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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Also, my questions to everyone are follows:

1. Why should we take everything in the context of our own morality?

2. Is that not a lopsided view and lop-sided argument to judge everything by our own limited knowledge or view or paradigm of morality?

3. Are we not a product of our environment?

4. So are we not trying to be judge and jury based on our own set of limitations and our own lack of understanding or lack of knowledge?

5. Are we not trying to make everyone live up to our own value system?

6. What if our own value system if flawed or the foundations on which our value system stands are itself flawed?

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Hi bri,

Agree with your post. Had posted something on those lines a couple of day ago...Unable to post the link to the thread and hence copy pasting the content.

here it goes........

Caught the rerun.

Even before I could rue missing it initally, I could see I wouldnt have missed much anyways. The SBB segment earlier on the day pretty much outlined what was worth looking forward to.

Yesterdays episode hinted at ' joote do paise lo ' sequence and Adi - Pinky naughty act hitting it off to a start was endearing. 

Geet and Maan as always lit up the screen and our hearts with their air time. The two never had eyes for anyone but themselves but hey who's complaining.

Daar ji's bang on time for kanyadaan bit was leaked on SBB and the novelty had worn off. I had always hoped CV unite Geet and her family and they pull off the act to coincide with the wedding. Neat!

We all have come to be so fond of Geet that we are rooting for Maan to bring her every dream/wish/whims/fancies (also adding some of ours in the process) to materialise them.

Finally, Annie and Arjun.

I think they have been lamblasted enough already. Not only for their acting skills but also the air time they had come to consume. CV's strategy is best known to them.
In today's episode, they twosome beat the 'awesome' by miles to the.....well, you know what I mean, dont you.

 Their whirlwind romance ( pre and post Arjun's character turning negative)defies logic. Not unexpected though. CV has a rich history of being on the erring side of logic and common sense.  

The story was otherwise brewing to a boiling point and CV adds an undesirable concoction. As if picking a rookie wasn't bad enough they stoop to a new low- borrowing plot from 'K' series.

What started off as a family drama, meant to highlight social issues and a girl's fight for justice is slowly steadily sinking into a revenge saga.

First Nayantara. Brij comes next, and now Arjun.
Geet commanded, nay, demanded that audience relate to her. Her spirits to battle all odds, in face of numerous adversities and bring her unborn child into this big world connected with the audience. 

Teens and adults alike reasoned that the wronged should claim her life back with dignity and self respect intact and the perpetrators of the crime be out behind bars.

That's a social responsibility with each of us and CV struck the right chords there. Maan's character was the perfect foil and despite a million rationality being tossed around carelessly, the character's righteousness ensured wecome to love the lead pair. 

Today the two have come a long way on the show and the characters are etched on our minds forever.  And then CV rocks the boat and is in for a free fall.  

The dead rising from the ashes, marital disharmony, revenge-avenge plot,extra marital affairs, children outside of wedlock, way ward brothers and sisters, general lack of morality, betrayal, in law horror, evil daughter in law, pregnancies from all plausible reasons ranging from rape, consensual to raging hormones? 

Sounds familiar? They are the chief elements in most or all of the shows that run daily across 100's of channel. Take a look at each in singularity and I demand to  know why GHSP should be any different? 

The answer probably lies in the treatment of these elements and blending it into the story without any of them sticking out like an eye sore. And then things change and it's been such a let down.

Annie making out with Arjun under the same roof as her brother's wedding is unacceptable. It's a new low for CV. We understand dramatics. Bringing in Brij and Nayantara right when the wedding bells toll was theatrical enough. A la Parineeta act was entirely expendable. 

I recall the scene from one of the earliest episode when Geet sneaks out of her home to meet Maan and asks him for the agent's contact number who sold the plot to him. Maan was condescending to her and alludes to her presence in his house at that hour in a very bad light. Geet nearly slaps him but restrains herself and says , " you were right about not using force / strike a blow to the helpless.And something about?aapki soch bhi utni hi choti hai?."

For a man as principled as Maan, CV deemed fit that Arjun delivers the blow where it hurts the most. And so, they contrive the story to portray a man taking advantage of a woman to put his plan through. 

Now those of you raising an eyebrow at the word ' advantage' can rest easy. CV actually has a social message in there. We need to read between the lines.

Annie is educated, loved by her family and like any other teen given to whims and fancies. That could be any one of the million teens out there. But CV takes it a step further to paint a picture of stupidity beyond belief.

So if a girl like Annie can fall to charming deception, shed her inhibitions along with clothes, it could happen to be just about anyone in real world.

I do believe in love at first sight. And if we dint believe in love we wouldn't be following GHSP today. Yet, Annie-Arjun's romance is unacceptable to us


Because it is running parallel to the all important wedding track?

Because it is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds in comparison to the snail paced wedding and consuming equal if not more air time on the show?

Because we are deeply passionate about the impact of it on Maan-Geet track?


Because, it's beyond our sensibilities to see a man-woman fall in love in a matter of days?

Because, they compromise on social norms and indulge in promiscuous behavior?

Because, Annie's character is portrayed as one with 'easy' virtues?

Aforementioned are 2 set of reasoning. One from the story PoV and the other from a social PoV. Do put your thinking caps on and reconsider why GHSP appeals to you. 

I don't want to sound like a saint or be preachy but I was sold to the concept that the show was addressing a social evil. It was being done in an immensely appealing fashion, targeted the youth, oozed innocence and simplicity, did not resort of shenanigans or exaggerations, kept the fun factor intact, had lead actors working their magic on us and we fell to these charms despite a wayward storyline.  

It has increasingly, overwhelmingly and obsessively boiled down to Geet and Maan today.No offense to all Geet-Maan fans. They are the reason I am still watching the show. I am merely thinking aloud.

 Why was Chak De India, Rang de basanti, Fashion such big hits? Only because they had good performances? I highly doubt that. All 3 were youth oriented movies and they held a message there in?  

Even "Paheli" has stupenduous performances and even nominated in a category for the Oscars. It was a major dud despite the stars. Why? Because one din't connect to it? 

Its time we look at the big picture and draw conclusions than to go with the flow of widespread emotions. 

Long after the show wraps up on Star One I want to remember the story as a fairytale. Not as a show that had a sister getting cosy and comprising her own moral values as also putting the household honor at stake. 

Now that's a double edged sword. 'Honor'. Define it. 

Why is that when Geet's family ask her to abort the child and keep mum over the betrayal for the sake of family honor we find Geet's rebellion righteous.Because Geet believes  it is right? She has been wronged and she wants to keep the baby and wage a lone battle against social prejudices governed by a male dominated society. Therefore, Geet is actually exercising her free will. Geet conceived as a result of a con job. She din't know she was part of a bigger plan.

 Now let's consider Annie.

She is a spoilt, rich brat, used to getting things her way and like most teenagers with a very dismissive attitude to speak of. Along comes a man she feels is a perfect match to her. She doesn't wait to be asked and is the new age womanmaking the first move. She believes she is right in choosing her partner and exercise her will.


She isn't the first woman on planet to be duped by charms of a man.

She isn't the first woman to give into raging hormones.

She isn't the first woman to lie about her love escapades.

She isn't the first woman to prioritize love over family.

She isn't the first human being who is just plain stupid.

But she is branded stupid? Too forward? And to use words used in other threads on this forum?badtameez, naalayak, chaalooo , fast?so on and so forth.On the show it's a complete circle. Annie will pretty much land in same situation as Geet was at the beginning of the show.

 Today we are tolerant of live in's, divorces, bigamy, consummating prior to tying the knot and we label this as personal freedom and free will. I for one will respect a choice and can live with that. But there is no need for me to measure it up against my set of values and ethics. To each his own.

The reactions on the thread devoted to Annie and Arjun is vicious purely from the story PoV. I was hoping to see someone look at the issue in totality beyond just the story. 

If I needed to preach I would have turned a social activist or worse still join hands with National Commission for Woman and actually do something than write posts on a forum dedicated to the entertainment industry. 

Valid point. However, the motive here was to draw on the thought process of the common man. You and I. We are the audience. We are part of the society. The same mass that CV is trying to cater by way of entertainment. We are part of that society which unites to give Jessica Lal case a retrial. We united to express solidarity to an earthquake or a flash flood in the same breath as we were outraged over a powerful nation flattening another, for rhyme and reason best known to them, as if it owned the world. 

Yes I watch the show to escape from the reality of it all. Commercial formula based movies are a run away hit and its poorer cousin from "art house" meet with debacles at the BO. A perfectly good show is taking on unwarranted burdens upon itself and ruining the essence of it. That's my grouse.

Yes, you can ask me to shut up with my lecture and take it elsewhere. Well. I would. For now. I will try and leave my brain out of this in future and stick to cutesy posts.

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Shreya: Where does sympathy come in? What about understanding and respect as to "each their own." Sympathy or lack of it comes only from your subjective evaluation of something based on your own value system as to what is right and what is wrong to your own set of values, principles and guidelines or strictures or stipulations.
bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Brilliant God Help Us :)) Lovely viewpoint and I was glad to read that post of yours
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bDgT

Also, my questions to everyone are follows:

1. Why should we take everything in the context of our own morality?
True. Its human tendency to be limited in our thoughts, especially while sitting judgement on others, our tunnel vision hindering our abilities to look at an issue beyond our own set of perceptions and morality.

2. Is that not a lopsided view and lop-sided argument to judge everything by our own limited knowledge or view or paradigm of morality?

Yes. Indeed 

3. Are we not a product of our environment?


4. So are we not trying to be judge and jury based on our own set of limitations and our own lack of understanding or lack of knowledge?

Yes. It takes a higher consciousness to rescind our own pre- programmed thoughts, keep them aside and cast a subjective look at the world around us.

5. Are we not trying to make everyone live up to our own value system?

6. What if our own value system if flawed or the foundations on which our value system stands are itself flawed?
I wouldn't go to the extent of labeling anyone's value system as flawed, but would put it down to ignorance. One needs to be aware of the basic right to belief, and be able to respect others for their value system or beliefs.

Like in religion. The extremist enforcing laws in say Afghanistan are no more devout than a civilian who is killed in a crossfire. When an arrogant US  deemed it fit that they attack a nation and write itself into history books, a genocide , the world looked on.

So we have Uncle Sam - conceited, believing that they have supreme authority over the RoW and they are convinced they are somehow superior to the rest of the mankind......
We would beg to differ, wouldn't we? So who would bell the cat? Who can hold a handle to them and point just how flawed their belief system is? 
Btw, this is an example merely. No intention of discussing politics in this forum.

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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reserved will think and write
Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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@ Bri, agree with your point.

The biggest limitation and reality is that we all understand things and perceive things within our bounds. There is always an individual understanding of right and wrong depending on our upbringing and environments. Each one of us has an opinion and hence the saying one man's food is another man's poison. Which was really my first point. My opinion is just my perspective. I have nothing against people who have pre-marital sex. I won't shun them from my life, I won't act indifferently towards them. 

Having said that, if I were in Anne's situation, I wouldn't have done it her way. And I don't know anyone who would. So it is hard for me as an individual to accept her actions. 
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Annie Issue: this track is one track in GHSP I never felt interested but it became so vital so have to talkCry
From my POV:
Anie was at fault as she acted iresponsible, played with the trust of her granny & bro, dishonor family reputation. So ya she was at fault. If we give her age as liberty then yes she is 18 but she is from urban society. She spent her life in dormatory. So if her brought up & up bringing was at fault then she wud have made this mistake much earlier, but she didnt. why? bcoz she was not in love. She fall in love with a guy with a very short span of time. This time is not enough to lose virginity. She did the act on the time when she was suppose to be with her bro & would be sis in law. But she spent time with Arjun as she was in love. Love can be displayed manarfully with full romance in crowd too. everyone dont have to get private always in love. She entraped on the time when her family was busy in the biggest ceremony of their life & need her. She very well know how important the day was for her granny & bro. Also she knew it was important for her would be sister in law. but she overlooked everyone & dishonored the trust & freedome her family gave her. So in my opinion she made a serious mistake. every family gave their children some education about moral values, honor of family & respecting family bondage. But she forgot all of them.
Now, another track. what if she gets preggy. I think she should abort. When she will know that Arjun faked with her. She will be shattered at first but her character indicates she will confront Arjun. If Arjun denies or says it was his revange then is there any chance to love him back? I think NO. so why she will keep the baby? unless it is too late to abort she should abort in such case. She is well eduacted urban girl who knows about protection & abortion. So I will go for abortion for her if Arjun finally ditch her.
Here many will compare her with Geet. as both of them were cheated & both are 18. but the case is Geet was cheated but she found it later. She thought she was married & submitted herself to his husband only. Even when she was in love with MSK & about to marry him she never crossed her limit. It happend bcoz she valued her family education which she learnt at early age that human should remain in boundaries in relation. So she maintain it very well. Which Anie failed to maintain.
Geet kept her baby, we know why. After knowing she was preggy she contact Dev, the father of the child. That time she told clearly to her sister that she lost her respect for Dev but she is contacting & meeting him as he is the father of her child. Later when she find out about the whole cheating matter frm NT she was shattered as usual. She was roaming on the road of Amritsar & could not decide what to do. Then she selected what was best she think of. She handover the matter to her God. She asked God to give her solution & God gave her a signal. So she decided to keep the baby. She told her family about her decision. In normal case if her family was polite with her & gave her support to find Dev I think she wud think of the abortion. But what Geet recieve from her family was order after order. At frst they orderd her to marry an NRI & leave country, then when he left her alone her family ordered her to forget him & pretend like an unmarried, they ordered her not to contact law & order & give up the land to MSK. So finally when her family ordered her to abort the child she revolt big time. That was her story. She kept her baby to fight with her family & society & make them understand they were wrong with her. During this period she got emotionally too much attached with her baby as she was alone in her fight. She made the baby as an inspiration of living life & fighting with the society.
So I dont think Geet & Annie's acse is comparable. Geet fought against a system of the society & decided to bring her child in the world. On the other hand Annie made herself entraped to guy whom she was warned too many times & fulfilled her lust in the name of love with him.
So from my POV Annie did wrong. If she gets preggy & Arjun decided to ditch her she should abort. She can also make an example by doing this. once she find out she was trapd she can also show Arjun the door without crying. So the ppl like Arjun will think twice while using a girl as their weapon of revenge.
My last statement is I Love You BriTongue u always make me proudClap

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