*||~ Happy Birthday TJ [tomnjerry2] ~||*

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Here is wishing the absolutely crazy, mad, badnaam, gaddha, Rehan Ali Baba, the chota bachcha and STML of our CC A Very


We May not be by your side, celebrating your special day with you, but we all want you to know that, we are thinking of you and wishing you a very happy, joyous Birthday Hug

Miss you a lot TJ, take care and hope you're back soon Hug

n i now i dunno wat to writeROFLROFL let me thinkErmmROFL

A very very very Happy B'day TJ , May u have all the happiness in the world n all ur wishes cum true,hope the Almighty shower his blessing on you n u always keep smiling :)))

n yes one more .. may u keep playing cricketTongueROFL

now thode advice on ur b'daySmileROFL

1. Don't fyt/argue  with me everytimeAngryROFL

2. Its not good to alwayz criticise my favs , so spare them sumtimeAngryROFL

3. When i tease u , let me tease u peacefully , don't tease me bakAngryROFL

4.  Don't , jst don't twist my wordsAngryROFL

5. When u get annoyed/angry with me pls tell me then n thr.. i wud really love to knwROFLROFL

Bas aaj ke liye itna hiTongueROFL I knw u won't follow any of them but try karne mein kya jaata hain :/ ROFL

Achcha TJ , let me give u one compliment , 0.0000000000000001% bhi taunt nahin hain haan ismeinROFL ... i really like when u don't get even wee bit offended when i call u ghada , monkey , stupid , idiot , fool ,wagera wageraROFL  thts so nice of uEmbarrassedROFL

U have been one of my closest frnd out here , its been absolutely g8 knowing u , i'll alwayz cherish the wonderful n absolutely joyous time tht we spent here =D ,
Be the way u r.. [ I knw itne advice diya to change the habits of urs n i m still telling this line] ROFLROFL Hope our frndship continues :)

N now gift timeTongueROFL

^^^ Coz u r his biggest spoonTongueROFL

^^^ yeh toh every1 knwsROFL

^^^ The only good choice of ursTongueROFL Just kidding haanROFL

I m very sry if i have ever hurt uEmbarrassed I don't alwayz mean wat i say .. actually loads of time  :/ ROFL

n most imporant thing now , Don't count my typo atleast in this msg @:ROFLROFL

Once again , verrrrrry Happy B'day Teeejaaaay....tcHug
Hug Hug
Heyy humming bird, aka Mr okay aka Teejaayyyyyyyy ROFL
A very Happieeeeeee Birthday 2 You!!!! =D Hope u have an awesome year ahead. May you get all that you wish for. Enjoy your day to the fullest !! =D Hug

Ok, M really bad at this .. But I'll try saying somthing.. ROFL  U are a great friend 2 have, Teejaay !! =D .. and definitely the most hilarious person on earth!! ROFL 
Hey, humming bird, I miss flying with you 2 different places!! UnhappyROFL khud toh urr ke Orissa chale gaye .. how am I supposed 2 fly now!! UnhappyROFL 
I miss talking 2 u!! :(
Here's a poem 4 ya, (googled obviously ROFL

Because today's so special 
it really wouldn't do,
to send one simple birthday wish 
to last the whole year through...
So this wishes happy moments,
a day when dreams come true,
and a year that's filled with all the things
that mean the most to you. 

And this is 4 u.. 

And Ur Sonam  ;) ROFL 
Hope our frndship neva dies :) .. I am sorry if I have eva hurt u! Embarrassed

Once again, a very happy birthday.. enjoyHug

Okay i don't know from where to start Ermm its your birthday so Happy Birthday Nanna Munna ConfusedConfusedConfused<------------- yes this smiley i would like to use as you loveeeeeeeeeee this smiley so much ROFLROFL and i use less hug least less than you Munna ROFL ok ok let me start with the actual birthday message ROFL Many happy returns of the Munna my ek lotha phan ROFL many the Almighty bring lots of happiness in your life, may each and every passing year bring you wisdom,enjoy and happiness Tongue I remember we first met in MFC somewhere in April that time i didn't know you will be one of the special friends of mine here on IF...starting mein toh bade achchi tarah se behave kar raha tha and see now i can see how the actual Rehan is ROFL

You are very very very not so sharif ladka,stubborn,lair no 1,stalker of course and a very ganda ladka...i know ganda word ki meaning kuch aur hai par kya karoon it was too late for me to realize this ROFLROFL and dare of you call me Miss.Mooch you Mooch lover and this surely does not mean you are my it ? ROFLROFL and plzzzzzzzzzzz get one thing clear your choice is seriously not good you need a better taste like seriously ROFL erm excluding Sanaya and Imran as they are nice Blushing im blushing for Imran ok...ganda ladka kuch bhi aisa vaisa mat soch na ROFLROFL

A special song for u Embarrassed
It's a hap-hap happy birthday,
May you live to be, a hundred-and-three;
It's a hap-hap happy birthday,
A hap-happy birthday to you.
Take a bow, take a bow on your birthday,
Your birthday, your birthday;
Show us how, show us how on your birthday,
You still look as good as new.
It's a hap-hap happy birthday,
A hap-happy birthday to you.HugHugHug

Ok this song is not invented by saying this in case if you don't know ROFLROFL

Let me now tell you some secret things which i have never told to you...god knows why ErmmROFL
1. Once when i was stalking Reha's sb i saw there you said i type a lot Angry this was so bad of you...i try controlling myself sach mein ROFL
2. You are a good guy so stop irritating and annoying girls and flirting with them ROFLROFL
3. Stop your pranks plzzzzzzzzzz ROFLROFL till now you have shown me your Brother,Friends pic aur kuch baki hai ? ErmmROFL  you ought to agree this time that i took very smart steps that time not believing you TG ROFLROFL and the one which i accepted your TM remember ? that was the most smartest step i ever took ROFLROFL
4. I know u don't like Dolly and even BB 3 but still once when i told you to watch the video  you sach mein watched the whole video and downloaded it too...that was unbelievable for me as i did not accept you YOU will sit and watch it ROFLROFL thank you dil se that you  patiently watched EmbarrassedROFLROFL and sorry tere kan phat gaye ho toh UnhappyROFL
5. Whenever i put KSG's aka ur gober's pic i do not like when you poke your noise in between and give you unwanted comments AngryROFLROFL

Phewwwwww i hope this was the shortest birthday message for you ROFL kya karoon tune kaha i type much aur teri baat ki izzat rakhni chahiye na mujhe EmbarrassedROFLROFL

Ok my birthday message will not over till i won't post your mostest favourite actor pic Embarrassed guess kar kaun hai woh Tongue

Your gober's message will be incomplete without his pic na as you so much love this guy EmbarrassedROFL this pic from me to u EmbarrassedROFLROFL Happy Birthday once again Hug<------ only 1 ROFLROFL miss you come back dhakkan LOL


Wish a Very Happy Birthday TJ Ji !!
May Allah bless you with all the happiness and success, Love, Peace and Joy!!
May ur all your dreams and wishes come true.
Hope u have a Awesome year ahead
God Bless u
Here's Ur Bday Gift
I really hope u like it Embarrassed

- Tannu
Happy Birthday TJ Hug..........have a wonderful birthday Party......the CC seems empty without you Ouch


Today is b'day of da funniest person on this earth...Big smile
he is da most funny and lovable person whom I met....
if u are sad,just go to him...he will make u laugh and u can forget ur sorrows....cute,understanding and lovely frnd to be wid...
without him our CC has no life..
Im loving to chat wid u TJ..wish u stay in India for some more daysLOL

Happy Birthday TJ bhai...May u celebrate 1000 b'days like thisHug

- Nisha
Ehhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Seriously this is wht is coming to my mind while im writing ur bday msg. So much to say, but i don't know how to say. Seriously itneeeeee dino baad ek msg bhej/likh rahi houn shayad is liye. First thing i wanna say is i am so so so so so so so so soooooooooooo sorry pichle saal main aap ki bday bhool gaye, really im so ashamed of tht, aaj mauqa mila hai to socha apologize kardo. But u know main apni bhi salgira bhool gayi thi pichle saal lol, mama ne yaad dilaya tha LOL
And second Im sooo glad i got a friend like u. I still remember our first chat trough pms, still makes me laugh and think "hum kaise dost bane". After tht Pms k barsaat hui, i started to learn ur friends and u learned my friends i cannot forget tht time, ghante beth kar chat hoti thi, pakistan gayi, to specially online main hoti on tht other forum just for u, seriously. Pata nahi time woh wapis lana bhi chahoun to woh mumkin nahi hai. But seriously i will and cannot forget those days, pagalon ki tarha chat karte the. U evn learned me making Buryani through Pm, u remember?? And now i make 3 different buryani's Wink
Aur kisi se share tab karo na karo, but u were actually the first person who i told to abt my family etc stuff. And u were always there for me. U were always there whn i needed u. Dua kahti thi mango to magte the. Evn if i say thanks it wont be enough for wht u have done for me.
I had to say something more, bhool gaye Ouch
Im so glad i got a pm abt ur birthday this year. So thanks Sim for tht.
Itna lamba Msg likha sabse imp baat nahi likhi LOL
Hope all ur dreams and wishes come true
May Allah Bless You
- Iqra

Hey TJ Wish you Many Happy Returns of the day !! Hug May God bless you and fulfill all your wishes (of having 200343093842039482 kids ! Tongue LOLLOL) ! Enjoy your birthday to the max ! Thumbs Up


Happy Birthday

May this Bday be the bestttt one!
All the best...
will make a sig fr u in feb!!!
my lappy is gone 4 repair... the Motherboard of that kappy is only found in EUROPE and it'll taje time! Unhappy
irrelevant i knoww! :P

- Reeno

Rehaann Hug *Big hug*

*May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,

All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have Gods best in everything*...

Rehan rehan rehan! What am i supposed to tell u? ... LOL My brain feels empty. You made such a big difference in my life, just by being there, with your silly jokes crazy humour and bindaas attitude..You created a special place in my heart...I think God for blessing me by giving me such a lovely friend like you,feels so good.

I hope Allah showers his bestest blessings on you...Wishing you a very wonderful life ahead.... Trust me Rehan , if you live life the way you taught me to live mine ..its gonna rock more LOL

Take care,have lots of fun at home and talk to us soon .... Tumhare rude jokes sunne ke liye mere kaan taras rahe hain LOL I know thats a tacky line..but still.

always keep smiling Rehan Hug you spread your smile and happiness around!
I hope for the best for you!

happy birthdy to u..happy birthday to u..happy birthday dear Rehan.. happy birthday to u LOL may God bless u....may God bless you with sonam kapoor...happy birthday to uu LOL


Happy Birthday TJ...Hug

Many many happy returns of the day'I hope all of your wishes come true.Hug
May each hour and minute be filled with delight
..Keep smiling always & enjoy your birthday..have a wonderful day and year ahead..Hug

  May Allah bless u'..Big smileHug


A simple celebration, a gathering of friends;
here is wishing you great happiness,
 a joy that never ends.

Happy Birthday TJ !
On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.
I  wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life's best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!
Happy Birthday from ur friend Pri HugHugHug.
tumharein itne naam likhna kaafi hain haina Ermm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL    wat 2 sayErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL  ur probly 1 of the 1st guys i talked 2 on IF ..... tab we didnt talk much n i didnt knw u were ths stubbyErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL par now i can say shayad tum utnein hi stubby ho jitni mein hu Mr StubbyD'oh.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL  i wana say thanx 2  u as if u hadnt told me 2 join MFC mayb i wudnt have met such gr8 friends :D
on ma bday u sed am funny but not more  thn uErmm i never sed am funnyTongue sab ko hasatein rehtein ho to ur the funniest Mr King  ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL now enuf name calling naErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL  sorry Tonguepar i cnt help it am use 2 callin u with so many names so dnt think am gna stopSilly.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL   bohut bakwaas ho gayi i will stop nowTongueROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
waise u wanted tht sprite pic na :/  yh lo i cropped it now u can save Silly.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
ok nw  ur bday siggies ...... ur Sonam  ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
ur a gr8 friend 2 have ..... am sorry if i ever hurt uTongue hope u have a gr8 Bday n all ur wishes cum true :D  n u always keep smiling :)  may u always keep playing ur fav sport cricket n get ur Sonam ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
once again wish u a very Happy Birthday  HugHugHug.HugHug

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Happy Birthday TJParty

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Happy B'day TJHug

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arey i thot images were not allowed pehle bolna thha golbal announcement hai lolzz
anywya its the thot that counts

Happy birthday rehan HugHug
From IMU and MB ROFL

(Imu k taraf se maine hi wish kar dia) .... main bhi uski chamchi hoon lolzz

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Amby bday msgs mein usually images to hota hain ismein bolna kya Ermm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL  n ur ryt its the thought tht countsLOL

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Happy Birthday!may all your wishes and dreams come true have great day. 

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Belated Happy Birthday tom and Jerry Big smile may all your dreams get fulfilled

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