Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [26/1 - Epi 65]

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Edited *** Very Good Episode Todaay Hug Will Rate It With 9/10 Wink

Starting With Aro Telling To Her Bua That She's Fine .....Loved Their Expressions Clap 
Great Concept Agaain And It Suits Arjuhi P erfectly Day Dreaming The Arohi-Sanchit And Romit-Arjun Was Awesome ...It Was Cuute Embarrassed Both Are Full In Love With Simmi LOL Imagining Them Liek This ..... At Least These Two Don't Think They Are Ennemies Wink I Am Sure Simmi Won't Be With Either LOL   ArjUhi's Angry Stare Was Soo Intense Day Dreaming Just Loved It 
And Happy That Daddi Has Booked The Suit Agaain  .. Both's Feet Were Hurt But This Time Dadi Didn't Listen To Them While It Was Truth ROFL  "ek bar bevakuf ban gayi hun, baar baar nai banungi mein" ROFLThe Scene Was Very Well Played By Both  Star
Hope Rajveer And Gauri Will Move On Their Relationship Coz Now They Are On Holidays Too Confused Don't Want Arjuhi To Go In The Same Place Confused It Will Be Soo Weird If They Met
Then Comes The Car Convo When Both Started Fighting For The Ring That Dadi Gived LOL
The Bubbly And Cute Arohi Was Baack .....SHE Start Talking And Arjun Was Just Like Someone Who Needs Air Or More Space ...."lekin tab iski bakwas bhi acchi lagti thi...One Daay You'll Fall In Love With Her Talks Again Wink I Felt Really Bad For Arohi When He Leaved Her Alone Cry Arjun Shouldn't Do Like This Ouch Cute Scene When Both Were  Remebering  Old Moments Embarrassed  Funny Arohi Is Always Thinking About Taking Revenge To Arjun " Tum Log Press Wale Ho ? Good , My Husband Troubles Me A Lot LOL
The Last Scene Was Toda's Episode Best Part Thumbs Up Arjun Missing Arohi " Come Back Arohi , I Am Missing Yoou Embarrassed " Aaawwww Embarrassed Soo Cuute  ......Send Her A Flying Kiss She Will Come To You Arjun Wink   Overall Great Episode , Dialogues, Concept And Very Well Played Episode  Clap  

Heeey Guys .....Awesome Take By All Of Yoou Clap 
@ adhasrujana , Mishoo , Kavya Di , Hina,  shibz ,  nav92 , aksh4IF , Shilpa ,   aamnaishtiaq , Aanchi ,  Love14 , SHIKHA19 .....All Of Yoou Have Wrote Such An Awesome Take ...Too Good Clap 

@ Others : Hope To READ All Of Yoour Takes Soon ...... @ Pooja , Pranii,Anjali And All .....Waiting For Yoour Takes Wink

                                                  Maria Heart
                    If Yoou Like My Take Press The Button "Like" Embarrassed


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ROFLArohi kitna bolti ho tum bak bak bak bak tak nahi jaati ho kya???Tongue muje javaab chahiye kritika bechari itne saare dialogues yaad kaise karti hogi Arjun bechara Arohi ko jhelna padta hai

but Arjun ne Arohi ke saath jo bhi kiya it is so hurting beech raaste me use Shocked(ek ladki ko n that 2 voh ladki jisse voh pyaar karta tha )akele chod kar chala gayi kaisa pati hai yaar i am really disappointed with that scene mujhe laga tha ki pichli baar ki tarah Arjun Arohi ko vaapas lene zarur aayega

one more thing jab Arjun Arohi sanchit aur romit ko badka rahe the awesome Sanchit aur Romit don't consider each other as enemies but A2(I'LL USE THIS FOR ARJUN AROHI) want them to be dushman what kind of zabardasti hai LOL ?lol par muje pata nahi aise kyun laga ki they r not gonna say anything 2 each other kyunki A2 were giving that much build-up shaayad isliye

coming to honeymoon yuckk the charecters which i hate Angry"rajveer ,gauri"are also going yeh dono kaafi hai A2 ke beech dooriyan badane ke liye(just thinking of rajveer's style of walking n gauri's style of delivering dialogues i hate them)

A2 all the best for ur honeymoonEmbarrassed


@kavya our batthameez brains' ideas pata nahi kab pata chalega us secret ke baare meROFL

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Will watch the episode later but from what I read in  live UD.

Only one comment:

''Arohi tune kya kar diya''
Edited 2
Hello Guys, just watched it and I will talk only on Arohi today!
Arohi, I wonder, when she will act while thinking twice what she is doing. Arohi Singhania is smart lady but when come back to Arohi Ahluwalia, she got back to be childish and careless.
She disappointed me todayOuch not as performance, performance wised Kritika deserves StarStarStarStarStar but the way she acted in the last episode. The way she acted once more impulsively and without thinking of the consequences. I am actually happy in one side those flashback and she almost broke to smile to it, well those flashbacks she could not get in her Ahluwalia family as they were confining her thoughs. I love the dialogue she said she came to live her life,kash kash kash she related it with how she is living now and that is her free spirit that she needed always contrast by those oceans of emotions and tears in her Ahluwalias family that she could not ''breakaway''.
Does she really go back to that confinement? Really, I so can't gulp this! She knew dadi is so sweet and then did she really can't find the difference ''in the free spirit of love she is having here'' compare to the home family. I don't see her unable to adapt coz at day 1, she behaved the way that a daughter in law of that family needs to be?
Then came again the ocean of love and warmth she has the capacity to shower, so sweet to see her that she is emoting it to ''Mr Softy'' but c'mon Arohi, you are leaving a living human being and care for a non existent thing? Ofcourse the man will not be able to take it! He took weeks to make you understand his love and you kicked it thinking that you are the one that is hurt and then shower all this feeling to a ''teddy''.
I understand that you felt hurt that Arjun left you, Oh are you hurt he left you now because ''sweety,'' you want to divorce him, ''han divorce ke bit,'' what the hell on you, what evidence you have against him yaar, ''why on hell Arohi, you are assimilating only the negativities -pehle Gauri's evil and now you are seeing the only thing when Arjun was drunk and said he hate you.''
I thought you know Arjun more than that, I am pretty sure your wounds are healed but you are refusing to accept  this. Tell me yourself, were you so ''kewl and happy and light as feather'' at the Ahluwalias when you first got to know that ''he is your kidnapper?''
''When Arohi, will you realise you are the free bird with Arjun? When will you accept he is your soul mate? When will you accept your heart is torn when he is not by your side? When will you realise you feel so bindaas aur carefree only by Arjun's side? When will you understand that this man gives you a smiling heart and without him, ''your flying wings are broken.''
Your family again disappointed me today, they were so hostile towards Ronit and then they left him in the lounge and went into the room to read those letters?
Arohiiiii, when will you realise that your family are faker than the Singhanias?
Kahin to dehr na ho jaye phir and then you will have no time to repent? As c'mon ''collection of evidence'' is like a backstab to the love of Biji is giving you!
She is siding you now because she knows you are angry and childish and giving you space to get back to yourself and this love.
Now you are being stubborn and are trying to hurt Arjun the most, she will not side you and you will see the person who is compassion of love can vent anger too.
You are commiting another childish but serious blunder that you are talking to the press on the family matters when you knew well that Arjun would not leave your side. If only you have thought twice before you blabber,dearie.
All I hope is you learn through those  mistakes you are commiting!

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hii... Ssup?? People...
Another nice episode... Great concept, great clothes, great expressions.... Bt wen will we get kmh track as bg...
Epi started wid arohi's, bua n sanchit's convo.. it was nice bt aahhaaa 2 larkon ko ek hi larki pasand aayi...
Ok so both arjun n arohi apne brothers ko bata rahhe attitude dena dushman ko bt unko batate batate khud hi attitude dena shuru... Wink

But aww bijji caught both of dem n got to know dat dey both are alryt , so she booked suite for dem .... Cool bijji..
"Tussi bara changa kaam kita hai arjun n arohi nu honeymoon te vej ke.." Wink
haawww arjun v bad arohi ko maar dia.. tit for tat ..hmm...
Now lolzz both got hurt seriously...
Bijji :"ek baar befkuf ban gai, baar baar thore na banugi".. Lolzzzz

Arjun n arohi going to solan for honeymoon .. Ahem ahem... Wink Wink EmbarrassedCool... Woww both of dem all alone dis tym in car together.... Awesome....
It was nice watching dat both of dem was thinking bou der cute moments , memories together.... Smile

Best lines :-
Arohi : tum chikh rahe ho mujh par...omg arohi kitna tez bole the aap..i started rofling at dat....

Arjun: pehle toh iski itni bak bak bhi kitni achi lagti thi....

Arohi : ab mein pehle ke baare mein kyu soch rai hun..pehle ki baat aur hai..ab ye mera dushman hai....

Haww v bad arjun softy ko fek dia...sach kaha arohi ne agar usko lag jati toh... Sob sob... Unhappy

Overall superb episode.... Smile
Arjun n arohi looked too gud... Heart

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-medz- Goldie

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EmbarrassedLOLres Wink
the episode was damn funny LOL 
i would name this epi a "tashan dar " one ROFL
okay so here is my take on this epi : 
arohi and arjun have same thought of simi 'the vampire'!!! ROFL
all i can say abt this is 'pyaar ke minds think alike'Wink
romit and sanchit are two cute frnds who love the same gal and are fighting for her !!! koi toh shefali ko dekho ?! 
dadi is the best dadi in the world after my dadi LOL
she is awesum and totally rocks !!! 
she found out that they were bluffing and when arjun went back to the room he was like "main toh bhul hi gaya ki mere pair mein chot hai " ROFL this dialogue was epic and so arjunlicious Embarrassed
romit comes to aluwhalia house and when he came amrits expression was like koi khoon karne wala aaya hai ....that was totally funny !!
it was so cute of a daughter of writing a letter to her mommy instead of calling or texting jo hum jaisi aaj kal ki alsi ladkiyaan karte hain !!! LOL
that ring was sooo nice wonder arohi wanted it ! she has good design sense !!! 
the awwest scene of today was when both were thinking abt each other...Embarrassed i so wanted this scene because i was a bit bugged by the nok jhok and no romance thing...
when arjun threw softy out instead of feeling sad for softy i started laughing ROFL  he actually actually threw softy hahahahaahahaha !!! 
that was so cool !!! 
poor arohi arjun should'nt have lifted up the window like that...
what if she get hurt ? though arjun is my jaan but arohi is arjun's jaan toh uska bhi khayal rakhna padega na...
arohi complaing abt arjun to pres was so unexpected...
i know she did that for arjun's step mom but arjun ?
i neva expected that though she was angry...
both the januables are waiting for each other...even i am waitng to see them tonight !!! 
clothes :
i was expecting something much better frm arohi ...
i mean she has a gud dressing sense but pink with black and trans legging was so not suiting her...and even those silver earing with baby pink and black was so no gelling with arohi...
arjun as always luks hot cute sweet smart and the list goes on but today even he disappointed meShocked... feel dark shades suit him more than light...
make up :
aorhi's make up was simple esp her eye make up and i like the simple ...
i would give it a 7.5/10 
5 for nok jhok and 2.5 for the remeberance...
waiting for the honey moon ...!!!
medha Heart

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Shocked page 1 today? LOL

not sure if i'll have time to update tho Confused

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Hey-KMHians ! Hug

I have made one topic and they topic are about our NaughtyArjuhi '! LOL
Think that I can share her also !

Heeeyy I saw SBS today OMG ! ROFL Humare badmash Arjon ne bed thor diyaa ! ShockedShocked /Zor ka jatka hai zoro sai laga / ROFLROFL Arjuun is shooo cute ! BlushingLOL. Arjuhi's romance ! Day Dreaming Awww.. to cute ! Blushing

Btw I'm soo hapy that Arjohi have NOT change here look ! Embarrassed And I hope Arohi's don't change here look because I now  that Arohi's Palu, Sareee, Yaha phir Ghongat lekhe phire ! ROFL Ermm She look moree adoreable in  other drees ! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Ahaaaaaaaa... GOSH ! Day DreamingBlushing Arohi's pink drees (SBS 25HT JAN) OMG ! Day Dreaming Shee look dam HOT ! Day Dreaming
Awww... And Arohi's make-up was dame beautiful ! LOLDay Dreaming
Here is the link when our Arohi look Gorgeous and Our Badmash Arjon breaks bed ! ROFLDay Dreaming

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