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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 49erFan

On the neck kiss, I have to say something!  Watch the hug carefully Maan's head and face is in Geet's neck!  They just didnt show necking closely! LOL
I liked the new style hug Blushing

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged

Jyo maate....pls enlighten moi...who is Tina and who is Rash? and why r u doing disappearing acts today...5 minute here 10 min gaayab!!!

Wese I don't want another preggy girl in the show!!!

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sun29 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
@minnie..that is a good scenario.......
@jyo..i know everyone every month is on i quit the show movement and then at the end no one doesROFLROFL...........tina ka episode was hilarious.....ROFL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anshu_A

Jyo maate....pls enlighten moi...who is Tina and who is Rash? and why r u doing disappearing acts today...5 minute here 10 min gaayab!!!

Wese I don't want another preggy girl in the show!!!
They r actors from my neighbouring show UttaranLOL...I was updating had to do the disappearing actLOL
**Jyoti off again to watch the partial SR scene of yesterday**Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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luvmaneet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
@Gargi how ij uHug

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys....My Ramayan for today...Tongue

OK...The title for my take today is

Geet ki Himmat Itni Bhad Gayi hai ke Maan ki Ijjat Khatre mei Pad Gayi Hai

1) Morning after SR- NES surely doesn't have any sharam...Its not like she's a kid...She just walks into Geet and Maan's room without even a cursory knock...I am so happy that Maan chastised her about that and jo bachi kuchi kasar thi that Daadi completed by calling her "Kabaab mein Haddi"...GEET-NES convo sent NES into La-La Land....Poor thing doesn't know that soon her dreams are gonna be shattered by the bent-on revenge NEB....

Geet taking Daadi Ma's ashirwaad was cute ...I'm so happy that Geet is getting all this happiness...she really deserves it...and Daadi Maa is so cool...she teases Geet about acting like a typical bahu and threatens her that that might force her to become a typical saas....A cute scene which was just a prelude to Geet's cooking Breakfast for the first time as a Khurana Bahu....NT must be twisting and turning in her comatose state....LOLLOL

2) Maan-NES Scene- Maan as a typical brother thanks NES for arranging the wedding well...and says "Tumne Bahut Mehnat ki Hai"...Poor Guy, if he only knew the kind of Mehnat that she has done LOLLOL....he wouldn't be asking her what gift you want....Well, Maan beware...NES is not planning to take a gift from you but give you a gift making you Mama soon....LOLLOLLOL...Oh!!! So he noticed that NES was missing from the festivities....I loved the way he questioned NES in his typical MSK avatar....NES was scared...But at the end of that scene I was confused ....Was he joking wit her from the start or did he say he was joking wih her after listening to her explanation...ConfusedConfused...CHaddo....WHo cares...NES is NE so doesn't matter...LOLLOL

3) Geet Makes Breakfast- Geet is preparing puris for breakfast...I thot the bahus prepared meetha...Chaddo...And again I learnt a new thing today...that swelling of the first puri made by a Bahu makes her a good Bahu...Thanks CVs...LOL...I was glad when the Puri swelled...SO Geet is gonna be a good Bahu....I loved Daadima-Geet camraderie...They are sweet..Smile....Geet preparing continental breakfast for Maan from a recipe book....LOLLOL...Ok....Correct me if I'm wrong when you are preparing something for the firt time ...won't you aleast taste it to see if th salt is OK or something...I would ...Its not like the Pasta was going to chadovofied as Bhog to GOd....LOLLOLLOL...Neways, If she had tasted then th next scene wouldn't have been possible na...Tongue.LOLLOL

4) Geet Serves Breakfast- Geet serves breakfast to Daadi and she loves it...I thot she will give her some nek or something..Neways, Maan comes missing Nakul...I don't understand his love for Nakul....I think Caco wud be able to explain better...Sorry Caco....LOL!!! Geet was looking so happy serving breakfast to Maan...DD really lights up the screen when she is all chirpy...Smile...Bechaara Maan....the way he was trying to swallow the bite of pasta....LOLLOL...Daadi's exit gives him an opportunity to wash the bite down with water...LOLLOL...But his false praise to Geet proved detrimental to his taste bites...Coz Geet piled more of the tasteless Pasta onto his plate....LOL...But Thank God his slowness atleast in the area of proved as a blessing in disguise for him...coz it had Geet tasting the Ralishable Pasta and spitting it out....LOLLOL...Her dialogue..."Pasta ka tho isse koi vaasta hi nahin hai" was funny...LOL

Munda just knows how to calm his Kurri....Sweet talks and Kurri back to MaanGod mode...LOL...His dialogue..."Aaj hamari shaadi ki pehli subah hai...aur main pehli subah tumhaari muskaan cheen letha...Kabhi Nahin Geet...Tumhe Khushiyaan Deneka Vaada kiya hai maine...pareshaan karne ka nahi"...was nice...But I think its gonna come back to bite his a**...Geet is surely gonna throw this dialogue in his face when she confronts him....Jo Vaada kiya voh nibhana padega...

4) NEB-NES Scene- NEB's revenge plan (whatever it is) is full on now...I guess the CVs are also trying to wrap this track up as quickly as possible because of all the negative feedback they are receiving for it....SO, if this what they are doing then....ClapClap....Again NES is making Castles in the air....doesn't know that its gonna come crashing down around her very soon....

5) NES-Maan Scene- Maan sees NES in the parking lot of NEB's office and questions her presence there...but she lies to him about some bills and gets away with it...But not without a warning from Maan that although NEB might be a good guy his family consisting of NT os the dubious consorting with him would not be advisable...But Maan this warning is too little too late coz Chidiya tho Kab ki Khet Chug Gayi... Was that NES' voice in this scene...Confused?

6) Arjun -NT Scene- Ok....what was that BG music played during this scene.....ConfusedConfused...It seemed right out of a suspense thriller!!! Neways, today something got partially cleared as to why NEB is doing what he is doing....He feels that NT would come out of her coma if he destroys MSK and his family as that was what she wished for from the beginning....He seems to be a man so blinded by his love for his sister that by hook or by crook he wants to bring her back by doing what she bade him to do in the first place....Little does he know of the evilness that is NT...Poor the time he realizes it will be too late....

OK I dunno why...I have this niggling feeling that NT is faking her coma....coz the frequent shots of her face and quack-looking doctor...all seem to add to my presumption...I think when she saw NEB moving away from the plot of revenge she had concocted.... she might have resorted to this to push him to the dark side....MAybe I watch too many daily soaps or I'm demented...but I dunno why I feel this might be the case....LOL

7) KC Office Scene- SR tho Maan Sir ki thi but Why was Romeo yawning so much Evil Smile???...Looks like he went to second or maybe third base with Tasha....LOL....Neways...I pity these guys... here they were thinking that they can have a fun day out in the Boss's absence...but little do they know that their Boss is a hermit who believes in Abstinence rather than Indulgence....LOLLOLLOL .....Manisha's dream of Madhumaas was hilarious LOL...Overall it was cute and funny scene....And it also re-established the fact that MSK is still Main Sadoo Khurana...Marriage over back to work...chop chop chop....LOLLOLLOL

Daadima's call to Maan seemed to have been put in just to establish the fact that Geet was lucky for their household...otherwise I didn't find any relevance to it.....

8) Geet Dressing up for Muhdikhaayi- Geet was looking nice in this scene....Although it looked similar to the pre-Mr. Chopra Project Launch party sequence...Again Daadima-Geet convo...only to re-iterate that Geet is a great wife and bahu....

9) Geet's call to Maan- Now Drum rolls please...the highlight of this epi...the revolutionary dialogue heard for the first time from a female lead of an Indian Television Serial...I think Jyo...its high time you started that Never Before Seen Firsts on Indian TV thread for Geet....Baap re I couldn't believe my ears when Geet said that dialogue...."Aapki Ijjat Khatre Mein Hai"...Go Woman Empowerment!!!! Geet's dialogue today showed that ....Waiting for your Man to Make the First Move is So Passe....If you want it you go get it...!!!!LOLLOL...Thank You Geet CVs for showing Geet as An Enlightened Woman of Today, who's not afraid to voice her needs and if need be even act on it...So for that....Bravo....ClapClapClap

Precap- Well the end of NES is drawing near so rejoice....LOL...The song for her is a mix of "Chan se toote koi sapna" and "Dile ke Armaan aansovon mein beh gaye"....

Now my Random Musings
1) I didn't like the fact that not even once throughout the day did we see Maan feeling sad or having self-talks about what he had done the previous night...Any normal person would have done that...Ouch
2) This over-emphasis on Geet being a good bahu and wife is making me feel anxious...I hope the CVs will not tread a cliched path of blaming Geet for NES' mistake....I will personally chop them off with the talwaar Brij left with me for safe-keeping...haan....Angry
3) Million Dollar question- Is NT faking her coma???LOLLOL

Overall the epi was nice and had good story progression in terms of NES-NEB and also the clarity regarding Arjun's reasons behind the revenge ...SO Yep, I Liked the epi....Big smile...

GC looked tired but was good as usual...StarStarStar
StarDD looked fresh and beautiful as usual...StarStarStarStarStar
Office staff were great but Praneet looked tired and unwell...maybe the long shooting hours taking their toll...StarStarStarStar
NT in her comatose state looked evil....LOLLOL
Daadi was sweet...StarStarStarStar

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

 I had given up when I
heard the last bit of the news. I had no courage to face it anymore. Hadn't I
dealt with enough when it came to my life? I had almost lost the one I loved to
death, I had lost myself in this mad rush of world and today the lady standing
in front of me gave me the news that I was about to lose the little one that
had not even entered the world. I had to tell her, but I didn't know how. I had
made sure that I give her everything she wanted, I had made sure that I had
smiled even though the pain in my heart felt like it would tear me into two . I
didn't know how to face her but then I had  let her sleep when I had walked out of the
room. She was sleeping on the bed with a smile on her face. I still hadn't told
her what the doctor had said earlier that day. I was scared. Scared of how she
will react, I knew her decision and it was making me more scared. I was scared
of losing her and the doctor had told me if she wouldn't let the baby go I
would lose her. I was not ready for it.

I had dreamt of a life with her and here just one incident
had turned my life upside down. I was on the brink of losing her. No I couldn't
do that. I had to tell her everything and had to make her realize her decision
affects not one but three lives. Either she would lose one life or she would be
ready to take the blame of taking a soul from a man's life.

I couldn't do much till I had told her everything and to
tell her the bitter truth I had no strength. I couldn't face her, she would
find out what was going in my mind, no I didn't want that. All I had to do is
stay away from her and to stay away from her meant shatter all her dreams coz
all her dreams were to be with me and what I was going to do break all her
dreams. I had no other solution to the problem right now. I couldn't bring
myself to tell her what was going on within me or what the doctor had told me.
I needed courage and the correct words to tell her but words, I laughed an
empty laugh, wish I knew how to be a diplomat and play with words and tell her.
It was my weakness, the biggest weakness MAAN SINGH KHURANA had and today I
regretted it. For the first time I felt that my being a recluse was costing on
my new found relationship.

I had gone to office to avoid her questions the whole day, I
had even kept her mind aloof at the dining table and now I was to head back
home where she was waiting with open arms to make two bodies to one. I had to
tell her that we cant become one in body till she was in danger. Nothing mattered
to more than her happiness and knowing her decision I had only few months to
keep her happy.

Few Months..i gasped at what my brain had just come up with.
I was to lose her forever in few months. No that couldn't be possible, it cant
be true. She had prmomised me last night on the sacred fire that she will stay
with me for next 7 births and here she was ready to leave me in next 7 months. That
was a cruel joke the world was playing on me.

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
In the breakfast scene was used with BD for GC, but when Maan held Geet's hand, it was GC's hand, but the hand of the female is DD's BD, it was used only for the hand helding LOL, I feel sorry for these BDs LOL 

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