walks away , she stands waiting for him. That is the Piya we had today. The entire episode played her out as the waiting beloved. So much was happening around her – with Arnab coming back empty handed from the missionary Church office , Madhu thanking her for helping hide the secret , Arnab trying to stop her from going back to the hostel. But Piya was totally somewhere else mentally – with Abhay. She didn't shed a single tear while leaving Dobriyaal house or when Arnab got sentimental – maybe because she was resolved for it. But when you see the girl back in the hostel , you are rather shocked at what love can do to people – and that too a love of this obsessive and peculiar kind. She had just left an entire loving family behind but what made her feel lonely and shattered was Abhay's absence. All her thoughts and feelings lay with Abhay today and nobody else. She is still hoping that he will come back and it is this pull and yearning on her part that is driving Abhay crazy on the other end.


Danish surely knows how to play his cards right. He knew it very well that the moment he takes Abhay's name , Piya will chuck everything and come running to meet him. And that is exactly what happened. The moment Piya saw that note with Abhay's name and that he wanted to see her , she sent her brains to Babylon. Why will Abhay send notes? Has Abhay ever used a messenger to tell her anything? If Abhay wants to see her , he just comes and sees her. Simple. But no, Piya – already in a fluttery emotional state didn't think that at all. It is natural. Chucking all caution to the wind, and wearing Maithli's ring, she ran down to see him.


So, as the innocent lamb called out for the lion in the dark, the fox took his chance and threw the lamb into a pool of blood.


The connection that Abhay-Piya have is what makes them special. It is intense, it is psychic and it is emotionally responsive to each-other beyond the normal human senses. Today was like Piya's wait and yearning is totally draining Abhay out of his sanity. I don't know if the creatives have even thought in that direction but it has happened in execution.


Pull is natural. We all experience it at some point in our lives. It can be for anyone we are bonded to. Our parents, our siblings , our beloved or anyone we are attached to deeply. Sometimes you have this urge to see your parents or hear their voice and sometimes when your loved one is in trouble , you just know it. That is the connect we have on a deeper level – amazing , isn't it? But then, that is what 'connection' is all about.


Lastly, I want to say something about Madhu. She is a vixen , not by choice but by circumstances. She is a wife who has seen that phase in her marriage where her supposedly beloved husband had an affair outside his marriage and even fathered a baby. She is a wife who still took him back into her life because she loved him. She is a mother whose healed and renovated world went for a toss once again when Piya walked back into the perfect family picture. It is hard to judge her because all along she has been a victim as well – she doesn't have Piya's greatness and she doesn't have that all encompassing and all sacrificing heart. She is someone who oscillates between the good and the bad because she is not brave. The reason I still explore this character is because she is a great complication of the good and the bad. Madhu is just a coward – just like her husband was years ago. But they are not bad people.


For Madhu :


Kahaan kisi ke liye hai mumkin , sabke liye ek sa honaa,

Thodaa sa dil mera bura hai, kucch bhalaa hai seene mein…..


It is not possible on a human level for me to be good and angelic to everyone. I can't see and treat everyone the same . I am a combination of the good , the bad, the ugly and between them, my life hangs.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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You know, Poco, despite everything that happened today in the episode at different levels, my only concentration was on Arnab-Piyali. Arnab was wrong all those years back but he's not willing to let his daughter suffer the consequences. His daughter was his mistake and that is not her fault. According to him, she deserves all the rights of a daughter, she deserves his love as much as Panchi and Misha. Arnab, today, proved that a father is not just the male parent of any offspring. He is so much more than that. We saw how much a father can love his child. They say that any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad. 
Coming to Madhu, I don't know why everyone's equating her with a vamp! Ok, fine, she's not exactly doing the best thing in the world but like she said yesterday, she may selfish but she's not wrong. My only problem with her was that she was pretending to help and support Arnab's search whereas she was actually lying, she was on the verge of being two-faced, but then, yesterday, she confessed what she really felt so, for me, it's fine now. I'm not supporting her but I'm not blaming her either. After all, she does, in her own way, care for Pia. And if you see, she is genuinely sad at what she's doing.
Coming to Abhay, well, as they say 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder'. It was after he left Pia that he realised that he actually can't live without her. This happened once before also, when Pia was expelled and was on the verge of leaving Dehradun. Difference is that at that time, he didn't know why he felt bad, why he was sad seeing her leave. But time has passed and emotions have intensified and today, he's realised that actually, he can't live without Pia, that she indeed has created a very special place in his heart, that she is now to him what Maithili was once. He couldn't imagine life without Maithili, and now, he can't imagine his life without Pia. As you so rightly said, he was restless, he was depressed, he was desperate to see Pia, to hear her voice and his longing is so penetrating that he will eventually disobey his 'parents' and endanger his clan just for Pia.
As far as Pia is concerned, well, I'd heard that 'Love is blind' but Pia is blinded by love. She cannot see anything beyond Abhay, be it Madhu and her gratitude, Misha-Panchi and their pleas or Arnab and his affection. In the hostel, what made her feel lonely was not 'no people' but 'no Abhay'. She was just as lonely in the Dobrial mansion which was full of people who adored her. We all know, that Abhay uses the window, not notes but Pia didn't pause to think about that at all. She didn't care! All she cared about was that she will get to see Abhay again. I, now realise, why Abhay feared the other day, why he was afraid, why he said, 'Kya duniya tumhare bholepan ka faida uthayegi?' We saw how Abhay's fears came true, how Danish took advantage of Pia's innocence, her naiveness and her tendency of not thinking before acting. 
By the way, I love this para!!

Pull is natural. We all experience it at some point in our lives. It can be for anyone we are bonded to. Our parents, our siblings , our beloved or anyone we are attached to deeply. Sometimes you have this urge to see your parents or hear their voice and sometimes when your loved one is in trouble , you just know it. That is the connect we have on a deeper level ' amazing , isn't it? But then, that is what 'connection' is all about.

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sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

hi poco
needless to say ur analysis rocked as alwaysClapClapClapBig smile
i was just sooooooo happy after watching the episode today
as i told yesterday both r yearning for each other
we even saw his restlessness for not being near pia
but today when u hear the words come out from his words i feel i am in different world
i know what we heard was so heart wrenching but to tell u the truth abhays words were music to my ears

felt bad for seeing the scene in front of my eyes that both r in so pain but still it made my day(yesterday was horrible)

and as for pia
what to say about her she is this girl who after being orphan was deprived of love and she even missed out belonging to someone
but after abhay entered to her life she loved again as she loved her mother
she did come to dobriyal house feeling that it was her bff mishas house not her own fathers home so leaving it didnt bring that effect because she knew she didnt belong there but even  her future with abhay is full of uncertainty but still she feels that she belongs to abhay
pia loves everyone around her cares for them and puts others happiness in front of hers but beside this only two people have a deeper mark in her heart and i.e her mother and abhay

the girl who didnt show any hint of emotions in dobriyal house today went so much in pain when she returned back to hostel just due to abhay its because abhay means a lot more to her than any other living human present around

pia without thinking much came out reading the note ....i dont blame her as she is soo hopelessly love with abhay  that all the logic or anyother thing went out of the window....only what mattered to her was that her abhay has come back to her

what danish did was cruel but for once i dont want to pulp out his life (i leave it to abhay nowLOL) because he is the reason that abhay will come back

about madhu ..................she is just a normal human being has grey shades but not a bad soul

u r right she is just coward ...........................maybe because is just another mother

arnab......i dont have much to say about him

haseena.......................well she i guess has become abhays jailerLOL

chand........................well he had made a disappearing act today.....

kabir..................................after yesterdays episode i am glad he was not there today

mishu and panchi..........................i just loved them and the dialogue that pias luggage will stay in hostel and she in the mansion ....mishas new missionLOL

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged
awsum analysis poco Clap

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kaushiki9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged

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_Meena_ IF-Addictz

Captain Daalchini
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
good analysis...
Yep, Danish already knew that once Abhay left Pia he can use that oppurtunity to harm Pia. Pia-Abhay's relationship is starting to go smoothly so that's good.

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Doris. Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Beautifully written.
yes, it is as her longing is reflected into his restless state making him look above anything thats defined into sanity and logic.
but on a light note, these 'men'  and their denials na! loool,  just 'a miles apart' was needed for our vampire to realize how madly he is in need of her,lool
it was horrible to see our Piya in that pool of blood, thank god we already know the comming track and how she will be ok, otherwise this episode would be lots to carry. i just hope they wonr bring in any sudden twist in this. And Abhay wont be 'you are fine now,its time for me to leave'
i am just wondering how Abhay will try to heal her in front of everyone in the hospital...hmmm, guess gotta wait and see.
@Madhu, i kind of agree i just hope she wont cross limits any further than this, like merging into evil and act double-faced with Piya whom have understood her state so well and never critisized her behaviour.

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cutemug Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Missed today's epi CryCry
But the void is always filled beautifully by your take everyday!!
Superbly expressed the aspects of their yearning towards each other...Star

Doesn't the yearning,longing whatever we call it,make the relationship more stronger maybe,romantic even??Day Dreaming
I m so loving this desperate,restless AbhayEmbarrassed
So excited for his reaction tomo when he sees Piya injured Cry

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