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3Idz Chand zameen pe utra, Maan ki izzat ko khatra (Page 25)

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jes75

Originally posted by aditi123_78

Originally posted by Jes75

Hey Aditi u doin ? Hug
not gud yaar...i am disappointed so much...i am longing to see some hot hot scenes since they r married now...i feel now it was better wen they were just lovers...we cud hv more intimate scenes then....
and the way maan is determined to avoid his wife...its quite irritating...and we all know maan's determination....
so unless geet takes some sort of initiative i hv no hope....
the doc has given few days...which means in few days maan will hv to tell the truth to geet....after that we hv to forget romance and all because geet will be shattered by the loss of her baby...
i am truly upset...more because i can understand that the track will now focus on AA....which is simply intolerable for me....

Yea Aditi ... i know what u feel ....was really disgusted to see AA manoing their SR ....Maaneet SR would have been dreamy ...but i dunno what these Cvs have in mind .....also i'm thinking will Maan get to tell Geet about the abortion and the docs warning ....who knows all this stress of Maan ignoring her after the marriage may lead to something drastic like Geet falling sick or something 
@bold....oh no that will be a horror show if anything happens to the baby because of maan...geet will never forgive him and maan will be finished too....
i really fail to understand y the CVs r portraying an intelligent character like maan lacking simple common sense....cant he understand that his present attitude is putting stress on geet....
i hv only one hope now....dadi sending them off for their honeymoon...but i doubt that too because dadi knows about geet's condition...
god....plz someone show me a way out of this mess....

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Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

I say sherni should get her sher drunks
maan ko chadti hai remember?? Or to him he doesn't.....but sherni knows he does get drunkWink
or even better.....give him some high doses of fructose
that high fructose will get his manly urges goingEvil Smile
if ya know what i meanWinkWinkWink

Good idea Shivi ....kal subah ke breakfast main hi kuchh mila dena chahiye hi jaa nahi payegaa ....good for Romeo , Adi , Pinki Manisha and the others too ...they can have fun and so can we watching Maaneet Suhaag Day .....LOL

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@ Vijuuuu ...kaisi hai yaar  Smile...said hi before also ..

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I hope Geet is takin notes from us.......this shall help her!!!! lolz

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Originally posted by muniza75

Aankhon mein bhare hain kai sawal, kya milenge unke jawab?

Bindas title meri tinku......Vinu hova hum se paraya...Family ka jo lagata tha nara, family ko hi bhol gaya....Kya yehi tha uska pyaar? Bas itna sa tha humara saath?

Vinu for you:

Aadmi musafir hai, ek aata ek jaata hai
Jaate jaatey raste mein kuch yaadein chor jata haiCry...

What i would say about todays episode, Loved Maan questioned to Annie, that why would she entered in room without knocking? It symbolise he never wants Annie's interference in their life...Good good MSK... Sub manner bhol gaiee hai....Anyways loved Drashti expression, when Maan left the room..Geet had question to ask, but cause of Annie's entry she hadn't got chance to ask....MSK bach gaya....

Daadi. Annie and Geet scene were cute...Loved it how Daadi called Annie "kabab mein haddi", waakhi she is kabab mein haddi.....

Drashti was looking so beautiful in red suit, sahi ki dulhan, hawwww she cooked for Maan...I hate it when i saw BD on Maan place Angry, so i hadnt enjoyed much that scene..But must say Drashti expression was killing in that scene, she was tooo good.....Poor Maan for her happiness sake ate the pasta...Loved "Pasta ka Vaasta"....

Office people were chilling, planing to go movie, but MSK entry ruined the plan lolz....Loved Romeo quick reply to Maan "nahin shaadi ki picture, daikhi kitni achi hai" lolz....My Manisha was planning to go Dubai for Madhumaas for a month...Loved how Adi said "ek mahine baad bhi mut aana"....Lavu Manisha is coming DubaiWink.....

Anyways Daadi called and scold MSK and remind him to come home early for muh dikhai....hai hai hai me too excited for muh dikhai...

Drashti was looking so beautiful....Daadi praised her, and i loved it when she said "aise hi Maan aapke deewane nahin"Embarrassed....

Hai hai hai iss pal ka mujhe kub se tha intezaar, lolz...I loved the whole convo between MaanEet...Loved it how Geet informed him "soch samajh ke aayega aaj aapki izzat ko khatra hai" good good Geet...You should had to say "aaj aapki khair nahin, ghar soch samajh kur aayega, aapki izzat ko khatra hai"......Loved it how Maan was so afraid that what she wanna do, but his dialogue Angry...Preggy hai toh kya hai, consumate nahin kur sakti? Come on yaar, baar baar wohi baat....

Annie kept hiding and lying to Maan, which will definitely make him angry later...he will burst out on all 3 womens...Uff isliye kehte hain aadmi ki baat sunni chahiye...Anyways Geet will stand with Annie, and both bhiya bhabi will help her in future....Arjun Angry, tu ne mere armaano ka khoon kiya, i had so much trust on you that you would be different from other mens, and you would had master plan, pur khoda pahaad, nikla tu lolz.....

Over all good episode 8/10, 2 mark i cut for BDAngry, and ArjunAngry....Rest were good.......Drashti was tooooooooooo good, with her expression...She was looking soooooooooooooo cute in both dresses....


Muniii ...meri Maan ki deewani ..Clap  Clap.tuney kuchh baki hi nahi rakha bolne ke liye ...Big smile

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Originally posted by --Nargis--

Shivi...title suggestion......"Chand zameen pe utra..Maan ki izzat ko khatra"

Oye...yeh Vinu kaun hai??Angry mean that BEWAFA....BERAHEM guy that used to come our thread and has left us like yesterday's left overs??   Oh everything else...LIFE goes on!!

Now to today's episode.............I have not see it yet, only the pre-cap video...

I just saw the pre-cap video that Shinus has posted...and again my heart bled for Geet.  She saw Maan sleeping again...and the disappointment shone in her eyes.....yeh kaisa SITAM hai yaaro??  I know what it feels like to be in Geet's place.  My hubby is also a man of few words, and especially when he is pereshan.....he also clamps up.   I hate it...that I can see that he is upset and hurting, but I don't know the cause of is very frustrating. heart goes out to you....i feel for you right now. 

Ok Maan lovers....I am a Maan lover too...but really...he needs to share this with her soon....  I understand that he doesn't want to give her stress physically, but mentally and emotionally...he is drowning her in STRESS>...why can he not see that?? i have watched the episode....and i will still leave my above comments, because i still feel the same.   

VIJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJUUUUUUUUU.....these CVs are making me NUTs!!  Yaar....
Aaj phir se wohi kal wala GHATIYA dialogue...."Mein aisa nahi kar sakta....woh maa banewali hai"!!  

This dialogue is misleading...actually incorrect...but i think that the CVs are purposely trying to create the air of DRAMA.....but it could have been done more intelligently.   The CVs really underestimate the viewer's intelligence far too many times!! 

We all know Geet's physical conditional is comprimised due to the pregnancy, so why not give Maan dialouges that say, ke "Mein tumhari jaan aur khatre main nahi daal sakta...issliye muje tumse doori rakh ni hogi..."  This would make far more

My favorite dialogue for today....

"Ek number ke joothe hai aap...agar meri yaad aayi hoti toh ek baar to phone kiya hota na.  Kal raat ko bhi muh modd ke so gaye the aap...Lekin aaj mein nahi thaki hoon....Toh bilkul soch samaj ke aap ghar pe aayeiga....Kyoon ke aaj aap ki IZZAT ko KHATRA hai!!!EmbarrassedROFL  Loved it!!

But i am saddened..that the precap in the video will be tomorrow....after Geet has already warned Maan that she wants him....and still he goes to sleep..or feigns being asleep.   Sorry heart goes out to you!!Cry 
She has no idea why he is behaving so....She must be feeling so  Angry

My advise to Geet for tomorrow.   While Maan is sleeping...she should hand cuff him to the bed posts, and then just jump him......phir dekhte hain yeh Baba Maan Singh Khurana jate khaan hai!!

Yea Nags too feel bad for Geet ....he knows what her eyes say and i really hope he tells her what really is bugging him .....
by the way  ...kya idea hai handcuffs ka ....LOL...kahan jayengey Maan Singh Khurana apni izzt bachhne  ????

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Originally posted by LavZ

Shivu lovely titleThumbs Up......
todys song fr Vinu mere Jeeju : 
Inteha ho gayi intezaar ki aayi na kuchh khabar Nihu ke Vinu ki....
Yeh hamein hai yakeen bewafaa woh nahin phir wajah kya hui intezaar ki....Ouch
Piya ka Ghar hai yeh...Rani hoon main....Rani hoon Ghar ki....
Mere piya ka Ghar hai yeh...Rani hoon main....Rani hoon Ghar ki....
Abhi aathe honge....aathehonge woh...mulaqaathe honge...tho kahin baathei honge...
Naino se tho nain mile hai....waise hum din rayn milenge....
Geets cooks continentl fr Maan....da way Maan trid to make her happy was cute...har bite ka poora maza lena chahtha hoon...ha hai...maza le rahe the paani peekeLOLLOL...chalo...well dat is Maan...we all noe Geets happines he wd do nyhtin....."thumhe khushiya dene ka wada kiya hai maine...pareshan karne ka nahi"...yeh dialog yaad raknaa Maan babu...u mite need it later....pehli poori tho bangayi....aur Geet banagi ek bohot achi wat abt her happiness n hopes?hmm....
Bachnaa ae haseenon lo main aa gayaa...
Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman...
Apni ada hai yaaron se judaa, hai ho!

Arjun finally was expressionlz tody aftr Annie left....good...coz odr wiz it wd luk lyk he neva had ny feelings fr her n dat wd b stupid Mr.Rathod is plannin a surpriz fr sumone elz.....i jst knew it dat der wd b sumone els....infrnt of Annie he wd put da ring on sumone elz....i soo hope dis is proven wd b better if Arjun gets engagd to her n den make a better foundtn in KM....den ruin Maan financially, parally makin problms btw Maan n Annie....coz Annie is very imp in Maans lyf...wat better way dan to instigt her against him.....he wd b left shatterd n dis wd b da tym Geet wd b HIS pillar of support....Maan has alwas been her support...enof .....nw its Geets tym!!!
Sheesha ho ya dil ho...
Aakhir toot jaata hai....
Lab tak aate aate haathon se..
Sagar choot jaata hai....

Annie is fr a terrible heartbrk...if nt nw den latr....onz she cums to noe abt Arjun she wdnt b able to accept it....she loves him soo much....she belivz him soo much.....Arjun will realiz his mistak latr bt i guess it wd b late!!!Confused
Lighter moments:
Daadi n Geet bondin was sweet as alwas...Wink
Pasta scene was cute too...Tongue
Romeo is a very very cool chartr....reminds me of Benji.....Shaadi ke photos!! yeah right!!!LOLLOLda office scene was very cute one...especially manishaaa talkin abt his/her madhumaas....LOL
But da best one was:
"lekin aaj main thakhi nahi hoon.....tho soch samajh ke ghar aayega....kyunki aaj aapke izzath ko kahthra hai!!!!!"EmbarrassedWONDERFUL Geet!!!!Claphalla bol!!!!LOL
So Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana is all set to seduce Mr.Maan Singh KhuranaEmbarrassed.....i am waitin...ab kya karoge Baba Maan Singh Khurana?!?LOLaap tho phas gaye....nw dnt u dare sit in da office all niteAngry.....
Bakhi baad changd my mind..i am done.....LOL

Real good Lavzzz ....loved the songs ....Big smile   
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Shivi Me running and coming

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