Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
gosh...!! net is acting too crazy..AngryAngryAngry....thank God i saved my post befor clicking on post reply...AngryAngryLOL.(PS credit for dis advice goes to Shibz.HugClapROFL)..or else all my replies to you would have gone in vain..Angry...CensoredCryCry

Managed to hit the likes...ShockedLOL

Srujana what emos..?ROFL...pehle toh main dar gayi..LOL..cute post as always..Tongue
"just thinking of rajveer's style of walking n gauri's style of delivering dialogues i hate them)"
loved this line...
.ROFLROFLtoo good..!ClapLOLLOL

Maria loved ur take..with dese cute emos..TongueLOL

Aksh4IF hey what's ur name.?Tongue....awesome post as always.ClapClapthoroughly enjoyed ROFLing
what a classic line ya..?ROFLROFL...
"sasural aayi thi mein teri doli mein
ab tujhe sasural dikhaungi, press ki toli mein LOL
ROFLloved the lines you wrote just now...ClapClapClap

Kavya love the way u describe the dialogues and the scene in ur take...loved ur post ClapClapStar.."I must say they think so high of themselves, what will romit churofy from ur house Silly, vaise arjun stole a real human being from right under ur nose ROFL,"AGREE..!!ROFLROFL..
"Now I cant make out what would have been better, that if she had seen some proof that he is true before coming on this trip or the way she remembered all the moments on her own today. "...dis is so confusing....D'oh.the drawer mystery n what did she send to her Mom..?Geek.which pics n documents..?from where.?Ermm..or some special /naughty WinkLOLthings u guys were discussing in the previous lounge are in the drawer...ConfusedLOL

Shibz always love reading ur take n pointersStar..ClapLOL.yeah Shefu looks very young n cute...n these two won't look baccha infront of her..ROFL..n initially as far as i remember befor Simmi's entry , Sanchit used to mandrao around Shefali..ErmmLOL.i too dont like Ik tara being played for Arjuhi..when are we gona hear kmh2 title track again in the sho..?Disapprove..please atleast use it for d bed scene .Evil Smile

Shilpa di love reading ur posts....Embarrassed

Aamna ".their hatred for eachother is making their love stronger, fate is pulling them together and they're getting used to living wid eachother..:Smile" true..!! ur takes..Star

Love_kuki Kmh24ever love reading ur views.....Smile

Nav92 Hug very sweet post...

Taani96 thanks for sharing the videoLOL...all of us are waiting for that scene...Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Love14 "I especially loved the dielemma both of them are facing.........& trying to bypass it.i am sure this road will play a significant role in uniting them stands as a silent witness to their love...." well said...ClapClap

Anjaliiii .ROFLing sisters r back in actionROFLROFL...sumtimes i think u rite in code language...n forget wat it means..ROFL
Im back but pooja is not...(in ur languageROFLROFL.).hope pooja gets time to edit her post on her jaado wala laptop..ROFLROFLROFL... .n me related to bhulakad maamaji..?AngryAngryLOL
."n if rajveer says dem he will loose his control n get so angry that gairo will have to sambhalofy all the fam members do..Sleepy..ROFL" ditto..!!ROFLROFLROFL...u kno the funny part anjali , Sanju was telling me yesterday may be d CVs are shoin d honeymoon track of RagaLOL coz may be they arent satisfied with Gauri's vampish they are side by side trying to make Raga fall in dat Gauri turns bholi bhali again..ROFLROFL...such positive thoughts of sanju..ROFLROFL...haha!!...well may be dat can happen too..ConfusedLOL

Shikha nice post as always..!! really confused..Confused.i cudnt watch d whole epi..were dose documents n pics which Arohi sent to her Mom through Romit she got from the drawer..? must be some thing else..Ermm

Saw today's SBS Kritz meets!!Her dream came true..she is looking so what she is wearing...EmbarrassedTongue...n Karan too..his cute expressions when Kritz says he watches kitani mohabbat hai..ShockedEmbarrassedLOL

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Thanks A Looot Anchi ..Hug......All Of Yoour Post Are Great .Star..Heart..Enjoy Reading Them Very Muuch Embarrassed

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Edited my take on page 3...n here it is too..
awesome takes always..ClapClapClap
@Angels...thanx 4 giving ur take yesterday too...Big smile
Onto today's epi...uff i knew that both sanchit n romit wud end up liking the same girl...simmi..SleepyD'oh...LOLLOL...anyways while showing sanchit how to look gussa wale types n stand up to romit...arohi n arjun aka fightbirds ended up having their own takkrar instead..LOLLOL...which i loved..Embarrassed...den beeji cums n finds out everything...haha their plans got foiled..WinkLOL..n beeji re booked the honeymoon tickets...DancingDancing asli main arjuhi's legs got hurt...haha they both stepped on each other's foots..ShockedLOL..but beeji wnt believe them...Wink
Ahluwalia's never fail to disappoint us...Thumbs Down..wats so precious in their house that romit wud wanna steal?..Silly...Im sure romit has bettr things to do than stealk things from their house...n our arjun already took their most keemti cheez right in front of them..Day Dreaming..btw they didn't even say thank you to romit for giving them arohi's lettr...n that too widout opening it...*sigh*..Thumbs Down...omg i hope that watever evidence arohi stealed n sent wasn't from that drawer...cuz i want sumthin even bettr to b in there...mayube sumthin that will melt arohi...gosh if it is from the drawer than me angry wid CV's..Angry..n god knows what sort of proof arohi stole...
loved the nok jhoks in the car..n arohi trying to stop thinking abt the memories she spent wid arjun.....Embarrassed...loved the flashback scene..n even arjun..he was so used 2 her bak bak den...n arohi to stop thinking about arjun she started her bak bak...LOLTongue..both trying to control their feelings....n i loved it wen arjun threw softy ahluwalia out of the car..LOLLOL...but arohi over reacted esp when she said i hope it's not hurt...Stern Smile....n den arjun kicked arohi out the car...again not gud..Ouch...n wat is dis..the press wale...out of everyone she cud have had 2 b press wale..Angry...didn't like that part....n den arjun..hayee..he was lukin superhot...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
sorry guys it's a short take..but not much 2 rite abt today's epi...Disapprove

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janamanasi Newbie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Hume Ishq ho gaya hai... galat nahi samjho....
Hume KMH se pyaar ho gaya hai....  roz sochtain hain... ki yeh pagalpan choddenge... normal ban jayenge... lekin hai!!! yeh dil ko kon samjhayain.... 
KMH banane walain Tujhe Salaam!!!
Last kuch weeks main Aarohi aur Arjun dono bahut royain aur rulayain bhi...  bas  aur nahi rona dhona...,
tashan wali looks, eyebrows up, chewing gum, Chest out stomach in and Eye Contact.....Wah  Aaarohi...wahhhh..Tonguekabhi Maradona toh kabhi Lady don......
Arjun... ....abhi abhi to drop kiya... aur abhi bol diye " Aarohi I miss U"  haiiiiii....ab maan kyon nahi latain ....U miss her and U cannot stay a minute without her........
Yes.. this is luv................Tum Mano Ya Na Mano....!!!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eshu11

''Arohi tune kya kar diya''   I had a feeling that u were talking about the packet she sent home ,  even I felt that move is going to drift them apart , or will it make her gharwale know more about arjun Ouch
Edited 2
Arohi, I wonder, when she will act while thinking twice what she is doing - exactly !
Arohi Singhania is smart lady but when come back to Arohi Ahluwalia, she got back to be childish and careless.
She disappointed me todayOuch not as performance, performance wised Kritika deserves StarStarStarStarStar but the way she acted in the last episode. The way she acted once more impulsively and without thinking of the consequences. I am actually happy in one side those flashback and she almost broke to smile to it, well those flashbacks she could not get in her Ahluwalia family as they were confining her thoughs. I love the dialogue she said she came to live her life,kash kash kash she related it with how she is living now and that is her free spirit that she needed always contrast by those oceans of emotions and tears in her Ahluwalias family that she could not ''breakaway'' - very well put nisha, the moment ahlu's are involved things get screwed up.   I was actually happy that she remembered the flashbacks starting with the road and slowly goes deeper and has to actually resort to bak bak to become normal , for that I liked her today,  even after all this tmrw she will find something in arjun that will make her get lost in his eyes one more time,  effect of the falshbacks or  effect of whatever is going to happen tmrw.
Does she really go back to that confinement? Really, I so can't gulp this! She knew dadi is so sweet and then did she really can't find the difference ''in the free spirit of love she is having here'' compare to the home family. I don't see her unable to adapt coz at day 1, she behaved the way that a daughter in law of that family needs to be?
Then came again the ocean of love and warmth she has the capacity to shower, so sweet to see her that she is emoting it to ''Mr Softy'' but c'mon Arohi, you are leaving a living human being and care for a non existent thing? Ofcourse the man will not be able to take it! He took weeks to make you understand his love and you kicked it thinking that you are the one that is hurt and then shower all this feeling to a ''teddy''.  I just thot the way he threw it out really showed how agitated he got Ouch cant see the pain on his face.
I understand that you felt hurt that Arjun left you, Oh are you hurt he left you now because ''sweety,'' you want to divorce him, ''han divorce ke bit,'' what the hell on you, what evidence you have against him yaar, ''why on hell Arohi, you are assimilating only the negativities -pehle Gauri's evil and now you are seeing the only thing when Arjun was drunk and said he hate you.''  - well said Clap
I thought you know Arjun more than that - obiviously she doesnot not only him she doesnot know herself as well as he knows her Ouch.
, I am pretty sure your wounds are healed but you are refusing to accept  this. Tell me yourself, were you so ''kewl and happy and light as feather'' at the Ahluwalias when you first got to know that ''he is your kidnapper?''
''When Arohi, will you realise you are the free bird with Arjun? When will you accept he is your soul mate? When will you accept your heart is torn when he is not by your side? When will you realise you feel so bindaas aur carefree only by Arjun's side? When will you understand that this man gives you a smiling heart and without him, ''your flying wings are broken.''  -  Clap  without eachother both of their wings are broken,  I so wish tmrw arjun chadphadake goes back to look for even if it is  with the intention of hurting her.
Your family again disappointed me today, they were so hostile towards Ronit and then they left him in the lounge and went into the room to read those letters?
Arohiiiii, when will you realise that your family are faker than the Singhanias?
- well said.
Kahin to dehr na ho jaye phir and then you will have no time to repent? redemption from her side is what I want to see first.
As c'mon ''collection of evidence'' is like a backstab to the love of Biji is giving you!
She is siding you now because she knows you are angry and childish and giving you space to get back to yourself and this love.
Now you are being stubborn and are trying to hurt Arjun the most, she will not side you and you will see the person who is compassion of love can vent anger too.
- oh no this scares me,  if biji too gets mad on her,  she will be in utter disaster.
You are commiting another childish but serious blunder that you are talking to the press on the family matters when you knew well that Arjun would not leave your side. If only you have thought twice before you blabber,dearie.  - well said nisha,  but this guy has the charm to influence anyone so hopefully tmrw he will make the table turn again.
All I hope is you learn through those  mistakes you are commiting! - Clap

superb post nisha,  I was waiting for it.  it is making me want to watch the next episode ASAP.

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanchi

Kavya love the way u describe the dialogues and the scene in ur take...loved ur post ClapClapStar.."I must say they think so high of themselves, what will romit churofy from ur house Silly, vaise arjun stole a real human being from right under ur nose ROFL,"AGREE..!!ROFLROFL..
"Now I cant make out what would have been better, that if she had seen some proof that he is true before coming on this trip or the way she remembered all the moments on her own today. "...dis is so confusing....D'oh.the drawer mystery n what did she send to her Mom..?Geek.which pics n documents..?from where.?Ermm..or some special /naughty WinkLOLthings u guys were discussing in the previous lounge are in the drawer...ConfusedLOL
aanchi  Hug thank you,  I super love ur rofl posts, keep em coming.   about the drawere, yday in angle's post they mentioned that everything will be revealed soon wait and watch,  so we started guessing .  and I was just kidding arnd saying may be he kept something a guy usually keeps but it wont be locked LOL.   and we were guessing if she finds some proof that whatever arjun told abt being orphan was true and then her feelings towards him will change before going to honeymoon.  but since that did not happen ,  I was wondering that wld have been better or the way she now remembered the flashbacks was better LOL  aur confuse kar diya LOL
today she sends her mom some pics.  so now we are confused that where did she get them from, from the drawer ? coz they did not show us her actually opening it,  so now dont know what she sent. D'oh hv to wait until her sanki family gets their akal back and act on it. Silly

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
hey guys!!!...a super late analysis from me...not feeling well OuchUnhappy
anyway i'v read all of your takes....they were all super duper as always Clap...brilliant writersThumbs Up...will comment individually later on Tongue
anyway i'v frogotten a lot of stuff already LOL so will try and analyse the details i remeber!!!
starting off arohi-bua and sanchit was cute the way arohi comforted bua...but really it should've been the other way round...these alhuwaliya bhi na D'oh...anyway then arohi notices snachit is deep in thought so she asks him what's up...then bechara pours out his heart about his crush on simmi..arree bacha yeh toh tumhari maa lagti hai...toy boy banne ki shauk hai kya? D'ohROFL
then baal ka dukaan approaches his bro and seeks help...oh dear he has a crush on her too D'oh...choose someone your own age yaar...if young boys like you go after grannies then whats gonna happen to us jawaani's???LOL...oh i forgot we don't like boys we like menWinkLOL..anyway i knew that was gonna happen!!! arohi's reaction when she finds out that it's simmi LOL..and then when arjuhi realise that there is competition between sanchit and romit...they both hasten to get the upper hand..these two look for any excuses to start a fight...but we love it Wink...poor sanchit and romit...they were put in such an awkward situation...i like their friendship...despite the family feud they're both on a platform of peace Cool...i was LOL when arohi said 'apni dushman ko tashan de, chest out stomach in'LOL...and when arjun said 'one eyebrow upar kar'...sanchit and romit failed to live up to their expectations so they decide to show them how its done!!!!...and then daadi sees themLOLLOL...honey moon plan back on yaayyy!!!
proceeding the scene with their famous nok-joks....both decide to stamp on each others foot LOL.....arjun stamped on her foot so hard Shocked....behooda pati!!!..ok so now both of them have hurt thier foot for real...but daadi won't take it...daadi itni bewakoof nahi hai Star...good to know daadi will keep a guard on them from now on Star
next scene is focused on arohi's mum and chachi...where they are having a tea party and chatting about rajveer and gauri Sleepy...then romit knocks...their faces and their judgemental and stereotypical comments when they saw him....jannat did not like Thumbs Down...these alhuwaliya Stern Smile...i'm not a big fan of romit asks them where sanchit is...and preeti's reply was 'u know sanchit'...good answer by romit though...loved the way he said never mind!  anyway i thought romit came to meet simmi and brought a box of chocolates or something for her...but we later find out it letters from arohi...why does she need to send a letter in a box?? envelope would've been fineLOL...then arohi's mum reads (hate the nirii naaa bg music that is played on her scenes), the letter and finds out they're going to the same place as rajveer and gauri bla bla bla...i hate watchin alhuwaliya scenes they annoy me!!!...well no surprises there...knew from yesterday there was going to be clash of the honeymooners!!! that gauri ki bachi is going to manipulate all that she can to drift arjuhi apart Dead
moving fav scene Embarrassed...the trip to the honeymoon destination...there were many things present in that scene which i loved but one thing i arohi toned down her make-up a bit!!!...anyway their arguement over the ring was was funny when arjun said well because you like it i'm not gonna give it to you...LOL....then we got to see the nostalgic arjun & arohi Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming....finally those bottle away memories are starting to fizz outDay Dreaming...loved it how they were trying to divert those thoughts away of how it used to be back thenDay arohi resorts to her endless bak baks LOL, and arjun becomes annoyed and throws softy out of the windowShockedLOL...arohi screams which forced him to stop the car, then she goes and fetches softy and tries to open the door by putting her hand throw the window...but arjun is such a tease!!!....then he actually leaves her there...i thought he was going to come back but nothing like that happened...i was surprised Shocked...poor arohi was left all by her self...and when she was scolding herself...felt sorry for her...wanted to give her a big hug...but not to worry she is strong and takes control of the situation, and look at her kismat...she gets a lift from the press people and tells them how arjun tortures her LOL.
the epi ends with arjun saying he misses her, 'jaldi aajao' in a sacrastic tone...don't worry dear she is coming very soon, that too with the press by her side LOL...but i gotta admit he lookes super hot...hayeee Blushing..and i'm sure he will have some tricks up his him Star
wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow...really looking forward to it...dying to see the SBS scene Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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@anjali, maria, janamanasi - loved your posts guys.  Tongue
@jannat - just read ur post, ,  why do u say u cant write,  it is superb yaar.   loved it
@taani - thx for sharing the sbs video,  hope we get to see that tmrw.

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