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~ Shaurya & Dia Paradise ~ (Page 124)

nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2012 at 11:49am | IP Logged
It is a shame they left this storyline incomplete Varun coming back could have made a difference to everything that is going on! 

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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@nikita_88 I totally agree with you. As sad as I am in saying this, if Varun can't come back, they should introduce another actor to play the character of Shaurya and properly conclude the Shadia story line [if it has to be concluded :(( ]. I loved Shadia so much. I can't believe what the CVs are doing. 
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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
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AR_ArShi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by heeyyy

Originally posted by fizzywizzy

Do you know what i havent watch Laado since I found out Shaurya is no longer in it..i loved shaurya and diyas jodi! sometimes i randomly remember shaurya and diya and come on the forum to check whether hes back and am left disappointed and annoyed how could they just kill the jodi Unhappy atleast let us know whether he will come back or not so we r not left hanging. I was always a fan of Laado I used to watch it before the leap and loved Raghav and Siyas jodi as well then after the leap shaurya and diya but no longer watch it..and will not in future if Shaurya does not return 

@AR_ArShi i agree. they should totally tell us whether shaurya is coming back or not and not just leave us hanging. shaurya and diya were the most adorable jodi. but the reason why i think he will come back is that they haven't bought in a replacement for his character yet. winy tripathi came in but if he were to be introduced in the show why didnt he get introduced as shaurya's character (varun's replacement)...why did he get introduced as Inspector Vikram Singh? I am not sure whether you have read the post about Vikram being Shaurya's friend and Shaurya continuously referred to his friend called Vikram through out the marriage days. neelam left the show and they instantly found a person to replace her so why haven't they done that with varun yet ?? ...what more is that vikram is seeming to be evil as there was no other way of baba Damru Maharaj getting a hint of Diya's feminine attributes. Vikram was the only person outside the family who knew about this therefore he could be the only possible person who would update Rana on this kind of info. Well these are just my thoughts...everything is actually up to the CVs and Varun. 
Hii! I changed my username...yh i agree they shouldve made it clear whether he was leaving permanently! they just left us hanging wthh!! but the thing is wasnt there an article about him being in a new show? or something like that..i have no idea what is going on in ladoo as havnt seen it since...still hoping he will come back tho..and watch those sbb segments is just depressing me more so want him bak with diya Disapprove
.dream-catcher. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2012 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Varun backk???
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Posted: 27 March 2012 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
atleast they showed dia remembering shaurya

i want him to come back but not keeping my hopes high !!

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fly_chick Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Hey guys- I only recently started watching this show and saw the flashback that Dia had of Shaurya (it was filled with so much love and her pain for him) that I became a fan of their pairing soI was wondering if someone can give me the back story of the two of them please. HOw they met etc...

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Posted: 30 March 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
@fly_chick-You are right! Shadia are the cutest couple! Here is there love, drama and pain filled story:

At this stage of the story Diya and Jhanvi do not know they are sisters as Diya has been raised by strict and rigid Ammaji and Jhanvi has been raised by nice and loving Amba. 

Diya and Shaurya first confronted each other while Diya and Jhanvi were crossing a busy road. Jhanvi squeezed through the car but being the innocent and delicate girl Diya is, she was frightened to do so. Just then, Shaurya was at the crossing and frightened Diya stepped back and caught his arm. She was looking down so could not see his face. Shaurya has the misunderstanding that Diya was blind so he helped her cross the road. When they finally got across Diya saw that Jhanvi was on the other side of the road. She was shocked. She wondered who's hand she was holding. She looked up to see Shaurya standing there. Then she got a little angry as she thought Shaurya was trying to misbehave with her. She asked, 'Why did you hold my hand?' Then they had this extremely adorable argument as to who's fault it was and who held whose hand. It was funny and adorable. If you would like to visit this scene, view this YouTube link:

Yaha se huyi Diya aur Shaurya ki pyaari si kahaani shuru. Even though this story had a start from the couple being enemies, they were adorable! :) 

Then the couple began to meet in college. This is their first college scene:

It is based at the canteen where Jhanvi is trying to convince Diya to enter a dance competition but Diya is scared to do so because of Ammaji and her strict rules (at this stage of the story Ammaji is totally against girls). Shaurya overhears this conversation and remembers Diya telling him off after crossing the road. He begins to talk to his friends and tells them that he and his friends will win the competition because Diya is too scared to enter. Diya gets angry and stands up to see that it is Shaurya standing there. Because of his deeds Diya gains confidence and says to Jhanvi that they will take part in the competition and they will win. After this incidence Diya and Shaurya have their regular cute and adorable fights. If you would like to have a look at these cute fighting scenes, they are on YouTube. Type in Shaurya and Diya scenes and it there where you will find them. 

During the days of the dance competition Shaurya eventually starts to fall in love with Diya. He realizes what a sweet and loving girl Diya really is after seeing Diya's conversations with Jhanvi where Diya thanks Jhanvi with her full heart. Here is the scene where Shaurya shows traces of falling in love with Diya. He does not know whether it is love or not but he just finds there is something special in Diya.

It eventually comes to the day of the dance competition. Diya and Jhanvi dance on 'Mere dholna sun,' and Shaurya dances on, 'Bachna ay haseeno.' You can search on YouTube to find these scenes. The judges come to the decision that it is a tie between Diya-Jhanvi and Shaurya-group. The judges declare they will be a tie breaker. Diya-Jhanvi and Shaurya-group are all set to go when Santosh (Diya's auntie) calls her and says that Ammaji is coming to college for the festival. Diya gets extremely scared as she knows that Ammaji would never give her consent to do anything in college except for studies. She is crying and tells Jhanvi that she can't dance anymore. At this stage of her life Shaurya comes and supports her. He tells her to be strong etc. To watch this scene go to the below link:

After hearing Shaurya's words Diya gets the courage to dance. Diya and Shaurya along with Jhanvi dance with each other on the song 'Ainvayi, Ainvayi.' To view the dance comp. scenes go on YouTube and search the episodes of 8th and 9th February 2011 to your convenience. After the dance comp. Shaurya gets down on his knees for Diya and appreciates her courage. Here is the link to this scene:

Then there was an amazing dream sequence when Shaurya saw Diya and only Diya in different avatars (a song was played in the background). When he got home he admitted to himself that he loved Diya. Diya was absent from college for a few days because it was her brother's marriage so Shaurya wasn't able to tell her but instead he told Jhanvi. Jhanvi promised him he would help Shaurya and Diya's relation. The thing was that Diya was obssessed with RJ Shaurya but she wasn't aware that the college's Shaurya and RJ Shaurya were the same person. Jhanvi and Shaurya both knew how much she liked RJ Shaurya so they had a plan. RJ Shaurya called Diya to his studio. This is when Diya realized who Shaurya actually was. This is the first time Shaurya admitted to Diya that he loved her. 

Diya loved Shaurya but she couldn't complete this relationship because she was scared of Ammaji. That Ammaji would kill Shaurya if she found out how much Diya loved him. There were some amazing Shadia scenes during this time. Every time Diya said she couldn't be with Shaurya because she didn't love him but she actually did. She just wouldn't tell him because she loved him so much that she was scared that something would happen to Shaurya if Ammaji found out. It is very hard to explain the whole story. The main thing was that Amba (Jhanvi's mum) died and she told the truth that Diya and Jhanvi were sisters because she found out that Diya was Ammaji's granddaughter. This was during a caught case which required Diya to speak against Ammaji's beloved grandson, Rajveer. Rajveer had misbehaved with Kajal (Jhanvi's friend) which eventually led to Kajal's death. Diya saw how Kajal died because of Rajveer but again she was too scared to stand up for the truth because of Ammaji. Eventually she got inspired by her mother (Sia) and said she would fight for the truth. Ammaji found out that Diya was going to speak in caught so she got her men to kidnap Diya. Shaurya and Amba went to save her. Shaurya saved Diya but Amba and her worker had to stay there to fight more people. Amba died got injured during the fight but she got back to court to speak the truth about Diya and Jhanvi being sisters. After this Jhanvi had to fight to live with Diya in the same house as her. Ammaji did not want Jhanvi to live there because Jhanvi was the reason for Rajveer to be in jail. Ammaji was giving Diya a very hard time because Diya spoke against Rajveer (her cousin brother). Diya had lost all hope when Shaurya came to meet her and encouraged her. This was their first hug scene. Here is the link:

Eventually Ammaji agreed to have Jhanvi in the house. She wanted Diya and Jhanvi to not like each other so she was very nice to Jhanvi but very mean to Diya. Soon Rajveer got bailed out of jail and decided to take revenge on Diya. He found about Diya and Shaurya's relationship and told Ammaji. Ammaji called Shaurya home and threatened to kill him. To save his life Jhanvi said that she loved Shaurya. Because Ammaji always favored Jhanvi she said that Jhanvi could marry Shaurya but Diya couldn't. Shaurya, Diya and Jhanvi all knew that they were playing a game and that in reality Diya and Shaurya loved each other. After all this happened, that night Diya and Shaurya met and Diya finally admitted to Shaurya that she loved him. Here is the scene! It's adorable. It is over two links. (The hug in this one)! Skip forward a little bit to see their scene.

Then the whole way through Ammaji thought that Jhanvi and Shaurya were going to marry each other when write towards the marriage day she found out what game they were all playing. I can't describe after that how much Diya and Shaurya fought for their love. You will have to see their marriage scenes for this. Their marriage episodes were aired in July 2011. I can't explain how much they fought. You will have to watch the episodes. 

Then it was uncovered that Shaurya was the son of Bhanu Pratap and he was Bajri's nephew. BP and Bajri were the people who destroyed Ammaji's family. They were the reason of Raghav and Sia's death. BP and Bajri were very big enemies of Ammaji and family. At the marriage time nobody new that Shaurya was BP's son. This was because Shaurya had a fake father in his marriage because at that time BP was overseas and Shaurya didn't want to lose Diya so he got a fake dad. The truth was that Shaurya had no idea about BP and Ammaji's dushmani. Diya was in the misunderstanding that he did and he married her so BP could get revenge from Ammaji's family. Eventually Diya found out that Shaurya had nothing to do with this and she apologized for her mistake. Diya and Shaurya loved each other more than anything.

Eventually what happened is that BP fell in love with Jhanvi. He was so much older than Jhanvi but he tried to misbehave with her. He captured Jhanvi and tried to misbehave with her. Ammaji saved Jhanvi in time and she burnt BP to death. Then Shaurya got in the misunderstanding that Diya only married him so she could get revenge from BP's family for the death of her father. Shaurya thought that Diya never loved him. He broke their marriage relationship by taking off Diya's mangalsutr. He said for Diya to get out of his life. Diya was shocked. She tried to convince Shaurya heaps but he didn't agree.

This is a long story which I won't be able to explain but Ammaji's sons (Joginder and Gajinder) wanted to be the leaders of politics and not let Ammaji do it. Because of this they got Ammaji kidnapped so Jogi could be the politics leader. Ammaji went home to find that her sons had cheated on her. They had claimed all the property to their names. They kicked Ammaji and family out of the house. Santosh told Adi and Raghini to stay to take care of the house. Ammaji and family were in the streets and they had no where to go. This is when Santosh suggested to return to Veerpur where Ammaji ruled for many years. Before leaving for Veerpur, Karan (Diya's brother), Diya and Jhanvi went to meet Shaurya. They tried to convince him that nothing was Shaurya's fault but he did not agree to this and remained in his misunderstanding. This is the last scene of Diya and Shaurya:

From then on Shaurya (Varun Kapoor) has not been shown on the show. This may be because he is getting married/engaged. Inspector Vikram (Winy Tripathi) has entered the show and he has fallen in love with Diya. Diya has filled her maang with sindoor in front of him and told her that she is already married. Diya has recently been remembering Shaurya a lot which is why I have a feeling he may come back. They are the cutest couple. To conclude with I would just like to say that Shadia are awesome and we are all waiting for Varun to come back so Shadia can be complete. We are expecting his come back soon so please stick with us and encourage and support their jodi so CVs will bring Shaurya's character back. 

Vikram confessed to Diya that he loved her. Diya took him to the temple of the house and filled her maang in front of him. She told him that she was already married and lived with her grandma because her husband left her. After this she remembered quite a few times. She had called Shaurya and he had picked up (I am pretty sure it was him) but she didn't have the courage to talk to him. 

A while later ... 

Since Adi and Raghini have to the family their has been a lot of drama as Adi has lost it and is always on about the fact that he loves Tanisha. Raghini at one stage got fed up for him and went to Ammaji and said that she wants to leave the house. Ammaji said to Raghini where will you go? There is no place for a married women in this society living without her husband. Then this reminded Diya of Shaurya (although she had been remembering him quite a few times before as well). She couldn't go to sleep that night. She got out of the house and asked Vikram to take her to Delhi. She went to Shaurya's house. At the door she met a girl. Diya asked her who she was and she said she was Shaurya's wife. Diya was really upset and shocked. She saw a picture of Shaurya and the girl in the background. The girl said Shaurya wasn't in Delhi at the the time. The girl asked her who she was. She said she knew Shaurya before and was just passing by so she thought she would meet him. She left. Vikram on the car ride back said that he loved her still. 

If you would like to watch very romantic Shadia scenes then visit this thread:

Also watch these... (There are bits with Jhanvi in the middle skip ahead a little and Shadia will come again). 

Hope that helps and catches you up on the totally awesome and romantic Shadia jodi. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :) 

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