Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

my third short story enjoy

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Hey guys I have another idea in mind I don't think this short story will be as long but I will try my best. Also the idea for this story came into my head after reading fanbidaai's take on why Ahem and Gopi had the baby. Fanbidaai I hope you don't mind me taking your idea and twisting it a little bit into a story. Please do forgive me.

So its Kinjal's wedding. Gopi dressed Kinjal up like a princess and blesses her saying I hope you get all the happiness in the world. Just then Koki sees Kinjal ready and asks Gopi if she can have a moment with Kinjal. Gopi just smiles and leaves. Koki comes to Kinjal and says I know I have been very harsh with you for the past couple of days but today I would like to tell you the reason why. After your alliance was broken with Elesh I heard many people spreading ill rumors not just about you but also our family. When our plan to send you to America failed we had no other option but to agree to this alliance and get you married. Once you are married no one will have any basis to make any rumors. Today I come to you not as a mother but as the bahu of this house and beg you to just marry Dhawal without creating a scene for the sake of this house.

With that Koki walks out of the room leaving Kinjal stunned. Kinjal then thinks in her mind that even today your pride is more important than your own daughter but that's fine. If you don't love me then I don't love you and Kinjal had made all the plans before hand to run away before the wedding. She knew now was her chance since she was alone and quickly removed her jewelry and got changed grabbed her bag and ran out the back way. Koki finally reaches Gopi and tells her to go stay with Kinjal until it's time to bring her down. Gopi just nodded her head and headed to Kinjal's room. Once she got there she saw the room was empty and thought Kinjal must be in the bathroom and starts calling her name when she sees all the jewelry on the dresser and Kinjal's wedding dress piled by the cupboard. Gopi quickly realizes what has happened and rushes out the room to tell Koki when she bumps into Ahem by the steps. Gopi is crying her eyes out and doesn't even realize its Ahem she bumped into. Ahem angrily asks can't you watch where you are going and then sees Gopi crying and knows it's not from him being rude to her but something else.

Ahem gets a little concerned and asks "what's wrong Gopi?" Gopi blurts out to him that Kinjal has run away. She explains how Koki asked to be alone with Kinjal and by the time Koki asked Gopi to return Kinjal had already changed and ran away. Ahem explains to Gopi to stop crying and go get mom I will get everyone else and meet back in Kinjal's room. Ahem didn't realize it but he was actually nice to Gopi for once. Gopi did as she was told as she did not want to make the situation worse. Once everyone was in the room Ahem narrated everything Gopi told them and they all are shocked. Koki can't believe what's happening and starts having trouble breathing. Gopi quickly runs to her to hold her and bring her to the bed and yells "Ahemji quickly call the doctor" Ahem got no response so Gopi and Ahem rush Koki to the hospital and Chirag says he will bring everyone else once they apologize to the guests and have them leave.

Gopi is so worried and keeps trying to comfort Koki the whole way to the hospital. Back at the house Chirag goes downstairs and makes the announcement and is crying the whole time. He then goes to Dhawal and folds his hands and asks for forgiveness. Dhawal says please don't do this you are Gopiben's father and I can understand your dilemma and pain. I have no regrets please don't ask for forgiveness from me. With that he folds his hands and leaves with everyone else. Hetal tells Raashi to go with her mother as she will be needed at their house right now. Raashi goes with a sad face on the outside but all happy on the inside. Back to Ahem and Gopi they finally reach the hospital and Koki is taken to the ICU room. Ahem is pacing outside crying while Gopi was just a few feet away praying in front of a Krishna idol begging for Koki's life. The doctor comes out and Gopi rushes over to Ahem.

The doctor says they are trying their best to stabilize Koki. Once they can stabilize her she will be out of danger. Chirag calls Ahem its very late and Baa has not taken the news well they will not be able to come to the hospital till morning will you and Gopi be ok there for the night. Ahem looks over at Gopi who is staring in through the little window crying and praying that  her maaji get well soon. Ahem gets lost in his stare and is bought back to reality when Chirag calls his name again. Ahem says they will be fine. Just as Ahem was hanging up Gopi asks the doctor can she go in and sit with Koki for a while. Doctor says of course but just make sure you don't disturb her. As the doctor walks away Gopi notices that Ahem has heard everything and prepares herself for a screaming.

Ahem walks over to her and says come on lets go sit with mom. Gopi was shocked at what she just heard but again did as she was asked. Ahem sat on one side of the bed Gopi on the other. They both held Koki's hand all night long and both fell asleep on the side holding her hand. In the morning Koki finally wakes up and the first thing she sees is Ahem and Gopi together with her. This brings a small smile on her face. Koki tries to move a little which wakes Gopi up and seeing Koki awake Gopi gets very happy. She says she will go get the doctor and as Gopi is about to leave Ahem wakes up and tells Gopi I will go you stay with mom. The doctor comes and checks Koki and says she recovered faster than he thought and you can take her home today. As Ahem left with the doctor to finish the paper work and call everyone at home to inform them they are coming home with Koki, Gopi helped Koki get up and get ready to leave.

The doctor tells Ahem to make sure Koki is happy at all times and has no stress on her mind. Ahem thanks the doctor and goes back to the room. Gopi and Ahem together help Koki to the car and then into the house. All the guests that came for the wedding and were staying in Modi Mansion had left except for one. They wished to see Koki before they left and make sure she was ok so they waited until Koki was discharged. The relatives were leaving that night and Chirag asked Ahem to drop them off and the Aunty requests that Gopi come with them as she didn't get to spend any time with her. Before Gopi can say something Hetal Kaki tells Gopi to stay ready. So the whole way to the airport the aunty and Gopi talk and after dropping them off Ahem asks Gopi to sit in the front and doesn't even ask her to tie the seat belt once she is in the car he just reaches over and ties the seat belt for her. The car ride was very quiet and Ahem would steal quick glances of Gopi but had no idea why so he didn't really think about it. All of a sudden the car comes to an abrupt stop.

Ahem tries to start the car a couple of times and then yells shit and hits the steering wheel. Gopi at this point is very scared to see Ahem so angry and for some reason Gopi's fear helped Ahem calm down. Ahem felt like he was going crazy and Kinjal has messed up everyone's life. As Ahem was about to say something his phone rings and it's Hetal Kaki. Ahem explains how their car broke down and they are not too far from home so not to worry they will find a way home and go to sleep. Hetal Kaki says ok but if you need us to come and get you just give us a call. Ahem walks up to Gopi and again as he was about to say something there was a loud clap of thunder and Gopi just turns around and grabs onto Ahem's arm. Ahem was a bit amused that even after growing up Gopi is still scared of thunder. Then all of a sudden it starts pouring and Ahem grabs Gopi's hand and runs to a nearby Ram and Sita mandir. Ahem immediately lets go of Gopi's hand and tells her we will wait here until the rain dies down. Do you think you can walk home from here if we have too? Gopi just nods her head yes and goes to pray and thanks God for saving her maaji and also asks god to give her the strength to keep her maaji always happy. Gopi thought Ahem might be fiddling with his phone but to her surprise he was listening to her and gave her a half baked smile.

Ahem sat down by one of the pillars and Gopi sat by another pillar. The rain had no intention of stopping so Gopi builds her courage up and asks Ahem if they can just walk home in the rain since it is getting late. Ahem agrees and they start their walk home. When they were about two blocks away Ahem feels a little tired and asks Gopi if they can stop for a while underneath a tree. Gopi just agrees. While waiting Ahem notices that Gopi is feeling extremely cold and is shivering to death. He slowly takes his suit jacket off and places it around Gopi and before Gopi could protest he looks away. They start their walk again and finally reach home but as they are climbing the stairs outside Gopi faints and Ahem knows he needs to warm Gopi up fast or else her health will get worse and her life might be in danger. He quickly lifts her up and takes her into his room.

Ahem knew the first thing he has to do is get Gopi out of her wet clothes. He thinks who can he asks for help since Raashi is not here and he doesn't think its right to disturb Koki or Hetal for help. He doesn't even know how to put a sari on. He then got an idea he grabs one of his t-shirts from his cupboard and throws it on the bed. After like ten minutes of hesitation Ahem slow removes Gopi's dupatta. Then he quickly removes her blouse trying to avoid looking at her and quickly puts the t-shirt on her. Then he goes to remove her skirt. He then quickly covers her with the comforter on his bed and then goes to his cupboard again and gets another comforter and throws that on top of Gopi to. Still Gopi is shivering and Ahem knew she needs his body heat too. Without thinking any further Ahem takes off his shirt puts on a dry pair of pants and climbs into bed next to Gopi and takes her into a hug.

Within ten minutes Gopi's shivering died down and it was too late to move away because Ahem had already fallen asleep. Ahem in his worry for Gopi had forgotten to lock his door and another surprise awaited him in the morning. In the morning not seeing Gopi in her room Hetal got a little worried and she thought she would go ask Ahem. As she was about to knock on his door she saw it a little open so she decided to poke her head in. What she saw left her speechless and so happy. She saw a shirtless Ahem hugging Gopi who was wearing one of Ahem's t-shirts. Just as she was turning away from their room Chirag and Jigar saw her smiling while coming from Ahem's room and they ask her why is she so happy? She signals them to lower their tone and follow her and shows them what she just saw. The two men got so elated. Hetal tells them to head downstairs she wants to show Koki and then she will come down. As Koki and Parag were ready and coming downstairs Hetal asks them to come with her as she needs to show them something. Koki got curious and asks what and Hetal again asks her to lower her tone and quietly takes her and Parag to Ahem's room and tells them to look in. Koki at first can't believe her eyes and then she is so happy she begins to cry. She says finally my prayers have been answered and Ahem has accepted Gopi. They all walk downstairs with smiles on their faces.

After a couple of minutes Gopi wakes up and feels a little disorientated. She then goes stiff as she realizes where she is but has no idea what state she is in. In her mind all she can think is how did I end up in Ahemji's room and even worse in his bed. She then looks to the floor and sees her sari and is mortified and then realizes she is wearing his t-shirt and that is all she is wearing. The next shock that came to her was that Ahem had her in a hug and was not wearing a shirt. His grip was so tight she couldn't get out of it. She didn't realize that while she was trying to get out of his grip she had accidently woke him up. He slowly loosened his grip and sat up. Slowly Gopi sat up after him. He raised his hand to see if Gopi had a fever and Gopi thought he was going to hit her so she closes her eyes in fear and kind of hides behind the blanket.

Ahem realizes what she is thinking and in a calm and gentle voice says Gopi I am not trying to hit you I want to see if you still have a fever. Slowly Gopi comes out and lets Ahem check her forehead. Ahem then explains last night by the time we got home you had caught a very bad cold and had a very bad fever and passed out on the front steps. I had to carry you to my room since it was closer and had to get you out of your wet clothes. Gopi's head shot up at that point is shocked. Ahem without seeing her reaction continued. I didn't want to disturb maa or Hetal kaki that late so I had to change your clothes. At that point Gopi looked down again and Ahem slowly continued. I had no idea how to tie a sari so I put one of my t-shirts on you. And then covered you in two blankets but that wasn't producing enough heat for you and you needed my body heat to get better so I had to take my shirt off and sleep next to you.

Are you feeling ok? Gopi answered in a very nervous voice yes I feel fine and when Ahem just stirred to sit up again Gopi got scared and jumped out of the bed and then got extremely embarrassed as she realized she had nothing on to cover her legs and ran into the bathroom to hide. Ahem after a couple of minutes knocks on the and Gopi opens it just a little bit he says here I got this from your room and you can take a shower here and then I will get ready. Gopi took a quick shower and got ready and came out picked up her clothes from the floor from the previous night and ran out the room to her room. Ahem was shocked at how shy she was feeling and was frustrated now because he had no clue why he could no longer get mad at Gopi. By the time Gopi was ready and had put on her sindoor and jewelry Ahem was ready to and they ended up heading downstairs together. Ahem was following Gopi and could not help but just stare at her. As Gopi headed for the kitchen Ahem headed for the living room where the men were sitting. Breakfast was ready and laid out on the table and with a smile Koki just told Gopi to get everyone.

Everyone couldn't help but just look at Ahem and Gopi and smile and laugh. No one could contain their happiness. After breakfast Parag headed to Baa's room, Jigar and Chirag headed for office as Koki asked Ahem to stay back as she needed to talk to him and Hetal kaki asked Gopi to stay seated as well since she needs to talk to her as well after Mani cleared the table Koki started to talk. This morning when we saw that Gopi was not in her room we all got worried and decided to come talk to you Ahem to see if you knew where she was and why she was not in her room. When we came to your room your door was open so we walked in and they both knew at that point what they saw. Now they knew why everyone was laughing at them. Koki continues I can't tell you how happy I am to see my son accept his wife and then she calls Mani and tells her to move all of Ahem's stuff back into Gopi's room. As Gopi was about to say something Ahem holds her hand under the table and nods no.

Ahem then smiles at his mom and says he is leaving for office and Koki says ok I will see you to the door and Hetal kaki walks up to Gopi and Gopi feels real shy and runs to her room. All day Gopi was blushing and kept herself busy so she can try and stop blushing but there was nothing that could help her stop blushing. Gopi wasn't feeling well at dinner so she didn't eat anything but an apple. After talking for a while everyone retired to their rooms including Gopi and Ahem. Gopi was in the room before Ahem and when Ahem entered he had a glass of milk in his hand. Ahem walks over to the bed and sits down and then calls Gopi over and makes her sit down next to him. Ahem starts to talk. Gopi I know you don't understand anything that is happening and that is why I would like to explain. After Kinjal ran away you saw the state mom was in. The doctor had instructed me to keep mom happy and not give her any stress. Mom was so happy seeing us together and I didn't want to ruin her happiness. I know what I am asking from you. I know it's a lot but please Gopi for my mom's sake just go a long with this natak. Gopi then interrupts and says I completely understand and I can do anything to help maaji get better. I can't stand to see her in pain and if our natak will help get rid of all her pain then I am ok with it.

Ahem was so relieved and happy to hear that. As Gopi was about to get up Ahem says I am not finished. He then turns to the nightstand where he kept the glass of milk and picks it up. He turns to Gopi and tells her to drink it as you are still weak from your cold and you didn't eat dinner. Gopi makes a face and says please Ahemji don't make me drink milk. I hate milk. Gopi why are you complaining like a little kid stop complaining and drink this. Please Ahemji I really don't like milk. I promise I will eat a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow just don't make me drink this milk. Ahem says you are not going to listen and drink this on your own are you. With his free hand he grabs both of Gopi's wrists in a tight grip and puts the glass to Gopi's lips and begins tilting it until she hasn't finished all of it. Ahem then let's go of her wrists and now that wasn't that bad was it and says lets go to sleep. Gopi who was in shock of what just happen gets up slowly goes and locks the door and starts to make her bed on the floor. Ahem says there is no need for her to sleep on the floor and she can sleep on the bed with him.

Gopi is hesitant to sleep on the bed with him but doesn't want to upset him so she puts her pillow on the other side of the bed and lies down facing the wall with her back to Ahem. Ahem then turns off all the lights and lies down on his back thinking what is happening to me. Why do I care about Gopi so much? Why am I never angry at her? Why do I find amusement in innocence? Ahem fell asleep with that confusion in mind and Gopi went to sleep with the thought of Ahem holding her wrists in her mind. The next morning Gopi was up bright and early and was downstairs doing all the morning chores. Before anyone came down Ahem rushed over to Gopi and reminded her of the promise she made last night. Once everyone was downstairs they all sat down for breakfast. After two bites of food Gopi felt very uneasy and had to excuse herself. Koki tells Ahem to go see what's wrong. Ahem gets up slowly and walks to their room and hears Gopi throwing up. He waits for her outside and as she is coming out of the bathroom she gets dizzy and loses her balance but Ahem is there to support her.

Ahem asks what's wrong. Gopi seeing she obviously can't hide anything from Ahem now tells him ever since that rainy night she has been feeling a little under the weather. Ahem makes her lie down and tells her to rest and says I will have mom make a doctor's appointment for you. After making sure Gopi is comfortable and asleep he joins everyone again and says Gopi said she is feeling dizzy and just threw up. Koki and Hetal look at each other with smiles and then Ahem asks mom can you make a doctor's appointment for her. Koki says sure. Then as Ahem excuses himself and leaves for office. Koki calls Ahem at like 1 to tell him she got an appointment for 3 but there is so much work that  has to be done can you take Gopi to the doctor and Ahem replies sure. At 2 Ahem comes home and Koki informs him Gopi has an appointment with Dr. Puja Patel. Ahem says ok and sees Gopi is ready and they leave for the doctor's office. When they get there Ahem is shocked to see that his mom had taken an appointment with a gynecologist. Ahem thinks out loud and says why did my take an appointment with a gynecologist and Gopi had no idea what kind of doctor she was about to see. The doctor talks to Ahem in English so Gopi has no idea what is being said. The doctor informs them that Gopi is not pregnant and just had a viral infection and if she takes this medicine for a week she should be fine.

The doctor then goes to add that Gopi is completely healthy and they can plan for a baby if they want there will be no problems in her pregnancy. Ahem thanks the doctor and him and Gopi leave. Ahem asks Gopi to wait by the door he will go and pay the bill and come there. As Gopi is walking to the door she sees a nurse having trouble trying to make a baby stop crying. Gopi asks can she try and the nurse gives her the baby. Just as Gopi starts to rock the baby a little Ahem walks up behind Gopi and Gopi starts to sing a sweet lullaby and by the end the baby is fast asleep. Gopi hands the baby back to the nurse and is shocked to see Ahem standing behind her. She quietly walks up to Ahem and they head for the car. After a while Ahem says you have a nice voice and Gopi just thanks him. Once in the car Gopi builds up the courage to ask Ahem what the doctor was saying. He didn't want to embarrass Gopi so he only tells her about the viral infection and explains the medication she has to take.

Once they reach home Koki asks what happened and Ahem informs her that Gopi has a viral infection and just needs to take this medicine for a week. Gopi is looking all worried at Koki who walks over to Gopi and says its ok beta if not this time then next time. Gopi gives her a confused smile and then sends Gopi upstairs to rest on the way to her room she bumps into Raashi who has returned. Gopi is so lost in her thoughts that she says sorry Raashi and walks away. Ahem then tells his mom I am going to go change as I am not going back to the office call me down when dinner is ready. Koki says ok and then adds its good you are staying home now someone can keep an eye on Gopi and make sure she gets her rest. When Ahem enters the room Gopi gives Ahem a confused look and then slowly asks him what maaji was talking about. Ahem knew there was no way to hide what happened today so he sat Gopi on the bed and sat next to her to explain.

As soon as Ahem sat down Gopi quickly moved a little farther down the bed so there was distance between them. Ahem didn't realize how close he sat to Gopi and just gave her a half baked smile again when she looked at him with her nervous eyes. So Ahem starts off saying Gopi today you saw a gynecologist. Gopi asks what's does that mean. He explains then that only women see those kinds of doctors and that too when they are pregnant. Ahem continues to say that mom thought you were pregnant because everyone misinterpreted what happened two days ago. Gopi was so embarrassed she got up and walked to the window. Ahem was a little confused as to whether Gopi was scared to hear that or nervous. Ahem then walks to her after letting her be for a while and tells her to go to sleep for a while as she needs the rest. I will wake you when they call us down for dinner. Gopi says she must go and help and Ahem says it's not necessary as Raashi has returned and she will help. At that point Gopi realizes she had bumped into Raashi in the hall.

At around 6 Mani came to get Ahem and Gopi for dinner and Ahem says ok we will be down and Mani leaves. Ahem finishes up his work and goes to wake up Gopi. When he sees her peaceful face he didn't have the heart to disturb her so he pulls the blanket all the way up turns off the light and goes downstairs. Koki questions where is Gopi and Raashi interrupts she must be in her room I will go get her. Ahem says there is no need, mom she was in deep sleep so I didn't want to wake her. I will take some food upstairs for her and feed her when she wakes up since she has to take her medicine. Koki says ok and they all sit down to eat and Raashi is just left speechless with Ahem's changed behavior towards Gopi. After dinner the men retired to their rooms except for Ahem who sat with baa for a while. Raashi helped the women clean up and then went to her room and Jigar told her everything that has happened. Raashi can't believe her ears and then thinks now Gopi will never leave this house. Jigar asks what happened and Raashi says nothing and goes to sleep.

Baa asks Ahem why does he look so troubled and Ahem at first ignores the question and then when baa keeps asking the same question he answers that for some reason his behavior towards Gopi is changing. I can't feel angry at her anymore. Her health concerns me and I even have started to think about what she feels. At the end of that statement he looks at baa and sees she has fallen asleep. So he tucks her in and leaves for his room and asks for Gopi's food before heading upstairs. When he comes into the room he sees Gopi is still sleeping and slowly closes the door and locks it. The sound of the doors closing and the lock made Gopi wake up quickly. Gopi then looks at the clock and sees its 9. She quickly gets out of bed and looks at Ahem who is walking towards her with scared eyes. Ahem places the tray of food and glass of milk he bought for Gopi on the coffee table and then walks over to Gopi to tell her to eat. Ahem says you were in deep sleep when Mani came to call us so I didn't wake you but there is your dinner please come and eat it. Gopi again says she doesn't feel like eating. Ahem then reminds her that she promised to eat a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner so she will have to eat the food plus she has to take her medicine so. After a little forcing Ahem finally gets Gopi to come sit by the coffee table and both sit on the couch. Gopi silently eats her food while Ahem watches her. After she is done she tries to get up but Ahem picks up the glass of milk and hands it to her and she says she is full and can't drink that. Gopi also scared he might force her again moves her hands away from Ahem's reach. Ahem sees this and gives her a real smile this time and says fine I will drink half and you drink the other half and Gopi knew she is not getting away from the milk today either so she just agrees. Ahem starts drinking and drinks half of it and then hands the other half to Gopi. After she was done with that he gives Gopi her medicine and asks her to sleep.

The next day Gopi came downstairs all ready and the dirty dishes from last night in her hand. Hetal kaki says Gopi are you going somewhere and Gopi says yes I am going to go with maaji to her doctor's appointment. Today is her last routine checkup. Hetal kaki says I completely forgot thank god you reminded me. Koki comes and says I will be back in an hour or so and Hetal says ok and Gopi then slowly asks can I come with you maaji and Koki smiles and says of course. Koki caught Ahem as he was leaving and asked if he would drop her and Gopi off at the doctor's office since today is her last appointment. Ahem says sure mom and they all leave. Koki makes Gopi sit in the front with Ahem and she keeps watching her son steal glances of his shy wife. Once there Ahem decided to come inside with them. The doctor is so happy to see Ahem and tells him that he doesn't know what happiness has come into Koki's life but whatever it is has helped her recover from her condition in half the time. At this point both Ahem and Gopi blushed thinking about how they were caught. Ahem thanks the doctor and they all leave.

The bump into the nurse Gopi helped with the child and the nurse stops Gopi. She thanks Gopi for her help that day and then questions her as to whether she is going to be a mother soon. Gopi just gets shy by the question so Koki replies I am hoping my bahu gives me this happiness soon. They all again start to leave again and Koki asks what was the nurse thanking Gopi for. Gopi unable to say anything because she was so shy Ahem spoke up. The day we came for Gopi's checkup there was baby crying and the nurse couldn't calm him down so Gopi took the baby and calmed him down by singing to him. Koki was happy to see that Gopi was good with kids. Koki says that soon Gopi will have her own child to love and pamper. Koki says so what if nothing happened this time there is always a next time. Gopi kept blushing and even Ahem turned a little red this time.

It was a quiet car ride home and Ahem left for office once he dropped Gopi and his mom off. Gopi rushes into the kitchen to finish the day's work and then goes and sits in her room to rest as it was Koki's instructions until Ahem got home. Gopi had a smile on her face all day but it was gone the minute Ahem walked into their bedroom. Gopi was so nervous from everything that Koki said to them today that she couldn't even think about looking at Ahem. On the contrary all Ahem could do was stare at Gopi. After Ahem changed and worked on his laptop for a while they both headed down for dinner. Gopi thought today she would be able to avoid the glass of milk ans Ahem saw she was getting sick of drinking it so he decided to give her a break from it. Like always the men retire to their rooms after dinner and the women head to the kitchen to clean up. By the time Gopi was done with everything it was 10 and she hoped Ahem would be sleeping but he was up and waiting for Gopi.

Ahem calls Gopi over to the couch he was sitting on and asks her to sit. He says he needs to talk to her and what he is about to say is a little personal but hopes Gopi won't say no. Did you see mom today? She was so happy and I feel like all her worries are gone. He continues that her worries are gone on false assumptions but they are still gone. That one night changed her whole life around and gave her a new reason to live. I was wondering is there any way you might be willing to turn her false assumptions in reality. At first Gopi was confused as to what he was asking for and then realized what he meant. Gopi finally says but Ahemji you want me to leave this house how can I and Ahem cuts her off right there and asks do you yourself want to leave this house? Gopi just nods no and then Ahem asks why? Gopi says she has a family in this house. She has a loving baa, and two mothers and two fathers, and a loving devar who is like her little brother. Ahem thinks I don't want you to leave anymore either. I want you to stay and I want to be part of your family as your saatihya. He walks up to Gopi and tells her then don't go stay here for your family's sake.

Gopi in a very low voice says ok and starts to turn away from Ahem and Ahem asks you still didn't answer my question from earlier. Gopi builds up her courage and says I have no problem in turning maaji's false assumptions into reality as long as you have no problems and then goes and lies down on the bed. So does Ahem but this time he sleeps facing Gopi even though Gopi has her back to him. Ahem thinks to himself again I know Gopi that I have to be very careful in removing this distance between us but I will give you all the time you need. The next morning Ahem wakes up before Gopi and gets ready and goes downstairs. After about 15 minutes Gopi wakes up and gets ready and heads downstairs and is surprised to see Ahem waiting for her. He has another glass of milk in his hand and Gopi again makes a face when he asks her to drink it. Ahem says I promise today is the last day I will make you drink this as today is the last dose of your medicine. Ahem also says again I will drink half if you will drink the other half. Gopi nods ok and just looks down. Ahem has half the glass and then hands it to Gopi but before he does he turns the glass so Gopi would be drinking from the same spot he drank from. Gopi who was looking down the whole time didn't see what Ahem did and just drank the remaining milk and ran into the kitchen.

Jigar had watched everything and once Gopi was out of sight he walks up to Ahem and says wow bhai you are quite romantic. Ahem in a happy mood let Jigar's comment go and said he needs to talk to him about something important. Jigar says what Ahem says not here we will talk at office. One by one everyone joined Ahem and Jigar and once everyone was there they all sat down to eat. Gopi didn't eat as much since she had milk but no one really noticed but Ahem. As Ahem got up to leave and Jigar says he would drive Ahem realized he forgot his wallet and laptop bag upstairs. Ahem then asks Gopi if she would go and get them for him. Gopi was surprised he asked her and then remembered what he said last night and just nods and walks away. Everyone was happy to see this except for Raashi but she still had to put on a fake smile for everyone.

Once at the office Ahem and Jigar go straight to Ahem's cabin. Jigar asks what's on your mind. Ahem starts off by saying I want to tell you something and starts off with the whole story about the rainy night and how everyone misunderstood what they saw and how that misunderstanding helped his mom recover and the whole nine yards. He then gets to the point and says that I want to accept Gopi in my life and I have no idea how to approach her since I have given her so much pain she is so scared of me. Jigar at that point says your life has turned into a hindi movie bhai. But don't worry I will help you. And one more thing even though Gopi bhabhi didn't mention your name I know she loves you a lot and that is the true reason she doesn't want to leave. I will help you get Gopi's love even if it is the last thing I do. Ahem had a smile on his face and just hugged his loving and animated brother.

Jigar sat in his office all day making plans on how he will get his bhai and bhabhi together. At last he was done. Again Jigar and Ahem went home together and both had smiles on their faces when they entered. One stare from Ahem was enough for Gopi and she ran into the kitchen. Jigar takes Ahem to his room and explains to him what he thought up all day today. He says bhai you have to have to start off slow and your actions should be subtle. If your actions are gentle then bhabhi's fears for you will start to disappear. This means no yelling at her at all no matter what she does, and give her all the distance she needs. As her fears lessen she will also lessen the distance between you guys. Until you don't see her start to lessen her distance don't try and get close to her. Ahem was just letting everything in and then repeats short notes of all of Jigar's ideas. Be gentle, no yelling, have her lessen the distance, subtle actions sounds easy enough. Then Ahem just thinks of Gopi's face when they are alone and how nervous she is and all he wants to do is kiss her and hug her and comfort her and wish time would stop forever. What Ahem didn't know was not only was he thinking this but he blurted everything out to Jigar and Jigar just walks up to him and feels his head. Ahem again blushes at being caught.

Jigar says I have to go and talk to bhabhi and teach her what she has to do. He sneaks into the kitchen to talk to Gopi. He was glad she was alone. So bhabhi what's up anything new? Gopi was confused by his question and just nods no. Then he continues and says word on the street is that bhai has fallen for you finally. Your love has won him over finally. Gopi was so shy to his frankness. Honestly bhai told me that he wants to be a part of your life and he is going to slowly try and make his way into your life. Gopi was so shocked and happy to hear this. Jigar continues I know bhabhi after the way he treated you, you need some time and bhai knows that too. I just came here to tell you don't let his efforts go to waste. Please do try and give him room in your life and with that he leaves. Gopi couldn't believe what she heard. Finally it was time for dinner and today Ahem wasn't the only one stealing glances. Everyone had retired to their rooms Gopi was the last one to go upstairs and like always Ahem was waiting for her and was shocked to see what she was holding. It was a glass of milk and she walks up to Ahem and hands him the glass. Ahem knew exactly what she meant and drank half of it and he hands it back. As she went to finish the glass Ahem says stop. Then turns the glass in her hands so she would drink from the same spot he drank from. At first she was hesitant then she remembered Jigar's words and drank the milk. Ahem was happy to see this and they made it a daily habit.

One day Ahem came home elated and gave everyone the great news of how he is so close to bagging a huge contract. Everyone is so happy to hear this. Gopi wanted to do something special and goes to Jigar and asks him if he would help her. Jigar says of course. Gopi told Jigar her plan and he was like fantastic idea bhabhi I can't wait to see bhai's face after that. Next morning everyone is praying that everything goes well and Gopi gives everyone aarti everyone leaves after taking aarti and Ahem is the last person she goes to. First Ahem gives her the aarti with his hands and then takes aarti for himself. Gopi places the tray back in the mandir and gets a piece of prasad and feeds Ahem and then in a very soft voice says best of luck in English. Ahem was so happy to hear that and asks her who taught her that and she says she asked Jigar to teach her that. That was all Ahem needed to build his confidence and nailed his presentation and got the biggest contract of his life all because of Gopi. That night Ahem had to stay up and work late. When he needed to refresh his mind he would watch Gopi sleep and after a couple of minutes he had a fresh mind again. At one point when Gopi went to move she almost fell off the bed because she slept so close to the edge and Ahem quickly grabbed her arm and saved her.

Gopi got up with a huge shock. She saw anger in Ahem's eyes and got scared but then Gopi's fear calmed Ahem down and he softly says you almost fell off the bed and I had to grab your arm to save you. I hope you don't mind. Gopi just gave him a small smile and went to lie down again and before she was completely down Ahem told her to sleep closer to the inside and not to worry he won't do anything to her and then Gopi just did what she was told. A couple of months went by and Ahem could clearly see that Gopi had lessen the distance between them cause she wouldn't hesitate as much when she talked to him, she would face him when she went to sleep and rarely did he see fear in her eyes for him. He told Jigar and Jigar says now it's time to take the next step and whispers something in his ear. Ahem smiled and couldn't wait for this plan to be put into action. Ahem was going to take Gopi out on her very first date. Ahem told the idea to his mom and told her to convince Gopi to come shopping and buy a nice salwar kameez to wear. Koki said of course. Koki sees Gopi and tells her to get ready we have to go shopping. Gopi goes and gets ready and then the three hit the mall. Ahem saw the cutest sleeveless green salwar kameez and shows it to his mom when Gopi is not paying attention. Koki liked it too and got it packed. She tells Gopi the clothes's shopping is done and now we just need to get some jewelry Gopi was confused since they didn't even look at anything. Ahem picks out the nicest set that goes with the dress. It was perfect for Gopi's taste.

Once they get home Koki takes Gopi upstairs and tells her to wear the salwar kameez and Gopi goes into the bathroom with the bag and is out in the next minute with it in her hands. Koki asks whats wrong. Gopi says she can't wear this as she will not be comfortable in it. Koki tells her it was Ahem's wish to have you wear this dress when you two go out to dinner tonight. Gopi was shocked to hear she was going out with Ahem alone. Koki says wear it for Ahem's happiness and how could Gopi say no to that and goes and wears the dress. By the time she comes out Koki is gone and Ahem is the one waiting. He was so stunned by Gopi's beauty he had no words to describe how hot she looked. They both go downstairs and everyone is so happy to see them together like that. All the elders bless them and they leave for the restaurant. Gopi was so happy to receive so much love from her Ahemji. Instead of getting seated Ahem leads Gopi to the dance floor and puts both her hands on his shoulders and places his hands on her waist. Gopi is feeling so shy from being so close to Ahem. After dancing for a while they get seated and eat their dinner. Ahem asks Gopi to wait by the entrance he will be right back.

Two goons see Gopi standing by herself and start harassing her. She starts screaming for help and runs in the direction Ahem went. Her foot gets caught in the carpet and as she is about to fall she is caught by Ahem who is furiously looking at the goons. Before Ahem could do anything to them the restaurant security guards grab a hold of them and turn them into the police and apologize to Ahem. Ahem looks at the terrified and crying Gopi tells her not to worry as he is always going to be there to protect her. He then wraps his jacket around her and has her sit in the car. The whole car ride home Gopi just cried and Ahem held her hand to try and comfort her. He quietly took her upstairs and just took her into a hug and let her cry her heart out. Gopi was so upset she had no idea what she was saying. Ahemji thank you so much for saving me. I was so scared tonight when those goons were after me. Ahemji I saw today how much you care about me how much you love me and today I want to tell you I love you too. Ahem couldn't believe what he heard and the crying had tired Gopi out so much that she kind of passed out. Ahem carried her to the bed and gently placed her on it and then went and got changed and then climbed into bed and hugged her again and they slept in each other arms that night.

The next morning when Gopi woke up she was surprised to be in Ahem's arms and before she could get out Ahem woke up and tightened his hug. Gopi slowly says let me go as I have to get ready. Ahem says I will let you go on one condition. You said something last night I want you to say it again to me. Gopi couldn't remember anything at first since she was so upset and then she remembered that she blurted out that she loved him. Gopi just blushed and said please let me go and Ahem says by all means I will let you go just say those simple little words. Gopi saw no way out so she slowly starts I……. I lo……… I love you Ahemji and with that Ahem let Gopi go and she ran into the bathroom to get ready. Those words forever stayed in his head. Gopi was so happy all day and thought about how she slept in Ahem's arms all night long and even said I love you to him not once but twice.

That night Gopi got one more surprise. When she entered the room Ahem quickly got up walked towards her and she just backed up onto the door. Ahem slowly raised his hand to lock the doors and then slowly took Gopi's hand in his walked her into the room. When they were by the couch he faced Gopi and took her face into his hands and leaned in for a gentle kiss. At first Gopi got shy and walked away from him but he wanted that kiss and this time he stood in front of her and wrapped one arm around her and used the other one to make her look at him and this time he succeeded in getting the kiss. He knew he had to stop at that because he didn't want to force Gopi into anything. Though two nights later Ahem lost his patience and got very naughty with Gopi. Gopi didn't mind so Ahem knew it was time. He guided Gopi to the bed and made her lie down and then got on top of her and started to kiss her lightly. As Gopi felt more comfortable with him he increased his passion and slowly removed his sherwani to see her reaction. Gopi just got shy and looked away. Ahem knew she would be fine and continued to kiss her and slowly removed all his and her clothes. Gopi felt so happy and satisfied the next morning. She was finally completed as a woman. She woke up and got out of bed ever so gently careful not to disturb her husband and got ready. Ahem was up by the time she got out and he was next to go take a shower. She cleaned up the room which was littered with their clothes and then made their bed. When she was about to unlock the doors to go out Ahem grabbed her from behind and said I need to talk to you. After a couple of seconds Gopi says yes what would you like to talk about. Ahem replies last night.

Gopi turns a bright red and looks down. Ahem continues I need to know if you are ok with what happened last night. Gopi nods yes and then he asks you didn't feel pressured or didn't feel as if I forced you into anything and Gopi just nods no. Then Gopi shocks him with a question. She asks are you happy with what happened last night. Ahem turns her around and says he is more than happy he is thrilled and can't wait to do it again. In a couple of weeks the whole family gets the good news and Gopi finally got the life she dreamed of. She had a wonderful family and a loving husband and in a matter of months she would be a mother. She got everything she ever asked for and was content with her life. 

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LoveMJ Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Very nicely written... Thx!
choti_rani Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Wonderful story. Clap
boparaisonia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
wonderful job
madhu_sridhar Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
superb yaarSmile.....i loved the way u developed their relationship slowly n exams r goin on right now...but honestly i preferred reading ur story rather than my text book...
suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
wonderful i loved it StarStar
br2499 Goldie

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Beautiful story Avni! Loved it! Wish the happens so in SNS.
-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:01am | IP Logged
very very very sweet story Avni....loved it.....

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