my jesture..... THOSE PAINFUL DAYS!!!! (completed)

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hey ppl.....

i m back and this time its REALLY PAINFUL..... zyada nahi kuch kehna hay.... bus yehi kehna hay kay.... it based on 35 days of DAYA Sir at JDJ-4.... i just turned it into CID format... but the main ingridient of this story was FEELINGS... EMMOTIONS.... TENSIONS.......

i dunt know wat i wrote cz in sum scenes u feel sum unusual may be exaggerated
emmotions (just remember that due to anger and pain... my watery
eyes did not get the lappy screen clear there should be a hestle touch)...
these are my SALINE DROPS....

NOTE: its an incomplete version... i will try to complete it when the SPOILER tell us about DAYA Sir.... ok.... plz GALS/GUYS feedback or give comments... cz for any writer... feedback is the backbone
of his/her talent to raise or to suppress.... feedback either i will complete it or just drop that idea.... thanx...



In CID bearue'. The environment was quite low and bit lousy as well' ACP Sir was in DELHI for sum official meetings and hope he will be there at night or may be tomorrow morning'. ABHIJEET also unavailable due to some official work from a week' DAYA missing him so much' usual matters are discussing'. Some file work' previous case investigation'. FREDDIE wife GAYAAN'. And everything'

FREDDIE: DAYA Sir ye ABHIJEET Sir kub aayein gay???

DAYA(during work): kyun FREDDIE' dant khanay ka mann ho raha hay' main dant dun'

FREDDIE(with smile): nahi Sir' aap ki dant tou main AMRIT samajh ker pii jata hun'.

DAYA: hmmmm'. Aur ABHIJEET ki daant!!!

FREDDIE(making faces): KARVI dawa samajh ker'

VIVEK: FREDDIE Sir aap apni wife ki daant ko kya samjh ker peetay hain'.

FREDDIE: tujhay kiya' main us ki daant ko jo bhi samjhun'

DAYA: VIVEK FREDDIE apni wife ki daant ko''

Suddenly his phone ringing'. He saw the number and  picks up urgently'

DAYA: yes Sir!!!

DAYA: kiya!!!

DAYA:  Sir hum abhi aatay hain'..

After dropping the call' he said that'

DAYA: Sir ka phone tha'. ABHI hospital mein hay' us ka accident ho gaya hay'

All move fast at hospital, DAYA's rash drive understand them the critical situation' ACP and DR were there

DAYA:  Sir aap yahan???  kaisa hay ABHIJEET' usay zyada chout tou nahi aayii hay na???

DR:  dekhyey sar per kafi gehrii chout hay' hosh mein aanay kay baad hee kuch kaha ja sakta hay'.

After that DR move towards his cabin'. DAYA talk to ACP'.

DAYA: Sir aap tou DELHI mein thay na' tou yahan itni jaldi aur aap ko ABHIJEET kay accident ka kaisay pata chala???

ACP: DAYA main kal raat ko aa gaya tha' aaj subah ABHIJEET ko ek official kaam say bulwaya tha' wo mujh say mil ker nikla tou kuch der baad mujhay yahan say phone aaya kay us ka accident ho gaya hay' (ACP move to FREDDIE)  FREDDIE tum aur SACHIN ABHIJEET ki car ko CHURCH GATE say uthao aur POLICE GARAGE mein lay ja ker achi tarah dekho' mujhay ye accident nahi lagta'.

Both move' At night ABHIJEET coming back from unconscious state'. Everyone wants to meet him' when they enter inside the room' ABHIJEET does not recognize anyone' DR told them that may be its an temperory state so the complete situation will be clear  after few days' in these few days nothing good was happened with ABHIJEET mental state'.. DR call ACP and DAYA'

DR: mera khayal hay ACP sahib kay ABHIJEET ki yaaddasht  chali gayii hay'.

ACP(shocked): kiya'.( Bit confuse) magar DR chout tou itni gehri nahi thi'

DR: haan aap saheh keh rahay hain magar kyunki past mein bhi in ko memory lost ka problem ho chukka hay is liyey aisa honay kay chances buhat hain' ho sakta hay ye state temprory ho' magar kub tak ye mukammal theek hongay aur kub tak in ki yaaddasht wapis aayey gi' kehna buhat mushkil hay'. shayed do din mein ye theek ho jayein ya phir shayed do saal lug jayein'

DAYA: do saal'

DR: zyada bhi ho saktay hain' mera mashwara hay aap in ko ghar lein jayein aur un cheezun say familier karwayein' tou in ki yaaddasht wapis aany kay jald chances ho saktay hain'.

ACP: thank you Dr' (after pause) DAYA tum ABHIJEET ko us kay ghar lay jao aur us kay sath he raho'

DAYA: Sir '

DAYA took ABHIJEET with him' its quite difficult to handle ABHIJEET in this mental state' after spending much time to convince him ABHIJEET agree to move with DAYA'. DAYA was so sad and worried about ABHIJEET' both reached at ABHIJEET residence' DAYA supports him to move inside cz he has lots of wounds and cuts on his whole body and a leg injury as well'. DAYA try hard to back his memory' he chat with him' show things but!!!

DAYA: ABHI dekho main kiya laya hun' ye flavor tum ko pasand hay na???

ABHIJEET: nahi'.

DAYA: acha theek hay' chalo batao kaun sa flavor tum ko pasand hay???

DAYA try from every possible way'. to recover back his best buddy memory but right now its looking very difficult'. He even not give any proper attention to his work'.

At bearue'.

ACP: DAYA kya ho gaya hay tum ko '. Kahan hota hay tumhara dihaan???

DAYA saw ACP in absent mind'.

ACP: mujhay malum hay DAYA tum ABHIJEET ko lay ker pareshaan ho' hum sub bhi hain' magar kaam tou karna hay na'.

DAYA: Sir usay kuch yaad nahi aata' (in sad tone) main itni koshish ker raha hun'.

ACP:  hum sub jaantay hain DAYA' acha filhaal tum FREDDIE kay sath jao'.

After they move'.

VIVEK: Sir DAYA Sir ABHIJEET Sir say buhat attach hain' wo buhat disturb bhi hain' is tarah tou wo khud bhi beemaar ho jayein gay'

ACP: haan VIVEK magar DAYA ko is waqt kuch kehna bekaar hee hoga' wo sunay ga thori'.

At night'. DAYA took ABHIJEET and show his image on mirror' he point on ABHIJEET image reflected on mirror and asked'

DAYA: acha batao ye kaun hay??? is ka naam kiya hay???

ABHIJEET:  ye tou koi meray jesa hay'

DAYA(with smile): ye tum hee ho ABHIJEET'

ABHIJEET(in confusion): kaun ABHIJEET!!!

DAYA(point on his own image on mirror): acha ye kaun hay???

ABHIJEET: malum nahi'.

DAYA's eyes and face was hurted'. He bring back ABHIJEET on bed'. After an hour RAHUL was there' DAYA open the door and call him inside'. RAHUL was DAYA's batch mate and friend too' he is in POLICe and also knew about ABHIJEET too'

RAHUL: kaisa hay ABHIJEET ab???

DAYA: pata nahi'

RAHUL: tum itna pareshan na ho DAYA'. sub theek ho jayey ga'.

DAYA(in wet tone): RAHUL'. Jub wo mujhy dekhta hay na' khaali aankhun say' tou mujhay buhat takleef hoti hay' meri her koshish bekaar ho rahi hay' wo kuch bhi yaad nahi ker pa raha' itna aggressive ho jata hay kay usay sanbhalna mushkil ho jata hay' yaar tery pass koi JAADOO KI CHARI hay' jis ko main ghumaon aur sub theek ho jayey' pehlay jesa (RAHUL comes near and place his hand on DAYA's shoulder to console him)' yaar itnay din ho gayey' mujhay!!!... main nay doosray doctors say bhi baat ki hay' sub ka kehna hay kay aahista aahista hee kuch hoga' yaar main'( he stands and move inside' after few sec, he came back again)'

RAHUL: tum is tarah pareshan ho gay' tou khud beemaar ho jao gay' phir us ka dihaan kaun rakkhay ga' khana khaya tum nay???

DAYA: haan' abhi khaya hay ABHI kay sath' tumhara kaam kesa chal raha hay???

RAHUL: haan theek hay' in gunahgaarun nay tou soch liya hay kay humein chain say nahi rehnay dena hay' jub dekho kaam aur kaam' acha main ab chalata hun' phir aaonga' tum plz ABHIJEET kay sath apna bhi khayal rakkho'.

DAYA: haan' thanx yaar'.

After that' TAREEKA call him and ask him about ABHIJEET condition'

DAYA: nahi wesa hee hay' TAREEKA  kya tum kal ABHIJEET kay ghar aa sakti ho' mujhay apnay ghar jana hay' kuch kapray wagairaah leenay hain'..  FREDDIE bhi hoga'

TAREEKA: ok' main aa jaongi'

DAYA: thanx'

On next day'. DAYA is going to his house' while TAREEKA and FREDDIE were there to take care of ABHIJEET'  both of them try to remember  ABHIJEET ' but ABHIJEET not take any interest'.. DAYA will back after an hour' and with quite difficulties' he convince ABHIJEET to take dinner with TAREEKA and FREDDIE' they all take their food'. TAREEKA made coffee'. ABHIJEET did not take coffee' and go to his room'. After see off TAREEKA and FREDDIE with thanx'.  DAYA came inside ABHIJEET room with something'

DAYA: tum soyey nahi ABHI???

ABHIJEET: meri marzi'

DAYA: acha hua' dekho meray pass kiya hay tumharay liyey??!!

He showed him some PICTURES of both'. Some special moments'. Some unusual expressions'. He added the situation from which these PICTURES were taken'. ABHIJEET try to remember anything but invane'

ABHIJEET: mujhay neend aa rahi hay'

DAYA was get up with them' say GOOD NIGHT and move to his room'.

At mid night'. ABHIJEET move from his room' he feels some thirst' he saw DAYA at lounge so move there' DAYA was in sleep' his hand grab a PIC of both' and after watching this PIC, DAYA is going to sleep as well'.

At mid night ACP have a call'. The caller was worried and his voice was bit tense as well'

CALLER: ab meray liyey buhat mushkil ho gaya hay'.

CALLER(again):  aap samjhein'.

CALLER(bit irritate): magar is tarah'.

CALLER: hum dono ka he nuqsaan ho raha hay'.

 CALLER: main'

CALLER: please'

CALLER: theek hay'.

On next day'. DAYA get a call from RAHUL' he is asking about ABHIJEET health'. During chat'

DAYA: najany kyun kabhi mujhay lagta hay!!!

RAHUL: kya lagta hay???

DAYA: nahi kuch nahi'. (after few sec, in hurry) RAHUL mujhay ek favour do gay'

RAHUL: anything DAYA'. bolo'.

DAYA told him a detail' first RAHUL was not agree but after DAYA insisting' he agrees'

At night'.

ABHIJEET was at the house' DAYA was not there'. Someone knock the door' ABHIJEET thought it will be DAYA so he opens the door without any hesitation'. Few people come inside with ammunition in their hands' they just spread inside the entire house'. And after searching'. Ask to ABHIJEET' who was stand on one man gun point'.

MAN: Inspector DAYA kahan hay???

ABHIJEET: mujhay nahi malum'

MAN: kub aayeyga???

ABHIJEET: kiya kaam hay tum logun ko DAYA say???

MAN: kub aayeyga wo???

ABHIJEET: pata nahi'

At that moment' he heard DAYA's quallis voice' he try to grab that man and call DAYA not to come inside' but the MAN placed his hand on ABHIJEET mouth and rushdly switch off the main loungh lights'.. DAYA push his finger on door bell' someone open the door' ABHIJEET tried was successful now'


DAYA could not understand anything'. He was back off but bit late' some bullets enter in his body instantly' ABHIJEET scream' low light' running'  ABHIJEET rushed towards DAYA' he was felling at doorstep'. With lots of holes and blood'. ABHIJEET instantly call for AMBULANCE and CID team too'.

ABHIJEET: DAYA kuch nahi hoga'.

All came fast'. DAYA was standstill'. AMBULANCE took DAYA' team moves with them'. At hospital'

DR: ACP sahab ye sub kiya hay??? aap logun nay kya humein pagal samjah rakkha hay???

ABHIJEET: DR sahab aap kiya keh rahay hain'.

DR: yehi tou main aap say pooch raha hun kay ye sub kiya hay???

He showed them a BULLET PROOF JACKET'. FAKE BLOOD SAMPLES'.  FAKE BULLETS'. all are shocked'.

ABHIJEET: tou phir DAYA uth kyun nahi raha'

DR: wo shock say behosh huay hain' bus.. aur kuch nahi' abhi thori der mein hosh aa jayeyga'.

DR move' while ABHIJEET and ACP see each other' they easily understand now that DAYA knew about everything' and now its quite difficult to handle him' its really a big exam for ABHIJEET'. 28 days they make him fool' and now' what they are doing now' it's a big query against them'

ABHIJEET: Sir' ab kiya hoga???

ACP: pata nahi ABHIJEET'. Dekho' us ka reaction hee kuch batayeyga'.

At night DAYA was escaped from the hospital by the help of RAHUL'.. he does not met  any team member'  RAHUL took him in hotel cz DAYA do not agree to go to his house right now'

RAHUL: tum aik baar un say mil tou lo' baat ker lo' koi reason hoga DAYA is ka'.

DAYA: RAHUL' thank you yaar' thanks a lot'.

RAHUL: tum milo gay un say???

DAYA: pata nahi' filhaal kuch socha nahi hay' acha yaar tum bhi thak gayey hogay' ab aaram karo ja ker'

RAHUL: DAYA meri baat mano gay' tum aik baar mil lo' sub say' please'

DAYA: acha'.

RAHUL: I hope tum meri baat ka maan rakhho gay'.

DAYA(shake hands): boss' DAYA ki zaban hay'.

RAHUL: that's like a good friend'

Both smiles and RAHUL left' DAYA was lay on bed ' a few drops comes from his eyes while thinking about those painful days'.

At next morning'. DR call from the hospital and told ACp about DAYA escape'. ACP thanked him' after put off the call'

ACP: mujhay malum tha' DAYA aisa hee karega'. FREDDIE DAYA kay ghar ja ker check karo'.

Before FREDDIE left' DAYA reached at bearue with sad mood'. Everyone was quite happy'. ACP sat him on chair and sitting himself near to him'

ACP: ye sub mera plan tha DAYA' ABHIJEET tou is kay liyey tayyar hee nahi tha' magar meray kehnay per usay ye karna para'. Humein kuch dino pehlay hee is DRUGS RACKET ka pata chala tha' ABHIJEET isi kaam kay liyey aik haftay say ghayeb tha' magar aaj kuch logun nay us per hamla kiya' us ki yaaddasht kuch waqt kay liyey disturb ho gayii thi' jesay hoti rehti hay' magar ye temprory tha' jub tum log gayey tou usay beech mein hosh aa gaya tha' un logun nay kisi tarah ye pata chalwa liya tha kay ABHIJEET ki yaaddasht chali gayii hay' is liyey un logun ka dihaan ABHIJEET say hatanay kay liyey mujhay ye sub ABHIJEET say karwana para'. Is mein us ka koi qasoor nahi' us nay apni duty ki hay' meray orders follow kiyey hain' mujhay malum hay' tum ko buhat bura laga' balkay buhat dukh bhi hua hay' magar ye zaruri tha'. Aur main ye bhi jaanta hun kay kuch din pehlay tum jaan chukay thay kay ABHIJEET drama ker raha hay'.

He move outside while on way meet to SALUNKHY who will be there to meet ACP' ABHIJEET sitting near DAYA and say'

ABHIJEET: DAYA main jaanta hun' tum ko kitni takleef hui'.

DAYA burst out'. Everyone was stunned and standstill' ABHIJEET try to place his hand but DAYA aggressively pushed him back' he was crying loudly even his whole body was shivering'. ABHIJEET move his eyes on ACP ' SALUNKHY on other side signals ABHIJEET not to touch DAYA again and he again signals to FREDDIE for a glass of water'. FREDDIE give the glass to DAYA' DAYA grab it but even not take one sip' after few minutes' his body comes in calm state' he stand up' place the glass of water at table' and move outside'.  

Everyone comes out from the situation forcefully' ABHIJEET run behind him but DAYA took his quallis and his quallis move like a bullet'. He back at bearue in sad mood'. After an hour' CID bearue get a call that DAYA was in hospital' and he was critical as well' everyone rushed there'.

ABHIJEET: DR DAYA kahan hay??? wo theek hay na???

DR: wesay tou hum aisay patient ko treatment nahi detay' seedhay seedhay police case banta hay' magar!!!

ACP: kiya matlab hay aap ka???

DR: ACP sahab aap kay officer nay khudkushi ki koshish ki hay' khud hee car ko maar diya'. Kafi say zyada buri halat hay' kyunki unhun nay soch rakkha tha kay aisa hee karna hay tou kafi dekh ker gadi maari hay'.  kay bachnay ka koi chance hee na rahay' khair' abhi hosh nahi aaya hay' hosh aa jayey tou hee saheh condition ka pata lagay ga'.

ABHIJEET: ye sub meri wajah say hua hay' mujhay DAYA ko bata dena tha' Sir' us ki koshish' mehnut'. jub bhi wo mujhay dekhta tha' wo bechain ho jata tha kay bus jaldi say sub kuch pehlay jesa ho jayey'. main nay isi wajah say aap ko pehlay bhi kaha tha kay hum ye drama khatam na bhi karein tou kum az kum DAYA ko is mein shamil ker lein' magar!!!

After prolong hours' DAYA open his eyes' and after seeing everyone close them again'. ACP comes near'.

ACP: DAYA'. kesay ho??? zyada dard tou nahi ho raha' haan!!!

DAYA: nahi Sir' bus main sona chahta hun'.

He jus close his watery eyes  although some tears came out from his eyes too'.

ACP: acha so jao'.

On next morning'. He get up' but there was still a problem in his moving ability' his shoulders and leg was quite injured' he tell doctor that he want to go home' he will take rest at his home too' but DR said'

DR: Sorry officer' aap kay boss nay sakhti say humein mana kiya hay kay jub tak aap poori tarah nahi theek ho jaatay' hum aap ko discharge na karein'.

DAYA don't say a word but when the team come to meet him' he say to ACP'

DAYA: Sir aap nay DR ko mujhay discharge karnay say mana kiya hay kiya???

ACP: haan jub tak tum poori tarah theek nahi ho jaatay' kyun???!!!

DAYA: plz Sir'. (with himself) warna main bhaag jaonga yahan say'.

ACP give advise of complete rest to DAYA and release him from the hospital'.  after few minutes' someone come inside' and grab DAYA' DAYA push him and turned'

DAYA: tum yahan kyun aayey ho??? Mujhay tum say koi baat nahi karni hay' tum jao'.

ABHIJEET: DAYA yaar' main tou ACP Sir kay orders maan raha tha'.

DAYA(grab his coller): kisay kay dil say khelna tumharay liyey kuch ihmiyet nahi rakhta' (just lose his coller) 30 din tum nay mujhay kitni takleef dii' malum hay' main kitna roya'. Kitni dua ki' kitni koshish ki'. Nahi ABHI tum nay is baar sirf ACP Sir kay orders follow nahi kiyey hain' mujhay tour diya hay' samjhay'. (after few minutes, he low down himself) mujhay itna dukh us waqt nahi hua tha' jub SONALI nay mujhay cheat kiya tha'. Us waqt bhi itni takleef nahi hui jub PURVI nay wo sub kiya tha'. Haan us waqt bhi itna dard hua jub tum nay meray liyey goli khayii' halanky tumhara COMA mein jana bhi tumhara aur ACP Sir ka plan tha' tum dono meri feelings jaantay thay'. magar phir bhi' tum nay sub jaan ker kiya' tum mujhay bata detay' bata saktay thay' kitni baatein hain hum dono ki jo ACP Sir ko nahi malum' kitni baar tum un kay orders kay against bhi gayey ho' magar is baar' tum nay meri takleef ka tamasha dekha hay ABHI' bus' tum jao'  please'

ABHIJEET did not try to talk or do anything' he just leave the place'.

On next morning' a guy come to meet ACP'. He saw ABHIJEET and shake hand with him'

ABHIJEET: arry tum yahan kesay???

KARTIK: mujhay DAYA nay bheja hay ABHIJEET Sir'  ACP sahab ko ye denay'. (after saw ACP) Main KARTIK hun Sir' DAYA ka parosii'.

He gave that packet to ACP and leave' ACP open it' and shocked' the packet contained DAYA's CID BADGE'. GUN' RESIGNATION LETTER and a piece of paper'..


Mujhay malum hay' ye sub dekh ker aap sub ko buhat shock lagay ga' magar is waqt meri mental health is tarah ki nahi hay kay main CID mein apni poori concentration say kaam ker sakun' main yahan say ja raha hun'. Ho sakta hay' ye ek BREAK ho' aur main wapis aa jaon'. agar main nay kuch dino tak koi contact nahi kiya tou aap meri jagah kisi ko bhi APPOINT ker lijyeyga' mujhay yaqeen hay wo mujh say buhat acha kaam karayga'.

Sir' aap log mera pata lagany ki koshish nahi kijyeyga' khas ker ABHIJEET' kyunkay mujhay malum hay wo mujhay dhoond hee lay ga' magar agar aisa hua tou main kisi ko tou kuch nahi karunga' lekin khud ko zarur maar daalun ga' mujhay umeed hay ABHIJEET kabhi ye nahi chahyey ga'

 Main aap sub ko buhat miss karunga' I say xtremelly SORRY to everyone' khas ker aap say' ABHI' FREDDIE' VIVEK'  DR.SALUNKHY'. DR.TAREEKA' SACHAN' KAJAL '. Sub ka buhat thanx'.. aap sub apna buhat khayal rakhyeyga' khas ker Sir aap apna' FREDDIE ka'  aur ABHI ka tou buhat zyada'



Everyone comes in terrible state…. Everyone was stunned… gloomy… irritate and in anger too…

ACP(after wrap that letter): tumhari jagah tou koi nahi lay sakta DAYA…. (watching everyone) is waqt tum log kuch mut karo… (watching carefully) ABHIJEET khas ker tum… filhaal usay apnay sath kuch waqt guzaarnay do… tum bharosa rakkho… wo jaldi wapis aa jayeyga… wo shayed hum sub say alug reh jayey… magr tum say aur CID say alug hona us kay liyey namumkin hay….


ABHIJEET(in wet tone): Sir agar mujhay zara sa bhi ihsaas hota kay DAYA itna hurt hoga… tou main kabhi ye nahi karta…. Wo tou….

FREDDIE(with cry): Sir DAYA Sir aakhir is tarah hum sub ko chor ker kesay ja saktay hain…

ACP: fiker mut karo FREDDIE… wo kisi ko chor ker nahi gaya hay… thora naraz hay… gussa hay… hum sub say… magar hum usay mana hee lein gay…

CID bearue was quite and gloomy….  Everyone just wrap up the work… they lost intrest and concentration…. Unhesitately they took his name… unintentionally they feel him around themselves…

ABHIJEET: DAYA chal zara jana hay….

VIVEK saw him in shock… ABHIJEET stunned… he really miss DAYA a lot…. How he bring back DAYA is really a big query… silently he digout about DAYA's place of hiding but did not tell to anyone including ACP…. DAYA did not take his quallis too… he had taken his bike…. His house was locked… everything going bad for everyone during days goes fast…. Atlast ACP discuss his plan… coz first he don't want to lose DAYA and also all his officers and naturally he also miss him although he did not confess publicaly but he always search NAKUL in DAYA personality… he is very dear to all of them…. Even SALUNKHY ask about his appearance at regular intervels….

ACP: ABHIJEET tum do din baad apny zakhmi honay ki khabar akhbaar mein lagwa dena…. Ihtiate say… aur haan hospital mein admit bhi ho jao… aur tum sub…. buhat achi acting karni hay… DAYA ko zara sa bhi shak nahi hona chahyey… ABHIJEET pictures achi tarah khichwana… halankay ye thora risky hay.. najany DAYA is per yaqeen karay ga bhi ya nahi… magar kuch tou karna hay na…

ABHIJEET: Sir agar wo yaqeen nahi bhi karayga… tou bhi.. aik baar mujhay zarur dekhnay aayeyga… main jaanta hun usay….

VIVEK: aur Sir agar unhun nay apnay kisi INFORMER say madad lay li tou!!! Hum un kay saary informers ko thori jaantay hain…

ACP:  haan VIVEK ye ho sakta ahy… magar yun hath per hath rakkhy tou nahi beth sakty na hum log… aagay jo hoga dekha jayeyga….  I want every detail with complete care and caution…

EVERYONE: yes Sir…

ACP signals ABHIJEET to his cabin… when ABHIJEET enter… he asks…

ACP: jahan DAYA hay wahan akhbaar kesay pohanchay ga???

ABHIJEET was shocked he never thought that ACP asked this query in any moment…

ACP: tum nay bataya nahi ABHIJEET…. Main jaanta hun tum ko malum hay kay DAYA kahan hay???

ABHIJEET: Sir… hum us taraf koi newspaper stall lagwa detay hain…

ACP: good… magar aaj hee lagwa do… ta kay shak kum ho… ab jao….

ABHIJEET(quite confusion): Sir aap ko kesay pata chala kay main jaanta hun kay DAYA kahan hay???

ACP: tumharay chehray say… us per dukh hay… takleef hay… magar parshani nahi… acha chalo… kaam per lag jao… buhat hoshyaari say… yahan humara muqabla ek CID officer say hay….

ABHIJEEt left with the team…  first he thought about establishing a stall but after  agin thinking he cancel the idea… he took one of the local newspaper guy … cz he minimize the value of suspicious…  DAYA saw that guy… he talked to him as well… but found nothing… intentionally he wait for anyone… he calm himself in these three days… he confess that he lost his temper and did bad with everyone… he agree that he was hurted by the whole situation but he also concluded that it was quite necessary on that scenario… basically he also miss all of them… the CID bearue…. ACP Sir scolding… FREDDIE's GAYAN… SALUNKHY pinching… VIVEK and FREDDIE's comments... SACHAN… KAJAL… TAREEKA…. Everyone… his quallis… his CID BADGE… his GUN and most importantly his best buddy ABHI… ABHI's punch… his expressions… eyes… smile… tears…  companionship… everything… sometime he jus want to go and hugged ABHI and everything comes in normal way… but he forcefully suppress his want… and its really difficult…. His health was disturb… he lose concentration in anything….

On next day…. The local paper guy talks about his build up…. He tells DAYA that he want to be a body builder but due to his father unexpected death… he supports his family…. And his dream of becoming a body builder not fulfilled…. DAYA take unnecessary papers and magazines from him too…. ABHIJEET play with DAYA's sensitivity… cz he knows DAYA better than anyone… thatswhy he dropped the idea of newspaper stall….

After a day… according to the plan… news of Sr Inspector ABHIJEET shot was the front headline with ABHIJEET  picture… detail was also there… DAYA took the paper and read it… but he did not believe on it… he easily feel… its again a bluff with him…. so take no interst…. Here the team was anxious… but nothing happened… on another day the followup comes with exaggeration of ABHIJEET health condition… now DAYA feel bit tension… and minute after minute his tension changes into worry… at night he saw a bad dream  about ABHIJEET… he woke up… feel himself in swaet… he counts his beat right now….  first he try to call to any of his informers but after some time… he convince himself to go and check out the whole story…..

On next morning he calls someone and after talking to that man in few minutes… cant control himself and move as fast as can…. he was crying in whole of his way…. only he knows how could he be there in that critical scene…. He rushed towards the place where he saw VIVEK… FREDDIE and ACP…  now he cries loudly even he did not thought that everyone was feeling happiness which shows in their faces… eyes… he just crying… ACP try to console him but its really difficult….

ACP: DAYA… DAYA… sanbhalo khud ko….


ACP: ABHI theek hay… tum zara relax ho jao… wo theek hay DAYA….. yaqeen karo….

DAYA's mind and body comes in low state… he saw eneryone faces…. He say…

DAYA: Sir mujhay ABHI say milna hay…

ACP: haan chalo…

DAYA enter in ABHIJEET room… he rushed and hugged him … ABHIJEET feel his HEART BEAT in high peaks…. His tears…. His bit shivering body… thumbs up to ACP… ACP smile and leave them… ABHIJEET say…

ABHIJEET: ye dil kyun itni zor zor say dharak raha hay tumhara??? Kya INSPECTOR ANILA say mulaqaat ho gayii…

DAYA: bako nahi…. (after wipe his tears and bit relaxed)… aur uth jao fata fat… mujhay pata hay tum theek ho… naqli aur asli goli lagnay ka farq mujhay malum hay…

ABHIJEET: sorry DAYA…. ab tou maaf ker day yaar….

 DAYA: hath pair joro meray… phir sochun ga….

ABHIJEET: is say acha nahi hay kay tera gala daba dun….

DAYA: haan tum ye ker saktay ho… wesay meri jaan nikaal kay sakun nay mila tumhein jo ab bhi gala dabanay ka armaan hay….

ABHIJEET grab him and and say…

ABHIJEET: ab tou nahi jayeyga na mujhay chor ker….

DAYA: pehlay tum ye ulti seedhi harkatein karna chor do… warna phir chala jaonga…

ABHIJEET: ja kay dikha… buhat maarun ga DAYA tujhay….

Everything comes in normal way… DAYA is still in bed coz he has still a leg injury…

Where on other side at bearue….

KAJAL: Sir kitna acha lug raha hay na DAYA Sir ka wapis aana… halankay is baar tou mujhay darr tha kay shayed wo wapis na aayein…

ABHIJEET: nahi wapis tou usay aana hee tha… pata hay us ki sub say bari STRENGTH kiya hay???

FREDDIE: power…

VIVEK: nature….

KAJAL: awesome smile…

ABHIJEET: hmmmm… haan ye tou hain magar us ki sub say bari strength us ki SENSITIVITY hay… aur yehi us ki sub say bari WEAKNESS bhi hay…

VIVEK: wesay Sir wo saheh mein aap ko apna BHAI hee samjhtay hain… dekha tha jub hospital aayey thay… kitna ro rahay thay… main tou pareshan hee ho gaya tha….

ABHIJEET: haan wo bhai samjhta hay aur main bhai manta hun…. Pata hay VIVEK main kuch bhi ker lun us kay liyey magar us kay wo aansoo….. main shayed lauta na sakun…. Ek lamhay ki ek choti sii ghalati ya mazak doosray per kitna bhaari parr sakta hay… us din main nay mehsus kiya….

DAYA enter with good mood… he is bit injured…

DAYA: kiya ho raha hay???

ABHIJEET:  arry ye tum aa kyun gayey… aaraam karna tha na….

DAYA: bore ho gaya hun boss aaraam ker ker kay…  wesay kya chal raha hay….

ABHIJEET(with smile): DAYA main nay tumharay liyey ek naya kaam dhoonda hay….

DAYA: naya kaam!!!! Kiya???

ABHIJEET: tumhari AWESOME SMILE aur DANCING SKILLS ko dekhtay huay main nay socha hay kay ab jub hum kisi case ko solve karein gay na tou tumhara DANCE PERFORMANCE free mein dekhein gay….

DAYA: kiya!!!

Suddenly ACP enters and listen everything… DAYA get up and said…

DAYA: Sir aap nay suna… ABHIJEET kiya keh raha hay…

ACP: haan… good approach… ABHIJEET…

DAYA: Sir aap bhi… khair… main aap sub ko invite karnay aaya hun….

FREDDIE: Sir mujhay bhi!!!


ABHIJEET:  ye invitation…. kahein tum shadi tou nahi ker rahay ho DAYA (move towards ACP) Sir mujhay tou pehlay say hee shak tha kay DAYA nay chupkay say koi larki pasand ker kay rakkhi hay….

DAYA comes near to ABHIJEET and whisper him in smile…

DAYA: arry hamari aisi qismut kahan!!! Kay koi humein achay achay khanay bana ker khilayey… (forcefully) chupkay say….

ABHIJEET: abhi pitay ga…. ya ghar chal kay…..

DAYA again smiles and remind all of them to have a dinner with him tonight…

Tonight… RAHUL comes bit early… cz he will fly at 8…. He jus take snakes and talk to DAYA in casual mood…

RAHUL:  tumhein nai lagta DAYA kay tum buhat emotional ho gayey ho… apni team kay sath… khas ker ABHIJEET say…. Yaar kafi khatarnaak hay ye attitude….

DAYA(with smile): kyun jealous ho rahay ho…

RAHUL: jealous… arry mujhay malum hay tum meray baaray mein bhi itnay hee concern ho….

DAYA: pata nahi RAHUL… shayed tum theek keh rahay ho… lekin main thora majboor hun yaar… kahein na kahein tum sub kay pass RISHTAY hain… FREDDIE ki wife…. VIVEK ki family… KAJAL ka bhai… SACHIN kay ghar walay… tumhari family… ACP Sir ka NAKUL aur ABHIJEET ki MAA…. Yaar chayey yaadun mein hee saheh magar RISHTAY hain… aur main…. Meray pass bus yahein RISHTAY hain… tum log RISHTAY nibhatay ho…. Banatay ho… aur main RISHTAY jeeta hun… jis din nahi jiun ga… mar nahi jaonga!!!

RAHUL was shocked…. He saw behind DAYA….

DAYA: kya hua!!! Itnay hairaan kyun ho rahay ho???

RAHUL: sabhi ho gayey hain….

DAYA: sab kaun???

RAHUL: peechay dekho….

DAYA saw infront of him behind RAHUL but see noboday….

RAHUL(again): apnay peechay….

DAYA move his head and feel bit embarrass to see ACP,  ABHIJEET and all CID and FORENSIC team…… he was quite littel but welcome them…

SALUNKHY: arry DAYA bacchy akelay akelay hee kha rahay ho… hamaray liyey bhi kuch chora hay ya sub khatam ker diya hay…

DAYA: nahi Sir aayey…  ye RAHUL tou thora jaldi aa gaya hay… warna hum nay tou abhi dinner start hee nahi kiya hay….

He moves inside the kitchen… ABHIJEET move behind him too… DAYA try to come out from that feel but bit failed…. ABHIJEET take a cup of sauce from his hand… place it on counter and just hugged him tightly and say….

ABHIJEET: DAYA tum bilkul pagal ho aur pata hay tumhara ilaaj bhi nahi ho sakta….

DAYA smiles…. ABHIJEET and DAYA moves with food stuff… ABHIJEET move early… when DAYA go behind him… he saw ABHIJEET was standing infront of his room and see something with happy mood…

DAYA: achi hay na boss… kal lagai hay….

ABHIJEET: haan tumhari tou achi hay magar doosri itni achi nahi….

DAYA: hmmm… chalo doosri wali kay sath TAREEKA ki laga deta hun… phir tou achi lagay gi na…

RAHUL: arry DAYA… kuch lao… warna ACP Sir tou bhookay reh jayeingay….

DAYA and ABHIJEET move fast…. dinner was eaten in great mood and environment…. ACP, SALUNKHY, TAREEKA, KAJAL, SACHIN and RAHUL left……  while rest were there….  after finishing the party… DAYA sat on sofa and said…

DAYA: chalo tum log bartan dho lo… main tou beemaar hun na….

ABHIJEET: arry tou kiya is liyey humein roka hay???

DAYA(with smile): boss TAREEKA say shadi karni hay na tou main dekh tou lun kay larkay mein ghar sanbhalnay kay saary gun hain bhi ya nahi… kyun FREDDIE!!!

FREDDIE: jee Sir… meri wife tou….

ABHIJEET: abay  DAYA kay bacchy… teri aisi ki taisii… (DAYA start running) ruk ja DAYA….

DAYA running with his injured leg… and then stop… and say…

DAYA: yaar…

ABHIJEET grab him and again lay him on sofa….

ABHIJEET: wo tou main nay tumhari tooti hui taang ka lihaaz kiya hay…..

DAYA(in smile): tooti taang ka lihaaz…

ABHIJEET: haan….warna batata tum ko….

Next day… suddenly ABHIJEET  discuss to ACP about DAYA's unexpected appearance…

ABHIJEET: wesay Sir umeed nahi thi… kay DAYA aa jayeyga.. mujhay tou aakhri waqt tak yaqeen nahi aaya… aur phr us ka wo rona… main tou pareshan hee ho gaya tha…

ACP: haan tum theek keh rahay ho ABHIJEET… mujhay bhi yaqeen nahi tha… wesay us nay tum mein say kisi ko kya phone kiya tha???

FREDDIE: wo Sir…. Mujhay…

ACP: dekha ABHIJEET… kitna taiz hay ye DAYA…. us nay socha FREDDIE apni masoomiyet mein koi aisi baat ker day ga aur usay koi clue mil jayeyga… magar FREDDIE tou shair hay shair…. Kuch nahi bataya us nay…

ABHIJEET: wesay FREDDIE kaha kiya tha tum nay DAYA say???

FREDDIE(in proud): Sir main nay tou bus yehi kaha tha… kay ABHIJEET Sir ki khawahish hay kay aap un ki chita ko agni dein….

Everyone was shocked and then release their laugh…. SALUNKHY join them with…

SALUNKHY: yaar ACP tumhara ye shair na kuch na kuch karwaye ga….

VIVEK: jabhi DAYA Sir itna ro rahay thay kay un ko sanbhalna mushkil ho gaya tha….

ABHIJEET: FREDDIE tum bhi na… shukar karo… DAYA saheh hay… warna tum nay tou koi kasar nahi chori thi… heart fail karwanay ki…

FREDDIE: magar Sir ACP Sir nay hee kaha tha kay achi acting karna….

SALUNKHY: haan kaha tha magar OVER ACTING karnay ko nahi kaha tha….. FREDDIE…. 

Everyone giving a anger look to FREDDIE but ACP comes near… pat on FREDDIE's shoulder and praise him with…

ACP: kuch bhi kaho… is dramay ka asal HERO tou FREDDIE hee hay… na wo OVER ACTING karta… na DAYA itni jaldi aata…. Tum logun ki ACTING wo kuch na ker saki… jo FREDDIE ki OVER ACTING nay ker diya…

ABHIJEET: ye baat tou hay Sir…

VIVEK: FREDDIE Sir ki tou kiya baat hay…

SALUNKHY: arry apna shair hay FREDDIE tou….

Everyone compliments bit by bit raise up FREDDIE's shoulder in high point ….

for READERS...

first of all THANK YOU READERS... for FEEDBACK (specially notepad, neemi, rashida, shreela, shivani, nimi697) .... now TELLY CHAKKER ARTICAL revealed about DAYA Sir... and i realease my tension... so i m back... haan kuch baat ho jayey about my story...

GALS/GUYS basically this story basic idea was the HUMILATION tolerated by
DAYA Sir in 35-40 days journey of JDJ-4.... the insult which he felt easily recieved
from the TV screen through all of us so how could he would save himself from it...
the PAIN... HURT... HUMILATION... INSULT... whatever he faced and felt 
in that journey... we DAYA Sir FAN's also tolerated that....

i dunt know its GOOD... BAD or UGLY.... but its quite RELAXING for everyone...
i knew sum of DAYA Sir FAN's do not agree with me but after sum time they will...
i just raise ONE POINT in my story... that is HUMILATION.... either in the form

kabhi kabhi kisi ki koi choti sii baat... koi chota sa mazak... koi jumla...
koi harkut... doosray ko kitni TAKLEEF deti hay... bus... thats the idea of my
story.... mujhay malum hay... i hurted sum readers intentions... but i did not
did that delibrately but READERS i m so sorry.... i ended up this story today
morning... but waiting for the ELIMINATION NEWS of DAYA Sir from that TEASING

DAYA Sir... i m so SORRY that i cant did/do anything in any moment of that
journey in ur career to protect YOURSELF... my tiny try is not to give
U vote... which i did... i dunt want kay aap ko koi bhi itna HUMILATE
karay... kabhi bhi... DAYA Sir i dunt have the oppurtunity... but if i have... i must
try to protect U from all these pain... i m so SORRY Sir.. i have only one
oppurtunity and i took that oppurtunity and facilitate it... U know
wats that???

i just spread my hands in form of DUA and tell to my ALMIGHTY LORD to save
U from all pain... humilation... insult... and just keep U and ppl around
U in happy and safe environment.... always....


Edited by gadhadada - 27 January 2011 at 7:10am

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LavenderCrystal Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
very nice story

Edited by nimi697 - 27 January 2011 at 10:14am
.Crystal. Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
plz complete the story fast...i am dying to read it. will give full comment after story's over   Smile
neeme IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:55am | IP Logged
i always read ur story, but this time i want to comment on it,.
So must complete the story.
cid_duo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 3:50am | IP Logged
i like your story. please complete this.
shreela Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
plz complete it ASAP.
.Crystal. Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:08am | IP Logged
plz try to complete this story ASAP. i can't wait to read it
LadyMeringue IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Post the remaining fast please!!!!Smile

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