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Chaand Chupa Badal Mein
Chaand Chupa Badal Mein

My thoughts on the story

milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

Ok girls I did not watch the episode yet but read Sanju's awesome update with her comments(oh Sanju, I love you for doing it) and this is my take on the story.

So Viren was just like our Sweet Nivi in childhood and he used to love his brother so much (oh dil ko tandak padgayi yaar sunke) I knew my Sweetu was ultra sweet as kid too (sory off topic) how come Sid doesnot remember anything? and remember I told you before too that maybe Viren was close to his tayiji and tayaji from childhood, but then we thought it was CC & JW who sent Viren away but No it seems our dear own dadaji has sent him away, so what is the reason I don't think just getting low marks is the right reason to send away a kid? And as per the update he was into books too that we saw him do even now, so if he is into books how come he got low marks? So we have to wait for the entire past to come out, what has made this Sood elders to take such harsh decision to send away an innocent little kid away and why they don't have any of his childhood photographs from befoe going to hostel? A big question mark?
What I think of this story is, He Loves Nivi a lot, he had a soft corner for her when he met her in the temple when he was pulled towards her in trance while she was singing and that developed into love when he came to know that she is a person who can forgive the one who broke her heart too, did you get it she is Love Personification and he craves for only and only LOVE.
But later he came to know that she was Sid's love, BAM All his childhood he was second best to Sid so even in LOve he was beaten by Sid first and that is the reason he wanted nothing to do with her anymore but she offered her hand in friendship and told him that she doesnot love Sid and wants Divya to marry Sid. And so they did the natak but he was genuinely trying hard to impress her and make her fall in love with him but something drastic happened and he had to marry her. He never thought that he will marry her like that maybe he thought he will befriend her and completely erase Sid from her mind and then marry her but nothinghappened like that, and they got married but how he had to force her to marry him, he had to take Sid's name to get her married to him (again Sid) and then he would have left with her to someplace where they would live happily but it was Nivi who asked him to go back to home. My mind & heart are not letting me think that Viren was behind all those incidents but if we think he is & was but it was not to prove her to be mentally instable (his mom used it for her own good) but he wanted to prove something else to frame Sid maybe. You see I think he wanted to earase every ounce of respect love she has for Sid, He wanted her to be his and only his noone's because he already lost so much in his life for Sid and he did not wanted to lose his love, his wife. So whenever he scared her he also romanced her later on. His hatred was completely taking over him over his love. His love is just budding, but his hatred is deep rooted in him from childhood so tell me which will have more effect?
And then came the last stroke when his mom was taking Nivi to psychiatrist, he never wanted that because glitch in his plan he did not know about Nivi's mom and his mom used it for her own good. So he had to clear this thing out and fast so the attack.
He wanted to take her out for holidays for both of them but his luck favored him with Sid going out too so he planned with this and framed Sid what he always wanted (Nivi to completely erase Sid out of her mind and be his completely and I know his way of doing is wrong but he completely lost it with his hatred) And he cleared his wife's name infront of the family.
And today's scene of outing shows that again his hatred took over him, he cannot think properly of loving her again until Nivi acts accordingly how he wants her that confront Sid and earase his memory from her mind and heart.
WE don't know what happened that day all those years back but something dreadful happened which is etched in his mind and heart forever, and its only and only a true love and that too HIs Wife's Love can erase and bring out the real Viren in him who was an innocent boy just like Nivi who adored his brother, his family.
Nivi is the answer to the Sood FAmily, she will definitely break the curse of hatred which is rooted in Viren's heart and bring out the real Viren.
By doing this she will melt Chanchal and Jawahar for sure which will make them love her and repent for what they did to her and her father
She will make the family dadaji,dadiji,Vandana,Sid see what their mistake was, what they did to an innocent kid who was supposed to grow up as an handsome prince with golden heart but became a beast with golden heart adn he is not able to see what is right and wrong.
She will change everything in this family with her Love, her Care. Vandana was just like Nivi who was caring and loving but she did not had that guts which Nivi possess to speak up for the right, to speak up for the truth. Nivi has that guts in her she has that mental ability and emotional strength to question the world at large if something is not right and she will do it for the happiness of her husband and her family.
And then the real story of NivRen follows the ultimate story until eternity.
And don't worry and think too much when in this Sid will play a role as her friend and also as the elder son of the family because he needs to fight now just standing silently is not correct, he needs to ask questions too to his grandfather yes respecting you family is right but respecting them when they do wrong is not right. He needs to take hold of the reign now and redeem himself and bring back his loving brother who once loved him a lot and idealized him but now hating him with a vengence which overtook his life and completely destroying him from inside.
If you all as viewers question that does Viren really Love Nivi or not think once again and remember, keep this MP track aside how many times did Viren wanted to leave the Sood house with Nivi. Did he plan NT dadi's heartattack and YD's anger but he was ready to leave, did he anticipated dadaji will speak for him to stop? NO he didn't even anticipate that he had to marry Nivi like that, he never thought that Sid will be ready to stop the marriage did he ask Nivi to put her locket and show it to Sid? NO right, it happened and he stood by his promise of making Nivedita sharma bahu of Sood family. At that time he didn't even know that he was foiling all his mom's plans. So guys think about it from Viren's POV why he is doing all this?
I know the route he took is not correct but don't we see in the real life too how people with hatred behave they completely are lost in it but Love will change everything and specially for the person who craves for Love from his childhood. I am sure Nivi's Love will be the balm for his scars which are deep rooted in his heart.
Yes NIvi the beauty we are with you fight the cruel villagers and save your Beast and bring out the real handsome prince of your dreams.Its only your True love will bring him out and redeem him for all the eternity. Tu hi saathi, tu hi yaara, tu farista khuda ka its all true the other way around too. She is the saving grace the angel who was born to redeem Viren and love him for the real person he is the beast and the handsome prince.
And one morething remember the old article where Kinshuk said about psychotic obsessive passionate love. He did say this that when they see Viren's actions they will question his love for Nivi but it is all for Love.
I believe its all for Love his wife's love he wants it all for himself and doesnot want to share it with anyone as he lost everything from his childhood what ever he shared to the other person and he doesnot want that to happen again. But it will be our sweet Nivi who will teach him that Love will grow when you share it, and her love for him will not decrease because of her friendship. Friendship is different but she loves him and only him in this entire world.
Hopefully I made some sense in this post as I was just putting my thoughts as it came to my mind.
Sorry if I hurt anyone with my thoughts, it was never my intention but just putting my thoughts in writing.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
awesome posts

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Thank you Milee, from the bottom of my heart ! You have done something which I wanted to since last night but did not know how to explain !! I did not know how to explain why I still love and cherish the NivRen scenes still !! And you have given a perfect example !! *hugs* Thank you so much !! *hugs*

I don't have any doubts that Viren loves Nivi, but I do have doubts if he even realizes this fact or not ? Because with his childhood and past, maybe he thinks he is incapable of love ! and like you said, at this point it does not matter that he loves her or not, the main thing is how Nivi deals with Viren when she finds out the truth !!

Everyone is of the POV that Nivi is going to shattered, hurt, betrayed, broken down, she will loose all faith in love and men ! I disagree !! If I know my Nivi, she will be hurt, and she will be pissed off, but not at Viren !! She will be like a tigress protecting her cub ! She will question each and every member in the Sood house for what they did to her husband !! and then she will blast Viren but even that will reflect her love !! she will blast him for not confiding in her !! she will blast him for going about the things the wrong way !! but after all that she will love and care for him even more !! Because she will understand what hell he must have gone through that he had to resort to stalking to make her fall in love with him !!

If we think about it, how much did he suffer, that the only way he thought Nivi will ever love HIM and would be emotionally dependent on him if he scared her, and then become her support !! He did all this because he thought no one could love him for himself, especially the girl who loved Sid !! If gis family could not love him, like they did Sid, how could a girl, to whom he is just a stranger, would ever love him !! Cry

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savera2007 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome :)

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
In his hatred and vengence Viren is not seeing the budding Love which was what a few months old but his hatred is some 15+ years old. Answer me which will take over your heart Love or hatred. But once he will see the Love and feel the Love his hatred will melt down like steel in a fire. And who can do that better than our Sweet Nivi.
And about Nivi, yes she will be shattered, broke and all but when she comes to know the real reason she will forgive and become the balm he needs. But she will blast him off for sure because she has that right on him. And we have seen Nivi behave completely different with Viren from the beginning when they were strangers too.
I am still waiting for the complete past story to unfold what had made a shy, sweet kid who used to keep to his room to become like this who is a burning Volcano and don't know when it will erupt. It will be only Nivi who can break those walls and peek into his heart and know the real Viren who have so many insecurities, so much vulnerability, so much craving for love which is completely covered with hatred.
I want to Nivi to question the entire Sood clan for what they did to Viren not just becuase he is her husband its a humane thing.
I was cheering when Nivi asked Bhupat Sood that question on the big confrontation day"why you didnot look into the matters, why you kept quiet" I want her to ask Bhupat again for Viren and this time I don't want Sid to keep silent he needs to open up a kid brother who loved you and idealized you turned complete 360 degrees and now hating you with vengence and you cannot keep quite you need to question your family Sid and bring out the truth.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Bhupat is just like sid or should I say Sid is just like Bhupat...

always silence


I loved it when Nivi was confronting Bhupat as to why he didnt even bother finding out the truth

and thats what Sid is doing. He knows the truth and he is still silent

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
awesome Milee...You have touched the cord by this post. I agree with you 1000%.
And the more I think, I am realizing that Nivi will not be shattered. She will be upset and mad. She is strong now and she will not let anybody come in between her and Viren. She is on a mission to know her husband even though Viren said he will not let her know everything about himself. But I am sure the day will come when he will be like a mirror and Nivi will see all very clearly. She has full right to know her husband and even Viren has told her so many times. It is only Nivi with whom he calms down and likes being questioned and scolded. He is like a volcano right now ready to burst and our Nivi will be like thandi hawa ka jhoka who instead of rising the fire and lava will cool it.
Yes, he had lot many occassions to leave the Sood house but came back because of Nivi. And if you see Nivi questioned BS today too that why Viren never came home during holidays? She is not afraid to question and that is a very good quality that she is getting good at.

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Shayafan Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Loved your post and love u for explaining everything with such gr8 details. I am sure Nivi loving Sid in past was the trigger for Viren. Navz, Anju, Suchi brilliant inputs janus....

Million hugs to you all HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

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